You’re talking about a guy who is stuck in the 1990s when it comes to technology


Say yes to VHS!


Blu-ray SUCKS!


Please buy cinemassacre blurays


No purchase I refuse. Do you want me to suffer?


Take a wild guess.


Be Kind, Rewind motherfucker!


Tough 90s wood.


Just technology?


The biggest thing he’s stuck on yes


The dude was still editing using two VCRs up until 2010. Is it really that surprising?


Say yes to VHS!


no he wasn't lol


James has stated in earlier videos that he edited with Final Cut Pro 7 (which was also my video editing software of choice). Apple introduced Final Cut Pro X a while ago, and COMPLETELY changed the interface. It's nothing like it used to be. It might as well be a completely different program. I quit using FCP when they switched to X, although I was an advanced user of FCP 7.


Thanks for the heads up. I wonder how many users they've lost? Seems like a very stupid way of updating your software. Bim just says it in a very strange way though, as if it was a different software made by another company for a different purpose. That was funny to me I guess. Might be a side effect of the current content draught..


Haha, it's all good. I agree, it's an odd statement if you don't know the history. And actually, the earlier versions of FCP \*were\* made by another company. Apple bought their existing software and rebranded it Final Cut Pro with minor tweaks. Starting with FCP X, they threw the old software entirely and rebuilt it into something new, which they (foolishly) called Final Cut Pro X, causing a lot of confusion. But they're so different. It's like going from driving a car to flying a plane.


>a very stupid way of updating Depends. As an UX designer, I can tell you that redesigning a system people already use for years is a bit of a thankless job, because people will complain no matter what - the old system could be a piece of crap, but since they're used to it and it's familiar, it has value over the new system. If possible, it's always better to do a gradual rework rather than one massive redesign. It's possible that FCP X was built from ground up, because they've figured that the classic FCP just wasn't in a salvageable state (this can happen from time to time, especially with software from 90s), but I'm just guessing here. Either way, you have to keep up with things, or you'll end up being a Bimmy. It reminds me a bit how we used to design every website in Photoshop 10 years ago (because there simply wasn't a dedicated software), and nowdays nobody uses Photoshop for UI anymore, except few Bimmys that are too lazy to learn Figma, XD or Sketch.


Tons. I was at a post house that was heavily dependent on FCP7 for our workflow and we all had to practically learn avid overnight because X was terrible at the time


Final Cut X was a big downgrade, because Apple completely rebuilt it to sell it to the average consumer pasting a few clips filmed on their phone together instead of professional editors. In part because most of the industry edits in Avid or Premiere anyway


Exactly. The interface feels so... stupid... now. It's built for Grandma to make slideshows, instead of people who actually want to edit complicated videos.


just like the macbook "pro" is "pro" at emptying wallets but lost all the "pro" features "pros" need


You know what’s BEEE ESSSS? Windows hasn’t updated since windows 2000. There was 95, 98, then 2000 and nothing since! Sure there was XP and the newer ones but they’re totally different things.


tbh every now and then there's a version of Windows that sucks ass (most recent being 8) but I just wait for the one after that


11 is currently in the "sucks ass" position


Oh yeah I forgot it came out. I'm in the "wait for the next one" phase right now.


Yea. FCP 7 to FCPX was a shift from prosumer to consumer appeal. In other words, merging fcp n iMovie basically interface wise. It sucked balls. But Premiere has been a fine alt since, no issues here.


Reading the comments, looks like ‘ol Bimmy had a point this time. Oh well, the bts video is still amazing


Yeah. I'm not a James apologist, but I'll back him up on this point.


I watched it again last night and this stuck out to me too, what do you mean Final Cut X is so different you just switched programs altogether?


No, it's true. I did the same thing. FCP X is much more similar to the iMovie interface, as opposed to the advanced timeline editing of FCP 7. I hated X, and switched software immediately. FCP 7 doesn't run on modern Macs, unfortunately. The only thing FCP 7 and FCP X have in common are the first three words in the name.


have you been tempted to use fcp7 on a hackintosh?


Has there been updates to FCPX that are more palatable? As a music producer and Cubase user, I bought Cubase 8 and I almost never used it because the UI was objectively dogshit. I kept using an older version and just waited for the next one, and they fixed most of it thankfully


That's a good question, and I'm not sure. I switched to DaVinci Resolve a while back, and it's great. I haven't followed FCP X development for a few years.


I’ll give Bimmy this one. I just switch to Davinci after FCP made these awful changes.


Final Cut Series X Pro


Commercial editor here. FCP and FCX/Pro X are completely different. FCP stopped at 7, then Apple introduced FCX which was basically a souped up version of iMovie and meant for more consumer oriented projects. James is correct in that aspect, but to say that Final Cut itself hasn't been updated just isn't true. X is technically an update, albeit one that a lot of professional editors don't like


Sometimes I think James is an actual retard. Tgis is mind blowing just how inept he is with things he operates and works with.


Eh, that's a bit harsh. I understand being let down by a bad software update It's just the way he phrased it was strange, and I'm sure there have been newer version of FCPX that were better with time.


Since he is tech illiterate, of course he won’t understand software version control.


He's right on that, it's because they removed Final Cut **Pro**, and released Final Cut X which is like paywall Movie Maker with *maybe* some extra stuff, definitely **not** worth it, not even for people who just edit as a hobby, they could just well use Movie Maker (or download whatever free app there is). Premiere is much better than that but some people prefer Final Cut Pro (specially because Adobe had the dreaded yearly updates and now monthly subscriptions), so they would prefer not to update their OS ever again just to keep Final Cut Pro (that or buy an used MacBook Pro for the same purposes). Doesn't surprise me Bimmy is one of those persons, not one bit. He's obsessed with VHS and still thinks the format would resurface somehow so this isn't so weird compared.


I understand that FCX was limited when it was first released but it's a **very** full-featured NLE now. I generally prefer it over Premiere, having used both extensively. For a one time $300 payment it is a much better value than Adobe's infernal $30/month subscription model for Premiere.


As others mentioned, he’s probably referring to Final Cut 7. I do think it’s funny he said it hasn’t been updated in ages, because it was updated, but he just wasn’t happy about the updates. Does he think Apple should still be updating Final Cut 7 with new codecs and shit and fixes and shit?


Yeah that was the confusing (and amusing) part. Not a big deal all things considered, I just like to nitpick.


I've never done video editing myself, but surely for anyone in the same boat as me, the making of an AVGN episode with Barbie was a pretty big red flag.


I work on video editing every now and then. At first, when I saw that video, I was actually impressed with how organized and efficient he seemed to be. He looked like a workaholic to me. Now I just wonder if he just overworked himself back in the day because he wasted a ton of \*ahem\* time.


There were odd decisions but honestly his setup back then was mostly fine for what it was. I mean his post process was weird with the DVDs but he seemed to know how to shoot at least. It's amazing much he's regressed since then. Notice how he didn't have anything strapped to the ceiling back then, or a big ugly hole torn in the side of his desk. He also used an actual microphone boom arm, with a mic that he didn't have any interference issues with. Somehow he went from that to his lights and microphone precariously dangling above him and causing interference he can't fix because they're too hard to remove for troubleshooting. James, what happened? You used to at least *sort of* know how this shit worked.


He stopped using Windows because everything after 2000 sounded like a downgrade. "Windows 10!?! Year 10! That's like so old Jesus would have used it!"


Final Cut X was released in 2011. James had 10 years to learn how to use it. But we know why is such a problem for him. It was Mike all along the one who was editing his videos, and now Screenwave is doing it. Thus incresing his dependancy on them, because there is no time to watch youtube tutorials.


As others familiar with editing software have pointed out, James actually had a valid reason for not switching over to Final Cut X. It was a huge downgrade compared to Final Cut Pro, to the point where even professionals largely gave up on it in favor of Adobe Premiere or Avid.


Final cut X is significantly different than the older final cut was. To the point to where most people who used FCP7 dropped it entirely to use avid and premiere. I was on a show at the time and we used it heavily, then had to drop it once X was introduced because until recently, it’s been borderline unusable.