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Wow, there sure is a lot to love! Here's my feedback. I didn't have any introduction or backstory... 1. So, two ships fighting. I'm thinking I'm the one on the left. 2. I'm assuming that in the top right and bottom left corner, I see something like health/shield/energy for both my ship and my enemies' ship. 3. I'm a bit unsure about the top bar. I'm guessing that it has something to do with what either my enemy is going to do or... Don't know 4. The bottom bar are my options 1. But wait! I see Power, Energy and Mass. How is this different then #2? 2. I do get the link that if I would select Auto-Laser, it would cost me 2 Power and 2 mass (?) I like the look. In the bottom right. I have 12 more cards remaining?


Looks very functional and clean to me. However I believe sharing what information you actually want to convey would be a great way to know whether or not the execution is appropriate. But again, well done!