cds people might not recognize Aspects of Physics - Marginalized Information Forms One — right of Drukqs — cool glitch album from a local label Beneath the Lake - Inside Passage — left of Untrue — another album from a local label, this one is an awesome dark ambient/drone album Cathars - — right of Untrue — this is a really cool glitch album from a professor at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston FCS North - FCS North — under Drukqs — AMAZING idm album with heavy avant garde jazz influences from a local band. since finding this album i've been hooked on their song "Prince", i highly recommend y'all check it out its super cool Final - One & Final - 2 — great glitch/dark ambient albums from a side project of the creator of the metal band Godflesh, Justin Broadrick Her Space Holiday - Manic Expressive — under Untrue — pretty cool downtempo album with a strong indie rock influence Kiln - Kiln — cool Future Sound of London-esque ambient/idm ep Plastiq Phantom - Enjoy the Art of Lying Down — bright green one — another great idm album from a local artist Pressure of Speech - Phase 1 — compilation of techno/idm songs from the artist Pressure of speech as well as remixes of several of the songs. features a remix by the artist Scanner, who's become one of my favorite artists of all time in the past few months Jason Sharp - The Turning Centre of a Still World — left of Selection Sixteen — ambient/drone album with a beautiful bari saxophone part laid over it While - Haze — right of the D&B Arena Mix — great little idm ep also the tan one is Plaid's 1998 Peel Session ep


FUCK i just realized i forgot to include it in the photo but i also found ISDN by FSOL


One my all time favourites.


been looking for it for ages, i’ve got every 90s FSOL album now!


I take it you don't use discogs marketplace? That's where I got my copy! Mind you, I'm canadian so I have to do it that way.


yeah, i cant really order anything online bc i dont have a credit card, so all the cds i have are either from record/thrift stores or gifts from family members


Well, you are lucky you live in an area (I'm guessing the UK) where you can find that stuff commonly! I often reckon I was born on the wrong continent...


You can use gift cards. I refuse to have or have ever had a cc in 52 years. Stay strong my human friend! I just buy pre pay cards n use those. :)


The far out son of lung. Damn I can remember buying that in Dallas per release. Yep. Old. :)


old but still holds up amazingly well


Hell yeah. Hell ..I'm old too! Lol


> Scanner, who's become one of my favorite artists of all time I highly recommend this CD: https://www.discogs.com/master/28485-DJ-Spooky-vs-Scanner-The-Quick-And-The-Dead


i think i actually remember seeing that at a record store here pretty recently! might have to go back and grab it


cool, found it on [apple music](https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-quick-and-the-dead/151070295)!!


Burial - Untrue. Man that takes me back. It changed my whole understanding of what electronic music could be. I worked in a record shop when it came out and one of the blokes told me to listen to it “cause you like dubstep”. Can still hear some of those voices and I haven’t listened to it in years:


Further down the spiral. It only takes a second of sound from any part of that album to transport me back 27 years. The first time I heard it in full I felt like I had discovered something.


Selection Sixteen! Man that CD case brings back memories of delivering pizza’s in the cold New York winter.


Burial great. Drum and Bass Arena. What was the one above left. I miss I through away a ton of cds last time I moved.


the d&b arena one🥺😭


I'm a huge fan of Kiln. That EP is not easy to get. Nice find!




Porter Robinson and Burial! God damn


Any hidden gems?


Have you ever heard the compilation albums *Rifts* by OPN? I’m amazed they did a 3 CD set with that. Would love to find that in the wild.


It’s a great one.


Fucking love it. When I put the cds into my laptop that runs Windows XP, I used the audio visualization feature and it was just plain amazing.( go ahead and search up “windows audio visualizations” on YouTube if you don’t know)


I've been listening to Luttrell lately, and his music is so great. You should check him out.


i’ll keep an eye out!


Really need him to release Music for my Memories on vinyl, though


I'm impressed. I don't recognize a single one of these


Not even Porter Robinson, Burial or Pendulum? They’re pretty well known outside of their respective scenes


Nope, I live under a rock lol. For example, I love Chemical Brothers but the latest album I've listened to was Surrender. Thanks for the names though, I'll look them up.


Definitely check out No Geography sometime. One of the best records of the last decade. The Brothers have still got it.


Thanks! Judging by your username I'm sure you know your stuff. The one track I've heard of theirs from the 21st century is Escape Velocity, which I think of as the intro to Baba O'riley extended to 11 minutes and I absolutely love it.


Haha, that’s a fantastic track!! Funnily enough, Further was actually my introduction to TCB! And it has a bunch of phenomenal tracks on it (Another World, Swoon, Wonders of the Deep). That’s hilarious! XD I’ve never realized that similarity but you’re absolutely right that it bears a resemblance. Not going to be able to unhear that now!


Nobody talking bout Drukqs?


Never heard of him


Aphex and Squarepusher are the only ones I recognised. Drukqs is my favorite of his.


I only recognized Drukqs lol


Squarepusher and Pendulum, mmm... Don't recognize the other ones, but have you heard Noisia?


i LOVE noisia, closer was my #1 album of 2022, been dying to find their music on cd but its super difficult


untrue still hits differently even after all these years 😍😍😍


without a doubt one of the greatest albums of all time, so glad i finally have it after like a year of searching


agreed! it was the first vinyl i ever bought for myself and it's still my favourite 🤩


Nice to see you have Rifts. OPN is awesome (what’s your favorite track on the album?)


I have a couple of those. Good choices!


Cumulative Error is *fascinating*. It sounds like music you would hear when you are playing a wholesome, peaceful video game and find a secret level that is so disturbing it changes the way you look at the entire game and gives you nightmares.


Are you a regular buyer? I picked up a massive collection a number of years ago for the purpose of keeping what I want and liquidate the rest. Are you looking to acquire more?


Just here for the NIN


Amazing collection!


For absolutely anyone who does not know Burial, [watch this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et5B-zfAIIo&t=208s) and then give the album a listen through. Untrue is and will always be a timeless album. ​ Also, 2nd row, far left. What album is that? I've seen that before but I can't put my finger on it.


that’s FCS North - FCS North that video looks really cool!


Highly recommend! The way he made the album is bonkers, give it a watch if you ever have some free time :).


watched the video! its SUPER fucking cool. i saw [this video](https://youtu.be/rmOuV0ZvAgU) a few days ago, which breaks down the samples used in archangel, but i loved the analysis of how the samples he used contributed to the overall feel of the album and what they say about burial as a person


Omg the style of that video is sick. I'm going to have to start looking those up!! Dude yeah, when I saw he didn't even use a DAW my producer side immediately got curious and jumped to the album. Impressive to a whole other level.


yeah! they’ve also got sample breakdowns of block rockin beats by the chemical brothers and face to face by daft punk


upvoted for Untrue


gimme da burial


Untrue <333


Plaid Peel Session is fire.


Glad to hear. Get mindblown basically every time I hear them.


You’re still collecting CD? I kinda figured most people are moving to digital or back to records for the art you can hang them on the wall and they look good cd are kinda harder to do that with




Check me out! Let me know what ya think? Thanks!