1.) I am staying in the Mazoljice neighborhood of Mostar 2.) I chose this area at the recommendation of friends in Croatia 3.) Cost of rent in Mostar is around $500-$700/mo 4.) The area is quite religious, so from my experience, nightlight is relatively quiet and nearly all places close by midnight. However, it’s still quite common to see people having drinks at cafes and small, local pubs well into the evening. 5.) Cost of living is incredibly affordable. The average mid-range meal is $7-$10 USD. Fast food, is about $3-$5. My weekly grocery bill tends to hang around $20-$40 dollars (this covers at least 2 meals a day for 6 days). Taxis are also very cheap, with the average ride costing $2.50. 7.) Mostar is a common tourist location, though it is primarily visited as a day or weekend trip from Dubrovnik or Split, Croatia, so the DN community isn’t quite as prominent as it is in neighboring Croatia.


$700 for an apartment in Bosnia? That's not cheap. You can find many better options at that price (or lower).


200$ for 45sq in Sarajevo. But I'm local it is easy to find me a apartment. Check this site https://www.kirija.ba/


Native here! Just finished one month in Mostar. For me it is the best place for remote work in BiH. Cheap, calm, beautiful nature, close to the see (Split is 2 hours) and it got that tourist vibe. Especially the west part of town is much nicer than east part. (lots of history why is this as is) Your rent is quite high and I bet you found top most quality. I rented brand new two room apartment for 350$ (month). But I'm native and I used olx.ba which is our version of craiglist so I managed to get it cheaper. I would recomend Žeks doner (food), Calamus club (best Cafe for work) and train ride from Mostar to Sarajevo (weekend fun). Have a nice stay!


So you would say Mostar is better to stay in than Sarajevo?


For remote work, definitely.


Thanks. How come?


Dude you are getting ripped, for that same money you can get a villa with a pool in Blagaj. For 700$ everywhere in Bosnia, you can get a big house. Advice from the Bosnian, please find another accommodation, you can save a lot of money, and even you can find something better for less money I can guarantee to you.


I used to try to explain this concept to DN here in the DR (I’ve been here since 2008). 99% of the time it goes in one ear and out the other. As long as it’s cheaper than the hellhole they come from they don’t care. The apartment I rented when I first came to the DR for $50 a month is now renting for 650 a month on air bnb because he can get stupid Americans to pay anything. The only upgrades is a water heater and a paint job with new cabinets.




Gentrification is real.




All I’m saying is when we give a shit about the local population and how our choices can impact their quality of life, we all win. I’m all about being generous, just try to direct it in a way that improves the community as a whole


Yeah just gotta use basic logic..if rents in your town are $100/month, and foreigners come in paying $1k/month..what's going to happen? Well any local with three brain cells and some money is going to start mortgaging properties and charging $1k/month, then use that cash flow to mortgage even more, then the other locals with two brain cells are going to do the same, until you have property prices that are no longer affordable to the locals who are still making the same wage they did last year...see the popular areas of Medellin, CDMX..A few lucky locals will make it big, but chances are they are already upper middle class to start with.


$700 for an apartment in Bosnia? That's not cheap. You can find many better options at that price (or lower).


It depends on how big a space you’re wanting, plus I’m personally using Airbnb’s. $500/mo is more common, but for a larger space it can go up to $700.


Damn, you're getting ripped. $700 gets you an apartment in a small midwest city. I can get a $10 meal at a local Mexican restaurant/Ramen shop/deli in the US


How is Bosnia for nomads?


My experience has been pretty good! Granted, I’ve only stayed in Mostar which is small and relatively quiet. If you’re looking for somewhere more lively and with more of a nightlife, it’s probably best to head to Sarajevo.


Morning from Sarajevo, neighbor!


Love that cup.


I wish more people knew this was an option. The simple things.


Is it easy to find friends there as a nomad? Are there expat community?


Easy to make friends in the Balkans


If your are tehere already buy me some Čevapčić:)


Where else have you been?


So far I’ve been to Ireland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and now Bosnia. I leave for Austria this weekend.




How's internet speed there?


Looks amazing, but could you please answer the automod questions or provide a trip report? I will re-enable this post once you do. Thanks!


Sorry about that! Just posted the answers


Thanks it's now approved.


What do you do?


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Guest House Goa?


did you swim and fish in neretva?


I have a full remote job but am hesitant to become a nomad because I can't work just on my laptop without a second screen. Curious how do you accommodate that or any advice or advice?


If you really must have a second screen there are solutions, such as buying an ASUS Zenscreen. I had one for a year, even wrapped it in bubble wrap and carried it in my checked baggage. But then I downsized and got rid of it.


Get a big ipad. Wireless 2nd screen.


Looks amazing. Hot, I bet!


lol. That cup is now in my old bunker in my village. Now if you're paying $700 for an apartment, I guess you're paying something like $10-15 for that coffee which cost me almost 0.


I chose a larger home, hence the price of the rent. It was my own decision and I was happy to pay it. As for the coffee, it was $1.60.


Good price then


Would much rather the camera focus on the beautiful background than a drink, lol.


Does that guy who looks like Khal Drogo still work at the breakfast place in the tourist area??


Have you jumped off the bridge yet?


Nice, I have been there yesterday, Secerlook?