Either the BioShock series or Arkham series. Both outstanding media.


Damn Arkham series is impressive man


I wish I could go back and do the platinum for Arkham Origins, but the damn multiplayer trophies lock me out. And, yeah, I’m not sure servers are still up, but, even if they are, my rule since getting my RDR2 trophy is no games with multiplayer trophies. I can’t do it.


Borderlands I suppose. I platinumed the first one twice, the second one twice, and the this one. Runner up is persona, as I did 5, royal, 4 dancing twice, 3 dancing, and 5 dancing. Same number, but lower percentage of titles available


Assassin’s Creed- I’ve got the platinum for each game at least once. I do eventually plan to have all trophies (stacks included) for the series. God of War- Have the platinum for all the games once. Ratchet & clank- All trophies possible. Fallout- All trophies possible. Uncharted- Have the platinums for these, twice. Wolfenstein- Have the platinums for all of the machine games series (Old Blood, New Order, New colossus, Cyberpilot & Youngblood) I’m planning on doing a full Resident Evil run (0-8) at some point, once 4 gets released.


Damn, that's a list and a half, especially wolfenstein. Heard horror stories about mein leben. Mad respect.


Kingdom Hearts. All games except melody of memory


Ugh, chain of memories is such a drag. Leveling up to 100 is the most agonizing grind...


Yup. Riku to level 100 in COM & Birth By Sleep were massive grind, but listening/watching something on the side helped me through it.


I also haven't played Melody of Memory yet. Maybe I will eventually. But it's a bit long for a rhythm game, I believe.


Mass Effect. Jumped into Andromeda as soon as I finished the trilogy. Had way more fun than I expected but wow ME:A is a long Plat.


Andromeda is a genuinely fun game once you stop comparing it to the original trilogy ( ofc not easy to do). I recently platted it and had a great time though the trophy list was awkward at times 😂


Far Cry & Need for Speed! Anything available on PS4 and up I’ve done. Hoping those franchises make more remastered of the older games so I can add more to the list that I completed


I got the entire Need For Speed PS4 series platted as well.


Ayy nice which one was your favorite?


Nfs 2015. Going for 100% completion.


Oh wow good luck, I heard the grind is real on that one! NFS 2015 or Heat was probably my favorite out of the recent ones


Yeah thx. Prestige mode is hard af, but i'll 100% gold it for sure.


Definetly Yakuza. I have 0-6, soon I will begin with 7 and maybe one day the spin-offs.


Have you played Judgement? Such a great game


Would have to be Dark Souls series for me, got all the FromSoft platinums + a bunch of souls-likes. I think I’m up to like 21 now


i have sekiro, elden ring, bloodborne, demons souls but none of the 3 mainline games haha i’ve beaten them all multiple times and even played ds3 all bosses at soul level 1 but just never went for the trophies in those ones. i need to go back and do that


FromSoft Soulsbourne games. Have them all (including Demon's Souls 3 times) and all additional releases of games (remasters, PS3/4/5 trophy sets, etc.) I don't have Sekiro or the Demon's Souls remake done yet but I'm getting to it.


My Name is Mayo. One of the best journeys I’ve been on and to be able to Plat all 3 was definitely a career milestone for me


The Uncharted games was great to platinum 😀 https://i.imgur.com/sj8il5O.png I had fun with Assassin's Creed but felt like the later games overstayed their welcome.. https://i.imgur.com/EPzqqlY.png The God of War games were great as well, although I haven't played Ragnarok yet.. https://i.imgur.com/pk1ei2b.jpg And the Batman Arkham games were also great. I was hopeful Suicide Squad would be as good, but I'm doubtful now. https://i.imgur.com/YyVDwVU.jpg


Also enjoyed the uncharted games, just need lost legacy. A very impressive list, well done 👏🏼👏🏼


I plan on starting AC series plats soon as well, but my 2 I’m enjoying most are the Guacamelee series and Sly Cooper series. I’m working on Guacamelee 2 right now and I’ll have all 3 plats for all 3 games soon. Also, I’m only short Thieves in Time for Sly Cooper. Hope to have those done this year. I also want to work on R&C, the Arkham games and God of War


Never heard of Guacamelee. Always wanted to try Sly Cooper and the old R&C games👌🏼


Guacamelee is great. It’s a Metroidvania style game about a Luchador so it’s got a Latin flair to it. If you like 2D platformers with fun beat-em-up combat, you might want to check it out. It goes on sale pretty often


Crash Series - did Crash 4 It’s about time Platinum and then the N Sane Trilogy. Only one that’s left is CTR


Dark souls and assassins creed


Working on the plats of far cry serie, they are all very good games and pretty fun, the trophies aren’t too difficult too




Working on FromSoft games. I did Elden Ring first and just did Demons Souls not too long ago. I took a break and did Wo Long to try out a Team Ninja game. I think I’m gonna hit up Sekiro next then maybe bounce back to Nioh and Nioh 2 for some more Team Ninja because Wo Long was a blast for me.


That's a task and a half, Goodluck!!


Definitely is haha, thanks!


My favorite is Yakuza - I mean its challenging but more than that the total enjoyment I got from the whole series is still unmatched. Franchise basically touches on every emotional part of you - from happiness to sadness, from pure satisfaction to pure annoyance and hatred, from excitement to disgust - literally everything. Great characters, stories, combat and yes, minigames lol. Final Fantasy - just great stories overall and a challenging JRPG series that youll also sink hours into just like Yakuza. Tales - great stories and complex combat. Very challenging and meticulous set of trophies except for Arise (which is a lot easier than the rest). Great set of characters on every installment of the series. Very underrated JRPG. Crash Bandicoot - I am proud of it but its really not enjoyable. Runnerups would be From Software series, Borderlands, Far Cry, God of War, Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, Darksiders, Bioshock and Arkham Batman. I'm still working on Assassins Creed as well but I may not complete any time soon. Missing Revlations, Unity and AC4. Good luck on that!


Love the in depth breakdown👌🏼 definitely going to try a few of these


Assassin's Creed for me. I have everything except Black Flag and Brotherhood on PS3, but on PS4 tho. So I got AC2 PS3 and PS4 ACB PS4 ACR PS3 and PS4 AC3 PS3 and PS4 AC Liberation PS3 and PS4 AC Black Flag PS4 (I do own the PS3 version as well but I can't login into multiplayer for whatever reason) AC Rogue PS3 and PS4 AC Unity, AC Syndicate, AC Origins, AC Odyssey AC Valhalla PS4 and PS5 Brotherhood for PS3 is unobtainable now and I can't log into Black Flags multiplayer so I won't get those 2 anymore. Also there is actually another platinum as well for AC Chronicles, but ONLY the physical version of this game does have a platinum. So I'm not sure if I will get this one. But I also got Far Cry, Just Cause, Tomb Raider, Uncharted complete, and working on InFamous and Ratchet and Clank right now. So I got some complete series I guess lol. But AC is without a doubt the one with the most platinums. Only Ratchet and Clank would come near it in terms of number


I think all the PS3 multiplayer servers are closed


Well Black Flag was supposed to still be running. Atleast Ubisoft stated that the PS3 servers for Black Flag should still be running. But they never really looked into the problem


I’m on the AC run atm, just nearly done with Unity. Feels good to get the online stuff done before they inevitably close the servers


proudest is probably god of war 3 just because the challenges was really a challenge.


No more heroes, i have the platinums for all the ps4/5 available games (the 2 of them)


Only need the ps4 stack of Ragnarøk to finish all GoW plats. Also just need Shift 2 to get all NfS plats. Other series need a bit more work so these two I guess for now😂


Bioshock is the most fun I’ve had platting a series


My personal favourite is Ratchet and clank series but I also really enjoyed Uncharted, Infamous, DMC and bioshock


Either devil may cry series or from softwares soulslike games


Syphon Filter


Far cry, I’m 2 trophies away from the FC4 platinum to complete my collection.


Must be those damn co-op trophies lol


Yep lol. I just have to link up with a buddy to knock them out




Ratchet and Clank with the exceptions of All for One and Ratchet 1 on PS Vita. If it has to be 100% though then easily Jak or Sly. I also plat the Spyro Reignited Trilogy in two days. I'm just an action platformer guy.


Dragon ball I guess. I've got Xenoverse 1&2, Breakers, mostly finished with Fighterz, and going to get Kakarot when it hits premium next week.


Mainline Arkham trilogy consecutively (Asylum, City and Knight)


Metro on 100 percent. Mass Effect on 100 percent. I'm proud off it


LittleBigPlanet... the platforming is goddamn outstanding. I've plat'd 1, 2, 3, and Karting. Is the recent Sackboy game any good?


It's a banger.


I’m working on the ratchet and clank series right now since they put it on ps plus. I’ve got 1, 2, and crack in time done, I need 2 more for 3. I’m playing through the games with my best friend since he never played them. I’ve got all the jak and daxter games platinumed as well which was an absolute bitch since I didn’t want to use any glitches.


Loved the ps4 R&C, would love to go back to the old games


You should, it’s a lot different than the rest of the series. 2 is my favorite




Completed would be SoulsBorneEkiro. Working on might be Yakuza.


Uncharted for me but I don't have Golden Abyss. Same for AC but I don't have Black Flag or Rogue because of online stuff and that I wasn't really a fan of the trophies on Rogue. Too much time for a bunch of bronzes.


Metro, Evil Within.


The first three Crash games I guess.. They were games I thought would be too difficult for me. They ended up being difficult but not as difficult as some people said. Obviously High Road and the other famous levels were pain but it was an enjoyable experience overall imo. I also enjoyed the NFS games on PS4 and have done them all except Unbound. I’ll probably do that when its price drops.


I just platted the God of War series and that was pretty fun except for the challenge of the gods that sucked.


So far the Spider-Man games . I plan on platting Spider-Man 2 when it releases


Final fantasy, I’ll never complete the series since 11 is no longer on PSN but oh well. Playing 14 right now and having a blast! I have the plats from 8, 9, 10, 13, and 15. Gonna do 7, X-2, 13-2, 13-3, and 16 eventually, but my backlog is pretty thicccc


This must be a huge undertaking, goodluck for the rest


Yakuza series


I’m working on the Mafia games and then I’m going to do all of the Uncharted games.


Probably Watchdogs


Right now is Ratchet and Clank. Got the entire mainline series and just missing two spin off before I get every single one


Crash Bandicoot definitely, only game I'm missing is CTR but everything else has been very enjoyable!




I have all the Assassin's Creed and Persona (except P3P that just released a few months ago) platinums. Currently working on getting all Final Fantasy platinums as well.


God of war


Probably Soulsborne of which I've completed every stack of every game or Kingdom Hearts of which I've completed every stack of every game except for the AS region stack of KH3.


Definitely the souls series. The only other series that I have fully platted are Batman Arkham and Sly Cooper. Everything else? Missing games.




Was actually thinking about this exact thing when writing the post. Super impressive and underrated. Congrats 👏🏼


**The Atelier franchise \~30 hours per game-ish.** 1 Atelier Totori 2 Atelier Meruru 3 Atelier Ayesha 4 Atelier Shallie 5 Atelier Lydie & Suelle 6 Atelier Sophie 7 Atelier Firis 8 Atelier Escha & Logy 9 Atelier Lulua 10 Atelier Ryza 11 Atelier Ryza 2 12 Atelier Sophie 2 13\* Atlier Ryza 3 coming in a week. ​ Think I'm missing Rorona, which I might get to at some point.


The FromSoftware Games definitely. Best singelplayer gameplay games out there in my opinion


For ones I’ve completed, I really enjoyed the **Trine** series and both entries in **The Surge**. I only have to complete Fallout 76 and Fallout Shelter and I’ve done all in that series too but I just don’t have the time to complete those yet


Assassins creed or soulsborne


God of war red dead and battlefront are the only ones I think. Red dead was the best series to do.


My best platted series are: * All 10 Jak and Daxter plats. * All 7 PS3 Assassin's Creed plats + the Ezio trilogy on PS4 * 9 Star Wars plats. (Including Lego) * 8 Ratchet & Clank plats


Assassins creed and yakuza. Got plat for ac origins and syndicate. Working on odyssey and yakuza zero now. Worst part of yakuza zero was the disco sidestory. I'm happy that parts over with


Mass Effect: Platted every game except for ME3 on PS3. And I have just about every achievement on 360. Uncharted: Have all the PS4/PS5 platinums and will be working on PS3 at some point this year.


Are From Software games a series? Then this. If not, only Dark Souls 1-3. 😜


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I'd say it definitely counts. Well done!


I don’t have a complete full series, but out of the ones I do have a number of plat titles from, definitely Tales. I did Vesperia and Graces F twice, innocence R and hearts R, xillia, xillia 2, zestiria, berseria, and arise (all Jp versions). The only ones I didn’t do are the symphonia games as I didn’t like them and they didn’t allow you to skip scenes, which was a pain as they need like 4-5 playthroughs




Soulsborne I have the plat for every Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls including the original ones on PS3, Bloodborne, Sekiro and Elden Ring lots of blood, sweat and tears went into those


At the moment, Uncharted is the only series I've platinum'd so it'd be that, but once I finish Crash bandicoot 3 ill have the platinum on 1-4 and they are DEFINITELY my hardest platinums so far.


The Uncharted series is mine. Had a lot of fun with those games too and was a great nostalgia trip.


I’ve only done far cry games and watch dogs games, I really want to for for all the assassins creeds and uncharted games


Rocksteady Arkham Series. City is my favorite game and Knight has some pretty amazing additions too.


I’d say souls series yes they are very hard but I felt very accomplished to have all of them. Now onto all the souls like.


Dead Space


a tie between Life Is Strange and TWD


Assuming TWD is The walking dead? I really want to try The Walking Dead. Watched the show and loved it!


Yeah, the Telltale series. Kinda sad we won't be getting anymore because the Telltale titles are enjoyable


Got all nfs ps4 games platted. I'm only missing the nfs 2015 100%. When i get nfs 2015 with 100% completion. I'll have all nfs ps4 games with 100% completion.


Mine are uncharted, naruto storm series and resident evil


Yakuza/Like a Dragon. All mainline games from 0 to 7, the two Judgment spin-offs, the Fist of the North Star spin-off, and now Ishin. If I ever grab a PS3 I'll do Dead Souls as well.