It's not enough, Google might just be testing it or it might rank on 1 for other reasons. Try to check the keyword in a tool that has a history of the URLs that rank for the keywords. Ahrefs for example has a chart for that in Keyword Explorer. Then look for URLs that have been ranking for a long time (1+ year). That's gonna be content that satisfies search intent.


Ah, great point! The 1st ranking article for this KW was published in January. So, probably means Google is giving it the 1st spot to test it out... Or this is indeed the right search intent that the other articles are not satisfying. 😵‍💫 But will look into that a bit more, thanks!


Generally, listicles work because they satisfy a lot of SEO basics, and unless you're creating one that's wildly contrived and meaningless, they're usually a good format to follow--more than anything, that's format may be what gives that content the boost it needs. Whether they 'satisfy the keyword search intent' is a difficult thing to judge, because what Google considers as 'satisfying the intent' could be just about anything depending on how they balance the algorithm. When you think about it, most people with that keyphrase wouldn't want to learn all the technical details about how legal docs are generated, and are probably looking for the fewest number of clicks needed to get the doc generated by an authoritative/convenient resource. Even though that's a good bet on intent, more content is better, so I wouldn't shy away of listing out all the *possible*Your ultimate goal, though, should be to address all possible intents (ins and outs of the technicality, listicle with resources, relevant FAQs, etc.) and have those linked by the primary listicle/landing page. On the basic 'educational' section idea, I've had success adding that info an FAQ item at the bottom of the primary 'listicle' page.


Gotcha, thanks! The FAQ section makes sense. I've done a separate SaaS tools listicle that's ranking #1 for a pretty high volume KW. It also has a FAQ in the conclusion, and a brief "What is X" info in the intro, around 4k words total. If it's a lot of similar angle topics (e.g. all listicles) under the SERP, then the intent is more obvious I guess. When that's not the case (e.g. right now), I guess it gets trickier. Considering we're not going to do a full on landing page for that, I think a listicle (with our tool as #1) with FAQ might be the way to go. Worst case, it'll help with topical authority...