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Anyone know the easiest grade he’s failed to onsite/ flash? Like the route equivalent of La Marie Rose 6a boulder? Not to take away from him obviously. Would just be some fun trivia. Although I guess it will just be a route where a hold broke or it’s super slippery like La Marie Rose Edit. Since becoming a pro climber. I don’t mean 5 year old Adam


I think I remember him slipping of a 7a/5.11+ in croatia not too long ago.


he just like me fr


Yeah, I recall that too now you mention it. [Here it is](https://youtu.be/Oq2Z4w1UsNg?t=143) Looks like he doesn't bother logging anything below 8a though, so we'll probably never know what the route was. Unless there are any Croatian locals here? I assume the route is probably legendary there now.


It's called Truffelschwein in the Kompanj crag, Istria province. Cool route :) Also says so later in the video




Fucken noob


He said on a video with Magnus that he slipped on a 6b I think. He says that he like to take risk when he climb, so sometimes he fall.


You remember if he said where it was at all? Yeh the price of so much efficiency is probably a slip or two. Although for the 6a boulder I think it’s just how horribly slippery the footholds are. My first attempt I slightly weighed the wrong foot and was instantly off. Was probably tricky


For sure it was tricky, but even so, they have so much strength that it they (pros climbers) want to make sur they won't fall they probably can. Even on La Marie Rose, they could probably all more or less "campus" it, just putting there feet anywhere.


I guess he wanted to climb it with style. Although maybe anyone can fall if the foot pop is quick enough and unexpected enough. I’m surprised it was actually still a fun boulder even with its current condition. But yeh since it’s notorious for being slippery and tricky I guess if a pro really wants the flash they could just bear down super hard on the handholds


Matt Climber is gonna love this


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I am so uninterested in his mission to onsight big projects... I really can't put my finger on why it doesn't feel in the spirit of the community... but it just feels like he's saying "oh, you worked really hard on that project? Here, let me show you how much stronger I am than you!" I thought Silence was a good thing he did, and I'd love to see him go project big routes. Going around and trying to flash everyone's hardest climbs seems like a dick move. There was also a video (I'm sure someone will link?) where he missed the onsight and just walked off the project in a huff. One of the main reasons I don't like him (though there are plenty of others).


> Going around and trying to flash everyone's hardest climbs seems like a dick move. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? some people will really decide to be offended by the most ass-random things


There’s SO much projection involved here 😅


Ondra def flashed this guys project lol


Matt Bush is it you??


Giving a route a serious onsight or flash attempt is the ultimate respect you can give a route in my opinion. If someone cares enough to take the time to inspect every hold, rehearse all the moves, try to find the perfect conditions, and in Ondra's case wait years for the right moment to onsight Water World, it shows to me how much he respects the route. He wants to send it in the purest way possible. If it were my project, I would only be inspired by someone who wanted to give it a flash or onsight attempt, and I would respect the hell out of them for it.


Climbing and projecting someone else's project I agree with, spending a bunch of time to learn how to climb it before putting hands on rock, just so you can prove that you're that much better seems like hubris. Ondra seems like the guy that rolls into the gym and flashes boulder problems way below his max just to show people that he's better than them.


> the guy that rolls into the gym and flashes boulder problems way below his max just to show people that he's better than them. Because that has to be the only reason that guy is doing it. Maybe they need to warm up or get a lot of volume in on that particular day.


This is why I always remember to fall off every boulder at least once while I’m warming up. Seriously though, if someone flashes your project in the way Ondra has with these 9as it’s not a personal attack.


Ondra by all accounts who ever met him is the most genuinely psyched about climbing person you'll ever meet. Climbing something just to show off seems like the opposite he would do. If anything he'll climb a bunch of shit way below his level because he genuinely enjoys it.


Truly this. He seems super non-toxic and kind and encouraging! I get the insecurity of having someone come along and just like... Campus flash your project (having been on the receiving end a few times) but hey, that's awesome for them and they've worked hard to be able to do it! Gives me a real look at what I could be able to do if I really put my energy into it. Unless you are literally Adam Ondra or Seb Bouin, there will always be someone "better" than you. It's easy to forget how important it is to have joy and self satisfaction as goals for climbing too, not just grade achievement. Like, looking at Jakob Schubert (sp?) for example.... That dude climbs ANGRY. I wonder from watching his own video of Project Big if he is actually happy doing this, or just feels a lot of burnout pressure to keep achieving.


I do not get that from Jakob at all, he's just focused. Some people call me intense, but often I'm just there trying really hard on my own thing and I'm a little oblivious to what's going on around me. It's just a laser focus. I'm still absolutely enjoying every moment of it.


Climbing is one of those things where each individual decides their goals and sometimes that goes against what the normal person would consider a worthwhile pursuit. I think that "What's the hardest thing I can flash?" doesn't come up as a huge milestone for the average climber because their hardest redpoint probably sounds cooler and would be easier to be proud of.


I think your view doesnt "feel in the spirit of the community" ....


When I go on a trip I try and do my research on how to flash classic routes in the V2-5 range. Not trying to make anyone feel less, its just a fun challenge and saves my skin for other climbs. I think everyone from newbies to pros enjoys a good try hard flash attempt


This Forreal, as someone who only has so many attempts in a day I gotta make ‘em count


This is a soft ass take.


I mean, why would he not give a flash/onsight attempt his best effort? It's not like he's gonna get to the last move and think "I don't wanna be a dick, I'm just gonna let go". Especially because climbs at this grade are few and far between and you only have one attempt in your whole life to flash/onsight. I don't think anyone feels slighted by the fact that one of the world's best climbers can indeed climb very well.


In the famous reel rock video on his 9a+ flash, Ondra talks about flashing stuff as its own separate discipline. That's how he views flashes and onsights: as their own little niche of climbing, like bouldering vs. sport climbing but at an even finer distinction. Adam's whole project is trying to test his physical limits on a ton of different styles, and this is just one more style of climbing in which he's pushing his own personal boundaries. He didn't walk up to water world on a lark; this kind of performance is something he's trained for, very specifically, for years. That's super respectful imo. I mean, when I make an effort to onsight a number grade below my limit, I just get on the thing and try not to punt haha


Bruv he literally adds commentary and basically helps coach people to onsight better


onsighting is by far the best test of ones capabilities as a climber.


I get you not being interested in Ondra and his accomplishments. For me it's not the I'm going to flash the hardest grades I can but the fact that he's a giant fucking cry baby when he fails or honestly whenever he fails anything the giant tantrum he throws. It's like grow the fuck up dude... That's why I'm uninterested in anything he does.


The man eats sleeps breathes climbing. His passion for climbing is probably unparalleled and that and his work/training ethics probably makes him one of if not the best climber, so I understand his reactions when he makes a mistake or something. Also, not everyone can be Shawn Raboutou who just smiles all the time and doesn't really show emotion when he falls off.


No doubt he is probably one of the greatest climbers to have ever lived but at some point you need to stop throwing temper tantrums and grow up. I get it, I get upset when I fail my projects and when I fail I might scream fuck or whatever. But I'm not going to be throwing my shit all over the place like a god damn child screaming for 10 minutes about how I should have had that. Showing emotion and passion for something is a lot more than having a full on meltdown when you've been climbing for as long as he has.