A lot of these are from the early morning of January 10th, I wonder what was happening that night to get everyone so riled up


Valerie doesn’t have a single fuck to give haha https://mugshotsathens.com/arrests/valerie-flores/


Oh shit 🤣 look at those charges!


When I was a freshman in 2007, THE RED AND BLACK posted mugshots of two freshman girls who were arrested for underage drinking the weekend before classes started. They were friends of mine and I was at the same party, but ran when the cops showed up. One of the better decisions I made that year.


What the hell that's wild.


Fuck. So glad they didn't have this while I was in school 🤣


Publicly available arrest records have been a thing for a while. So has sketchy website scraping the county websites for ad traffic.


They used to print booklets of these and sell them in convenience stores where I live now. They would not print your mugshot ONLY if two active members of law enforcement requested it (sounds crazy but I can speak from experience - I got arrested (but not convicted) and the only reason I didn’t get printed was because I got two cops to call for me). I had a neighbor who got a DUI and didn’t understand the loophole - she got published and my wife and she went around our town and bought all the copies the day they came out (the booklet covers several counties in the GA/AL/TN corner). I get free speech and all - but for the assholes publishing these, well, karma’s a bitch….. (sometimes she just needs a little help).


Yeah, I think publishing mugshots and charges is a bit much. There is no “legal due process” in the court of public opinion. I think a fair compromise would be to publish that info of people who are convicted of it.


I would rather abolish the court of public opinion. Fuck society.


I hate those “magazines”. I think the pictures should get published (if they really have to) if you actually get convicted and not just arrested. Cause the whole innocent till proven guilty thing is pure crap.


Me, too. Lol


Does the Dawg Catcher still exist? He used to mail mughshots to parents who had no idea their kid had been arrested


They did that to my parents in 2007


Yeah I graduated in 2009 and the Dawg Catcher was definitely very active back then


Back in 2008, they had the home addresses for every UGA student publicly searchable on the uga.edu site. They put that behind a login wall now, so it would not be as easy.


[My personal favorite](https://mugshotsathens.com/arrests/james-garner/)


How did buddy the elf manage a bond of $0?


Ah. The web version of Bad and Busted.


Sorry but this is awful


Wow so glad this wasn’t a thing when i was a student


Glad to see I'm not on there


This one popped up on their FB page, she is apparently a Disney+ actress. Ouch that's probably the end of her Disney career! https://mugshotsathens.com/arrests/claire-andres/ https://m.imdb.com/name/nm12650767/


It’s kind of sad that an underage possession of alcohol would take that amazing opportunity away from her. Mistakes him.


Most of us did it, she just happened to have gotten caught.


This makes me glad I choose not to drink.


Honestly, this is the choice that more people seriously need to consider. Most folks who drink heavily seriously have no business doing it, cause they just can’t handle it. Fights, cheating, domestic abuse, DUI etc etc are from people who can’t handle their liquor.


Drinking is bad for your health, a waste of money, and illegal if you’re under 21. There’s no upside to it.


Shut up and go study


Get off your high horse. There are many more people arrested on that site who weren’t charged with drinking-related crimes.


New Years goal is to be on here


what the hell uga