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Also my guy was very close to suffer critical failure


I thought the bar was going to squish the back of his neck.


Yeah, if anything, I was expecting the bar to snap 😅


Strong 💪🏻


How many times have his knees been replaced.


Squatting is actually quite good for your knees if you progress properly and don't ego lift. Mine have gotten a lot stronger and more stable over time.


I was a pipefitter and we would have to lift 21 foot sections of pipe and anything over 8 inch was very heavy, we all learned proper lifting techniques, except one guy who insisted that if we could lift it in our mid 30s, he could match it since he was a gym rat at 21.I have 6 vertebrae fused because of him.




I'm assuming he means they were lifting as a team, and the coworker overestimated his own abilities, buckled under his part of the load, and fucked up his partner (the commenter) in the process.




dude blew his back out


But why does this poster have the fused shit and not the 21yo


Because the 21yo buckled while the other dude beared that extra weight.


Skill issue






What's ego-lifting?


Lifting more weight than you can safely control to stroke your ego. Usually involves large, untested jumps in weight from what has previously been successfully repped and an ultimate, dangerous breakdown in form.


Man i love a good ego stroking.


Your ego is so big! Can I stroke it a little?


Get back to us when you are 50. Squats killed my knees.


Did you progress properly? Use effective load management? Actually isolate the problem to squatting? (My dad has bad knees and never squated)


probably not.


His underwear too


Not yet, don't worry there's still time


People who cant do that also have to get their knees replaced.


Without a spotter. This dude is a moron.


Don't worry the safety bars that are 6" off the ground will catch it


If you bail that much weight it doesn't really matter what height they are at. Also with how the bar would bend normally, the chance of hitting one on the way down isn't worth having them at the "optimal" height


If you knew who he is is you would know that he does know what he is doing. He is Joe Sullivan and he holds the world record for the heaviest squat.


Where would you like the spotter to go? I've never used a spotter for a squat. If you fail you can dump the bar. Maybe don't go around calling people moron's on a subject you clearly don't know much about.


You can spot someone doing squats. This wouldn't work on this rack because you have to go behind them. Most gyms I've been to you face the wall squatting. The spotter will grab around your waist to help if your stuck. On really heavy lifts I've seen power lifters have a guy on each side to grab the bar and another behind them.


I'm well aware you CAN use a spotter. It's not advisable to have a single person spot on a squat though because then you can't dump the weight without injuring your spotter. The person trying to lift your torso is also likely to make the squatter more likely to injure their back. At power lifting competitions they always have side spotters +/- the person behind.


So maybe you shouldn't be shitty to someone for pointing out that you can spot someone doing squats if you know that?


I'm shitty to someone calling an elite level lifter a moron because he doesn't Squat the way an amateur thinks you should.




Lmao is this a joke? The Squat rack is bolted in. Squatting in front of a mirror is a bad habit. Do you not see how much he's squatting? This guy knows a lot more about lifting than you.




You got to pump those numbers up bro


If you’re just going by numbers, which it seems you are trying to, his 849lbs world record in competition is way more impressive. So with years of coaching and competing at a world class level, it’s safe to say he does know a lot more about this than you do




Most pros don’t look into a mirror checking their form, you don’t have a mirror in competition and they have squatted so many times that the movement pattern is second nature, so no the point you’re trying to make is not valid. Honestly, you just sound like a pompous ass who can’t take that they are wrong


Steroids don't make you smarter, just inflate your muscles and your ego


Taking steroids doesn't just make you an elite level powerlifter. This guy is squatting more than 99.999% of steroid users will ever squat in their lifetime.


Barbell’s fault, not his. That bar had a 700lb rating, it obviously didn’t handle 675. Yes people out lift 700lb barbells all the time, it’s expected to handle it. This is a bad failure, not one he should have expected, although one not encountered often because normally people don’t lift heavy in standard gyms with standard barbells. He normally lifts in a better gym with better barbells. Before this it wasn’t a common problem to bend a bar, because most barbells are made well. If the barbell wasn’t bent around his shoulders, he would have been able to evacuate it off his back easier and not get stuck. This guy lifts more than you and knows what he can handle, he’s not a moron for this, he’s literally a pro who happened to find a lemon barbell.


Uh not saying its unheard of to spot a squat but its definitely not standard... Your calling this guy a moron is uncalled for and shows you don't even lift.


To squat this much weight without a spotter is a dumbass thing to do. He was clearly struggling from the start and would have had a hard time racking it even if it was at the proper height. It's funny you make that assumption when the exact opposite is true. Good day bud.


No dude you don't need a spotter no matter the weight. Guy should have set his safeties higher or just dumped the weight. It's not very dangerous to squat if you can do either of these things.


Ok well not to burst your bubble but if you really lifted at all you would know that having one spotter is stupid too, if there is going to be a non-zero number of spotters for a heavy squat there should be two or three, not one.


In this specific accident one would have been enough. Also one person nearby can call for help if you get hurt or simply faint.


how would one have been enough? they would have been stuck behind the guy in the squat rack with the bent bar with no way to help. its not like he failed the lift, then a squatter, even just one, would have helped, but with the bar bent like that theres nothing to do but dump it and that puts the spotter in a dangerous situation.


Someone holding the left side even for a second would have avoided the injury on his shoulder when he had to sneak out.


A hernia or something worse.


That's what the belt is for. E:Since some how people think this doesn't cause hernias I'll give a bit of research for them to read. [Research 1](https://duckduckgo.com/l/?uddg=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.livestrong.com%2Farticle%2F376615%2Dcommon%2Dgroin%2Dinjuries%2Dfrom%2Dsquats%2F&rut=3664a15732c235b7ae7aebcb1995c9fe6bee9db77731ae3aae4cc2869795c284) [Research 2](https://duckduckgo.com/l/?uddg=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.livestrong.com%2Farticle%2F333200%2Dbelly%2Dbutton%2Dhernia%2Dand%2Dsquats%2F&rut=fcf36cc4c4e4a1fa04b3418d599471d3b5b23ff11db3b6e66a79a207a7e54cc5)


No it’s not


Then what is it for ?


Increasing intraabdominal pressure to help stabilize the spine and keep the load on it.


Its also to prevent hernias. Obviously its for core/lower back support that's why I didn't mention that, but its also to prevent hernias as that exact kind of abdominal pressure is what causes a hernia to blow out. E: I posted some articles up on my first comment, its the second article says to avoid squats if you have had a prior hernia, had a history of hernias, etc.


From LIVE STRONG 😂 lmao


Is that what they mean by "train to failure"?


Yeah, do not press that much on your own


You can squat this much without a spotter, the problem is he didn’t bother to set the safety pins to the bottom of his range of motion. They also make bars that are designed to bend like this for extremely heavy lifting but it doesn’t look like he is using one.


Right? Where’s his spotter?


Oh shit Sweet maneuver there! That was scary to watch


Took my breath away, and not in a good way. So glad he was able to turn it around. Always baffles me why would people push their limits like this without a spotter, that coulda ended bad even without this malfunction.


The fuck was a spotter going to do here except being in the Way when he dropped it


Flawless escape 10/10


He's got really injured from this. Think he said it was from trying to get the bar on his right on the stand and all the weight going on his right shoulder. Put him away for a few months iirc


No doubt, he's done it before.


I’d say about nobody else has done that. The bar bending like that is a catastrophic failure that nobody could predict. Dude just got out of the best way he could and it was awesome.


I’m not so sure about that. He was either using a low quality bar or there was a bend in it before he started, which is my guess. I would bet money the bar was already damaged and he continued to use it until he couldn’t because bars are expensive.


He has gone on record about what happened. He was training at a gym he doesn't usually use and the owners assured him that the bar was strong enough; it turns out it wasn't. Not his fault.


That’s the stupidest fucking assumption you could make. It doesn’t even make sense.


Highly doubt it, that’s not a common situation at all


Everybody talking about how good his recovery was or berating him for not having a spotter, but what I can’t get over is how far his guards were from his actual squat depth. What do you think they’re there for, my guy?


Someone who actually understands! It's so you just squat down and keep going til it stops. So much easier and safer. People are in a rush or are lazy.


To clarify the safety arms should be at the height he squats down to before coming back up? Thanks


Remove all weight and do one squat with nothing on it.it should be a little lower than your full squat depth. if you do fail it ends up on the bar.




Pretty sure thats 660lb


675 with the bar. Each plate and the bar weigh 45 lbs.


Given how it bent like that I would think there is a possibility it's a lighter bar. I've never seen a 45 bend like that before.


I've seen old 45lb bars bend slightly with around 400lbs on them, but no permanent bends. Could be an old bar/different steel from the common stuff.


Yeah, like I've seen 45s bend before, but never like that.


I recently replaced our bar and was shocked to see how many 35lb ones were being sold. I'm sure that was a 35lb one in the video. I had to seek out a 45lb one.


Had one snap a couple years ago while doing a max squat lift @ 500lbs (and change). I guess I was coming up too fast and it lifted off my shoulders causing a rebound effect. Sliced my hand pretty good. Totally gave up maxing heavy weights after that. Took me while to even go back into a gym. Honestly, it scared me to death, and what happened to this guy is worse. Yikes! I just do lower weights and more reps now.




I just put on my knee sleeves and pretend i don’t hear my knees creak every time I squat


I though this was just me…


Knee sleeves really helped keep me fooled for longer than i should have been. Big fan of good old calisthenics these days.


It’s a young man’s game for sure


These bars should be designed to snap not bend- as you said its likely safer. But more importantly if it's heat treated to a more brittle condition it will be a lot stronger.


There are different bars made for specific lifts in powerlifting. Some bars are meant to bend slightly but obviously straighten back out. This bar was not meant for this much weight.


Thats a cheap chinese bar for sure.


My parents have an old bar that weighs like 5 lbs, it’s like a little “home gym” thing. Just a bar and weight no rack or bench or anything. The biggest weights that it came with are 25 and the bar is the same thickness all the way through, it doesn’t get bigger for the slot for weights. Maybe something like that but with just more weights? I have NO idea what I’m talking about when it comes to lifting lol.


That’s because my boy here is stronger than hell


This is Joe Sullivan. He has explained that he still has nerve issues in that shoulders that held all the weight for a split second. He still doesn't know why the bar bent then and not before.


The bar failed and he almost did too!


that's a flex nonetheless


If the bar ain't bending you're just pretending


This is elite level powerlifter Joe Sullivan, dude has squatted 385kg (848 lbs) in competition raw. Insane.


And that's why you don't buy a barbell off Wish.


I want barbell! Mom: we have barbell at home


That’s a strong boi


Bar was made of chinesium.






Shitty Chinese steel. Edit: Do you even lift bruh? That’s what it is, I promise lol. It bent because it’s shitty diluted Chinese steel.


[$1000 bar vs $80 bar](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSxDaZM1OhQ&list=PLn_MmFRPrxm2RKKpcnxnuAg6FiISQmht-&index=15)


Didn’t the $80 bar meet its stated rating before bending, same as the $1000 bar? Expectations met lol.


Exactly. At least they were honest about their product. We're not all trying to squat 500lbs.


Yeah it was just a low quality Walmart bar lol


Shitty steel is shitty steel. Its easy to say shitty Chinese steel, because it probably is Chinese, but it means nothing when they make more steel than literally every other country combined. You never hear people say "strong Chinese steel" even though it's really just as applicable. I have worked in QC of steels from many different countries (Germany, India, China etc.) and they all make mistakes. Its the reseller/producer/customers fault for buying the absolutely lowest cost product. All countries make shitty discount products.


The Chinese “steel” industry is notoriously shit though. They intentionally flood the market with shitty cut steel in order to hurt American steel manufacturing/as an attempt to dominate the market. Do not buy Chinese steel. They make more “steel” than anyone else because it’s mixed with nonsense and not proper steel. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/international-business/asian-pacific-business/china-flooding-globe-with-cheap-steel/article4542778/ https://www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/3157773/us-eu-press-plan-tackle-dirty-chinese-steel-flooding-markets https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/cheap-chinese-steel-set-flood-27472225


any recommendations of barbells to get? or at least what to look out for so i dont get shitty steel. not that i'll ever be able to lift that kind of weight anyway, lol


These are a real solid alternative to Rouge (I’ve heard shaky things bout Rouge) they’re good up to 450lb I think… should be more than enough. https://texaspowerbars.com/products/texas-all-american-bar-cerakote?gclid=Cj0KCQiAjbagBhD3ARIsANRrqEtcOQKaldkhuvyFrPsvAwK_OZJGHpUUkBZ9VdyROjuMaCueh9hYo7EaAgriEALw_wcB


That bar is a pussy


He reacted very well to that, props to that guy for running away quick


Save now with Amazon prime, definitely not made in China wink wink


It's just nice to see a lifting fail video where the person didn't get hurt


He was using waaaay too cheap of a bar for that amount of weight. For someone that strong he should also know how to bail out of that and have some spotter pins set.


This is a plastic failure. Crazy to bend a thick steel bar plastically.


This happens to me all the time. So annoying.


What a fucking legend. Time to get a custom (well made) bar.


The problem here is that the bar being used isn’t a Olympic style bar and not rated for that amount of weight .


The amount of stress that puts on your knees will never be worth it.


Squatters have some of the healthiest and robust knees. Believe it or not exercise is good for you.


Correct. Numerous studies have demonstrated that weightlifting and strength training help strengthen your joints as well as your muscles and bones.


With correct form, proper training regiment for your body & good nutrition with warm ups… healthy knees!


That’s interesting. I have a chronic knee injury from when I was a kid, and my physical therapist said squatting is horrible on the knees. She instead encouraged me to leg press instead of squat


I exercise every day. Pushing this amount of weight is foolish and unnecessary, and it will destroy your body.


Exercise everyday without rest and recuperation will destroy your body if you push weight like this. But noone is doing that.




He was a bodybuilder. Who took steroids. Bodybuilding is seriously unhealthy.




They are different disciplines. Bodybuilding requires a focus on hypertrophy whilst maintaining a low bodyfat. This is incredibly bad. It prevents proper healing in joints. Powerlifters have regimes that provide time for healing between events. Also the nutritional profile used by powerlifters is much more conducive to the healthiest joints, as they are the core of a good lift. Also in powerlifting steroids are not allowed because it is a performance sport. Whereas bodybuilding is an aesthetic art form. So steroids are allowed. His bad decisions caused his problems. Not heavy lifting.


Lmao tell me you know nothing about lifting without telling me you know nothing


Working out isn’t worth the micro tears it makes in your muscles.


Please tell me you meant to add /s


Tears are bad, and then it makes you sweat which is like tears from your body crying. Seems dangerous, no thank you


I take that as a yes


Don’t blame me if you workout and your muscles develop micro tears that you need to eat protein to heal from.


Lol yes they were being sarcastic. r/FuckTheS


there are too many fucking idiotic people on the internet to tell if someone is being sarcastic or serious


Not only that, working out causes disgusting and unsightly inflammation of the lean tissues. GROSS






I think he meant the excessive weight in the video, not squatting in general But i could be wrong 🤷‍♂️


You don't get that strong without your knees already used to the stress. I love it when non lifters give obligatory "low back is going to break", "spine is demolished in 10 years" comments.


I was waiting for the to pop the wrong way.


I agree. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


Why you need your legs to be that strong? You trying to pull someone’s trailer? Lmao


Don't clip the bar when you lift alone!


I don’t need a spotter. I have my phone.


lifting 630 lbs can get him injury big time


Those shorts make him look like a toddler


Yep, just keep on filming…


There’s nobody holding the camera its just a stand


ITT: fat redditors critiquing a world class powerlifter


WHERE IS THIS MAN'S SPOTTER?? That much weight without a spotter is insane to me.


This guy is an idiot for doing a lift like that without spotters.


He has the safety bars, but they’re too low IMO. But if he needed to bail, he could have.


I’m not sure he could’ve used this to bail safely


Yea the bars could totally be another 6” up, but if we wanted to bail he coke he’d just have to basically lay prone and pray the safety bars don’t fail


When you’re wife to heavy in bed


Uga buga more plates more dates.


Damn, if you’re going to squat near your 1RM without spotters, at least set the safety pins close to the bottom of your range. If the pins weren’t at knee level, he could have just set it down.


Ego lifting


Hahahaha what a dumbass


When you get your workout equipment off wish


Would it be safe in this situation to let it roll off your back?


Proper mong strength!


10/10 recovery


This is why I don't buy squat bars from Harbor Freight. Sure, they're good for practical lifts, but the material quality isn't up to par for ego lifts.


Man has a huge melon. I’d love to clap a pair of calipers around that cranium.


It’s only 585. Good lift, shitty bar.


J cups are too high




Why did he try putting up the bar when he could’ve just dropped it behind his back


Hold it hoooooolllddddd it hooooooooooooolllllllllllllld it


Need more Tren and just shoulder press it up


Pretty sure that's not a squat bar


This guy is a whole demon


Why did he lock that shit up


I always wonder how this is good for you?




This is [Joe Sullivan](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neYyq_ubavg). He is ATWR holder and in 2022 set a competition squat record of 385kg (848 lbs). Keyboard warriors calling him an idiot or an ego-lifter are probably squatting less than half of that. This is literally warm-up weight for him. IIRC it did cause some nerve damage in his shoulder.


isn't this why spotters exist


little herculean


Chinese manufacturer proudly nodding.


That was close