I dont know about any of these jets but for the map Syria seems do be the most popular map


Would be super neat if ED had a trial system so you can see which module you like best. Preferably one that lets you try whatever you want for free for two weeks each. Wait... (Don't get the Viggen for A-A, especially not against 4th gen. Mirage doesn't have fox-3, so in PVP it's only viable in dogfights


Def get Syria. Have you considered the Mig-19? If you like dogfighting on the Cold war server that one's not bad.


Viggen is awesome if you like low altitude, high speed, single pass pre-planned strikes followed by a zone 3 getaway. That's what it was built for, and it is fun as hell to do. That and naval missions, following the same principle. It doesn't do target of opportunity stuff quite as well. Still not happy that we don't have the fighter version in the game.


If you are looking at the mirage might be worth waiting a little bit as a mirage f1 is soon to be released. Also Syria is a fantastic map which is getting more frequently used.


First question you gotta answer: Do you prefer air to air or air to ground? Do you want old school muscle car or new school flying computer? Do you want a challenge or do you want the easy button? Air to ground with option to A2A? Viggen. Modern A2A with limited air to ground? Mirage. Extreme immersion with choice to do both? Mig-21.


I seeā€¦. probably I need all of them!