I’m here because of issues with a past partner and stayed to give advice to newbies. Now I just lurk and roll my eyes lol


That's fair


Pretty much the same thing here


i do the same but i’m a straight guy. these posts are seriously funny


That's cool.


I'm just here taking notice that all guys with big dicks have like the same 5 problems most of the time. I'm no size queen buy the posts here are funny


I love taking notice of Mr big dick and what he has to say, In comparison to average guys .


I'm just here in case some of the younger dudes need advice on wearing speedos or biker shorts. That's about all the wisdom I have to offer.


I'm a girl. Originally joined because I thought it was a meme/joke sub, like big dick energy or something. Stuck around because I've seen multiple posts asking about what girls think or how they react or other things like that. I feel like sometimes there are posts that can do with a female opinion.


So many things need a female opinion. I can’t hang out with guys locally cause they often are kind of stuck in their perspectives. Yet I can’t hang out with females cause people find it “weird” or I risk them finding me attractive.


So, respectfully I ask.... do you like big dicks?


I'm a big girl with thick thighs, wide hips, and a big butt. So, I will be honest and say that it does take a bit of length to get past all of my padding in certain positions. But, other than that, I don't really have a specific preference. I'm a little cliche in the "it matters more about how you use it than about what you have" department. I will say that after a certain point, there is a such thing as too big because it can just be uncomfortable to be with. My preference is more about girth than length.


I remember needing to do things a bit differently with girls with such padding. The hardest was doggystyle with her legs spread, so I tried it with her legs closed, with my legs on the outside instead. I hear you regarding knowing how to use it vs being big. Things I learned as I got older.


And on behalf of the men of BDP, I thank you and all the other women posters. It was insight that was missing for a few years there, and it is greatly appreciated.


I’m just here for the laughs ETA: yikes this was not an invitation to DM me






Is it really just dudes?




This is indeed facts


There’s a lot. But men also do a BAD job at trying to pass of as women so it’s typically pretty easy to tell


Lol I can totally see that being the case.


And if you scroll down there profile a bit you’ll usually find something incriminating like commenting on a girl’s post that “she makes them so hard” like bro, if you’re trying to pass off as a girl wouldn’t you delete that??


Haha no. They can’t see past their horniness to think that far ahead.


exactly. horniness is a hell of a drug


Yeah, there is this profile that keeps advertising on r/BigDickLovers about playing with “huge cocks over 10 inches”. After initially talking, I could tell they were fake. I kind of knew they were suspicious from their profile as well. And of course they eventually got to trying to sell me their OF, full of “hot thick girls”, lol.


I just lurk partially out of curiosity, and partially because I have vaginismus so most things feel big lol, and the tips sometimes help (no pun intended)




I lurk here 😊


I'm not a size queen, but I'm a woman. 😂 Just here out of sheer curiosity honestly 😂 Edit: This is not consent to message me.




If anything, women suffer the brunt of sexual big dick problems. What's frustrating for the guy can be downright painful and even injurious to the woman.


How have I never seen "injurious" used before now?


It's a good word!


Indeed. Be careful out there. Don't just jackhammer with no warning.


Thought you were going a different direction with that. Women who prefer larger are too afraid to admit they're size Queens due to the societal implication that they are promiscuous or sluts. (Ie: They are shamed.)


What piercings do you have on your dick? I’ve been wanting to get a dydoe but I’m worried it will be too much of an issue when I have sex. Have your piercings ever caused any issues with sex? I’m already pretty pierced up, you can check my most recent post if you’d like to see


No idea what a dydoe is. I have a PA (Prince Albert). The piercing hasn't caused issues. What causes issues is the type of jewelry. Curved barbells are the most comfortable for both and I can always take it off. It's quick healing too. I was having sex again by week 3.


What about urinating ? Doesn't it just go everywhere?


I’m a small girl with a size kink so.. kinda big dick obsessed lol. but just general curiosity too


I lurk because I’m a size queen, but I also have big boob problems so it’s interesting to see the other side of things.


🤘 I'm here but I usually lurk because I feel like I'm not allowed to comment because I'm a female


Your insight is totally appreciated, especially in the partner-based posts. While it's a mixed bag of posters (with some unfortunately being humble brags), I'm sure some guys would love to know there are women open to understanding these kinds of issues that men have.


I think my problem is I am very okay with big dicks. I have a very shallow vagina but still love and appreciate the big ones. These women that complain about big dicks hitting their cervix, well, I actually like that


I'd say that's rare, speaking as someone who's been rejected for their size


No way?! For being too big or small?


Probably because he is thick. 6in thickness is on the higher end


Why not?..youre half the equation.😁


Idk...this is a big dick problem sub... I don't have a big dick, or anything as such for that matter, so I can't relate so I can't comment?


That doesn’t mean you can’t relate, the fact of the matter is that any gender of person can have problems when a bd is involved. As a bd man, I think it would actually really help this sub if we had more perspectives from people who aren’t men. Please feel welcome!


Honestly, anytime I comment in this sub with my own personal experiences - even woman shit - I get downvoted, argued with, attacked, and told I’m flat out wrong. It’s usually only a handful of guys, but it happens without fail and it makes me not wanna say anything at all. The guys that agree with me might let me know in a DM, but usually won’t post it publicly in the comments (probably because they know they’ll get the same thing). The only exception I can think of was a comment I made earlier on a post about a woman bleeding after sex, I said she had most likely just started her period and I had a couple guys reply with supportive comments (although the OP didn’t agree, I think he just wanted to feel like he actually did make her bleed with his ginormous penis). Like, I seriously don’t care about being downvoted, and I will debate anyone about anything when it comes to politics, ethics/morals, the economy, pit bulls, the brilliance of Taylor Swift, etc. But my own *personal experiences* should not be something I have to debate with someone about. It’s pretty off putting and has caused me to stop commenting here almost completely.


Sorry about some of the assholes we get around here. When I used this sub more frequently I usually participated in calling out dudes saying that kinda bs, but I've gotten the advice I needed from here and mostly stopped using it. Just know that you're appreciated for balancing out the dumbassery, I'm sure your comments bring good info to those who come across them.


Thanks, that was very kind :) I haven’t lost any sleep over it and I know the bad reactions mostly come from insecurity, so I don’t hold it against them. And I’ll still chime in occasionally if I read something that I know I can contribute to. But like someone pointed out above, the rules of this sub state that it isn’t a “safe space” for bd guys to come to avoid reality or where everyone has to walk on eggshells so nobody’s ego gets hurt. It’s a place to talk openly and honestly, and if someone isn’t quite ready for that - it’s totally fine. We’re all on a journey and are at different places in life. But don’t get mad at someone who is just sharing theirs with you because you asked, ya know?


Well, that's an understandable and understanding way to look at it. Yeah, I agree. Have a great day/night wherever you are!


You too!


Its funny..everything Ive learned about sex was from women..not dudes. Comment away. These guys in here cant even find condoms or underwear with the internet at their disposal.😁


Thank you for letting me know. I appreciate that very much and I will take that into consideration.


Sure you can..why not?


But you can reply about your experiences with different sized dicks. That's valuable information to get from a woman's perspective.


That's silly. This place is open to all unless they are haters.


DudeBro here, love hearing about the problems and issues that plague the local himbo community lol


meeeeee I'm a size queen


exciting ! wooooooo


and who made u one then?




"You, alright! I learned it by watching you!" - 80's drug ad.


Usually nobody makes one, their vaginas are naturally deeper and wider(in their baseline dimensions) to accommodate bigger. Check this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_vaginal_size


Proud size queen 🙋🏻‍♀️


Hey hey. :) lurker, equal opportunist but won’t turn down a bd so long at the body attached to it isn’t one too. happy to be a ego-booster bro in a bra at baseline.


it's only humble bragging if you refused to think its possible the person actually came her to try and figure out how to over come an issue. otherwise, its obvious bragging


Meeee!! I lurk because I'm curious. Dicks are fascinating and I'm obsessed lol


Woman here, but not a size queen. I’ve been in relationships with a couple of larger guys and I just came to peek at what life is like with a big unit.


Vagina owner. NB. Initially came here to learn and overcome some issues with a man I was seeing, stayed for funny stories and information. No size preference, so not a size queen. I don't even care if people have a penis as long as they're willing to put effort in for my pleasure too. I do enjoy a BD from time to time though.


As a gay man who is dating a massive shlonger of a man. I do not lurk, I get ignored.


Good for you?


be nice dude👍🏿


How am I not nice?


I lurk here because my husband belongs to your elite club but doesn't use reddit as much as I do. I like to tell him about the funny posts on here and ask him if he relates to other ones .


You ever had some troubles with your husband ?


Huge size queen (gay) here lol but no shame 😂


I'm sure there are plenty in the woodwork


I lurk and roll my eyes, it's a fun sub! I find the humble brags to be entertaining so I enjoy the sub


Size queen here and I love to be nosy and lurk!!!😂


Girl, yes. Size queen, no. But differences in people intrigue me, and as a swinger, I have experienced a variety of different people… so curiosity keeps me here.


I love this take. 🔥🔥


Lots bro lots. Don’t buy into the other reasons. They’re here because they like BD.


I’m a size queen, but more of a girth queen than a length queen. I sometimes comment if I can add anything to the discussion, but mostly just like to read what the big boys have to say and it’s fun to see if they have any sexy pics in their profile




First of all don’t make fun of ppl with a micro penis as they are dealing with a lot of mental shit and might read this sub. ( they would kill even for a 5 inch penis) Secondly no it’s not comical you have a good size! Cheers


Damn, people would kill to be me?


Nah..What sweet spot? If youre not gettung a response irl..its not your dick, promise. Im past that sweet spot too..looks and charm matter


Kinda unrelated question, but do you get more positive attention on these posts or the ones with your hands/forearms?


Hands tbh. Used to post my face too but that got weird.




Dude..Im 8+x7+ and never been turned down. Youre doing good irl..thats what matters😁


I've gotten a few messages from size queens and they admitted they found me from comments in this sub then checked my profile for pics. So they're out there but I'm guessing most of them don't post here.


Bro, as a woman, and looking at your profile way toomany dick pics


I looked to and all I could think is if his wife ok with it?


Legit same.


makes sense haha


Size queens get all the love and deservedly so, but s/o to my size kings out there too 💪


The original size king's were called size queen's. Size queen is a term originally for gay bottoms into fisting, until women started using the term as well. The gay size queen's didn't really concern themselves with BPEL measurements, they did tattoo their latest depth achievements as bands on their partners arms. I still giggle when I see normies getting progressive forearm bands without knowing the original gay fisting achievement/desire tattoos.


I’m here, I’m married, I have a thing for big dicks, and my husband has the biggest that I’ve ever been with. I don’t comment a lot anymore because our problems have been “solved” and I don’t really like the messages being asked if I think someone’s dick is big. Because usually the answer is no, not really what I’d consider to be “big”and what does it really matter anyways. Learn how to use what you’re working with and find someone who likes whatever size that you are.


lol if i may ask how big is he? and hey whatever works for you :D


My ex showed me this sub when I was going through the "realizing my dick is big" phase. I wonder if she's still lurking here.


Meee 😋






I like big dongs. I first came here out of curiosity a while back thinking it might be kind of hot. Reading the posts and replies helped me realize that most hung men don’t necessarily like that to be the only reason someone is interested in them. While I still love big dongs this sub has helped me not to objectify men so much (unless they like that sort of thing)


I've gotten some weird DMs, but I don't know how many are actually size queens. Some are dudes pretending to be girls to get dick pics from straight guys. Some I think are actually girls but it's hard to tell most of the time.


Me! Deffinately am


I need a big cock


Very opposite of size queen so it’s all very fascinating in a kinda terrifying way for me. Also very enlightening.


Am here, because I love hearing when mem talk to other guys about sex stuff to each other ...I find it sexy, and always to check Mr confident profile ever now and then .


Especially when their penis size is beside their name .


I should hope few *girls* lurk here. But there are a number of adult women who have to deal with problems arising from our partners' large penises.


Im no size queen but my man has a bd 🤷🏾‍♀️ the sub is helpful and entertaining


Many members on this sub think women are into big dicks as much as the guys who own them. . . Spoiler: they're not.


Just here to get educated


Im a male. Im here because Im currently sitting on my penis and its uncomfortable.


I'm not a woman but I am a size queen but that's not why I'm here.


I do! But honestly I'm mostly here for the comedy 😅


Me and bf were looking for a condom sizing guide and ended up on this sub. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Go by the NASA sizes. You’re welcome


👋 girl here. Partner is very large (I’m not a size queen tho). I am here to understand more about what he goes through. I also try to help with some misconceptions some men have about women along the way.


I don't just lurk, I comment when I feel like I actually have something to contribute from a woman's perspective. Not a size queen, I like dick of all shapes and sizes, but I know my way around a magnum dong 💁🏻‍♀️


I know my way around a magnum dong poetic. You're qualified


I mean I am fairly active on here. Came here for a genuine issue.


still not a size queen huh


Bruh, ain't no way I just found you on this subreddit replying to one of my friends, this world is too small


Hell yea man. i also posted in r/teenagers and gave u credit for the orion nebula edit you helped me do how you doing man :D




I’m not a size queen but I like a big dick. I also have a big dick; I wouldn’t call myself a lurker.


I know that’s why I joined! For some reason I find huge cocks so sexy and love reading about guys struggling because of them! 🥰


I'm here to be more empathetic and for the entertainment.


I'm on here, because I had questions and trying to learn some problems my husband, then boyfriend, might experience. Now I'm lurking from the shadows.


Hmmmmmm lol


I literally just stumbled upon this page and omg lol. My bf is half polish and his friends always joke about the big d thing. When we first started dating it would literally hurt and I would be sore and now it doesn’t years later ?? Is that being a size queen ahahah Although I don’t enjoy an*l as much as I did with a smaller partner so that’s diff Also question: is it weird to ask to measure it ?because now I’m just genuinely curious since y’all have your sizes up I’m ded


Everyone is different however, I think most people like praise / adoration so if you measure with lots of positive re-inforement I think it could go very well. I do have bias though - getting my my cock inspected / adored is a bit of a kink for me. Not all partners do it but it's happened here and there and I've grown to like it a lot.


Just here for the tea


i’m here just to lurk ngl **EDIT:** lord i didn’t think i’d have to make this update but i guess i do. men, this is was not intended for you to text me and ask me to rank your dick. men, this was not intended for you to text me and ask me if i think your dick is worth being on the subreddit. this was not permission for you to text me at all, let alone any other girl that interacts in this subreddit.


We will never know 👀


I originally joined as my bf at the time is a bd owner, then I stuck around as there's often posts asking for a female perspective/advice.


I lurk for the advice. Small lady big husband issues ya know?


Why do you assume they are all girls? I’m a proud size queen with a touch of penis envy:)


I'm here to learn about/help my partner with any issues he has so I can be supportive.


Woman here, not a size queen. Had an (now ex) boyfriend who was large and had ED. Here to educate myself.


I’m a girl and I lurk here because I also have a fantastic cock. I’m also someone who has had problems with my Dick not fitting. This subreddit makes me feel less alone with my problems.


Im on here lurking and hoping one of u message me


Here to be a female opinion 🤞


Well, as a gay Size Queen. I have yet to find anything too big. I’ve been DP’d by 2 larger than 9” on many many occasions and love being fisted. So I always say bigger is always absolutely better


Me 🙋🏽‍♀️




I wouldn't say I lurk here. Also , If randoms try to DM me , I will make fun of you for being pathetic.


I’ve met a few here. It’s good to share stories and advice


just straight up a size queen lmao i need to satisfy the urge somehow 🤷‍♀️


Mmmmmeeeee! But I've never approached anyone. I doubt that men who come here to vent about their problems want to feel objectified or be reminded of their problems. That being said, I get weak knees just thinking about a big, juicy dick.


What do you consider big?


Thank you, I appreciate that a lot. It’s also how you approach someone too.


More man than you’d expect will cry about their problems and then immediately be down with exploiting it. Don’t trip 😅


I mean I recently figured out I was a woman, if that counts!


Yep! I'm a girl with BDPs, lol. Such is life.


I have the slightest BDPS, but I'm more the size queen!


*Raises hand*


Proudly lurking this sub.


Hello, I’m here. Lurker mostly.


My boyfriend showed me. He is hung like a horse and I have never been with someone so big. Honestly terrified of his size but obsessed at the same time. Wanted to get tips and tricks to help adjust because I enjoy rough sex but I think I will always be sore. I love him so much but he’s definitely intimidating.


there are lots…. only 2 are actual chicks w vaginas doesnt bother me tho. gay bros have a lot to teach us alll. it do think it is funny sometimes tho 🤣😛


Let's just be honest, op asked just to be able to inbox people and get weird in the replies


I'm female, but not really a size queen. I used to be when I was younger some, but eh, it's not really important anymore. I love the person I'm with. I don't care about his pe is size. he takes good care of me ^_~


I’m here because this is a shared account and the comments on these subs are better than drama on female-oriented subs. Have you been r/relationships?


Based on a few messages from people claiming to be women I've received referencing posts here, I'd say some do. I don't think it's a huge number, I'd guess more hang out in subreddits that are for posting pics and stuff like that.


Oh hey 👋😬🤦‍♀️


I'm a fkn size queen and it makes me feel ashamed... Though I do like men in general I feel like for us gayys it's not acceptable to be either a size queen or into hetero looking men 😕




I once was pen pals with a Nigerian prince who said he was sending me money…


I mean, He’s a prince, he probably has the money 🤷🏻‍♂️


Mannn I hope so. I’d hate to get catfished into some scam. 😂😂


I’m fairly sure he didn’t tell you he’s a ‘Nigerian’ prince. You just assumed


I mean, I’m the one who literally said I was pen pals with a Nigerian prince.


What’s the whole ‘Nigerian’ thing about then? He could be Ghanaian for all we know


Google Nigerian prince scam bud. It’s nothing personal, it’s literally how they used to scam desperate and old people


I don’t take it personal, actually more of a compliment. I’m saying it’s predominantly West Africa, not just..


Not a size queen but I am a woman. Just here for the laughs.


I certainly am glad they are here when/if they are. I always prefer a size queen because it’s nice to have someone who sees it as a positive rather than an obstacle to work around.




Hey babe did you ever measure him


Woman here. Not a lurker, I respond when I have something to offer to the conversation. Originally joined due to having a bdp.


Hi it’s me :)