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i love that, and independence day is perfect for the resistance, and i love the WH40K memes with HF


Suffer not the xenos to live. For they know not of human struggles.


brother, bring the flamer the HEAVY flamer


Brother, I am pinned here.


Rejoice for the Inquisition has approved of the Exterminatus!


The flamers not enough bring a nuke


It's even better as those Space Marines are the Deathwatch: the Imperiums dedicated Xenos hunters.


people care a great deal about subfactions in WH40K so i never assume a particular picture is anything more than 'generic space marine' until someone confirmed because i don't know their level of engagement


I did pick Deathwatch intentionally


Also one of those deathwatch members is a Black Templar


Corpo-rats seem funny until they get a superpower and start nonstop wars.


No, they're extremely based. Played as Humanity First and took over the EU, later managed to take over half of China (including executive) just in time to stop it from falling to the protectorate and servants. Servants almost took over US, but the Corpo-rats managed to take financial sector and executive last minute and have been going to war with every servant/alien held territory on the planet. At this point, the US is a smoking ruin, but I'm pretty sure the Initiative has done by far the most direct damage to the aliens on earth so far. They also tend to help out with orbital bombardement whenever I fight alien megafauna, so I honestly couldn't ask for better allies. At this point, the only nations that still possess any kind of wealth or power are mine and servants and protectorate only get to take over revolting states at war with the aliens and I've got the Initiative to thank for it.


They also have the most Chad ending out of all of the factions. Other factions can defeat the aliens but Initiative is the only one >!that basically makes the aliens their bitches. It's not a very good ending for humanity because corporations with mind control powers take over everything, but it is the biggest fuck you to the Ayyys you can possibly do.!<


The trick is to play as the initiative, so they can't hassle you! I wouldn't recommend them as a first run though, all their story elements boil down to "Yeah, we found/talked/disected an alien , we made a some profit off it, but research new thing for more profit" Literally absolutely no plot line, it almost feels like it's assumed you know the story beats. The interrogation of your first alien should be something interesting, find out why they are here, learn about them. Initiative is just... "We didn't find out anything profitable from them, they mentioned something about pherocytes, look into that"


Stick with it. Things get wild.


I got to what their endgame goals were and had to stop. It was ust too evil for me. Like I thought Humanity first were gonna be the most evil faction. But the Initiative takes the cake.


Man, you think too much! Take a load off your mind with this new "phenohol" they are selling!


Starship Troopers would also be fitting for humanity first.


Eh, HF doesn't entirely fit the entire theme of Starship Troopers, since HF is actually justified with what they're doing


Genocide on multiple species is justified?


I am from Buenos Aires and I say KILL THEM ALL


When they’re there to enslave or genocide you I’d argue it’s pretty fair game HF first worked with the information that had on hand, which told them that the alien race was homogeneous in their ideals


then why are the humans invading the alien worlds and the aliens not the human world? You clearly need to know more


The aliens ARE invading human worlds. The Bugs hit Earth first with the Buenos Aires attack (novel and film differ on what the attack type was) but it is undeniable that they struck first. You clearly need to know more.


Isn't it possible that the asteroid strike was a false flag attack to justify total war against the bugs? I can't remember if that's from the books, or something I read online a long time ago. They have a huge amount of space infrastructure around earth, I find it hard to believe they couldn't detect an incoming huge asteroid.


lol You're starting to make excuses based on absolutely nothing? It's a story, they don't need to sic the CIA on it. And more importantly there was absolutely no need. In the movies, the ship Rodger Young got clipped by the asteroid when it exited FTL so the cause is clear. In the novels, it was a bombardment by a Bug attack force so either way, it is no "false flag" operation.


If the alternative seems to be the end of humanity as a species, yes. If diplomacy is possible, then by all means talk it out.


Clearly you're not from Buenos Aires!


I see that you need to KNOW MORE


I agree that HF dont fit the starship troopers but for the entirely opposite reason as the ayyys can be forced into diplomacy and so dont need to be genocided vs the bugs which attack first and either cannot engage in diplomacy or choose not to.


The Bugs can be engaged in diplomacy actually. The novel had them allied with the "Skinnies" while the movie series had them "negotiate" with brain bugs often though it seems like the Bugs have a very distributed ruling system.


Ah okay thats why i stated cant or chose not too, altho i did foeget the movie ended with negotuatiins oops. Cuz at least the ayyys try to garner popular support from humans to "voluntarily" come under their thumb instead of leading with an invasion.


HF's goals are not justified and its leader is Colonel maximum warcrimes. They are not the good guys.


They're not meant to be the good guys, they're bad people "trying" to do "good" things


They aren't trying to do good things. They're genociders, and they were genociders before the aliens showed up. Carrera just wants to kill things. The Aliens just provided a good other to kill. Before the aliens, he massacred children instead.


That’s why I put good in quotations HF believes what they are doing is right and they’ll use that to justify every action they do, against human and hydra


Yes, but so do real life fascists. They invent a reason in their mind why children have to die.


Annnnd that's why he's a plausible character, because he's a monster that exists.


There's literally no difference between what Hydra and HF are doing if you learn more about Alien motives lol


Protectorate is G-Man from Half Life or Smoking Man from X-Files. Servants are Bene Gesserit from Dune. Otherwise spot on :)


Smoking Man is a good one! G-Man was working against the Combine though, wasn't he?


Well he worked for the aliens who were fleeing the combine, then worked against them when they took over


G-Man works for Valve directly, stirring the pot so we can have cool video games


Think Stargate SG1 would be the best fit for Protectorate.


Wait the Servants are trying to create the Kwanzaa Horseradish?


I'm not sure Bene Gesserit is a good fit for them other than the fact that it's from a major sci fi franchise so it fits the theme of most of the rest of them being major sci fi franchises. I think being the annoying little fairy that tells the hero what to do is pretty much exactly what they end up becoming. They view themselves with outsized importance and are ultimately just advisers to a far more powerful group. I guess they get points for being the first subject race to join the Hydra on their terms, and not the squidfaces' terms. Which is nice for them.


more like Wallace Breen


Protectorate is like Black Mesa led by Wallace Breen. Organized earths surrender to the combine, saved humanity from certain destruction.


City 17 led by Breen. Black Mesa was pre-invasion.


both led by breen. Pre-surrender black mesa, post surrender city 17. war was 7 hours


I love The Short War mod


the servants one made me lol


Protectorate is Half-Life 2's collaborative humans. Servants are... Scientology?


Didn’t make the initiative and cyber connection in my head but it’s so true


You managed to make Exodus cool! Stand by for jump! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kKXfR9NiymI