I own a disc golf shop. I’d gladly do this for you! Or any customer really


Haha I can’t imagine how much you’d be drooling if this dude walked into your shop asking this question


Let's see, 20 premium plastic discs comes out to... $400


That's a very conservative estimate. Most stores will sell at a slight mark up so you're looking at ~$25 per disc. Then you have to consider too that most pros bag test flight discs or special/first runs which cost $35+ on occasion. Honestly doing a 1:1 of a pros bag would be difficult, but assuming you can manage it I'm thinking most pro bags are in the ballpark of $600


Except Sexton or Barsby, throwing '15 Sexy Birds or 10x Eagles


right maybe those are 300 dollar discs or more but most stores simply don't have those sitting on the shelves.


I think you are vastly underestimating the price of old sexy birds. Nate commented last year that he was throwing a $6000 disc over water since that was what he had just sold the same disc for.


I have to imagine there's a bit of an extra markup when you're not only buying a '15 Sexybird but you're getting it from the man himself.


Oh for sure it's very expensive but my overall point was that it's not something you can buy in a disc golf store anyways and as such not really relevant to OP's question


Any smart store would offer some kind of discount for that large of an order, though.


I don't think anyone would expect a 1:1 copy of a pro's bag. I think the idea would be that a pro X bags these 4 putters, these 3 mids, these 4 fairways, these 6 drivers, etc., you get the same mould in the closest equivalent plastic. If they have 2 Star Destroyers and 2 Halo Destroyers, that's what you get, but not special or out of production moulds.


depends, most stores get dealer prices and not the prices you pay for their discs, and mark up to MSRP or what you see on the company site, so if they are just normal stock discs $18-20 a disc is a reasonable estimate. Of course, most pros back certain runs in certain plastics only available from your series, which will be $25-$30 a disc


Ok, I'll start looking for a pro who bags only AJ destroyers and other goodies then. Jk Most people would benefit from copying a FPO players bag more then copying Calvins or Eagles bag 😄


Right? Somebody asked Calvin what he uses for his turnover shots and he says, "my pink halo destroyer is pretty flippy" 9/10 ams aren't turning over that pink destroyer.


whoever that one am is should go pro


You mean learn to putt? I think not sir, I think not.


I’d say 999/1000 aren’t lol


There's a few MA1 ams that have stupid power at every tournament.


9/10 ams aren't even flipping up that destroyer.


I have several pfn, patent number, Star Destroyers that are very flippy. The trick is smashing them into anything and everything you can find on a disc golf course over and over and over again. FYI, I’ve also found this works on all discs.




I’m aware. I was joking. Thought that was obvious. I’ll do better next time.


on that FPO thought: Here is a great bag set-up from Ohn Scoggins that anyone could put together pretty simply. ​ Putters JK Pro Aviar-X– (JK Pro x3) 2 / 3 / 0 / 2 The Aviar-X JK (Juliana Korver) is a version of the popular Innova Aviar that brings great results. This is a “big bead” putter, meaning there is a bump or bead on the inside rim. This disc comes in soft Pro plastic. The JK Aviar is softer than the Yeti Pro, but more firm than the regular R-Pro Aviar. This putter offers an excellent grip for an accurate controlled flight. “I bang these all day long!” Mid-Range Roc3– (Star and Champion) 5 / 4 / 0 / 3 The Roc3 is an overstable midrange disc designed for everything from controlled approaches to midrange drives. It performs well in any conditions, including slicing through winds, making it versatile to each player on the course. “I like to throw this one for the straight upshots.” Mako3– (Champion) 5 / 5 / 0 / 0 The Mako3 is the newest version of the remarkably straight flying Innova Mako. This midrange disc is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a straight flyer with very limited fade. The Mako3 is available in the new Jolly Launcher Champion plastic, and is slightly faster than the original Mako. Fairway Drivers Leopard3 Tour Series– (Halo x2) 7 / 5 / -2 / 1 The Innova Leopard3 is the faster less glidey version of the popular Innova Leopard. this disc has a nice controllable turn right out of the box. With a smooth throw the Leopard 3 will fly lazer straight. With power this disc will turn hard and finish right (with a right hand backhand throw). “My Tour Series disc..You guys want a birdie?!?!” Roadrunner– (Star) 9 / 5 / -4 / 1 The Roadrunner is a long-distance driver with tons of glide. It’s ideal for new players to gain extra distance on long, straight shots. For more advanced players with more arm speed, it is great for long turnover shots and rollers. Distance Drivers Destroyer– (Star x5) 12 / 5 / -1 / 3 Possibly the most popular distance driver amongst experienced players, the Destroyer is a high speed overstable distance driver. This disc is Ricky Wysocki’s go to driver. It was the first 12 speed driver. The Destroyer is great in head winds and has a predictable hard fade at the end of its flight. It is extremely torque resistant so big arms will love this disc. Great for experienced players. “This one I can throw if windy or not windy. I can trust it all day long.” Tern– (Halo) 12 / 6 / -3 / 2 The Tern is a high speed understable distance driver. It is a great disc for beginners and intermediate players to gain max distance. Advanced players will find this disc useful for long anhyzers. Not a disc to throw into headwinds. This is for players with slower arm speeds looking for max distance or for advanced players looking for a hyper flip. Huge glide carries the Tern a long ways. “The Tern is going to hold the line way long and then eventually it’s going to come back a little bit. This is my go to for anhyzer.” Shryke– (Champion) 13 / 6 / -2 / 2 The Shryke is a long range distance drive that is easy to throw. It has exceptional glide and a predictable gentle fade at the end of its flight. The Shryke also has mild low speed fade, making it ideal for beginners. It is less stable than a Destroyer and more stable than a Tern, filling a gap with huge distance potential in calm wind conditions. “Sidearm. I throw it on anhyzer and it’s going to come back all the time.” Colossus– (Champion) 14 / 5 / -1 / 3 The Colossus is the first Innova driver in the speed 14 category. This ultra fast distance driver has potential to provide even more distance for those with big arms, but is understable enough that it can be handled by the masses. “It always comes back…If you guys have never tried the Colossus you should try it!”


Note to folks not familiar: The Champion Shryke is *not* like other Shrykes. Many of them even have a -1 turn printed on the disc. If you try to do anhyzers with a Star or GStar Shryke, I don't care what your arm speed is, it's going to turn into a roller. I do highly suggest the Champion Shryke, though. It's my slight tailwind forehand disc, my anny backhand disc, or my slight headwind backhand disc.


True and not true, all the newer domey star Shrykes I’ve thrown have been remarkably stable out of the box by star shryke standards. I can put a good bit of juice on them (~450ft of power) without any hyzer and they S curve like a dream. They do beat pretty flippy though.


For real… they throw some super beefy stuff. Rick too


OP do this


That’s what I’d definitely prefer to see, someone local building bags tailored to the local courses.


I just don't think this is even close to possible, given how different every player is. My most thrown discs at my local course that's mostly 250' par 3's with a lot of elevation changes are a Nuke SS, a Westside Bard, an MVP Crave, and a Berg. You hand that combination of discs to a rando on the street and who the hell knows what's going to happen. As for what a shop owner would give me? Probably a Luna, a Buzz, and a Zone. Could I make that work? Sure. Would I hate every minute of it? Also sure.


Very true. That’s why I’m all for building a relationship with the local shop. Once they get an idea of what I like, if they get something new, they can suggest it. Obviously it’s my money, I make the ultimate decision. But, based on OPs title, I think it would be best for a local shop to curate a selection for local courses, with multiple discs that would suit different skill levels


This is a good service. Maybe not copy a pro bag, per se, but consult on their game, their level of play, and their style of play, then build out a bag to suit that style. Golf stores do this with clubs, so it would make sense for disc golf stores to do it with discs.


If you don't have pre built bags on your website you should. A starter tier, mid tier, pro tier. I've tried to get into diac golf a few times, and just got bogged down in the options and left the store. If there was a $300 starter set, I would have bought it.


You and OP should find a nice disc shop owner and ask them to build you a 10-20 disc bag and just keep your price range, skill level, and style of play in mind (casual or not) Biggest thing here is avoiding cheap plastic versions of the discs you’re looking for. I’ve only been disc golfing 2-3 years and unless you’re trying to rush into competitive play I’ve found that mixed packs online are awesome and super fun to try new companies & types of discs.


Sounds like OP might need an exclusively halo plastic tour series bag!


Marketing team somewhere: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN




You gotta give




*Look up at my face


She keeps eating batteries...


Like, little round batteries - like watch batteries...


That’s the same thing Supreme does, wouldn’t you agree?






hodor. Hoodooor! Hodor. Hodor. HOODOR!


Most top level pros have in the bag videos on youtube but they constantly make small changes to their bags throughout the season.


Usually they have a core set of discs and then some come and go depending on the course and the weather


I agree about the changes part - maybe they just update the listing once per season and ignore mid season changes


I think it depends by course, or conditions which makes way too much sense. Unless it’s something fickle like putter plastic, or promotion of new products.




This would be very hard for most manufacturers. Discmania, innova, discraft all their pros bag old special runs and out of production stuff. Is a cool idea tho if a company could do it


Yes but if they could fill out a full replica bag including all the rare stuff. Think of what they could charge for that? Or even just have the pro make a bag they would use from the warehouse, but not mystery box BS clear out the unsold crap. 25 disc full pro bag, they could sell that for probably $1k+ easy depending on which pro.


Yeah I could see this definitely but I still feel it would be hard for some people knowing that paul is throwing a black on black 4 claw and they get a stock z or eagle throwing a first run pd and they get a new c line. I feel like for anyone who could spend the hundreds to even over a thousand for some disc's would much rather just pick out a copy cat bag from the company's website if that's where all the discs are coming from. Only way I could really see this happening is if the pros did it themselves from their own collection. If they were to do that I could easily see the bigger names getting 1k plus


I was gonna completely disagree but I see your point a bit more now, still disagree a bit though. It's the golden age of marketing and even perhaps false marketing. I mean you can't tell me that a bag put together and endorsed by Paul of all "the disc in my bag" would not sell decently enough to be worth it. I'm sure it's not too much of a reach to envision even multiple types of "own a pro's bag" concepts that I'm 100% would sell if priced and marketed right. A low end bag with maybe 12-20 pro preferred throwers could be priced low enough to sell, or you could market a set without a bag for a lower price point as well. It doesn't **have** to be a high end bag and discs totaling $500-$1000 Just because you or I might not buy it, or afford it if priced too high does not mean enough others won't. But at the same time I'm not saying they would sell a gazillion of them, neat concept and might sell if pushed, but not something we see posts demanding with any regularity.


Yeah that does make sense. I didn't really think about it like that, I just read the title and thought about how almost no pros bag could be 1 to 1 copied. Could definitely see something cheaper with stock discs making sense. Especially with good marketing, I could see a video of mcbeth going through the warehouse and making a bag out of stock discs for people to buy.


We do this over here as best as we can - it needs some work because they update their bags so much. But we have a few pro bags fairly accurate: https://discgolfdealsusa.com


That’s pretty cool!


While I think that’s a really cool idea I don’t think most amateurs should be throwing all the same discs as professionals because their arm speed is so much greater than ours.


Most fun wins. Nothing is more fun than pretending to be your hero.


Someday growing this ponytail and practicing Comet turnovers around trees is gonna pay dividends


I already had a ponytail, and I just found a comet and threw it today. I now love comets.


Honestly an MJ bag would suit a lot of AM players. That guy isn’t throwing meat hooks like most MPO players.


Dude played Waco and Austin on tour. MJ, we need a 2023 IN THE BAG!


"I'm like the MJ of disc golf!"


Mick Jaggger? if we start you up will you ever stop?


Nope. Problems with the acquisition of satisfaction. But he tries and he tries and he tries...


Honestly, I think the biggest issue with this from a marketing perspective is that most pros throw only a few molds but in wildly different stabilities based on run and disc age.


They also have access to entire warehouses of discs to find a specific run that suits them.


They could just have all the same discs as pros but in a lower weight. 160-165g instead of max weight.


That’s true but, most am players still bag high speed discs!


Because we're stupid!


I prefer the term "Needlessly confident and full of hope". We're all thinking "okay, maybe I can't throw this disc like {insert pro}, but surely it will be better for me than {insert beginner-friendly mold}".


I know I do haha


That’s fine and all but the real problem would be when discs of all speeds end up just hyzering out


Tattar throws a 13 speed for 300foot FH shots so I’m justified 😂


If you have a specific shot for a disc, go ahead.


Not just speed. Stability as well. If you bag an all pro bag, your understable slot will likely be empty because what’s understable for them is likely stable for you.


Ya, for more advanced players this would also be super fun


But there is also something to enjoy in seeing what a world class disc golfer can do with your exact same tools.


Watch me throw a 100 foot upshot with my pd2!


Exactly this. Took med 1+ year to realize I shouldnt be throwing the same discs as them. Now its understable all the way.


Just pray you don't play in the wind. A fully understable bag into a headwind is nightmare fuel.


that's a pro bag for sure; Kevin Jones


I really liked the idea until this... which is 100% the truth. However the idea isn't bad, but instead of a pro bag just sell a beginner setup. Give them some DX Leopards and let them rip!


If you french fry when you should pizza, you're gunna have a bad time


Well, wouldn’t it be fun to assemble it yourself? Like, pick a pro, watch their in the bag video and make it? Or, if you’re feeling lazy PM me and I’ll do it for a fee. With the option of shipping direct to you or an added assembly and shipping fee on my end. I mean, fuck it, I’ve got time to kill on it right?


OP definitely seems to be looking for the "no homework" option and understands that could be at a cost, so hope they see your offer.


My going rate is $250 for building any given pros bag. Pm me if interested 😂😂


[This](https://otbdiscs.com/product-tag/simons-mvp-bag/) is the closest I've seen.


No Hex Lizottl in the list of discs in his bag - interesting.


He showed 2 hex's in the video, one being a lizottle.


Thanks - I figured he did, but the site didn't list any. Probably out of stock issues.


That’s actually really close - dear lord I don’t wanna throw an mvp bag :(( don’t make me


LOL you touched a nerve.


Why not? They make great discs.


On the MVP Team site you can look up what each of the pros throw as well. You still have to order them separately, but it's neat to see a list of all their discs. And it's updated and maintained by the players directly.


If for nothing else, mvp is an amazing company run by some awesome dudes (and I assume dudettes). Support!


Why?! They are amazing. A transition, sure but they feel soooo good


Honestly, I've always hated the way MVP feels in the hand.


Have you felt a Matrix? I thought the same until I felt one. Best-feeling mid for backhand or forehand imo.


Yeah it's pretty awful actually, such a sharp edge on the bottom part. No not flashing just the design of it.


Still bums me out that an Envy didn't make his bag.


I actually don't like throwing it either. I have one, but I never pull it out.


I think it would be hard because most pros have discs with different stages of wear in their bag. Like whereas a regular player might have an understable driver mold, stable driver mold, and over stable driver mold, a pro might have a really beat in destroyer, a beat in destroyer, and a new destroyer. But you probably don’t want to be paying for used discs, and to get a disc that would be the right amount of beat in would be hard regardless.


Imagine if online stores stocked pros full bags? Or even worlds collector bags. A Paul McBeth bag with everything that was in his bag on the final round. Those would sell reasonably well. Probably $2000 🤔


What if it's Barsby though?


Damn I was thinking $500 tops


So just out of curiosity, I found Paul's 2022 Worlds bag (on Gatekeeper Rd 2 coverage) and added it up. Here are the discs, with the number beside them being the number of duplicates in the bag: Rubber Blend Luna (3) Luna Special Blend Luna Metallic Z Zone ESP Buzzz ESP (3) Wasp CT Malta Athena ESP Undertaker (titanium) Cap Rap special Z Blend Vulture ESP Anax (2) ESP Zeus ESP Force (7) He also carried his signature Grip bag (retail $259.99) Altogether, the 25 discs and bag would cost you $738 (based on online disc prices) before any markup for putting the entire thing together...so $500 would barely cover all of the discs without the bag, and if you're doing a full collector's bag you'd probably want the bag itself. That said, $2000 might be a bit high unless someone's going out and personally beating in all 7 Forces (after sourcing the same specific runs he used) to get them to the relative condition of Paul's.


Surely you’d get a *discount* for placing such a large order, not pay an additional premium for it.


Oh probably, good point. This was a quick estimate with the costs from online retailers (which have generally already been marked up from wholesale), so they could probably drop the cost a bit for the whole package compared to their normal single-disc markup and still make a decent profit, especially if these were all built out with brand new stock discs. The only way I could see justifying a big markup for something like this is if they were to go the route of legitimately recreating a bag (like my example of finding the specific runs of Forces and then beating them in to roughly the conditions they were for that tournament), since that would be quite a bit more work.


Lol, nobody going to be able to sell you a pros bag. Here’s the problem: They all throw discs in various stages of wear. Nobody could sell you a lineup of Destroyers from under to overstable. Or a set of KC Roc3s.


Good point but you could have collections chosen by them. “The Heimburg Beginner, Intermediate and Pro collections” it would be a collection of discs curated by them for various skill levels.


This is some elite marketing strategy


This is the only good suggestion in this thread. I'm sure people would actually quite like this!


This guy markets


Would Elite-tier pros like Calvin or PMcB actually take the time out of their day to do this? I don't think they would.


What do you mean? It wouldn’t take that long. They would just pick them out ahead of time. It would take like an hour


To do their job of pushing sales for their sponsors discs?


Yeah, like "here's 5 of the same few molds, have fun!"


I have thought about trying to start a store that specializes in disc golf sets, but always run into the issue of how manufacturers produce discs. They don't have warehouses just completely stocked with every disc that they produce in different plastics, weights, and colors. The machines that produce discs are extremely expensive and because of that they are limited at the amount of molds they can print at one time. I think the demand for disc golf sets is out there. I just think it's not currently realistic with how discs are produced and how big the sport is.


>They don't have warehouses just completely stocked with every disc that they produce in different plastics, weights, and colors If you have money to throw around you can do that though, you can order custom through like Innova like they do for tournament/fundraiser discs


I have at least seen MVP order forms and they don't allow custom discs from all of their molds at one time. It's specific molds and plastics based on what they already had planned to print for mass production.


That’s a cool idea. It would be expensive but I’m sure people would pay. Imagine buying the McBeth prebuilt bag with all the discs he throws. It could be the actual bag he uses and like 10 or 20 discs that are in his bag. Good idea though i think people would be into it. Probably be at least $500. You could have the Heimberg collection with his toros, destroyers, roc, Dracos etc. it would be cool if the collection came with like a little card written by the pro explaining the purpose each disc serves in their bag. That would give it a premium feel.


Exactly - great additions


They could do so much with collections. You could have curated collections from the pros. Like a smaller scale version of what we’re talking about. Just like 5 discs that are each pros favorites. They could make them special editions so they’d sell better. Heimburg collection would be Aviar, Toro, Roc, Draco and Destroyer. All in their preferred plastic. McBeth could have Luna, Zone, Buzzz, Athena and Force or whatever. Also brands could do different collections targeting different skill sets. The power collection, the woods collection, beginners, intermediate, stuff like that.


It obviously would be exact since some bag very specific runs or oop molds. Plus, say Paul bags 5 forces, his 5 all fly differently whereas 5 new ones would all fly the same. A cool variation that I think would work well would be a bag of 1 disc per mold they have in their bag. That way you’d get just the 1 force instead of 5 identical ones. You could maybe add a few more in different plastics because a esp zone will fly differently than a jawbreaker zone for example. Plus then you could just add a PD instead of a Nordic Phenom from years ago. Definitely a cool idea, they’d just have to make sure to advertise it properly. Plus it would be extremely expensive




Yeah people shit on destroyers buuuuuuuut you are damn right.


It is if you buy a stack of 5 from a retailer. Those 5 are very likely to be from the same batch at the factory.


I understand the complexity of doing a full “Eagle” bag, but shortly before Simon moved to MVP, he and Eagle did a video where they walked through the warehouse and chose the best beginner discs. I really liked this as a new player (just over a year at the time). What if there were player designed beginner bags, which included a bag and 8-10 discs, as well as a you tube video doing a bag walk through. It could incorporate their tour discs. I would have bought that at the end of my first summer!!


This is probably the closest I know of, I wish they'd do it as a box set! [https://store.latitude64.se/collections/kristin-tattar-in-the-bag](https://store.latitude64.se/collections/kristin-tattar-in-the-bag)


I think it's a safe bet disc manufacturers are NOT going to hire developers for thousands of dollars to build this feature literally 3 people in the world will use.


I think you’re wrong there. No matter if it’s a good fit for the player or not I guarantee it would sell like hotcakes


Disc golf deals has a pro section and shows what’s in their bag.


Not being trying to be insulting or sexist: I can only see this working if you mirrored an FPO bag.


I think that completely alleviates the fun. But to each their own.


I have fun playing the game - time is really the only issue


Lucky for you "in the bag" videos from any pro are less than 10 minutes long, probably less time than it took you to write this post and read all the comments...


I guess if I know which pros bag I want to order - not interested in looking at 20 in the bags from various years


None of them will suit your arm anyway, so you may as well pick whoever you like the most.




A pros bag is like a zj if you don't know you can't afford it.


I’ll do it for you for $200 not including parts (the bag and discs)


Pros hardly ever mention disc weights when doing in the bags do they? I'd be curious to to know are they all just throwing max weight everything.


Some in the bags mention weights Forsure, most pros are throwing majority of discs in max weight but even some pros throw 170g drivers


Where are we getting stock of these ancient and obscure runs for these bags


I feel like the primary market for this hypothetical product wouldn't know the difference between different runs. Given two Sexton firebirds, I couldn't tell you which years they were from. Just get the molds as close as possible.


I can absolutely build you a disc bag that's best for your throwing style and ability. If you want to just match a bag the pros are throwing I can do that too - at least as close is what's available as many pros throw older and out of print runs, some that cost A LOT of money on the secondary market. Any disc shop would be willing to help to the best of their ability. The recommendations and bag building and talking about disc golf is half the fun of working at a shop in my opinion.


I always thought it would have been really nice to buy a complete set when first starting. Kind of like buying golf clubs.


OTB doesn't have a button to add them all to the cart at once, but they do have a page based on Simon's in the bag video: https://otbdiscs.com/product-tag/simons-mvp-bag/


I would honestly be interested in a small satchel bag filled with discs chosen by the pros to be good for newer or slower arm speed players. I see how that could never sell in volumes that would be worth it for the companies. But it would be neat to have a “Matty O” set of discs. I guess kinda like the video that Simon and eagle made for discmania right before Simon left


Had a buddy build an entire Micheal Johansson bag. Got the shift and everything.


Can’t wait for someone to buy one of these bags and complain that there’s 6 of the same disc haha. Awesome idea though.


If you reach out to dfx at dfxdiscs.com, they should be able to build you bad ass bag, color or stamp themed


There are at least two expectation problems with this. Discs will never fly for me as they do for a top speed arm. And more importantly. In a pros bag discs are picked individually. There are often multiple discs of the same mold used for different shots, due to differences in characteristics. This would be impossible to simulate without knowing who they fly for the one buying, a skill that has to be learned both when viewing a disc and trying it out.


The problem with this, is that most pros bag discs that are unobtainable by the general public. A list of molds and plastics might steer you towards a similar lineup, but so many discs are limited runs or out of production. Even trying to match your best friend's bag, let alone a pro with their connections, could be next to impossible. Plus, that doesn't even account for how broken in, or seasoned the discs are. I have a Sexton Firebird that flies like a beat in Valkyrie, but an "in the bag" list would simply list it as a champion glow firebird. Basically what my rant is trying to say is that all bags are unique. They are built over years by and for the individual. That's not something that can be mass produced and sold. The only way a company could sell a premade "pro themed" bag, is if the player agreed to start a fresh bag with only new stock molds.


One of the problems with this is that many of the pros throw out of production discs, certain plastics unavailable or even a particular year for that run. In the case of Discmania pros there are people still throwing Innova produced discs that haven’t been made in years


I didn't know people like this exist. Why not build your bag based on your skill and what discs you like to throw?


Once you make your pro bag, go on tour and you’d have a successful YouTube channel.


Ignoring the changes that pros say they make,I think it’d be a cool idea. You could even do it from plastic types. Using innova as an example, they already have the starter sets. Why not do 10-12 disc bag selection using whatever pros recommend based on a poll they give to the pros. And an advanced full bag based on the same system. They don’t have to be those special runs or anything, even sell it in a DX plastic. I feel like it could do really really well for manufacturers.


This is where local shops shine. Give your LDGS a call and you’ll get this an probably the bag they use too.


I would like to press one button and have Simon's arm too.


Great marketing idea, terrible idea for non-pro players. Not only does the average Joe not have the same arm speed nor angle control the pros with the name recognition for this to make sense do, you're also getting brand new plastic and ignoring the fact that these guys and gals bag multiples of the same mold you're buying that have been beat in to perform wildly different for them than a new disc would for the average player.


You can also check on the manufacturer’s website. I know innova has all their sponsored player’s discs listed


I bought a par plastics mystery box and in the notes requested all kastaplast for a starter set. Worked out amazingly.


Damn this is a good idea. Imagine like a prebuilt pack with the intention of setting up a cycle. Stack of DX Aviar PnA Stack of DX Rocs Stack of DX Eagles


Just watch a few in the bags and then buy a bag and the discs. If you want an Innova pro bag I'd go with- Keeping in mind pros are able to bag fewer molds since they beat stable discs in to fill more US slots. Putting Putter Invader AviarX3 Roc3 Mako3 Gator3/Caiman Sidewinder Eagle TL3 NS Firebird Wraith Destroyer XCal Shryke


Just tape your face when you open James Conrad’s bag and see 3 envy’s in the same plastic because he’s beat them into different levels but you just bought 3 of the same.


Best bet is to find a Gatekeeper Media video with the pro whose bag you want to copy, write those discs down, then go onto whichever website you prefer (otb discs, infinite discs, 1010 discs, whatever) to put each one in the search bar, get all the discs in the cart and checkout. You'll spend less time doing it that way than waiting (and paying) someone else to do the exact same thing


Sounds lame


This is the most insane thing I have ever seen on this sub. Guy casually wants to spend hundreds of dollars just because that’s what a certain pro uses. Disc golf is such anecdotal sport. What works for someone else rarely works for you, and vice versa.


Yeah - it actually started as just trying to go down to throwing a single manufacturer. If companies offered a bag that attempted to cover most standard slots that get filled in a bag, that would work too. I’ll have to disagree on the what works for someone else rarely works for you point. It’s still a competitive sport where you can emulate players that are better than you and get a good outcome. What works for them can certainly work for you. That’s why you have so many players on tour that have form similar to McBeth.


Stupid idea tbh


They’re called starter packs.