I can see this really taking off with the idiot demographic.


"we'd have flying cars by now if it wasn't for that communist Biden"


Gravity is a communist plot to control everything.


"Gravity is a plot to keep you down!"


Gravity isn’t real campaign


You joke, but "gravity deniers" are real and not new. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/why-can-t-gravity-believers-and-skeptics-get-along/


I follow flat earth Twitter for fun and my favorite theory of theirs is that the flat earth disc is always flying upwards at a fast speed which is why we stuck to the ground.


How do they explain the rest of the solar system? Do they think the moon is racing upwards with it? I just find the whole thing so weird.


They don't believe that the rest of the solar system exists - anything you can see in the night sky is just a projection on the giant dome above us. And that's not a joke, that's literally the belief. But they can be hard to nail down and they often don't want to admit to a specific belief because then that could be disproven. They typically like to be very noncommittal and "fluid" about how it all works.


Like, the moon is projected from the ground? Or is it projected from outside the dome. Who is running the projection?


Repeal the laws of thermodynamics!


I did that and got a visit from the men in black who work for Big Magnet.


What is pretty sad is I could actually imagine groups of MAGA outside NASA protesting gravity.


That would be hilarious. Lets go to the Q serves and get that started! Call it the communist freedom of air act.


That'll fly very well in all those freedom cities


"Freedom cities on federal land" sounds like an excuse to sell federal land (much of which is nature reserves and national parks) to corporations. Like many Trump policies, the sinister hides behind the stupid.


Freedom cities will be like normal cities except people who live there won't have to pay taxes or obey laws. And only the wealthy are allowed. They will be staffed by indentured servants.


This is what stood out to me and makes me fume.


Shut off the gravity machines!


Use the Jewish space lasers!




stop, they actually fucking say that already.


The same idiots that complain about doctors “practicing” medicine?


I’m not Qanon but there are definitely a couple of doctors I’ve met that barely even hit the “practicing” bar… like I guess your trying your best but have you considered becoming a chiropractor or maybe a Spanish inquisitor instead?


I listen to StarTalk, the podcast by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and this comes up occasionally. He loses ALL sense of humor. He fucking hates that shit and will go off on whole rants about scientific illiteracy.


"I reject fundamental laws of physics, and I VOTE!"


Jesus never said he's concerned about gravity. I denounce gravity today!


You just give them 2 years and a bunch of influencers regurgitating this and you’ll see people really saying that the gravity is fake.


Flat earthers already do, or at least did say that when I paid attention to that 4 or 5 years ago. “Gravity” is the appearance of falling due to the acceleration of the world-disc flying through space, or something like that. It reads like all flat earth explainers, which sounds like someone who skimmed a physics textbook long enough to prove the point the set out with in the first place.


The conspiracy will be that the government has secret anti-gravity tech and zero-point energy that's being withheld to milk people for money and that only Trump can make it free. I'd like to say I'm that creative but I remember seeing a post about it years ago


I’m pretty sure this is the plot of an episode of Stargate. The government *was* hiding zero-point energy at the time, but that’s beside the point


Plot twist: [there have been flying cars](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_car) since more than a century ago. They're just really impractical to build, drive, and plan for. Air traffic control is vital, stressful, and brain-breaking work now. Just imagine if you added a thousand soccer moms trying to get their children to practice to the mix.


a lot of people can't handle driving in two planes... I can't imagine adding a third


Honestly I feel like I will be 100% against flying cars. There is already a lot of idiots driving now and the last thing we need is those idiots now flying lol Mother fucker with road rage is now gonna come and kamikaze your house.


Imagine how overworked and stressed air traffic controllers are now. How if they make just one mistake, lots of people can and probably will die. And now imagine that they have to contend with the kind of drivers you see on the interstate doing 50 in a far left lane on a 70 or doing 95 while weaving through traffic like they're trying to stop the nukes from going off. Not pretty.


The work that is currently underway at the FAA to integrate both passenger eVTOLs and stuff like delivery drones is for the vehicles to be autonomous and for a lot of the traffic control/air space management to be automated with human oversight. I'm here in Chicago, so I'm most familiar with it. It is "complex airspace" because of the two major airports (ORD and MDW) plus a bunch of smaller airports. So one important thing to know is that (over simplification) all passenger and major cargo flights are operating on "instrument rules" not "visual flight rules". That means that unless there is a significant problem or emergency, those aircraft fly on pre determined routes and the national ATC system allocates blocks of space for them to fly in until they are close to the destination airport. Once they get close to the city, different ATC takes over and gets them to where aircraft are lining up to land at the various airports. (And when they take off, that level of control routes them away from the airport and off to their pre-determined route.) When aircraft are close to the airport (landing and having just taken off, or taxiing on the ground) a different set of controllers direct them at the airport. Again, over simplifying, the current approach for most eVTOL aircraft (flying cars) probably is for them to operate as shuttles such as from major airports to pads in the city center - ORD to/from somewhere in downtown Chicago, or JFK to/from pads in Manhattan. The aircraft themselves may have a pilot on board essentially monitoring or be fully autonomous, but would only be flying prescribed routes within pre-determined corridors to separate the "flying cars" from the aircraft being positioned to land, directed away from having just taken off. They would also be separated from the aircraft coming to/from the airports. (Which isn't too hard if the eVTOLs and delivery drones are flying at 1,000 or 2,000 feet above the ground level, while approaching jets are still up around 8,000 or 10,000 feet above ground level. Within the "corridors" for eVTOLs, the traffic control would be automated to make sure they don't run into each other within their corridors, with human controllers monitoring and responding to hiccups. Regardless of wether Trump grasps it or not, this won't be George Jetson zipping around the sky like he drives his Lincoln SVU randomly around the mall. (Also note that while I'm familiar with this, I wouldn't say I think it's a great idea.)


Trump has to just be fucking with us at this point. I really have to imagine he's just getting high as fuck with people and coming up with asinine ideas like "haha I know I lost but what if we blame it all on mike and chant hang mike pence just to fuck with him one last time before we leave office."


But flying cars that are powered with dirty coal, not electric




We have flying cars. They’re called planes and helicopters


This makes me think of the Patton Oswalt bit where there's still 2 hold out racists in Arkansas complaining about Obama because their free government blowjob robot broke so they take off to the klan rally to complain in their anti gravity boots. Edit: Found the [bit](https://youtu.be/0Me1HcsrLaw) but I forgot about him casually dropping some un pc language including the n-word as a heads up. Skip to minute 5 to get to what I'm referring to specifically.




Holy shit, is that an actual quote? It's like every time I think I've heard all of his nuggets of madness, another one pops up.


It is, but they take it as a compliment. Debating someone on the causes of the civil war, I’ve been called a sheep who parrots what I learned at a liberal university… when I actual went to a fairly “conservative” school in terms of student population. So uneducated= not a sheep or brainwashed. Of course, that’s part of their Q Anon and Alex Jones and Fox brainwashing curriculum.


Conservative motto: "Send a man to college and he'll come back liberal" Because college forces you to utilize logic, critical thinking, and cited sources outside of Facebook and what uncle Tim said 4 beers in. I saw dozens of diehard conservative young adults drop out because they were told to bring facts and reputable sources. All saying to the effect of "Well I don't like how they teach here." Or "They're failing me for my beliefs." Im thoroughly convinced that the level of conservative ideology required to blindly and vehemently support Tr*mp cannot coexist within a mind that employs logic and critical thinking


Had a chicken once storm out of Biology 102 because the professor wouldn't say that God created everything like some kind of wizard.


I imagined your comment with a literal chicken and it was amazing.


Plenty of people go to college and remain conservative, especially if they go to business school or ROTC. But for the ultra-right-wingers, even that looks liberal.


Yep. I saw it myself, as I did ROTC/ the Corps at an SMC. Some bubbles, like my Catholic roommates, are just too strong.


Considering the usual source (Christian) the fact that sheep is used as an insult is hilarious.


“You’re a sheep because you’re not part of the Lamb of God’s flock!” *It hurt itself in it’s confusion*




Back during George W. Bush's presidency, you'd hear some stupid quote from him, and you'd have to look it up. Sometimes it was just Will Ferrell playing him on SNL. Other times he really said it, but with context it wasn't *that* bad. And of course some of the time he really did just say some dumb shit. But with Trump, he *always* said it. And with context, it's *always* worse.


He sure did. And I agree that every time I think I've heard it all, something else comes up.


That invisible accordion just cracks me up.


Some just might remember they can’t fuel the junker in the yard so how will they afford a flying car? Never mind


Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps into your flying car.


Instead of poorly maintained cars sliding off roads, now they'll be falling from the sky. I would like to see towns and home owner associations deploying anti-aircraft guns or CWIS to keep the death toll to a reasonable minimum. [Covid is going to become the new smoking among the idiot demographic](https://archive.ph/4rmCN). Both are easily preventable. But idiots refuse. Since Wakanda is the only place with flying cars, the only way Trump can get those flying cars would be to invade Wakanda and steal everything they have.


You bet your ass the "freedom cities" are gonna have anti aircraft guns


And they would be LOUD. Imagine cars flying near your house in the middle of the night. I imagine they would sound like a dozen leaf blowers going at once.


Plus you'd have those jackoffs who intentionally make them louder.


We 100% easily have the ability to have mass personal flying vehicles. Why don't we? Because they would be *personal* vehicles. I drive about 30 miles to work daily. The problem I have isn't the drive, it's the other drivers. 0 consideration for other people's lives. Stick that in a flying "car" and you know what we have? Pure fuckin chaos. Cars crashing through your roof, cars smashing into skyscrapers, cars destroying playgrounds, and cars being poorly maintained and just fuckin falling out of the sky. Why not just hover? Because you'd be putting the tire industry out of business and the government loves supporting failing industries.


Do you know how much energy it takes to levitate a 1000kg object off the ground? The alternative is them sitting on some kind of rolling contraptions on the ground


Saw his effort at a wall, think I'll pass on the flying cars.


Or freedom cities


I can't decide if "freedom cities" means detention camps or fortresses where the ultra-rich can ride out the effects of climate change, both are equally his style.


Free from building codes


Free from civil rights for undesirables.


And flying cars with no regulations simply means trebuchets chucking vehicles across town.


> trebuchets Say no more. I'm in.


A city completely free from building codes is in Colorado and where an trans anarchist ranch that saves alpacas after they are abandoned. They also take in all kinds of queer people that need help. The buildings in this city **(edit: not on the ranch universe brains holy shit)** are such dogshit that it gives them almost unlimited work as contractors to subsidize the queer alpaca ranch from the hyper red conservatives which dominate the area. [The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenacious_Unicorn_Ranch) Edit: the building codes are for the surrounding area of Custer county. http://www.custercountygov.com/pdf/Master%20Plan-2018.pdf -source which states their entire code, or lack of. “Custer county does not have a building code”. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1119-it-could-happen-here-30717896/episode/the-tenacious-unicorn-ranch-how-to-105901193/ - the 4 part series of podcast “it could happen here” where they spend a lot of time with the unicorns. Stop being pedantic now butthurt conservatives.


City isn’t the right word for it. They’re in an extremely remote valley at the feet of some rugged mountains


Without building codes, the vast majority of any “city” would be little more than a collection of huts and lean-tos.


That is absolutely hilarious, thanks for posting this!


"on federal land" It means turning protected parks into factory towns and strip mines


I'm thinking this is about the revival of the "company town", with no regulations whatsoever and the "freedom" to exploit their workforce to the fullest extent. All hail economy almighty.


That's already being tried by either Amazon or Elon, I can't remember which. They'll probably try to bring back scrip, too.


Why not both? the upper levels of the walled off Mega-Fortresses are safe from rising sea levels, while the lower levels that regularly flood, have disease outbreaks, rats, etc. are for the evil, lesser "Poor's" who work for "The Company" doing maintenance and repairs!


You really think Trump wouldn’t use his own name for the corporate dystopia? The Company is far too generic for his narcissism.


I think it’s “free” in the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sense.


"Freedom cities" are cities constructed to right wing ideals... You know, filled with smog and other forms of pollution.... no public services of any kind (especially not schools)... Except maybe police as long as they are white and have assault rifles. Everyone's house has a giant fence around it to protect the stash of guns inside and keep all the "riff raff" outside. Industries are oil refineries, weapon manufacturing and evangelical seminaries. There are no parks, no green spaces or anything to do except go to church and sit in your house and think about how much you love guns. Basically, imagine "Back to the future 2" where Trump is Biff.


Fun fact, the creators of the Back to the Future movies say they modeled Biff partly on Trump


It's probably a bunch of car dependent super cities poorly designed and built out in the middle of the dessert. No reliable public transit No public parks No third place at all Pretty much every rich dude's idea of what makes the perfect city. Or, to put it in another way, smooth brained dictator plus big expensive mega projects equal horrible failure.


The idea of "Freedom Cities" on Federal land as envisioned by MAGA scares the hell out of me. Federal land is subject to its own set of laws. This could be horrible for the disenfranchised.


That's exactly the plan. "Freedom Cities" are just a plan to say "no minorities allowed here."


Trump: let's spend billions to build a wall to keep people from south of us out. Also Trump: let's invent flying cars so just anybody can fly places, like over walls.


I really enjoyed that video of the new wall section falling over. That is some quality engineering and construction. A futile waste of resources, just as planned.


Hey, inventing, manufacturing and selling flying cars to the public is a lot simpler than erecting a coast-to-coast wall thats actually just an easily scaleable fence that was mostly already there.


All the trumpys scared to death of electric cars are going to totally be for flying cars, arent' they?


As long as that baby’s burning good ol’ American coal, you bet!


One faction rolling coal in the sky, a second calling it chemtrails.


I forgot about chemtrails. Haven't heard about them since I stopped listening to George Noory! Wonder what the old conservative fraud is up to these days.


That's the thing about gas flying cars, you have a real connection to the sky, feeling every shift as you launch up and into the clouds! *Intense muscle car noises* - future Joe Rogan


Not as long as they're not self-driving and they're gas-powered. But then if some Democrats showed enthusiasm Tucker would get the olds riled up about how roads and tires were being phased out by the woke mob and they'd totally forget about Trump's involvement. Like they did with COVID-19 vaccines.


It'd be the gas stoves all over again.


“I’m gonna turn all the burners on my stove on and leave them on to own the libs” -magat.


"Why is my gas bill $800 this month!? And why is the gas company sending someone to MY HOUSE to 'investigate'? Fucking Joe Biden!"


No you don't understand, if there was a republican cult leader saying electric cars are a good thing, they'd be singing a different tune


Nah, didn't the crowd at a (post-Presidency) Trump-rally started to booing him, when he suggested that they should take the vaccine, because he was the one who was responsible for it?


Quick! Everyone start talking about how flying cars will mean less asphalt and rubber waste which is good for the environment and how it will also allow us to get rid of a bunch of shitty roads in favor of open, public greenspace! Parks, walkable city centers, social and cultural improvement!


I’m sure “Freedom Cities” is just another way of saying “Republican safe spaces” where they can be free to be as ignorant as they want




Selling yourself something that doesn't belong to you at a loss... In some contexts, that's known as "looting".




They'd sell Yellowstone for a 2% cut of the mineral rights in a second.


The fact that mineral rights are separate when it comes to federal and state property is absurd. My state just gave frackers extra rights to come into state parks.


This is depressingly accurate


>They want to privatize federal land (at a loss to the government) by selling it to mega-developers. China : is for me 😊👉👈?


“Buy your new home in Trumpville! Glamorous, luxury homes of the finest balsa wood assembled in days by the world’s greatest illegal immigrants we executed after completion. All woke-free! Starting at $3 million for 1 bed/1 bath.”


Federal everything, really. The only actual constant agenda Republicans have is the ongoing project of stealing from the public good through privatization and cronyism.


People are all focusing on the "haha he said flying cars he sounds like he's 10" and ignoring this bit. What is a freedom city? What specific land is he wanting to take for this? People keep falling for this over and over with Trump. He says something really dumb so people will fall over themselves to mock him for it and not pay attention to what he's doing with the other hand.


If we were truly being honest, the most scifi / pie-in-the-sky thing he claimed was to bring back rural industry. Bringing industrial manufacturing BACK to the US would drive wages into the gutter, rural manufacturing? Maybe he is going to bring slavery back? Honestly, with him, I doubt nothing, but strangely also I doubt everything at the same time. Typically the worst outcome we didn't imagine seems to be the one that happens.


And doing a contest to determine which ones... So like an episode of The Apprentice or America's Got Talent? Big spectacle pitched to networks with lots of ad revenue and sponsorships? Sounds so legit I can't believe this hasn't been done by a fruit company or movie studio yet.


Freedom cities? I have a feeling that the following will be banned in these cities.. Gay rights, women's rights, abortion, birth control, gay marriage, interracial marriage.. Most books, the Democratic party..and that's just for starters..😕


You have it backwards. The freedom cities will be to… shall we say *concentrate*…. All those terrible liberals together.


Brought to you by the Ministry of Love.


Just finished the book for probably the 6th time in my life. Never gets old - and is scary as shit for the last 30 pages or so. Fuck O'Brien.


That’s the one book I re-read every few years. You’re right- it never gets old.


Aw that's nice, sounds like a fun camp


Yeah the flying cars bit is pretty standard Trump nonsense. It was the “freedom cities” on federal land that should really concern people. I think he’s saying the quiet part out loud again


Just start tossing around the talking point that the "freedom cities" are gonna end up like the "Portland autonomous zone" back in ~2020. Their brains will actually explode.


It's not the quiet part any more. They're openly calling for genocide against trans people as seen at cpac.


Funny of you to assume it means anything at all. The man can’t form coherent sentences and tried to nuke a hurricane. He also thinks hair dryers are out to get him. Freedom cities doesn’t sound like a fully formed idea.


The problem is that Trump will blurt out something moronic, and his underlings will frantically try to make it work, no matter the damage it causes.


His press secretary literally and seriously said that he had intended to write "cofeve" and that the meaning is understood by the people it was intended for. I am not making this up, you can look it up.


I don't know if he's talking about: (1) concentration camps; or (2) He actually intends to roll out Sudden Valley-style developments on shitty federal land and sell them to his short bus cultists. Each prospect seems equally likely to me.


Absolutely going to “sell” federal land to highest donor, er, bidder and rake in the kickbacks. He’s already got his next billion in taxpayer money earmarked.


It sounds a lot like the closed cities the Soviets had, with "freedom" stamped on top. Wonder where he got that idea from.


Free guns to anyone who pops out a baby


Only if white and christian.


most idiots on the road struggle to drive properly with (realitively) 2D driving areas and you want to give them full access to the Y axis?


Republicans have been going full Axis for years already.


Great comment. GREAT comment.


We can call it The Great Comment....well at least until another great one happens then we may need to number them


I'm thinking World Comment II, myself.


Nice one


We have enough problems with people driving into people’s houses. It isn’t Santa coming down your chimney, it’s a Hyundai Santa Cruz.


If someone drives a flying Santa Cruz into Ted Cruz’s chimney it *would* be pretty funny


Would it be the z axis? X and Y would be the driving plane they are on.


As someone with piloting experience, I can definitely tell you that adding the extra axis makes things far more difficult. It’s not just the spatial awareness, but the control scheme, which is very unintuitive at first. In a car, to turn left you just turn the wheel left. In a plane if you turn the stick left, the plane just banks left and starts to lose altitude. Turning left involves banking left, pulling back on the stick (because what was “left” is now “up”), and applying some left rudder to yaw. It becomes intuitive with practice, but god help us if you handed that to an average auto driver. Flying cars should not exist until they are completely on autopilot.


The only people impressed with the concept of flying cars and not the overwhelming dangers of this are the only people dumb enough to support Trump


Agree, the insurance shit storm that would ensue would just cripple society. Imagine calling in to work because a chevy silverado splashed down in your roof


I mean… I’d be impressed by flying cars, but also DAMN would that be a massive liability


I legitimately laughed out loud and almost knocked over my orange juice. Lmao, how can anyone believe this idiot? I'd like to see him get on a stage and explain, in full detail, how he plans on doing that? Dude can't even manage full sentences but he can promise incredible feats of engineering? Lmaoooo


fox is trying to make him lose face now so they are reporting what he is saying instead of the feel they get of what he is saying


Damn. Good call on that. Pretty fucking telling all it takes is reporting the guy's *actual words* to hurt him.


Seems they got tired of telling people the emperor has clothes. This one anyways, they’re bound to double down on the next one


Friendship ended with Trump. DeSantis is now Fox's best friend.


Just like this! It’s the perfect plan.. "Well what I would do, is I would, we would, we have tremendous military capability and what we can do without planes, to be honest with you, without 44-year-old jets, what we can do is enormous, and we should be doing it and we should be helping them to survive and they're doing an amazing job." Oh - wait. That was his response when asked what he would do differently than Biden on the Ukraine invasion .. my bad! Source : https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-ukraine-quote/


>That was his response when asked what he would do differently than Biden on the Ukraine invasion .. my bad! So he said that we should aid Urkaine in their war against Ukraine. Which is: what Biden does. So he praised Biden's doing?


That's kinda how he got elected in the first place. He doesn't have to explain anything. All he has to do is talk over people and just repeat "fake news" as a response to anybody pointing out he's wrong on anything. Also just come up with goofy nicknames for other people and his base cums their pants.


We already saw what a Trump presidency was like. Republicans really are the easiest to trick.


Develop flying cars is funny, but I am a lot more interested in “Revitalize Rural Industries”. What, exactly, can the federal government do to achieve that? Well, the most obvious way would be tax credits. When the GOP writes laws like this, they are written to help big corporations with wealthy owners. So, Trump is really saying tax the middle class to provide tax credits to move factories and shops to rural areas.


That's the funny part: *Rural* industry isn't a thing. Industry happens in *cities*, almost by definition.


The Highrise Hillbilly Housing project coming to federal lands near you. I'm assuming he's gonna kick the natives off their reservations to do this......


And/or destroy state parks


Ding ding ding. National parks are sitting on a HUGE pile of natural resources ripe for republican mega donors to exploit and plunder.


How about a health system where medical issues aren’t the leading cause of bankruptcy? No? Flying cars? Very stable genius


Maybe even his health care plan that's only a month away. He's just about to release it....


Not even a full month! Two weeks!


Lol. Free burgers and beer tomorrow!!


A dystrumpian future.


It’s hard to distinguish satire anymore when it comes to Trump.


There was this old-timey saying *"[never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanlon%27s_razor#:~:text=Hanlon's%20razor%20is%20an%20adage,unlikely%20explanations%20for%20human%20behavior.)"*. It has become completely worthless when discussing Republican behavior since the Bush administration. Instead, we should use *"any sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice"* especially when it comes as a result of weaponized stupidity - treat it as if it were the result of pure evil.


A chicken in every pot would be ambitious


What about a free pony for every American?


If we're just using The Jetsons as crib notes for a presidential agenda can we also get George Jetson's 4 hour work week?


I’m more concerned about the contest….


It’s just gonna be federally approved “company towns”.


Sounds like communism!


Yeah...planned cities on Federal land that are simultaneously somehow more free than the average city. Not sure how that works.


Easy there is no regulation, no laws, no taxes on the owners of everything. Shoot who you want in the street. Everyone armed. "Safest place in America, the best place."


The same way that those libertarians were going to have freedom with cruise ships or New Hampshire. > *[in 2020], three cryptocurrency enthusiasts bought a cruise ship. They named it the Satoshi, and dreamed of starting a floating libertarian utopia. It didn’t work out* https://www.theguardian.com/news/2021/sep/07/disastrous-voyage-satoshi-cryptocurrency-cruise-ship-seassteading https://www.seasteading.org/convert-cruise-ships-to-seasteads/ They left out the bit about cooking food in "your" own cabin: neither microwaves nor hotplates would be allowed (much like existing cruise ships). You were compelled to engage in commerce with the restaurant, which would be owned by some other enterprising galt-gulcher. Or the same way that libertarians were going to make a freedom city in New Hampshire. But instead, the bears won. https://boingboing.net/2020/10/19/libertarians-exit-pursued-by-bears.html


We already know how it’ll go. Lowest bidder promises they’ll do something amazing and proceed to wreck the federal land and sell it for a profit


So we can fly over that big beautiful wall at the border.


I find it hilarious Trump wants to make something many people correlate with Back to Future 2 real, considering who the villian of that movie was directly inspired and based on




Won't flying cars make the wall obsolete?!


Reminds me of the Kanye idea board


I’m more intrigued by the freedom cities contest. Will the crayons and paper be supplied, or does the contestant need to provide their own?


You remember the Simpsons where Homer made the model of the power plant and put a sharp racing stripe on it? That's what it'd be like.


This actually makes me a bit worried for 2024. Not because these are serious ideas -- obviously it's just Trump spewing out more nonsense to get attention for his lethargic "campaign" -- but for how the media might cover it. I hadn't heard about the "freedom cities" so i looked at a couple of stories from mainstream outlets like Politico. They kept referring to Trump's "policy proposals" and trying to discuss this silliness as though it were something real. Of course, these aren't "policy proposals"! Did the press already forget the never-ending "infrastructure week" promises? This clown and his team couldn't even come up with plans for basic infrastructure upgrades & funding, which is probably one of the easiest things for legislators to do. This idiocy should be covered as exactly the meaningless garbage that it clearly is, but instead they're going to bend over backwards trying to be "objective" by pretending there's a chance in hell this won't be completely abandoned in a week. Infuriating.


Imagine flying cars for a moment. Imagine all the noise. Imagine the absolute hellscape that would be Flying Car Insurence. Imagine having the threat of active terrorism closer than ever before, with all you need is to just take a Flying car full of C4 and crash it where you want people to die and structure to fall.


We already have flying cars - they’re called helicopters.


The fact you are the first person to mention this is wild to me. Flying cars have been around for a while. They just aren’t realistic for everyone to use


Mexico will be paying for our flying cars, win win


Is this real? I just can't tell anymore.


I 100% thought reddit was falling for an obvious fake bait post but I googled it and its real... https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/03/politics/donald-trump-freedom-cities-flying-cars/index.html


What in the goddamn fuck is a " freedom city"


What the fuck is a freedom city?


It's a city where you can't get an abortion, where your kids can't get a hot lunch at school, where the cops and priests are above the law, and guns are mandatory.


Also you have to be white and christian.


The gop uses "freedom" as a fully meaningless buzzword so my assumption is "freedom cities" will be for-profit private megaprisons capable of housing several million inmates at once.




I'm going to go with the other option, that his brain is made of rancid tapioca pudding.


Well flying cars already exist but are not proven safe. Plus nothing screams rich like that. Only the rich can afford these hybrid helicopters.


Aren't those just called airplanes?


He's like a goddamn child. Feels like a fourth grader promising free ice cream for lunch when elected class president. Idiot.


Musk can't even get a self driving car correct. And now steering wheels are falling off....and you want to put those cars in the air?!


#PEOPLE OF EARTH, MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION? Flying cars already exist. They're called planes and helicopters. That is all. Please go about your day.