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Oh, my sweet, sweet child. You will make it thru this, please just hold on. You'll soon be an adult, and can choose to live however you like. As a mom, please take my love and support, because you are, and will be, amazing! If you need help, please find some resources close to you. You deserve all the love and hope in this world. Please don't think that this is the end all or be all of your life. You have so much to live for, even if it's to spite the hate that you feel at this time. You are loved, you are amazing and you are not alone.


thank you so much, i wish i had a mother like you


I know this time in your life is difficult, you're not quite a child and not quite an adult, and you can feel powerless to change anything around you. It's unfortunate, but it happens to more people than they'll admit. You are so much stronger than you think you are, and by expressing how you feel proves that. Not many at your age have the wherewithal to understand the complicated feelings happening to them, so I applaud you for your strength. Please keep my username handy, because if you ever need someone to vent to without judgment and with lots of motherly understanding, you can always reach out. My own children know that it doesn't matter who they are, who they love or how they live. As long as they are kind, empathetic people, that's all that should matter.


Whatever you do, please please please allow your body to go through normal puberty, this is important for you to be able to grow properly of you wish to transition please do after you end puberty. As of now, get to know yourself and try new things, potentially go to therapy or counsuling


Do your parents know? You need to get help! Asap! Suicide isn’t the answer and there’s so much to live for, you just have to find it. The suicide rate in gender dysphoria patients and trans individuals is insanely high, so please please please talk to someone for me. Or message me I’d be happy to listen to whatever you have to say if that will help


Are your parents safe people to talk to about this? If so, speak with them and see if they'll work with you on socially transitioning at home in a safe supportive environment and see if that helps. Therapy is also a big thing for dealing with these big feelings that you might need help processing. There's also a ton of trans friendly spaces on reddit and discord you might want to look into with kids your age going through the same thing so you won't feel so alone. I hope you are able to live your best life as your true self and remember that it will get better.


Sweety. We love you. My spouse is transgender and so is my daughter's youngest sister. If you can just hang in there until you hit 18 you can leave that abuse and find your people. You are a valid woman. Right now. Without any type of transitioning. I hope you get to do whatever transitioning you want to do in the future I just want you to know you're valid either way.


You are not alone my friend. The good news is as you get older and better access to your own healthcare you can go through a lifelong journey of being true to yourself. Please know there are so many people that feel your pain and accept you. If you search communities on Reddit there are groups that talk about stories like yours. If you ever need to chat don’t hesitate to reach out. Keep moving forward! Edit: spelling


…Hope you are able to express yourself as the beautiful girl you probably can be…




Thats not what Im saying, I dont think that life is easier for woman or anything, I just feel like thats who I am


I’m so sorry! Try to hold till you an adult. It’ll all get better then. I can tell you how many trans friends I’ve seen flourish when they turned 18. Till then maybe look for some lgbt clubs (as in activities groups) to join. I know knowing another person experiencing the same thing can improve mental health.




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