A big dick might attract a partner, but it will not keep them. What is most important, is the person attached to the BD.


i second this.


I beg to differ.


Me too. The relationship gets toxic though as the partner hates you but can’t leave you due to the attachment to the dick. They eventually leave though I guess. Took a decade though which is insane


Yep, that’s a lot closer to my experience as well. To be fair, I’m pretty attached to her vagina as well.


100% Many women have better sex with average.


Yeah I can attest to this. My best friend is on the bigger side and while it’s nice it’s also on the verge of bein too much and he’s not even that much over average


If you are 7 x 5 then you are in fact above average yourself. So bigger than that is Big or even Huge 😊


Glad I'm not many women


6 x6 no good for you? Gotta be a 10 x 8 right … 😂


Why are you worried about the size of another man unless u like having sex with men?


>Do you guys think we men fetishes big dicks more 100% This is not to say that women can't enjoy or prefer them, but men greatly exaggerate their importance.


I think we men do the most to overestimate the importance of it. I think focusing on your penis health and overall physical health as well as sexual technique is what is most important. I've had maybe two experiences in my life so far where my penis size really mattered more than knowing how to use it properly. Not having proper technique has done more to hurt my sexual experiences than having a BD has helped enhance them.


And where do you go and learn more about technique?


Therapy, courses, conversations with current or past partners, and practice. Personally I mentally struggled with anxiety, focusing on my penis too much during sex, focusing too much on my partners pleasure, not being assertive enough and not paying attention to my health. Working on those things went a long way to learning techniques like how to hit the vagina harder with consistent rhythm, how to hit the A spot consistently, better fingering, oral and other foreplay techniques. Mixing in assertive dom techniques (choking, slapping, spanking and exerting physical dominance).


Thanks sir 🙏


Ask your partner what she likes and take criticism well if she doesn’t. Really listen to her body. A women will let you know if she likes something. And be confident even if you have to fake it at first!


Amateur porn of solo women masturbating.


By gaining more experience sometimes that means a new teacher as well




It’s like using an impact drill for ikea furniture


dont split it apart


Good analogy fr




You can be with a man who got the biggest one, but does he know how to use it? Thats the important part to me. I think its definitely overrated in certain aspects. Not everyone can handle 9 inches or more. Some people can. We are all made differently for a reason


Makes sense


Kinda how men talk about thick women that can't take dick but the skinny ones can and they're mind is blown away


Not all dicks and vaginas are going to be compatible. I learned that from a youtube video about sex lol.


I leaned that from actually having sex. That is the difference between gaining experience and learning text book shit


Homie im 42f, i promise you I know the difference. The YT is a sex expert that explained it and it makes alot more sense the way she describes it. Thats all im saying 💯💯💯




Never said i needed to learn about sex,but being educated about your body is something everyone should know. Anatomy especially. Its very lame that all of reddit knows what your pussy looks like 😅🤣😂


Anything over 7" x 5" is a waste. Nothing worse than a few inches of dry dick. Barely ever get any good throatfucking or anal. 😭


Length-wise maybe. More girth can be quite pleasurable for a woman, if she can take it and if she enjoys it.


Agreed - but I mean as a majority, 5" is above average and pleasures the masses. I'm at 5.6" G now. Almost every woman I've been with needs to alot of warmup so it makes quickies difficult. Deep Throatfucking and Full Anal is super rare. * This is my experience, of course


Oh, both women I've been with have been a solid no on anal. I think I'll die not having experienced it at this point. I can't blame them really. Both women I've been with have been able to deepthroat it. One she was able right away, she's an oral master. The other took some time and practice but she got there. Neither are into throat fucking, so haven't done that. And I've played with friends online, and a few have ordered dildos to match my size. They definitely enjoy it, haha. But yes, 5" is definitely above average to begin with. My point was, though, that once you hit a certain length any more is mostly useless because you've hit the end of the road. Girth however, you don't run into that issue until you hit extreme numbers that are difficult to take and exceedingly rare. MOST women can probably take my girth (6.1"), even if it might require some patience, foreplay, extra lube. The same can't be said for taking 8" balls deep when the vagina isn't that deep.


Yeah, I'm maxing 7.9" and my wife of 8 years still can't take it all no matter what position. Certain positions are off the table and even on the occasional time she does take it all, drunkenly or getting carried away, she is sore for a week and my dick is benched! 😭 LOL


Haha, ya, at 6" length I don't typically run into that. Her cervix height varies throughout her cycle so occasionally I can hit it, but it's usually pretty rare. Most of the time I'm just short of it, which works out pretty well. And the girth is definitely useful especially after she's had kids, haha.


Yeah my wife's cervix can be as shallow as 3" sometimes on her cycle and makes me feel HUGE!!! LOL


hello dick twin! tbh i still have a hard time wrapping around my head that our sizes is still considered “big”. i mean it’s not conventionally big like other guys here but eh it gets the job done. the men i been with don’t seem to mind and tends to notice how girthty i am. blowjobs not really a problem since we got wider mouths


It is weird to think about, because it just doesn't "feel" that big when we're used to it. But statistically, we're big! CalcSD really helps put it into perspective with their volume measurements.


Now I know u lying 🤣🤣🤣🤣


How so?


Because vaginas were made to stretch of we birthing 19 inch length babies trust me when I say ur lil 5 inches ain't doing shit idc how wide it is. Yall must he Virgins


First, where do you get 5 inches? Second, I'm not sure you understand female anatomy. Yes, women give birth to 20+" babies. But that entire baby is not contained inside the vagina. It passes from the uterus through the vagina during birth. Just because someone can birth a 20+" baby doesn't mean they can take a cock the same size. Vaginal depth varies from woman to woman, some can take longer cocks than others for sure. But statistically most women probably will top out between 7 and 8 inches if not a little less, so anything beyond that often won't fit the whole thing. At that depth you're hitting the cervix, and you can NOT penetrate the cervix to fit extra length. All of that aside, if you like a longer cock and girth doesn't do anything for you, more power to you. Everyone has their preferences.




12 inches. Right. Totally believe that. Even though no penis has ever been verified over 10 inches. Read through the sub a bit, there's actually a $10,000 reward if someone can provide verified proof. Your man should get on that. And as I said, women vary so maybe you can take said "12 inch dick" but the majority of women can not. And in case you're wondering, yes I did report your post for not following the subreddit rules. Degrading people regarding their genitalia is in fact against the rules. And nobody made you the gatekeeper of the definition of BD. Just because you care an inordinate amount about length does not mean someone with large girth is not at home here.


@the thickness. You've been with 2 women. Sit down.


Last time I checked, a high body count isn't a prerequisite for posting. And hey, if your flair is accurate, go get yourself that $10,000 reward. 🤣


Quickies are difficult for me for the same reason. And I also do not enjoy someone who is too tight and have broken my dick twice when they move wrong. Mild hemorrhage but still. I wasn’t able to get a good erection for a few months


UGH! I missed once upon reentry with a seriously tight chick and bent a raging hard on in half! I didn't wanna touch it for over a week! 😭


Throat fucking hasn't happened once for me. The only serious big girth limitation I've experienced so far.


Very few will allow a trip to bung land too…I enjoy the starfish here and there, it’s unfortunate…




I was referring to girth. Last I heard, average girth is 4.5" and average length is 5.1". If average length was 7.5" there'd be a lot more unhappy people in these groups.


Well, apparently her man is packing a 12" monster and she can take every inch. So she's an expert. 🤷‍♂️. And screw science, 7.5" must be average. She hat spoken. 🤣


Sorry, but isn't 5" the global average?


I was talking about girth, which I believe average is like 4.5"? You're right about length though.


If and if, quite the prequalifiers


True. But it's a recognition that not every woman has the same preferences. Some women are incredibly tight and may even struggle to take even 5" girth. And some women may not enjoy the "filled" but many do. But speaking in generalities, most women can and most women do.


"Over 7x5 is a waste". Damn man. Damn...


I hear that! I can get her to let me go full in, but no really hard pounding and only when she is really horny. I have only gotten a few chances at anal because she said it hurts.


Yes. Absolutely. Guys care way more about dick size than girls do. As long as it's not one of the extremes, women seem happy with what most guys have. Best > Biggest.


I do have a different perspective, I really like them. But who it's attached to matters a ton. A big dick doesn't guarantee a good time, not even close, but there are aspects of it that when used well can't be replicated with average or smaller sizes. I think that's just my body, though, not everyone is built for it, and a big dick is definitely not value added for those people.


Yes and no. It really depends. Generalizations: Deep penetration orgasms require a certain amount of length and more length makes these orgasms easier to obtain. G-spot orgasms (especially during slower buildup) definitely benefit from girth. Too much girth can be a problem, though. If you are **really** girthy - you should probably get good at slow, possibly tantric, sex - because even if you cause no immediate soreness, you can reduce g-spot sensitivity pretty quickly for most women. Clitoral orgasms are rarely affected by girth and length (at least not directly!). This is where there is a **lot** of variation in what works, what women want, and putting your own little signature on your personal sex life. These are in reverse order from buildup and from most commonly experienced orgasms for women. Does size matter? Yes and no. Learn to use what you have.


I second this. 7.7x5 here. The deep penetration is a bit of a novelty the first time, but experienced women are likely to have met someone like that. On the other hand, I'm smack in the goldilocks zone and it's fun being called perfect. Still would like bigger though but that's only cause I'm an idiot who hangs out on BDP.


No. Here's the easy way to figure out the truth. Make observations. Women lie to men most often about penis size when? "When men are small." Dildos are often what in size? "Above average." When women insert things into themselves for pleasure regardless of sexuality, in general what size are they? "Above average." Women have multiple examples of real world interactions whereby they fetishize men, races of men, male clothes, etc., simply because they in conjunction represent what? "Large penises." When women complain about large penises, what are their complaints? "Too big." (Essentially the middle ground, perfectionist thing women TEND to do.).. and "..it's about the motion, in the ocean." Which isn't a complaint about the penis size but more so a thing describe his 'user error'. LOL. Again, unless SHE, herself has a short vagina (discomfort), an inverse fetish or some other hangup/issue/impediment.. most women want a man or their man with a bigger penis, that is unless he's in that 'golden ratio' of her "ideal". I could be wrong but I doubt it. Women just like men, feel that bigger is better.


I think you've got nearly all of the equation EXCEPT that (1) the preferred dildo size is "above average" not "oh my God", and (2) perhaps women are happier with an above average piece of soft plastic entirely under their own control vs. an above average hunk of meat attached to 180+ pounds of sweaty boyfriend mindlessly pounding away with the little head fully in control.


Yep. Like I said for the latter, "user error". LOL


This is why I’ll never agree to it when people say, “Its how you use it.” Like, girl you just hammered your pussy with a piece of plastic, how much worse can I be than that!? I can literally not move a muscle and make a girl cum. Just lay down and let her do her thing on top.. Doesn’t make any sense to me…


my current gf of nearly a year told me before she met me that she'd had a number of boyfriends with average sized cocks and that she never really had any complaints. we've been dating now nearly a year, exclusively and it took about 5-6 months for her pussy to stretch out enough for me to be able to plow balls deep. she's in the extremely small percentage of women who LOVE cervical contact. her cervix is oversized, (so she told me) compared to most women. so it was pretty impossible not to hit it when we started having sex. the cramping for her was pretty bad, but she kept wanting the same piston slamming action against her cervix. we ended up going slower, taking time to get her all stretched out inside. it was worth all the time and patience because i get to plow in and drill into her cervix when we fuck. she said to me recently that she couldn't imagine sex without feeling a cock as big as mine plowing into her. she said if we ever split up her next bf will have big shoes to fill. i replied, no he'll have a big hole to fill. she cracked up. so in answer to your question, BDs aren't overrated to everyone, my gf would say they're only overrated to women (or gay/bi men) who've never been fucked by one.


I think length is very often overrated. I think girth has a tendency to be underrated. Am I biased? Sure. But women pretty consistently say statistically that girth matters more for sexual enjoyment. Overall, I also think alot of guys place too much importance on it period compared to how much women care about it.


I think the misconception is that the world stops if you’re big. Its great during sex but you still have to get up in the morning and go to work just like everyone else. I think people are expecting the hot girl treatment, where hot girls can literally make a living by being looked at. Idk if a bd has ever actually stopped traffic the way a beautiful woman can. Even if you were a pornstar youd still have to fuck good




You should understand what is implied


Just like anything in life. If you're an ice cream maker, you're going to care most about how your ice cream has to be the best, comparing it to your competitors. If you're a customer, all you want is something you like - tastes good, suits your mood, and you probably enjoy a varied selection from time to time ;)


Hmmm. I don’t think ice cream is a good analogy. Every woman that I’ve known would love to have as much ice cream on a cone that would fit.


Maybe it’s the best analogy 😂


It works as an analogy because taste is subjective much like pp preference


"every woman you've known" isn't every woman to ever exist ;)


Yep. A big dick doesn’t equal good sex (especially when you consider that majority of women can’t orgasm from PIV alone, no matter the dick size - because the vaginal/birth canal isn’t the direct sex organ for that, the clitoris is) and it certainly doesn’t make the partner. A dick isn’t what’s going to get me to the point of wanting to have sex with someone or give me a meaningful relationship. It wasn’t something I was ever really concerned with.


They can’t be overrated! That would mean…. I have spent too much time on this sub…. Well shit


Are fast sports cars overrated? Maybe not if you have access to a racetrack that can accommodate their speed, but for everyday running around to a grocery store and dropping off the kids at soccer practice? A 4 door sedan with some room in the trunk will do just fine.


Not for me. I can't orgasm with anything under 7.5 inches. It doesn't hit the right spot.


Bone-pressed or not?


Whatever goes in. If your fat ad prevents it from going in, it doesn’t count..


But she could have had in mind 7.5" nbp, so that plus how compressed the fat pad gets during sex or she could have had in mind 7.5" bp so a little less than 7.5" actually inserted. The average fat pad make almost a standard deviation of difference. This ambiguity show s up over and over on this subreddit and it affects the quality of advice on here and the ability to form an impression of which sizes have which BDP problems. There should really be a subreddit rule asking people to clarify in their post and comments whether they mean bp or nbp.


Big dicks are only visually appealing from what ive heard, much like big boobs


As a woman dating a man with a big dick, I'm out here fighting for my fucking life bro


It seems to only really matter when she’s mad at you for something, then all of a sudden you have a small dick or she faked it the whole time lol. Otherwise dick is really expendable in the grand scheme, the market value for dick has always been pretty low in comparison to vagina or hell even money, muscles or “how you make her feel”


Love that market analysis


I'd say BDs aren't overrated per se but people have to remember that size always comes with a tradeoff. BDs might feel more err.. fulfilling? LoL but at the same time, you have to have lube at hand and so a lot of the spontaneity that you might have with smaller dicks is gone. So it's not like bigger is better on all counts!


And at what size do women consider a penis big? The moment you need lube?


I considered my bf's dick big when sex was/is very painful and he was just barely at midshaft


How big is he? It shouldn’t be “very painful” at all.


Eh I don't know about this. It's entirely true that men care more about how big their dick is than women do, but do not get it twisted, many women love big dicks. I mean, go watch street interviews about size and you'll see most young college aged women between 18-29 do very much care about size. I'd say the older they get the less they care, but having a BF with a big dick is not only sexually arousing to them, but it is also gives them bragging rights when it comes to their friends and social circles. You'd be surprised how much women compare their BF's dicks, it's actually nuts. Especially younger women. I'd say that there most definitely is a good portion of women who do like big dicks and care about the dick size of their man; meaning they want big dicks, even if the majority of women don't.




I’ve come to appreciate a larger dick as I’ve gotten older and more adventurous.


No doubt that there are older women who aren't afraid to say what they want, I just meant that as they get older, it's not *as much* of a big deal to most of them because they've already experienced a lot and many just want a good partner. In my experience it's the younger girls who want to brag and experience a big cock.


I 100% think guys care about this more than girls


It depends on the gilr. For some, as long as it's not too big or small its the same, but I know some that do prefer big dicks. It all comes down to preference


Yup, they are


Yes. As a big dick, I’ve noticed there’s usually a drop off point to the novelty. Unless you find a true size queen. Girls who have never been with a big dick think they’re missing out on something. But once they get it, it only takes a dozen or so romps in the sack to realize it’s not some life changing thing. Dick measuring is a male past time. No one else truly cares that much.


Mine is. A combination of past health issues and repeated sexual abuse means I nut obscenely fast. Big dick just means there's more of me to be lonely/disappoint someone with.


Women care much more about you being good in bed than they do about the size of your dick. If you have a nice dick and you know what to do with it, so much the better. But most would rather have a guy with an average or smaller dick who knows what he’s doing, than a guy with a big dick that doesn’t. Good sex is about chemistry and technique.


Hell no. Big dicks are awesome.


Drive for show, putt for dough.


It's over rated for sure.


From a gay man’s perspective which includes perspective from owning his own dick and the experience surrounding that… A big dick is like a flashy resume. There’s just a few in the pile and they’re the ones you want to interview further and run a few skills tests on. If you’re a match you’re happy to be working together but you might always have a little doubt in the back of your head that the pairing may not last and at any moment a rival recruiter may steal them away. But after a few Christmas ham bonuses you settle into things. Now the only anxiety becomes if this guy leaves your company how will anyone ever fill the hole he left.


Not having had one yet for sure But I can say I pay little attention to guys bragging about it or hinting they have one. So do my female friends


Depends on who you ask. My current partner is obsessed. Says its the best sex shes ever had and apparently i have made her a size queen lol. But ive had 2 females turn me down for bj’s because they said it wouldn’t fit in their mouth/hurt their jaw and they didn’t really seem to enjoy it for sex either.


That’s 1 in favor and 2 against haha How big are you exactly as a point of reference?


Between 8-9” x 5.5ish


80% of women admit that size matters, and the other 20% are lying. To be fair, size matters in the sense they want to feel SOMETHING during sex. The majority of men have what it takes. What really matters, overall is technique.


no one wants a small one


I think it varies. My ex wife told her sister and a friend about my size. So u guess it was important to her.


I'm like obsessed with size. But men are *obsessed*, like, way more than I ever could be.


Isn't that only because it effects men and is something they're born with?


Oh definitely. Like, obviously there are people that like them but it’s not like they are the be all, end all. I imagine someone would rather a partner have 5 inches that know what they’re doing then someone who is 8 inches and doesn’t.


Yes. It’s one thing to look at a big dick. It’s quite another to take it inside. I am a gay man. Average is best for a reason. It fits where it goes with enough size to be pleasurable but not too much to be painful.


NO WAY! I mean it really does depend on the female, but for me for NSA the minimum is 8+ VERIFIED REAL INCHES and I take ALL of it (I'm 5'9). I am grateful to the BD guys who are willing to offer me that level of pleasure.


Yeah. Most of the comments I've gotten have come from males. The thing has been nothing but trouble, for me.


Woman here. Yes they are overrated. Nobody worries about dick size more than men do.


Why would women worry about it, they're just the ones that pick




Some do have preference and have rated me on the smaller spectrum online. I'm 6.7 x 5.5


This is the most popular size sub in terms of women visting, so I dont think it's overrated at all


Yes there are girls who want a very big dick but that is a small fraction. Most women don’t care how big or small your dick is. You just need to be a nice person


Yes and their popularity is manly driven by men. I don’t know about women but gay men usually say that bigger penises are nice for a once in a while experience but not for regular sex. I had once a (regular) sexual partner that told me that he wanted a boyfriend with a average penis size because he wouldn’t be able to have sex with someone my size every day. 🤷‍♂️


overrated? no. quite the contrary. what's overrated are immature looking pussies, "innies", one's in which the clitorides are too small to actually feel sufficient friction on the internal portions to orgasm. so it takes using your mouth and/or highly skilled fingers to get them off. big dick need not apply. that's why we should put a moratorium on impregnating any female whose clitoral glans is less than a centimeter. enough is enough!


To some, yes, but I get a lot of messages from men and women from the pictures I post and none of the messages tell me it look “over rated”.


We all die. This is all pointless


Most girls don't care all that much. Yeah taking a big dick is hot, but they can still get off on average or small dicks. If they like you, your dick is their last concern.


Said this many times to many different questions similar to this. Never once have I ever had a woman ever tell me "wow that would have been way better if your penis were smaller" I do think however it is just a preference of the women that you are with it just so happens that the women I have been with have absolutely loved the fact that I have a large penis, now before someone gets excited and starts talking about it takes more than size here you go.. There is more to it than just sticking it in and going in and out.. I've had only two instances with women where I could not have penetrative sex with them, and the oral was absolutely amazing...


Depends on the audience. Women in their 30s+ are such whores for it especially the married ones


Nothing is sexier than a bd. I am only sexually attracted to men and a man can be handsome af bud if the dick is on the smaller side then it’s kinda hard for me to be attracted.




I mean. Really is a matter of opinion. To me and my experience, no. But then I'm biased.


More length than I have would impede on my enjoyability and cause injury / pain. The extra girth has never been an issue. People seem to find the extra stretch enjoyable for the most part


It’s not like porn I know a lot of women the had longer dicks and hated it they rather girth


I absolutely love and worship big dicks but I’m not a woman unfortunately


Theyre definitely put on a pedastal by the entertainment industry and soceity as a whole. Any man no matter what attractiveness gains sex appeal the more above average his penis is.


We care more about our penis size than women do. In my experience, women have enjoyed my size, but I don't think most obsess over it like men do.


Short answer is yes, long answer is probably an academic paper with discussions about toxic masculinity and body dysmorphia and fetishization and sex negativity and other societal factors that says loosely "usually"


Do the math yourself. Mri scan of few women gave avg depth of 2.5inches when unaroused. Now if you take arousal into account, assume it becomes 2x deep as cervix moves, although im pretty sure this increase will be different in different women, 1.5x in some and 2.5x in others. Then the total depth becomes 5inches at arousal. 50% are deeper and 50% are not. If you take 1in as a margin ,6in is still good for vast majority of women.


Not to me. I prefer the man that has a bd and knows how to use it. 😍


Im6.7-7 to be honestly i feel small (my opinion) and to be able to fill that space of feelin not enough i practice my skills pretty often and a lot


Your dick shouldn’t be the best thing about you. Also, internal clit and prostate are only like 1.5” into the body so you really don’t need much. I can do more than enough with my mouth and hands. What’s between my legs is just a bonus


Yes. Technique, foreplay, enthusiam, open-mindedness, being GGG.... all these things matter way more than having a big dick. Men put what too much emphasis on having a big dick and then forget about foreplay and will leave a woman unsatisfied. They figure their dick is magic, what else do they have to do? You can't be lazy. There is way more to sex than just a penis. To be fair, same can be said for hot girls. Some hot girls think, oh, I'm hot, I don't have to do anything else but show up. That's not true either. Everyone involved needs to do their best to please their partner regardless of what amazing physical attributes they have.


Everybody else has said it better but one thing I don't think gets mentioned as much is that I think women's preference when citing size as a significant thing for them can be really dependent on the type of vagina— and I don't just mean tight or not. In my experience, as somebody who could bottom out to the cervix of only maybe approx half the women I've been with, the ones that labeled themselves as "size queens" (often in sort of self-deprecatory ways)—especially when it came to a desire for girth—often had what I'd call "spongier" pussies. What I mean is that they often had plenty tight pussies, sure, where even when inserting one or two fingers, there was a sensation of hug "tightness" or significant inward pressure significantly on the fingers, but where the surrounding tissue had the quality of a profoundly spongey pressure that had incredible capacity to expand, even sometimes enough to fit nearly a fist with a bit of warmup. This as opposed to women who might have the same initial inward pressure or feeling of tightness with one or two fingers, but the elasticity would bottom out or hit max stretch comfort very quickly after that). Also keep in mind this time period of my life when I had A LOT of fingers up an assortment of partners was when I was approx 17-25 yo, and so the women were often relatively young and many were self reporting very low body counts— this was before app dating— and so these more "taught" tissue pussies were sometimes not ones that had had a chance for the tissues to be slowly relaxed by more sexual experience or toys etc (the sexual culture was less toy experienced back then). I'd also note that anecdotally on a few occasions I had a chance to be with these different types of vaginas before and after natural childbirth and I observed (given it was a smaller dataset) that with the two more accommodating yet plenty tight, "spongier" vaginas, before and after childbirth for me there was zero detectable difference in feel for me and at least with one, in discussing their birth experience in detail she said she didn't tear. Whereas with the two more "taught" tight pussies, I could feel that there was a difference. Not that there was any reduction in pleasure for me. Sadly, one woman (Trigger warning of some kind) had experienced such significant tearing it caused a birth injury significant enough to sever her clitoral nerves. (We had been together briefly senior year and she told me this news as a single mother while hooking up again at around 25 yo, after me going down on her for 20 minutes or so and wondering why I was suddenly so ineffectual. She explained that anal was now the only way she could get off but that she wasn't exactly "prepared" for anal that night (so could we cuddle after I got off) suddenly her years of vague social media posts about a life-changing traumatic injury all clicked). Anyways, I couldn't help but think about the nature of the elasticity or lack thereof of her vaginal tissue when young, very much fitting this category of a one-finger-taughtness and me wonder if that contributed. (Also In our frank, titillating discussions of our sex lives over the years she never mentioned penis size). Although now having witnessed the duration of the pregnancy and birthing process with a partner I was blown away by how much the character of vaginal tissue changed in the last couple months of pregnancy, becoming thick and robust and spongier and then going back to normal after. One thing to mention is that with some women I've been with there's this sensation that it's the snug came from overall strong musculature and like room in the pelvic floor, like the vaginal canal tissue was plenty flexible but it was just crammed by other things down there like narrow bones and strong core muscles. But the "taught" kind often felt like there was plenty of room in the pelvis, it was just the vaginal walls that maxed out on stretch very quickly. I loved talking to women about their sex lives outside of us, and it was the tight yet spongier girls with great capacity for expansion who on a couple occasions after finding bigger partners than me, joked apologetically that they'd upgraded and were much more satisfied. One just said, "I've come to terms with the fact I just need really big dick." Obviously my points of reference don't constitute a study but I am very curious if other men anecdotally have noticed any strong correlations with women's vaginal tissue "character" differences and whether they self reported as having strong preference for penis size based on capacity and desire to really expand.


BD doesn't get me action as they do not know until it happens. Some think just having it = plenty of sex. There is a benefit to your partner feeling fuller, but it is still on you to put in the effort to please them. Nothing better than your partner covering her face in embarrassment because she previously thought squirting was some fake shit they do in porn.


As a woman, More clitoridal than vaginal I say it’s overrated. Yes I can be speechless when I see a really big dick while I am on Streamate, but I prefer a nice tongue on my pussy


“I hear a lot of women say” Stop listening to women.


I think it depends from woman to woman and really if you actually know how to use more than just your dick. Could be coincidence or them lying but every woman I've been with has admitted that they love a larger dick, and one told me that the "motion of the ocean" saying is a lie to make average guys feel better. Having said that, I could have also just had the luck of running into size queens back to back Personally I think it all boils down to knowing how to use what you have whether small, average, or big. There's more to sex than just penetration and your level of confidence can really be a huge factor in how sexy a woman finds you and how much you turn her on


I think when women say bigger is better they mean somewhere stil within two SD of the mean. That 9x7 cucumber you're packing is probably going to be much, but 6.5-8x5-5.8 is awesome. As long as you know what you're doing. And average dicks are great too for the vast majority of women.