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His name was Emanuel Ortega. This happened in 2015. He was a first division player in Argentina for Banfield, on loan to fifth tier club San Martin de Burzaco. He never recovered from the head trauma and died 11 days after the accident, following two surgeries. He was 21. https://clubabanfield.org/inicio/dolor-por-el-fallecimiento-de-emanuel-ortega/


If anyone in here is a medicalbro I'd be interested to find out how they could have stabilized him for 11 days and undergo multiple surgeries only to die in hospital care later. Must he have been braindead?


My guess would be that he was kept in an artificial coma (so he doesn't just dies immediately) and they tried to somehow reconstruct his skull, but his brain/body just basically turned off (probably because the brain stem was/got damaged), which is pretty common after such an injury. That being said, it's just my speculation based on similar injuries and might not apply to this specific case.


Medicalbroette here! This could have gone a lot of ways. The death may not even have been related to the surgery itself. He could have gotten a blood clot. Could have had an anesthesia reaction after surgery #2 My guess is that at least one of the two surgeries was to remove a section of skull so the brain had room to expand. As someone mentioned below, although your skull is awesome at protecting your brain…if it DOES get injured and needs to swell, it can only swell down. This is called “herniation.” The pressure on the brain stem causes blood pressure and all systems to go crazy. This can happen at any time. By removing a piece of skull (and storing it in either a fridge or abdomen) you buy some space. Sometimes removing some of the skull just isn’t enough. And depending where the fractures were, we don’t know which part of the brain was impacted. It’s really hard to say.


Replied to your comment but above it on accident


Hahahahaha medicalbro. Never heard of that before hahahahaha. Is not brain dead. When You have a big head trauma like that, your brain and the outter layer of it, both get inflamated. Given that the skull is a closed atrium, there is no room for the brain to expand and therefore it starts to crush its cells. The outter layer of the brain is the Duramadre and is inflamated as well. When a tissue is inflamated can not perform it's normal function, given the brain function is (among others) to give the neural information for breathing, heart beat/heart rate, consciouness, etc; You end up dying


In English, the word is just "inflamed". Not disagreeing with anything you said, I'm assuming you're also a physician, or another role in medicine, just in a Spanish speaking country since you also said duramadre.


Yeah. I'm a doctor in México. You are right, dura Mater says Google for English, sorry about that, for inflamated too hehehe.


No problem friend, much better than my medical spanish. Salud!


Almost right it intracranial pressure. I am sure he had open cranial surgery and treated with medical the reduce pressure. Not always work


This guy medicines


This vato medicinas, carbón! 😅


Took a motorcycle crash victim to a trauma center and checked back in a few days and then week later. The first surgery they received was for a bolt that had holes on each side at different depths and with each turn more or less pressure would be let out helping to regulate the intracranial pressure. The second surgery was to remove bone due to uncontrolled swelling if I remember correctly. Unfortunately I know nothing after that since I had some super shorty coworkers set me up for their self arson insurance scam and I left that employer as a result of their railroading and then backpedaling once said coworkers were arrested.


Uh...details on THAT shit show.


The patient was rear ended by a speeding motorist and then tossed into the air an unknown but reportedly quite high and significant amount. I’ve never seen the bolt setup nor did I even hear about such a treatment and when the family member pulled me in after seeing me talking with her nurse I burst into tears I didn’t expect what I was seeing and I was only 22 or so. Even now I’m still quite upset about that speeding motorists decision to get behind the wheel. It’s just so unnecessary.


I think they were referring to the arson. And they weren't then I am. What happened with that?


I replied above somewhere. Sorry I misunderstood. My mind is fucking racing now. That experience really fucked me. I should post the flyers they distributed because why not they already ruined my ability to work in my field or any field with someone in ems knowing because those flyers ultimately got the attention of the feds who I assume shit the thing down but hey I wouldn’t know because all this happened without a single conversation with them me an attorney or anyone from law enforcement federal or otherwise so to me.. personally fuck everything about that and anyone involved. The parties involved have earned their enemy with me as of all of this. What do I mean by enemy? I mean I will take every opportunity of every minute to tell people that Grady EMS engages in many harmful business practices but essentially the treatment of their employees is abysmal and their schemes to set up said employees really are rivaled only by Hollywood. Oh and no investigation either it was all “oh word who said what?” “Oh oh Kay well let’s take his Facebook photos and put them on flyers, three photos should be good side by side inn the center, along with the accusations against him.. oh and tell employees he’ll be shot if he steps on the property..” Im just still walking my dog around the neighborhood I live in now after having to evacuate my home due to the coweta county sheriffs department trying to get in on the action and showing up twice a day for a month or so. After the first few weeks of this threatening behavior and official uniformed deputies and cars being in my driveway while they joke about my dead friends and out of tune guitar (he died in Afghanistan and his strings were original to his fingers) they mocked that and threatened me with arrest if I left my home so my neighbors approached me and asked me to relocate for my safety and don’t tell anyone. This was three years or so ago and I’m now just kind of over it. Bring it on fuckers you know what you did. What else you got? Edit: I can answer as many questions as you want or someone can make a post I don’t give a damn anymore what can they do to me at this point? My house was robbed my life was stopped and hey when we, my family and four+ neighbors, called to see what was going on they had not a single piece of information as to what I was talking about. They mocked me while my neighbors angrily refuted their bully tactics. Fuck coweta county sheriffs department and every deputy, all 20+, that showed up at my house threatening me. And especially fuck kevin enfinger who was my friend but then heard about all this and he too lived in my neighborhood and began stalking me in his meriwether county sheriffs truck (blacked out windows and font on the side) in my yard and driveway while I asked coweta deputies if this is actually allowed and they laughed and said this was perfectly fine as he lives in the neighborhood and can drive his vehicle wherever he liked. All I know it a private investigator lived in the neighborhood and knew me from walking my dog and within a few weeks that man Kevin had sold his house and moved. But not before posting on next door that I slept with his wife, I didn’t, and she then divorced him or so I was told by my neighbor who still lives there and witness to all this. To really buckle down he then went door to door telling neighbors to be wary of me and careful that I was sleeping with his wife while he was at work. Again, not true. He also talked mad shit about minorities and then tried to “straighten” me out when I told him his views were archaic. He was quite fond of “there’s a difference between a black person and a n word” oh he loved reminding me of that. The worst part about Kevin was? He wouldn’t let me stop interacting with them because he knew how bad I got treated at Grady and didn’t want me to isolate myself (way too fucking late) and he would text call and show up to pick me up so I wouldn’t become isolated further and further he said. Said I had to trust him. Gotta trust me nick. Mother Fucking pig ass liar. Every neighbor you lied to let me know you fucking dog. I hope that pit Bull possum you adopted and beat daily with a metal tipped rope and leash bites your fucking face off. You surely deserve it. Oh what did I do? I was the Idiot who didn’t know socially anything snd everyone saw that and profited where they could. Coupled with not knowing how to defend yourself well it’s a recipe for disaster. I was taught to let it roll off your back but something tells me this never will Oh and there’s no record for any of their actions within their respective departments. What a joke. You fuckers deserve every bit of disrespect you get with what you do and get away with for no other reason other than that you can. Wipe my ass with that blue line Edit 2: I forgot to mention he stole my Home Depot online purchased chainsaw and gave it to his boss and suddenly got off night shifts. Motherfucking coweta county wouldn’t even take my stolen property report because I knew who had it and had texts saying so. He even told me he gave it to his boss as a way of “confronting me” for his issues with his wife. Like that evening while eating dinner he began going on a tirade about how the dinner was good but she does a lot of things like this before she’s married like just like sucking dick which she doesn’t do once she’s ringed up… I was speechless and still am but hey she stood up for herself and divorced him and if she didn’t who cares because it’s time the world knows the truth. They nearly ruined me and I’m still standing laughing at the memory of these fools


I know this comment won't exactly make your world any better but I hope you are OK and or feel better now, love you Internet stranger <3


Thanks. Sorry I’m so grouchy. I really don’t know how to appreciate people anymore. They in my experience have been utterly awful. Coupled by the fact my childhood friends are now all but one dead. Yeah man what’s the point. When all this shit was going down I was dealing with my best friend who shot himself and since that the last two are dead. What’s the point. Shit I’m just trying to find something to do around the yard with my dog to make him happy. When I see cop cars I’m fairly certain it’s a ptsd reaction because I just immediately turn around due to the intense thoughts and rapid plans of defense incase they do this like before at my home or incase they say this like then too.. I’m just being honest- a female police officer in Fayetteville pulled me over with my dog and before she could finish her sentence introducing herself I had broken my gear shifter from squeezing It or jerking it or something I just was as rigid as a stone and I was basically feeling for her movements with every sense I had preparing for her to attack me like they did at my home on more than one occasion. She knew I was traumatized and just reached out and told me it was alright she just wanted me to know my tag was on the wrong side and that she really liked my dog. I was in tears and clenching every muscle at the same time. I threw my keys somewhere on top of my roof cause I don’t know. I hate everything there is about law enforcement after what I went through and still see no justice from. But people like her- and her friends she works with and introduced me to were alright. They recognized whatever they said they recognized and wanted me to know they were there incase I needed them. So it makes you feel like shit because you spend so much time hating the ones that treated you so badly. Fucking mental mine field man that’s what it is. It’s a raunchy, vividly disgusting image every time I think of that time period. And to think my coworkers in ems like to joke with me “hey man- you aren upset are you- do I need to call the feds like they instructed us to do? I already did like they instructed us to do so it’s okay either way..” then sure enough some motherfucker shows up wearing some stupid alphabet jacket while I stare at them like “are you seriously trying to intimidate me? You’ve taken everything from me, and you want to intimidate me?” Nah man these people are doing this for a reason and if it’s to protect that department and that deputy then fuck them even more. I won’t be shot for someone else’s crimes. But it appears that’s exactly what my current neighbors who all know the story and have seen the proof I have are afraid of. They think they’ll taunt me or trigger me or set me up again like the past multiple times but who cares? Who would be the bastard then? Not me. I’d be dead. They would be murders. And they’d sleep soundly. Thank you, America.


Not necessarily trying to make you dredge up the past, but looking back on it was there anything you could have done in hindsight to prove your innocence right off the bat? I've heard similar stories, not as bad of course, but I definitely want to be able to protect myself from such antics. I plan on taking preventative measures when I eventually get into my field of work I'm studying for as these type of things seem to happen all too often... Nothing sinister of course just like keeping track of paper trails or making sure my alibi is secure or something like that. Doesn't seem like there's really any way to know if your colleagues are out to get you until it happens...


Well I did actually prove my innocence but Vincent Dodson decided to stir the pot and say he heard me say the alleged comments they accused me of saying (hate speech) well when Vincent realized they were setting me up for arson (Vincent and Samantha were classmates) he suddenly grew a conscious or morality clause that had him withdraw his statement to hr supporting the girls. Hr asked me to apologize to the girls and let it be done with. I asked why apologize for something I didn’t say and she said because there’s no way you’re getting fired for this and it’ll just be a write up but they were going to keep my checks while suspended and she knew I couldn’t afford that. Also if I missed any days in medic class they could kick us out so she used that as well to get me to apologize for something I didn’t even say so as to be the bigger person hr said. Motherfucker wouldn’t you know it that when I apologized to amanda and she shook her head accepting and saying she totally got locked room talk (?? Still don’t know what they said I said) and they would move past it and she’d tell Samantha and be good going forward. After all, these cunts were starting to show up at the hangouts I had with my other two coworker friend and they were seriously deranged. Just the shit they’d do or think was funny just had me wanting to bail. Wasn’t ever like that before they started showing up but whatever. Anyways hr has supervision do a radio call for us to return to base and she delivers the bad news. The girls said I approached them with aggressive intent and threatened them with their lives. So they took my badge and suspended me pending investigation again and I told everyone involved I hope they specially burn in hell for this and I walked off. A week later they got a call from some fire investigator investigating obvious arson and the girls pinned everything before and after on me. Stupid cunts told the investigator they were in another state and not home when the fire started but their cell phones pinged at work and they were clocked in.. it wasn’t hard to prove my innocence however the backdoor approaching of my past acquaintances and immediate family members by the feds can seriously fuck right off. You tests told those people some seriously incorrect things for 9 months while you fucked around and found out I didn’t have a thing to do with that arson and once and for all I can say fuck you to the division you sow in families and friendships because you want “the truth” the truth would fuck you up ten ways from Sunday and you’d still be peddling outlandish lies to stir the pot and get people talking about rumors and other lies. Fuck you and your families. Pigs. I can say for sure there is nothing you can do when multiple people close to you decide to be cunts. The two best friends had just commoted large amount of insurance fraud and caused a lady tremendously in damages in a car they destroyed before the accident but drove it into a building after they got hit to hide that front end inside the motor damage. Shit wouldn’t even start they put way wrong oil in a turbo Mazda and it was black smoking and having to be towed out of Grady’s parking lot. Fuck them fuck everything about those people. They are retired military as well. Haha fuck them for real. I’m just sitting here hoping you ever experience this. I was upfront and forthcoming every step of the way and they manipulated and twisted every thing for their insurance scheme. I will say that the while accusing me of threatening my coworkers flyers could have easily and very factually been ruled out had they reviewers the video tape of the conversation in question where I was interrogated about grady by a pastor who had nothing to do with grady and every time I tried to return to the topic of me being there.. he kept bringing me to grady and redirecting me again and again until I asked him his definition for insanity and mine was asking the same thing and expecting a different answer. I then left. He somehow still said I confirmed I wanted to hurt people and I never said that. Infact he asked me over 8 times and I said no each time and laughed increasingly as he was being weird and I told him so seeing how I came to get in a small group of guys my age to keep from being so in my own head and this has become a work related outing. I said I was coming off of antidepressants and have had a wicked time with the nightmares night sweats, urinary retention and release the retrograde ejaculation as well pretty much every severe reaction you could have I had for months and almost a year. I fell asleep driving an ambulance. Fucking knew that was the last straw. I finally quit it cold turkey and landed there at the church in coweta at the recommendation of a sheriff in coweta who turned out to have set the whole thing up. Well while I was there they wanted to know more about grady, I’m not kidding at least ten times they redirected me away from church and to grady. I never brought it up. The questions were targeted. Anyways a few days later after I left the interview because he was insane and not discussing what we were there for.. I got messages upon messages by old partners asking if I was safe and to prepare for whatever the fuck may be coming and they sent me the flyers that grady was handing out and emailing to every employee at Grady and Atlanta fire department and police department and then inevitably everyone. I assured all of them they had nothing to worry about and once again grady was trying to fuck me. One of them told me to just break out the ky and take it already it’ll hurt lesss. Sorry it made me laugh when I was panicking and it came to mind so I shared. He was a cool partner. He blocked me and removed me afterwards though nearly everyone there and after did. I seriously have no idea what’s in store for me but because of what I’ve been through and what people have got away with police or otherwise.. I’ve made my decision. Any attempts to take me are just better off giving me a single bullet. You won’t show up hollering at me threatening me after coweta county entered my home and threatened me with rape on my coffee table after barging in and demanding I give my guns to my neighbor and then leaving. My neighbor still has my guns and there’s still no charges. I still Own my home there in coweta but my late bosses granddaughter and her fam live there snd it’s an ever growing one so who would I be to replace a family with a man and a dog who hates the county he owns a home in anyway now. I’d be a bastard is what I’d be if I did that so now I just have to fucking exist so they can prosper while I break down and die anyways it seems. Got a job for the movies recently snd while I was there someone from Grady showed up as the worksite medic and sure enough within days the feds showed up one undercover (thought she was, eh Martha or whatever the fuck your name was, and hey while im at it me and James watched you roll out of Dojo’s van upon returning from break while the van was still moving and rolling at mailing avenue. Haha cool agent shit, James thought you fucked him either way- you do you homie) oh and then right after that incident the crew said she was a fed cause she kept showing up at lunch and just watching and taking photos (uh, they were right) and I told her they were saying that and the next day a gbi agent shows up to put on her jacket in a set up intimidation tactic in front of us five at the park in Atlanta. I say this because as she stood there alone putting on her jacket with her long pants and boots and two shirts in fucking AUGUST in Georgia sunlight.. come on lady.. so I looked around and at every entrance and exit (for all five of us) there was a law enforcement vehicle present. My coworker pointed it out to me and said he thought I was full of shit snd I just laughed and said welcome to my life. Look all I’m Saying is if you’re playing with peoples lives and becoming the terrorist yourself by trying to intimidate me.. and stalk me while showing up at my jobs and friends places then you’ve become the enemy you swore to protect from. You are the terrorist. Literally make people shake in life ending fear for simple traffic violations. You feel good about that? I do I know it must eat at you and to be honest. Something has to eat you. To make it even funnier Nothing is even “allowed” to compete with you. How pathetic. Let’s swarm someone with fifty people and arm ourselves to the teeth. Oh you mean the guy we’ve fucked over left right snd sideways? Yeah that one. Okay sprinkle some crack on him let’s close this one.


why in the world is there a concrete wall there in the first place. Almost as bad as putting a staircase right next to the sideline....


its so close to the line too, i'm so sorry for the guy..


The level I've played at, it's very common to have concrete posts all around the pitch with metal bars connecting them. Then the gaps are filled in with advertising boards. That's not as bad as a solid concrete wall of course but I'm surprised I've never seen an injury like that.


Surely the posts had padding, no?


'Safety' like that isn't exactly a thing people worry about in a large portion of the world.


What a poorly, and dangerously designed football pitch.


Thats always what i wonder when i see a manchester united match. Their pitch is surrounded by a ditch and a brick wall


> Almost as bad as putting a staircase right next to the sideline.... Ahh so you have seen that video too 😂


Show us!


[enjoy :)](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7T5d0HHNrWE)


it's because fans are retarded and try to invade the pitch


Never been to Mexico?


Ridiculous that wall is there. I'm pretty sure the guy that gave the push heard his skull Crack and immediately reacted. Didn't seem he even had a chance to look before he was waving for help. Edit: also look at the red/white coming from near the center pitch. He knew heard something bad happen from there and also ran over in a panic.


He definitely did. I bet he’s having a hard time with this. For real why was that wall there.


Yea that guy, unfortunately, has to live with hearing and seeing whatever it was. The Rollercoaster of emotions must have been terrible because it looks like the guy was still conscious and lifted his head. I used to play sports and usually when someone is taken off, especially after a head injury, you're relieved they're awake. Usually a good sign. My guess is he had a brain bleed or swelling of the brain that killed him, if not a blood clot from the damage seeing as he died days later. Just an overall terrible incident and as much as people would even like to blame that wall and stadium. Sometimes these places don't necessarily have the money to be choosy amd renovate things. My guess is it never occurred to anyone because nothing ( to my knowledge) had happened in the past till now. Hopefully they at least pad it so his death wasn't for nothing. I for one am not a fan of soccer but it's important to remember all you need is feet and a ball, so its played everywhere. Especially impoverished places. We should be thankful we have the knowledge and resources to build billion-dollar stadiums. It would be nice to see a league or a club at a high tier step in and help the grass root clubs and public fields to be a safe place. Fund some builds and renovations. Unfortunately, this is how a lot of laws and rules are put in place. Something bad has to happen. I hope everyone involved finds peace and creates a solution so it doesn't happen again.


Would suck to be that guy. Idk if I could ever forgive myself!


Guilt and regret will probably follow the other player for a long time..


I wouldn’t be able to step on a pitch ever again..


After a while I think you'd move on but at first it would be so tough to even look at a soccer ball without bursting into tears.


Even if he get over it, I would be aftaid of some pseudo-fans. They can really go mental after such accident.




I don’t know if it’s manslaughter. Body checks are normal and they’re both willing participants in a physical sport. Unbelievably traumatizing and sad though.


Have you ever watched football before? He was just pushing him off the ball, like players do all the fucking time. He obviously didn't intend to fucking kill the dude... It's just that the pitch was designed by an idiot


That’s what manslaughter is, he didn’t intend to but he was still at fault. I play soccer and watch it religiously. That body check was a dirty ass play. No intention to even go for the ball. I actually had a similar foul done against me a few months ago that resulted in 5 stitches on my brow, thankfully there was no concrete wall where i played but it was still a completely unnecessary foul that lead to me going to the hospital for stitches.


For manslaughter to be a charge it has to be voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary means during a quarrel or heat of passion and involuntary means accidentally killing someone while committing a non felony crime or as a result of that non felony crime. No prosecuting attorney would attempt to charge the player with manslaughter unless they can provide solid evidence he intentionally slammed him into the brick wall. Pushing someone in sport is common and that is why we don't charge players with assault or battery when they connect on field - unless it is an obvious attempt to maliciously hurt or kill someone.


Dude.. that's a foul not normal behavior


Fouls are normal


A lot of people in this thread that haven't played football. Couldn't agree more that this foul is ridiculous. Body check into a player who was already going out of bounds due to his momentum. Wouldn't be surprised if these two were chipping away at each other previous to this given how egregious the foul was.


He did what is perfectly normal in the sport. None of the players here are to blame.


A perfectly normal... foul


You can body check shoulder to shoulder in soccer. It's completely legal, just no using hips, hands or elbows. This looks to be shoulder on shoulder contact first.


Legal contact in soccer is nominally described as being “shoulder to shoulder” between two opponents, as one player comes into the other, or “charges,” to challenge for the ball.


Hell no. This would be a yellow in any professional match, any league, any day. It was shoulder to shoulder, but it was with such excessive force, really stepping into the tackle since he couldn’t make it to the ball.


It's not perfectly normal to body check someone several feet from a concrete wall. That's what makes it different.


He body checked that dude like it was hockey


For sure - he body checked him and the ball was likely going out of play. There was no need for the aggression and that much pressure. The guy hit the most vulnerable part of his brain - very easy to die on hitting that exact spot


He shoukdnt be a dirty player. Push was completely unnecessary


Fouls like that happen all the time in football, it's just unfortunate.




He did do something wrong. He wasn't going after the ball, he shoulder checked that guy into the wall. It was a dirty play and he killed someone over a game. He should feel remorse for the rest of his life.


Fouls happen several times every game. If death was a serious risk for any regular foul the game wouldn't be played. You're way too hard on the guy.


>You’re way too hard on the guy. He literally caused somebodies death with his intentional foul. In what other circumstance would it be more appropriate to be hard on the guy if not this one? No, I think holding him and whoever is responsible for installing concrete barriers accountable is the right call.


Shoulder checking is legal. It's called a "shoulder charge" and is allowed.


The foul was intentional. Not the death. Why be hard on him for the death when it was completely unintentional?


To intentionally foul someone is in itself a disregard for the risk of injury that you put a player in.


Accidental deaths happen often. They're called manslaughter and charged as such.


No. 18 U.S. Code § 1112 - Manslaughter (a) Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice. It is of two kinds: Voluntary—Upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion. Involuntary—In the commission of an unlawful act not amounting to a felony, or in the commission in an unlawful manner, or without due caution and circumspection, of a lawful act which might produce death.


Found the guy who has never played physical contact sports Edit: it’s normal to blatantly foul in football/soccer when the other team has an open counter attack.


It's not normal to do it 5 feet from a concrete wall. That's the difference.


You want to be right so bad.


Here are the things I want: 1. For there to not have been a concrete wall so close to the edge of the field. 2. For the teams to have agreed to move the sidelines in and play with a narrower field to increase the margin of safety. 3. For the teams to have discussed the danger and agreed to take it easy near the dangerous wall. 4. For the guy who killed the other guy to have not committed a flagrantly unnecessary foul so close to that wall.




Shoulder checking is legal. It's called a "shoulder charge" and is allowed.


I imagine shoulder checking somebody into a concrete wall falls outside the scope of legal soccer plays.


This kind of foul happens all day every day and normally does not result in anything like this. Is it wrong and dirty? Yes? Did he have any intention or knowledge that he would kill the guy? No. He did not "kill someone over a game", he intentionally did a dirty play on a soccer field and by horrible luck unintentionally killed someone. Remorse should not haunt people for involuntary manlsaughter.


Yes this. I severely hope this ruins that persons life the way he snuffed out someone else's. People place so much importance over 🙄 ball sports. It is pathetic and childish and this dude killed someone over it. He should be in jail for manslaughter, not simply feeling remorse.


It's called a fucking "shoulder push" and is allowed in the sport. Also he should not have his fucking life ruined for something that wasn't even his mistake. I play soccer as well and have represented my state, in doing so have once torn a ligament and had a displaced shoulder but never have I blamed the other person. When you play a sport basic understanding comes like this on its own Also here's the definition: "Legal contact in soccer is nominally described as being “shoulder to shoulder” between two opponents, as one player comes into the other, or “charges,” to challenge for the ball. " Don't talk shit when you don't know shit.


I’m upvoting you because the comments below are ridiculous. He committed a foul, an absolutely unnecessary play. There was nothing sportsmanlike about it. Sports bros can be complete dickheads.


Found the dude that has never played a sport in his life.


What a absolute dogshit take. In what world is shoulder checking a guy into a concrete barrier a component of general sportsmans like conduct? He caused somebodies death through an intentional foul. Nah, fuck that guy.


Shit happens in sports, I wouldn't be opposed to a foul being called on this play, but this person's death is 100% due to the awful field design, the player should not feel guilt over causing this person's death. Just because you fowl someone in a sport doesn't mean you're a horrible, careless person. Anyone who plays sports is implicitly consenting to getting fowled from time to time, getting fowled is part of any sport, having to avoid concrete barriers is not.


Manslaughter ≠ murder. He killed somebody, through a direct result of his actions, unintentionally. That’s manslaughter.


Found the dude who's never looked at a dictionary in his life.


That type of play is super common. Nothing dirty about it. His awareness of the concrete wall and his intentions regarding it are a separate issue.


Are you joking? That was a flagrant PUSH. Dude wasn't going for the ball at all, he place both hands on the victim and forcibly pushed him into the wall. In no way, shape, or form was he going for the ball. Surprised he isn't being charged at the least for manslaughter.












Deathguitarist660- if you were really a firefighter i admire that But dude you’re arguing like a fucking child, using happy faces and trying to portray the other person as having invalid points Try to understand or re-read the other person’s point of view my man it’ll help you find common ground without giving in to your opinions ✌️




We wouldn't know about this situation if it didn't result in death, but if I saw this event happen, I personally would be just as upset about it even if the guy was fine, precisely because of what COULD have happened. Anytime somebody viciously fouls somebody like that in a reckless way that potentially endangers their safety, it is worthy of the strongest possible condemnation, because it COULD kill somebody, not just when it does actually kill them.


He did nothing wrong? He rammed into the guy with all of his weight. He should be charged with involuntary manslaughter.


I hope i never meet people like you in real life




Hahaha soccer is not a hands on sport you absolute muppet


Lol exactly.




You’re either A. A troll, B. The dumbest person on this godforsaken planet , C. Know literally nothing about sports or the most likely outcome, a combination of all 3. That was as mild of a challenge as they come in football, just save your time and don’t comment trash on these posts


Ignoring the ball and shoulder barging someone off the pitch? Really? I’m with everyone else here, I hope the guy feels this to his core for the rest of his days


The wall is more at fault than the player tbh


Definitely did something wrong. That's not how the game is played, this ain't hockey. Manslaughter is a bit much but if I was that man's family I probably would have some choice words, or worse, depending


Then maybe he shouldn't have tried to plow through the other dude. Fuck this guys mental health, he did that shit on purpose to get a fuckin ball, fuck him.


I don't think he would have thought about the boundary fences. It is a poorly designed pitch if don't have time to slow down. He does have a significant responsibility because he should not have shoved him like that but if the concrete hadn't been there, he would have hit his head on the grass and not shattered on impact. I watched so many tackles and falls in the World Cup this Summer that must have had similar forces. Edit. I just rewatched. The first responders did not support his head at all. He should not have had his head completely unsupported while he was unconscious. That could have contributed significantly to his death.


Yah but the guy intentionally body checked the other dude. Very much had the option not to. That was uncalled for and seems worthy of pursuing charges.


The fragileness of the human body has always scared me. The fact that a perfectly healthy person can walk on the street fall funny, somehow not have the reaction time to supress the fall with their arms and die with head first impact is grim. May I wish that mans family, friends and the opponent with a life subscription of guilt good luck. Stay strong.


Happened in front of me, a guy stopped his bike to check some noise from engine with 2 friends. 5 seconds: removed helmet, lifted up his leg, tripped on the direction light, head on the floor, end. Pretty shocking for a 10yo me. Sorry bad English


Sorry you had to see that. Terrifying


Stuff like this reminds me of [Boban Janković](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boban_Jankovi%C4%87), a Serbian professional basketball player. He got frustrated with getting his fifth foul of the game and headbutted the padded concrete goal post. Right then and there, he permanently damaged his spinal cord and was unable to walk for the rest of his life. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdP7ybWPI1k](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdP7ybWPI1k) ​ After using a wheelchair for the final 13 years of his life, Janković gained weight, which exerted much stress on his heart. He died of heart failure at the age of 42, on June 28, 2006, while on a holiday cruise on the Greek island of Rhodes.


But yet we're not that fragile. You see people get hit by lightning and in rare cases more than once and live. Life is just a strange thing and nothing is guaranteed


I smashed my thumb with a hammer last month and barely even bruised it. Two days ago I barely bumped my calf into my coffee table and I got a gnarly looking bruise on it. The human body is fucking goofy dude.


Those coffee tables are evil bastards though, they just lie in wait for unsuspecting body parts.


Narrated by David Attenborough: *The coffee table is a patient hunter. He strikes with a ferocity rarely seen in the furniture kingdom, oftentimes causing great bruising. Or, if he's lucky, a separated or split toenail.*


I bonked my leg on a trailer hitch on Tuesday. Hard. It hurt like a mother fucker. Somehow not even a slight bruise.


Shit you’ll even see people with their head basically split open and they’re awake Or like that one dude in Texas got shot point blank side of the head and lived It’s totally inconsistent


Yeah, then there was that courier in Vegas who got shot in the head point blank by one of the guys who starred in Friends


No one told you life was gonna be this way...


Legend has it some weirdo in a checkered suit did it.


People have survived plane crashes into the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, while others have drowned in puddles. It’s all about luck. Our bodies are actually pretty tough, sometimes people just get unlucky.


Hell one time a 17 year old girl survived a plane crash over the Amazon forest, walked out, and was rescued. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-10-02/the-girl-who-fell-3km-into-the-amazon-and-survived/101413154


Damn. That 100 yard stare.


And there are still people like skateboarders who decide to put their lives at risk by jumping on a board without using protection...


As a skateboarder when you don't use pads you learn to "fall". That being said went I would skate vert I always wore a helmet and knee pads.


You can thank Jamie Thomas for that. Seriously he changed skateboarding forever with this attempt. https://youtu.be/7pdoADutGZg


Ok so a lot of what you are talking about has to do with people not knowing how to fall. I am not in any way referencing what happened in the vid. But as far as what you mentioned, when we are babies and small children, we put our hands down to catch ourselves. Works fine, and we are generally ok, because we aren't falling that far to the ground. As adults, we instinctually do the same when we fall, and it results in broken wrists, elbows, or worse the head impacts the ground. Break-falling is a learned skill that can help prevent injury and even save your life. There are different techniques for breakfalling, or rolling through depending on the direction of the fall etc. They all involve protecting the head. I won't get into specifics. It has to be taught and then practiced again and again until it replaces our initial instinct we have as children.


I've heard multiple times that breakfalls are the most practical and well-used lesson to be taken from judo training


As a skateboarder I'll tell you falling on your arms or legs is the worst you can do. If you're ever falling and lose control your best bet is to just try to go sideways or land on your ass or back, you land on your limbs they can shatter in ways unimaginable.


Don't use your hands to suppress the fall: roll with it or you'll end up with a broken arm


I'd say the human body overall is strong and resilient, however, the most fragile part of our bodies is our head / neck areas....hits, bumps...even light ones can cause catastrophic damage.


Goes both ways. There was a guy that had both arms ripped off in farm machinery and ran quite a ways back to dial for help with his mouth. His arteries retracted back into his body in a way which stopped the blood flow


There was also a girl who got her arms chopped off by someone. She stuck them into dirt to stop the bleeding. She survived and testified against him.


Or they fall funny, show now symptoms of ailment, go home and pass away in their sleep from something internal.


Concrete wall right on top of the line. Why?


To make an interesting game they were working on installing blades as well


And xenomorph-pits.


Shitty building and safety standards, a lack of oversight, or both.


City planners don’t care about sports? Ima assuming


So many injuries of head to head collisions already made me wonder why some sort of helmets aren't made mandatory. And then to watch this...


What was his name? Anyone have any info?


Emanuel Ortega


Who’s the engineer? Why is there a concrete wall next to a soccer field?


How awful. It looks like people stopped to help immediately, to hear he still didn't make it is so sad. Who's bright idea was it to put a concrete wall this close to the field anyways? Of course players will run into it. I feel for his opponent too. This was obviously not his fault but I know to some degree he could blame himself.


Wauw the red/white killed the other guy.


Basically, yeah.


Well, the poorly planned soccer pitch certainly contributed. The red/white guy is primarily responsible, but not wholly so.


no, he didn't. this isn't even involuntary manslaughter. this is just an accident.


That guy had clear intent to push him so idk about that


So if he intentionally fouled the dude (which is super common in soccer/football), which can be interpreted as reckless behavior or negligence, then he could and should face manslaughter charges in my opinion. If ur intentionally breaking a rule i think its fair to see it as a form of negligence. He obviously didnt want to kill the dude, but he definitely wanted to get the other guy away from the ball by shoving him. Its a foul for a reason, your not allowed to do it, yet he did it anyway. He literally shoved the dude and didn’t even go for the ball initially.


So, as an idiot american, I don't know shit about this sport... but I thought that throwing a lead block like an NFL fullback was FOR SURE illegal in soccer


https://youtu.be/ODghz3CA2E8?t=42 It's a contact sport with studs at the bottom of your foot, people get hurt. Usually stomps etc. happen so fast that you can't even see it without replays.


I watched the video, and the VAST majority of those were UNintentional contact, resulting from aggressive play.... which is understandable... this seems starkly different. The dude wasn't playing the ball at all. He just threw a wicked blind side block...


They both went for the ball, he just used his body to push the other guy away. When done right it is perfectly legal. https://youtu.be/RMTwhSFYBtk?t=438 I am a skinny guy so i have to be faster than bigger guys and i have a hard time agaist defenders if we get to the ball at the same time, usually i fly away as they use their bodies to push me off the ball.


I guess I'll just have to chalk this up to my complete lack of knowledge/experience watching this sport. I'm not seeing the dude playing the ball @ all.... thank you for taking the time to help explain to me 🙂


No problem. This is a borderline foul so definitely not a clear cut one. One of the "annoying" (and some think one of the great) aspects of soccer is that some of the situations are really up for the referee to interpret. Some referees allow more physical play and players have to adapt per ref and how he wants the game to flow.


Know you're not saying football isn't a heavy contact sport, but I like to bring it up since people assume all injuries in the sport are dives or "flops." Football causes significantly more injuries yearly than American football worldwide. And even in the US the numbers aren't so different when adjusted for number of people playing the sport. Also, to those who compare it with hockey, football has caused 70 deaths in its time compared with only 2 in hockey. There is a lot more contact than you would think.


it's illegal tough not that uncommon.


Nah that was not a fault, but dude surely was unlucky


What happened the boy who pushed him very hard out of the field


That was a very usual push in football tactics, he used his body and inevitable momentum to push him out of the way, I don't think it was his fault since this happens very often, I think it was the design of this stadium, but I also think the player who pushed him will rot in guilt and will never forget this.




How to legally kill someone


Props to the genius that added a concrete wall in a football field. Whoever designed/planned this should be sued.


Oh wow, murder


"Crashed" that dude was shoved.


“After he crashed his head into a concrete wall”, nope! he was pushed into a concrete wall.


Just 2 words: >!It's f o o t b a l l!<


It's rare enough to have a double skull, but to fracture it is just one-in-a-million.


why they playing football game like rugby ?


Because football can become really physical?




Almost exactly how Croatian soccer player Hrvoje Custić died in 2008. Eerie how similar…


No one addressing how he got smashed into that wall by the other player? Can only see sympathy for the guy who ran him into the concrete wall so far in the comments. I get the sport I played but fk, am in wrong?


I mean it’s just a normal foul tbh, it’s the stadium designer and clubs fault for putting a concrete wall right next to the touch line


I mean it’s up for interpretation but it’s a sport that’s going to be physical. I can guarantee the guy in red wishes he didn’t foul hard here. Whoever approved this field is ultimately at fault, as there’s no reason we should think that the guy in red planned on fouling him into a wall to intentionally injure/kill him. In fact it’s probably the only game he’s ever played with a concrete wall within falling distance of the line, so I doubt it’s something that he really could have prepared for.




"Legal contact in soccer is nominally described as being “shoulder to shoulder” between two opponents, as one player comes into the other, or “charges,” to challenge for the ball."


He didn't shove him he body checked him. As far as fouls go this would be up to the interpretation of the referee. Might not be a foul, but seeing how he was a bit late to the ball it could've been. Probably would have let them play on if they kept possession


It’s a common foul which is a normal part of the game to stop opponent team’s momentum. It doesn’t result in death or even serious injury when there isn’t a concrete wall within 3-4 feet of the game’s out of bounds line.


That is a very poorly designed soccer pitch. I hope they removed those walls afterwards, or at least added some padding.


That’s involuntary manslaughter at least. Was pushing him at that moment even a legal move in soccer? Actions have consequences.


Why would you check a player that close to the wall, what an insane move.




Some antivax weirdo gonna say it's the jab


Enjoy every second you're on that pitch. Life zooms by and before you know it you're either dead or watching others play.


I feel like that should have been predictable


It looked intentional. Wall didn't help the poor guy either.


Dirty ass tackle too


That other guy should be charged with manslaughter. There was hate in that push


He didn’t crash he was pushed, that’s murder.!!!


Other guy should be charged for man slaughter, blatant foul that lead to a death 😔


Didn't even get the ball ffs


Man slaughter, that tackle was overly aggressive and wouldn’t be a problem on a normal pitch but he fucked up.


Looks like manslaughter charge


I highly doubt it. (If it were in the US obviously, don’t know about laws where this hapoened) It would be involuntary manslaughter which generally falls under 2 categories: 1. Constructive: accidentally killed someone while committing a crime. 2. Criminally negligent: were *highly* negligent which led to a death. For criminally negligent you would need to to be doing something insanely stupid like running a red light that led to a death. The only person who would be brought to a US court for this would be whichever dumbass allowed a soccer match to be played on a field with a concrete wall within falling distance of the line.


Very true but the seemed to purposely shove or at least body check the guy headfirst into the wall. At the very least the stadium is liable for the injury