I think it hasn't yet been revealed. Could be just another name for the Savage Attacker feat ? Edit: Could also be some kind of Great Weapon Master but for his claw attacks ?


I'm surprised they don't release official character sheets.


I’m dying for official character sheets and a full rundown of Ashton’s subclass. But I assume they’re saving that for the next book and using this campaign as a playtest for it before releasing all the details.


Lesson learned from Beau maybe?


My understanding is that Tal's character isn't one of Matt's homebrews, but either his own or third-party, that has been flavoured for thematic tie-in with Matt's Dunamancy. I'm pretty sure early campaign he said that he'd chosen "jank home-brew, to mess with Matt"


I thought Tal had said he was interested in the wild magic barb but that it sucked, so he and Matt came up with something else.


He came to Matt with his version of the subclass, and Matt had to temper it back a bit, so they created it together! I think they mentioned it in an episode of 4SD, or maybe the Comic Con panel, I can’t recall.


Seems like just the Wild Magic Barbarian with Dunamancy instead of random stuff


Last thing they need is fans looking at those sheets and then yelling at the players for when they messed up throughout the campaign.


that and a bit of mystery is fun


This 100%. If they released it then this sub would be filled with “why didn’t this player use this ability or take this feat/ability score?” 💀


people already do that...but I would definitely like to see what ashtons subclass is eventually, matt wouldnt just never show it ever right


?? they do have official character sheets i saw one at my lcs the other day


Are you sure they're official? Best I've seen online are the [critrolestats sheets which are not official.](https://www.reddit.com/r/criticalrole/comments/12pu90b/no_spoilers_character_sheets/) They're fan guesses. And apparently the Tal’Dorei reborn book also has stat blocks for Vox Machina as NPCs. Not sure if NPCs are stated differently than the actual characters from the last episode of campaign 1. But anyway, that would still just be VM. Not Mighty Nein or Bells Hells.


tomorrow i’ll head over there and take a picture


i forgod


No idea and it's driving me up a wall that it's been 15 eps and not a clue. Whatever it does it has to be something passive or it would have came up by now.


Probs just forgot with all the moon bs


Dammit moon moon


I know it’s too obscure for the team, but I wish any of them knew about the moon moon thing!


Can we call it BS if it's super important world lore they have been building to for eight years?


You can call anything bs.


Sure. The players don't hesitate to tell us that the characters don't care about the gods, so why should we?


The characters have been operating in a world without gods for 1,000 years. It's perfectly reasonable for them to be uninterested in something that hasn't had influence in that long. But now they're back! Also, FCG and Deanna are, and have always been, invested in the gods.


Since he's gotten it, and it was related to controlling his Wolfing-Out, I think it's related to what happens when he gets to low hp (normally he'd attack anyone nearby, even allies). I don't think he's gotten low enough since (well except getting impaled) for it to come into play.


It'll probably be included in the Marquet book they'll eventually release