Can confirm.. Also, as someone who has massive thighs (being overweight doesnt help with anything) + a very big cockhead, it makes the shaft look even thinner than it really is. Body proportions can be very decieving.


Dick twins!


And, they look completely different IRL as opposed to a dick pic or even video sexting.






Yeah, I literally get that reaction. Post sex semi gets praise. Never thought it might be because it looks thicker due to proportion?


Ok I admit it. I laying back post sex. Little guy is hanging out, fat and happy. Girls says 'already hard again?' and grabs it. Still soft. Only then did i start to clue in on my size. This was 25 years ago.


I totally agree. My soft cock looks super thick as it’s all about the proportions. But then again, it also doesn’t a sim 6ft3 and quite wide with big legs.


It just looks that way cause your at full girth while being easily 2/3 or half your full length


I was about to comment this exact thing.


Kind of sad tough that we are suffering from our massive length :(


This is the answer. But 5.25" is also pretty thick.


Some of us also have tapers to our dicks. I'm a hell of a lot thicker at the base than the tip. Above the ligs connection I'm like 5.75 but its actually a lot closer to 6 at the base. But at the middle its like 5.25" I've always wished it was more uniform because its a lot less impressive. At least i can enjoy blowjobs and if successful their struggle to the bottom is absolutely worth it.


My dick actually gets thicker towards the middle weirdly. Doesn’t seem like it would be structurally sound, but it works lmao


Same but it's veiny and naturally "ribbed for her pleasure" if you get what I mean.


You seem to have used bottom to describe the end closest to your body and also the end furthest from you body. I think of the glans or tip as being the top end of my penis and the bottom end of it being where it goes into my body (i.e. just by the ligament attachment).


I meant base and have corrected the error. I was generalizing about thickest at ultimate base because the actual ligaments make that more difficult. I tend to go with just above the lig connection as it is a consistent one (even if that means its actually a bit smaller).


I’m 7”X 5.75” uniform except for the last inch closest to my body gets to about 6”. Until I met my wife I never had been with a girl that could give me a satisfactory BJ.




Get an item similar to your length but much thinner see may notice then .


I wonder if girls clamping more on the penis would help some ppl with their girth insecurities




Unless you're throwing a sausage into a hallway jk


This right here is how you figure out who is being truthful and who is LARPing. This idea that someone with 6” girth “never met a partner who couldn’t take it easily” proves they’ve either never had sex or they aren’t the size they’re claiming. Plain and simple.


They could also be like cone shaped where it gradually gets bigger


Possible but far less likely in all honesty. It’s not like you will have a 4.5 inch girth at the tip and a 6” girth at the base. Plus your girth should be your measurement mid dick unless you have a large head. Having big girth all the way at the base doesn’t account for a true measurement of the dick


Considering that not everyone's personal experience has to be statistically representative, I don't think it's out of the question that some horsecocked individual don't run into many problems. Especially if you consider that, at a certain size, how many problems you will run into largely depends how good you are at using what you have, those who know how to use a big shlong won't experience as many BDPs. It is weird, though, to then want to convince anyone that being too big for some is downright impossible at 5.5" tip to base girth. Especially since problems like that are acknowledged to be common* outside of big size related spaces. *as goes for 5.5" being a fat girth


Part of it is the nature of their group. Overall, girths in this group will tend to be bigger, so those numbers may not SEEM as big. Heck, my girth is 6.1" and I don't feel like it's that big, in part because I see it more often than I thought on here. And also because I'm 6'5" so it just doesn't LOOK that big on me.


I totally agree. I am 7.25x5.75 girth, and while I'm large both ways, I've gotten *way* more reactions about my girth from women. I think there's a combination of things at play here. Part of it is just how often everyone downplays things here. "Big" or "huge" are relative terms, just like "tall". So 6'6" is like, perfectly average in the NBA, but normal, day-to-day living that's crazy tall, and we often call people that are 6'2" tall. Same thing here. You watch porn, visit BDP, etc and 7x5.5 seems fairly normal, but is big for most women, who may only sleep with half a dozen men in their life. Part of it too is there's a decent amount of guys measuring differently, and with differently shaped penises. I'm pretty uniformly 5.75in whether just under the head, midshaft, or base. But a lot of guys will throw out their thickest point, often the base, when 90% of their penis is not that thick, and they're too long to actually use the base most of the time. Or like my case, I have a super thick head, but I don't list that as my girth. It almost certainly affects my experience though, so 2 people with the same girth giving different opinions on how BJs are but with wildly different head sizes.


Hey dick twin!!


Dick triplets!?


Heyoo!!! It’s a party!!


Large girth will almost always get more of a reaction because you cant just put part of it in. With Length, you can use as much as your partner is comfortable with, maybe a little more. For girth it's an all or nothing situation.


Y'all need to understand that visually-speaking, girth is very dependent on length. If you're 6 x 5.25, it'll absolutely look thicker than if you're 8 x 5.25, yet it's the exact same girth. My ex once told me my girth was average... I'm 7.3 x 5.5 lol I can't imagine 5.5 being average. But I guess it looks thinner the longer it is? So it's difficult to take what girls say about girth too much to heart aside from they love thick dick... I think if she finds it visually thick though, it very well may end up feeling thicker too. So good on ya if she finds you thick!!


First remember this is intended as a sub for big guys, so it’s gonna be skewed. Second, some dudes lie or post their largest girth point (many don’t and this isn’t an insult). I stopped posting any measurement because I only care what my partner thinks, I know I’m above average and I’ve had my issues with that..but it’s just normal to me.


OP is trying to say that some of the guys here are really downplaying their girths and acting like 5.5 is the avg when it is actually above average and near huge while the actual avg is like 4.7 but people appreciate that and think the need to be bigger, teeth can be a common problem starting at 5.5" girth and more so a real deal breaker at 6".


Aren’t you supposed to measure from your largest girth point, because that matters most?


All depends how you see it, that’s why some guys post mid shaft girth. For example, the bottom of my head is thicker than my mid shaft, some guys have a real thick base that never hits. I personally don’t really care where anyone measures, but I’m sure you get the point.


I measured as recommended by calcsd, multiple times. I said …really…a bunch. Then measured again. I think you’re coming to a sub that would naturally have larger sizes and not see the others. It could also be an understanding of how circumference looks versus the number itself.


I believe he meant people think they're less girthy than they actually are therefore downplaying their girth and wishing for bigger


As someone who’s banged a lot of dudes, I can confirm that nobody even knows how big their dick is with the numbers in front of their faces.


I just ignore the "I'm 8x5.5, is that small?" posts. They're always 8x5.5 for some reason, I just assume all those are lying. I did until recently genuinely believe I was average though. But once I learned what the actual average was and used calcsd I realised how laughably wrong I was.


Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man. Girth is an illusion, and so is death.


Sounds like a bowl of noodles if you ask me.


real. some days im amazed on the thickness, i believe it even gets higher than 5.25 at times with a strong erection. i would only wish for a bit more because of being 8 long makes it not that impressive.


it's a bit of dysmorphia an a bit of not understanding just how much half an inch is in the land of girth


It’s called humble bragging


I thought that was complaining about fleshlights splitting ! Now that is a serious BDP some of us here know.


My cock girthy af. There, I said it D:


I mean what's the average in this sub?


Well I can tell because it’s slightly bigger than the length of a CAD bill which can’t wrap around it. Which is a good test. I then measured.


If it fits inside a toilet paper core It is average or under. If it will not go inside on It is thicker than average.


What are the sizes of the toilet paper rolls in your country, mine seems 6" and 5.5" in paper towels.


Nah 5.5" is top 10% girth. Not uncommon at all. A girl with a body count of 20 has run into 5-6 guys that thick. I'm 6' tall. Above average height. That's around top 15%. A girl may think that I'm tall, but guys know better.


If it were top 10% then you would expect a girl with a body count of 20 to have run into 2 guys.


see other comment. small guys stay home.


Fair enough. Wish I was getting some of that privilege.


Your maths way off there lad


nah. small guys stay home. girls encounter larger guys more often than the stats suggest.


I think you’re underestimating how many ‘small’ (you mean average) guys go out and fuck. Not everyone has such extreme self esteem issues like you. Not to mention, this has fuck all to do with what the average girth is




Nope. We are not the rare unicorns most think we are. Big Dicks are everywhere and your GF has already had a few. calcsd - western average 89.47% In a room of 1000,105 would be bigger




This is definitely a fetish thing


8 girth is decent 7 girth is average 6 girth is smol thats what they tell me https://youtu.be/I_jH6ZVNSo8


8 inch girth is almost impossible 7 is extremely rare and 6 way above average


You say "I've spent a significant amount of time wandering through all the size subreddits" Who has serious size issues? 11 girls Huh , hella sample size. How many hard cocks have you seen IRL? I am not even sure the point of your post is, What standards?


People are downplaying their girth aka think they are not thick effort thinking they need 6" girth. People think they need to be way above avg girth to be considered thick some ppl even thinking the avg girth is 5.5" when it is actually 4.7". Op gave an example of his penis size being thick to some girls whereas a guy may not think it's thick effort.


Because avg. western girth is probably 5" and 5.5" isn't really big, as much as above Average. Condoms avg. are 57mm


Way off buddy, average condom is 52 mm. 57mm fits in the XL category.


I don't think my 5.5" girth is very big. You don't get into the hurting vaginal walls shit until 6+". And I'm happy there's a medical solution I can (probably) take advantage of in the future to find out myself.


Calcsd puts your girth at 90% percentile and thats using western average, like who are you comparing yourself to? Pornstars? Other random redditors?


You want to know the reason? It's because I'm a man, so that's what I want.


Haha fair point I respect it.


The not so humble bragging is very funny. What do you think average means here OP?


Skewed numbers


I'm 7.75 x 5.5 and I always feel small. Not sure if it's because I have huge hands but definitely not as confident as someone with my size should be.


Mine aint thicc.


Yea I was looking at a picture earlier at a side and it seemed pretty meaty but since I started wearing glasses in the summer things look a little different but If take a picture it's the same with or without glasses


Your dick probably looks girthier than mine brother just because of your ratio


Body/dick dysmorphia is real shit i tought i had a small dick until i saw the average and even then it didnt persuade me fully


The thicker you the the more deepthroat is out of the question.


Life ain’t all about deep throats lol. It ain’t that great anyways


Isn’t the average 4.54 or something weird like that


I think this is more of people not knowing that girth has a greater change in volume than length. Like 10% longer is about 10% more volume where 10% more is 20% more volume. It is my belief that girth avg and sd should be based off the square of girth


I will humbly state, I’m happy with my junk. Only about an 1/4 inch taper from glans to mons.


I feel alot us just don't sex good for certain individual partners despite our size and that might be why our partners aren't throwing parades for our genitalia. I have decent girth even far over average girth but my cock hasn't made every partner I've had freak out over it.


Yeah, just huge dysmorphia