I'll erase her boobs with Photoshop if you send me pics.


Excellent idea!


I'll be super sloppy in execution just to make a point.


Make it blurry like in The Ring.


[Here ya go.](https://images.app.goo.gl/RbXLEamp349JE33y8)


It would be better if you just made her completely flat chested. That would freak her out.


Or bring an apron and wear it every time she wants a pic.


It should also have an image on it. Something phallic.


Nah it would have those no crossing signs with a dick instead of a person walking. A no dick sign if you will. Would be even funnier if it were miniskirt length, just long enough to cover 9 inches, yknow


If they're crafty, they could knit or crochet some sort of belt apparatus with a strategically placed dangly bit


And then pull it out for the first time at a family gathering.


The belt or the penis?


The belt! Lol


An apron with a large penis drawing


Send me the cropped part. I am asking for a friend.


Haha, brilliant


such a legend🤣 honestly.. it sounds like she is ashamed of you? it's not your fault you have a nice dick^^ I'd ask her about it.. like, what's her reasoning? if you are in a commited relationship, what's the problem? her dad isn't going to mind?🤣 he'll be happy she's with you? the public certainly don't mind.. all the boys don't mind.. and I'm sure the girls enjoy view🤔 struggling to see her problem


That’s be hilarious , op please try this see if she brings it up.


There’s a photo hung up at work where I have cameltoe. I wish someone would have cropped that bitch. 🐫


I dated a woman (girl?) when I was younger that, toward the end of the relationship when shit went bad,, she’d verbally take issue with me having a bulge in slim fit (not skinny) jeans .. accusing me of trying to garner attention from other woman ….. when in reality I just have a decent sized penis with enormous testicles (not a boast… it’s almost a fucking disability)


That's more my issue too, my dick isn't a hog like a lot of the posters on here, but it's bigger than average, having really big balls and a bigger dick makes my bulge so prominent in almost anything. Wife says the same shit.


I fall somewhere between 7.5 -8.0 by just under 6 ….. but my testicles are like two beer cans in my shorts …. Ok not really,, but not far off


Right, literally have a pair of eggs, jumbo eggs, I'm like 6.5-7 x 6 and a grower so my bulge looks like I'm smuggling a couple of avocados into a movie theater for the nachos.


We need a new subreddit; r/aboveaveragedickandbigballsproblems, theres dozens of us!


Create it


Did you date my ex? Lol. But on a more serious issue, yeah, that’s a massive red flag. When they accuse you of cheating, they are (usually) cheating on you themselves.


We were super young man … we met I was 15 she was 14 … stayed together for 9-10 years I was financially responsible for my disabled mother and sister from the age of 14-15 onward .. not much of a childhood if I’m honest (not bitching and whining,, just facts) I had to grow up young By the time we were 18-20 years old I was years into into my career (incidentally got lucky and got 6 figure job right out of high school.. again not bragging. Just saying I worked hard for it )…. My success, as well as being a pretty friendly person just made her uncomfortable because she didn’t have much going on for herself… which honestly didn’t matter to me, I loved that woman, I was 100% committed to her ….. she just couldn’t handle me doing well (like it wasn’t good for both of us ?!?!) That kind of insecurity is rampant in the world today… and it’s an evil thing,, destroys relationships and ruins lives ….. was a sad day when we split, I just couldn’t live like that anymore ….. still had a good relationship with her parents till they passed,, her father went through in home hospice in my home


I hear that fella, i get so concious about it now 🫣🤣


“Like I have some sort of disability” shouldn’t have me laughing this hard


That’s wild, do you guys not like underwear or what? My dicks pretty decently sized but I never have these problems lol


I wear boxer briefs, but they only really support my parts, not hide them.


I haven't worn underwear in 22 years. Free hanging and carpenter jeans are way more comfortable. Plus, I can shimmy my hips in the summer and get a helicopter going. The air flow prevents swamp ass.


I have big nuts too, so if my pants are any kind of tight I have a pretty noticable bulge. My wife crops it out of pictures too. She thinks I'm trying to show it off when I'm just much more comfortable with support and snugness. Like a sports bra I guess.


I had a friend who insisted on boxers and gym shorts. He wasn’t huge, but he was big enough that I could clearly see things, and I told him so. He wore them every single time I was around him after that. God I loved those shorts.


That's rude of her. Chicks walk around all the time nipping out. I love when my penis line shows. It's called gray sweatpant season for a reason and I fully embrace it. Even better in dress pants. I honestly can't imagine anyone is scrutinizing your photos so closely anyway.


a disability?!


I was hooping one time we played like five games the gym was packed with people and my ex waited to point out while we were on our way out to the car how you could see my dick the entire time. I pointed out the fact that she could have told me after the first game or even while we were warming up about the situation we both laughed about it . I figured that's why nobody was guarding me very tight . That nike dry fit shorts became my undershorts after that. Worst part is I had two pairs of shorts on cuz I wear a pair of basketball shorts under other basketball shorts if that's what I'm wearing or even my jeans all summer and winter long


This is what happens when you wear yoga pants 24/7


Boxer briefs and whatever shorts/pants I feel like wearing that day.


Senator John Fetterman’s wife, Giselle, crops his head out of photos so she can get her shoes in the photo. Not sure if you’d consider that better or worse.


The entire outline of your dick is always showing? Or do you mean bulge? Bulge is one thing but I wouldn’t be comfortable if people could ALWAYS see the outline of my husband’s dick. And not because I would even care about the attention, I wouldn’t feel comfortable having my mom and others outright see my husbands dick outline in a picture. I would maybe focus more on the fact that you are walking around with your dick in everyone’s face and less on the picture time making you feel like there’s something wrong. Put your dick away dude, it’s way too much of your personality. **unless you just meant bulge, in which disregard everything I just said.


bulge or outline, because they are two very different terms (one just being a mound, the other being a literal view of the exact shape). if they're photos being posted online for family to see then there's nothing wrong with showing your wife some respect. if they're personal photos between you two then just sit down and have a talk about it. some of these replies are pretty negative towards her for no reason...


Get tailored dress pants. A good tailor can make it work. I've also found random luck that some jeans just don't print and others print significantly. If it's an occasion you dress up for, tailored pants are nice anyway.


We can’t afford tailored pants with our family of 6, but I do stick with BKE loose fit jeans.


Wear bigger pants, that’s the only economical way of doing it. Also, carry things in your pockets, it takes away from the middle.


I understand. Then you just want to try out pants in the changing room when you see something in a price that is appropriate. I've found with the same brand, same model, jeans in different sizes I will print more or less. So with one I wouldn't print with either 30 or 32, but got a major print with 31. That was quite surprising, but it shows that there are multiple factors that work together to influence whether you will print or not. So don't assume you need a certain type of pant. My favourite pair of dress pants I got at Winners, so a very affordable price, they fit great and I don't print with them either. So just keep your eye out for anything that could work. And when something fits your budget and looks good, get it.


and my gf is like the freaking opposite of this. asked me to take my damn dick OUT for a pic we posed for at a vineyard last year. I was like, pft okay then! FLOP. got the shot and she loved it. so today i learned there's a polar opposite to my girl, it's your girl.


Not the worst problem to have 🤣. But yeah def a common problem. It’s annoying


You need to talk to her about how it makes you feel. It’s something you can’t help and it hurts you when she does that. You need to tell her to stop. If you don’t talk about it, it could create major issues in your relationship that result it ending. If she knows it bothers you and doesn’t stop then she doesn’t respect you enough.


If it's just a photo for you two, maybe mention how it makes you feel. But if it's a photo to be sent out or hung up, I understand where she's coming from. I imagine we all have bulge issues to some extent here and all probably share a similar sentiment that it's just our body. But I would never expect or even want a photo with my bulge to be shared with my gf family, as I'm sure they wouldn't enjoy that either lol.


Take it as a compliment. She’s acknowledging you’re big on a regular basis


I did at first, but slowly felt she was embarrassed by it.


This! My gf brings up my package up from time to time. And it typically goes like this, she exclaims “you’re hard, now?!” And I’m like “no I’m not hard, im relaxed.”


I am not saying this is your wife, but I know a couple where the girl felt like she was competing for attention against my friends member. She would never admit it, but it was obvious. You could see the wheels spinning. Are they looking at me or his slong?


Stop wearing clothes that show your dick. Have a little respect for your wife




Are you 7.8 inches bone pressed or non bone pressed?


Bone pressed from the top while standing. I make sure I measure the same way CalcSD or any other site suggests.


That's just ridiculous, I'd wanna just show you off be proud of what you got in a partner


Hit her with your dong everytime she says that.


Wish i had the same problem haha


I had an almost opposite this past Christmas. We took a Christmas family photo with some good friends of ours (at like a Christmas market with elf & Santa hats). Our kids were in the photo and everything. Me being the Dad, I was seated like Santa in front in some cheesy pose with one wife on each shoulder, my kids beside my wife’s outside shoulder, friend’s husband on her outside shoulder. Straight up, my cock looked gargantuan. The light caught it just right and outlined the curve — you could tell my religion by the outline of my dick. When the photos arrived at the house a couple days later, I was mortified. Like, normally I don’t give a shit — but this is a Christmas photo, you know, like it needs to go on the bureau beside the cookies and cards and shit. My wife was like, get over it. Her girlfriend, who is a really good friend and knows all my wife’s TMI stories, is like, “I know your penis is taking up half the photo, but it’s my favorite photo of us all! I have it on the photo wall! We need to take Easter photos!…” So, show your wife this post and tell her it’s no big deal. People already know you have a big jock, and those who love you *really aren’t fazed by it*.


You should totally ask her to tape down her breast next time so she doesn’t give people the wrong idea!🫣😳😒


My fiancé and I recently had engagement pictures taken, and in the ones where I wore a suit, you could see a dick outline. She just laughed and then posted them on Facebook.


My wife does the same man, don't feel bad or offended she just wants to protect your big dick. Often times my wife will give me a, "oh hell no!" Before I go out to run errands or hit the gym because my bulge is too obvious despite knowing I'm hung and it's impossible to hide. Ultimately I think there are places where your bulge are fine and others where it should be tucked but also it's your body so do what you want brother. ✊


Embrace the dong!!!


Can I see one of those pics? Got kinda curious hehe


I do have one I sent myself just before she cropped it, if you DM me.


Tell her to stop that’s not cool.


Don't understand this shit xd


Are you kiddin me she asked you to tuck it? Jesus Christ I’m a trans girl and even I don’t tuck. Partly because I don’t want to and partly because I can’t. On top of that if you don’t know how to do it properly you can hurt yourself. You needa have a conversation with her about this and tell her how it makes you feel


Yep. I’ve gotten eye rolls and angry stares in the store too. One lady passed by and said loudly to the other “who the hell is he trying to impress”. No one lady just can’t hide this thing anywhere. Yet butt lifting yoga pants are ok. See those things around a lot.