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Imagine being the guy in that picture and actually believing that you're genetically superior. What the fuck?


There's a whole sub for that. /r/beholdthemasterrace


Im laughing at the name of this sub before even entering it. \*Holds breathe\* *muffled mario* here we gooooo


That's why he's a racist. He probably has no friends, a shitty job, no money, no romantic prospects and he looks like balding vampire with ears that can pick up deep space radio waves. Convincing himself that he's superior because he was born a certain way is the equivalent of daydreaming about beating up your school bully. If he doesn't have that fantasy, he has to face reality and that's too painful.


Interesting theory!!!


None of Hitler’s high command were particularly handsome or athletic. Fuck, nobody blonde springs to mind either.


You've got to remember, they believe they are superior, except for the fact that they were tricked by smarter people or strong-armed by stronger people, and violence is a perfectly valid response, but not against them, so if everyone could just voluntarily work together to let them be superior, their natural, individual superiority will assert itself.


Literally Gollum


When the imagined superiority of your skin is literally THE ONLY ASSET YOU HAVE?!?Thats why fascists go straight to the “ bottom of the barrel”demographic.”Your life sucks,you ain’t shit,girls aren’t interested and you can’t get and hold a job cuz you’re stupid with a bad attitude?FASCISM will make you a King among men!”A strong pitch to someone with nothing (but anger,confusion and resentment)


Whats superior about cancer- prone skin?


i think i have scabies just from looking at him


He oozes genetic potential!


god i would love to see him explain how he’s genetically superior to anyone


For bacteria maybe.


Dude looks like he shits Mayonnaise on the daily.


Hell, I couldn't imagine being genetically superior regardless of race.


Is the haircut


Do you mean balding hitler?


Maybe he’s into being a neo-Nazi for the Hitler haircut combover potential. Looks like an adult version of the kid from Gummo with syphilis - real “master race” vibes


He looks like that twink who believed that they were a reincarnation of Hitler


Look at him, he has nothing but *hope*




Type her name in Google. She is widely supported by a few Jewish organizations. She is also Jewish herself. Can not make this stuff up.


>Can not make this stuff up. George Santos: "Challenge accepted."


~~George Santos~~ Anthony Devolder: "Challenge accepted." FTFY


Kitara: “Challenge accepted”


Thing is I have a devout Jewish trans friend and they point out that Jewish religious norms would actually allow, maybe even mandate, undergoing transition for the sake of your own mental and physical well-being.


It isn't that bad of an idea. That is how Derek Black, the heir apparent to the White Nationalist organization Stormfront (his godfather is David Duke) was "turned" from the dark side, as told in the book 'Rising out of Hatred: The Awakening of a Former White Nationalist' Instead of confronting him, a group of fellow college students, including a few Jewish ones, befriended him and slowly, over time, convinced him that everything he thought that he knew about white supremacy was a lie.


I don't have time to make new friends. And if I did, they wouldn't be neo-nazis.


I'd rather make friends with some sketch dealers. At least I can procure enough fent to take down a gorilla.


It wouldn't take much. A pinch, like.


Bro dealers are usually the least racist people on earth. They be selling fent pills to everyone




Careful, Reddit loves Nazis. You’ll get banned for saying you would punch them in the face.


He did


Could someone help me out here. When is National Punch a Nazi Day again?


[ Removed by Reddit ]


Every damn day 📅


Checking for a friend, only reply was ongoing! 🤔.......


She was right again : this is also gonna go viral


You might as well look at these people as actors with no conviction in their beliefs. Like many journalists and pseudo journalists they're just trying to sell books or sell online media for ad revenue. That's why she can't explain her beliefs, she doesn't have any real ones we know of.


Kinda like a less popular version of Matt Taibbi or Glenn Greenwald.


1. she's an idiot. 2. This is from 2017.


“I used to be an idiot. I mean I still am, but I used to be too”




She’s written a lot of dumb opinions on the Forward (a Jewish journalist company) since then. Her most recent article was published in February 2023 titled “The Jewish case for sending Nikki Haley to the White House in 2024”


I don’t wanna be her friend…


Wait a second….


No, it’s been a hard rule for me not to befriend anybody who claims to be or acts like a Nazi.


I wonder why more Jews and black people arent friends with neo nazis?


They’re racists! Blacks are a hate group! /s


I think we should try to approach these people to help them change their views. Nothing happens without conversations to challenge their viewpoints. Nothing is ever gained by putting people down, insulting them, or mistreating them regardless of how reprehensible their views are.


Underrated comment. People who have been radicalized like this can and do sometimes try to leave, and one of the barriers to that doing is that they are so isolated from the rest of society.


If by befriended you mean publicly execute. Then I agree


The Venn diagram on what Neo-Nazis value and what Republicans value would basically be a circle anyways.


Max Landis isn't looking too hot


Bethany needs to experience political name-calling


This woman is pure garbage. You know she blames everything on the libs. It's just so hilarious to me it's these people who claim everyone else is a snowflake. The same people who are literally scared of everything. I don't know how this woman has a job still. Oh right, Republicans.


Ya'll never heard of the American hero Daryl Davis have you?


She's probably not wrong. Daryl Davia has been doing it for years.


I like his superior hairdoo.




No thanks I don’t want to befriend patient zero


You never know, it might help them out of their delusions.


They spelled punch wrong.


Honestly, punching hateful people won't change anyone for the better. The moment they find themselves outcast from society, they confine themselves in the company of other hateful people; which only deepens and reinforces their hatred. Don't befriend them. Don't like them. But disagree with them, and let them know you disagree with them using words. Actively counteract their beliefs. [Relevant video](https://youtu.be/ORp3q1Oaezw)


They're fucking Nazis! They are waaaaaaaaay past the point of a civil conversation showing them the error of their ways by the time they decide to identify as Nazis! The *only* thing to do with Nazis is make their lives miserable for being Nazis.


At least try to understand what I'm saying.


How would you go about changing a Nazi's mind with your words? Maybe I just need someone to teach me.


[ Removed by Reddit ]


I don't agree with her, but let's learn to read the articles, instead of stopping at the headlines. This is from 2018, by same B. Mandel: "I’ve been compared to a Nazi over and over again. The insinuation is always the same: For suggesting that instead of beating up Nazis, we try to change their minds, I am complicit in their despicable, hate-filled ideology." https://forward.com/opinion/408231/how-the-angry-left-turned-me-into-a-nazi/


Well, yeah. Engaging Nazis is a dead end. They've already been poison-pilled. If someone has to explain that hating people based on their intrinsic identity is a bad thing, why in the hell would I spend two minutes entertaining their presence?


Yeah. The author definitely didn't get to choose the headline


You didn't read the article, just the headline.


I decided to read the article and it's a bunch of pandering bullshit about basically treating people with kindness whether they are hateful towards us or not. It doesn't work like that in the real world. People take advantage of weakness, especially people like neo-nazis.


>It doesn't work like that in the real world [Have you actually tried?](https://youtu.be/ORp3q1Oaezw)


New time you have a disagreement with someone, instead of trying to reason with them, punch them in the face and see if that changes their mind. Let us know how it works out.


[Relevant video](https://youtu.be/ORp3q1Oaezw)


That's an apples and oranges comparison. I didn't call for violence. I do think "meeting in the middle" with neo-nazis based on some anecdotal evidence is stupid. I mean, if we want to take the example of three individuals simply making friends and changing minds one at a time, it's just a story to give people the warm fuzzies. Systemic change isn't accomplished like that.


So what would “systemic change” look like when dealing with a group of deluded people? How do you fix them all at once? Or is it more likely that approaching them one at a time as she suggests would be more successful?


It's more about people with that mindset in positions of power and influence. If you think it's about changing peoples' minds, or that that's possible in every circumstance (i.e. actually eliminating hate), then you are deluded. Further, there are two kinds of bigots. One is loud and obnoxious and spews hate. The other quietly destroys entire communities with legislation and discriminatory business practices. Changing the first guys mind is fine and more power to you. You aren't changing the other guys mind because he's in a position of power. You can't even approach him.


Historically, how many Nazi's have been reasoned with again? It's both a bold, and dumb move to think you can change the mind of someone who believes that entire races should be exterminated.




This stupid bitch has to be intentionally doing this right?


A lot of people in these comments are just as violent, intolerant and hateful as neonazis. You will show compasion and explain the nuances of how more of certain minorities commit crime and end up bad, violent people but for some reason you would never extend that to white Americans who grew up in hateful environments surrounded by toxic philosophy and opinions. Hate only breeds more hate. If you put in the work you can fight this by providing a hateful person with a different perspective. Hopefully I planted the seed in a couple of you with this comment.


I saw a story posted on here the other day about some nazi who changed his ways after making a friend. I get the feeling that's not this persons goal.


This person is a Jewish woman writing in a Jewish publication, what do think that her goal was


She's a conservative writer who's been making the rounds lately for writing books spouting right wing talking points but wasn't able to define what woke is in an interview.


Stupid bitch.


Because she's Nazi adjacent.


I’m a bad Jew, but not as bad as she is. She brings shame to our entire religion as she stands with people who will happily try to ban it as soon as they’re done with African-Americans and the LGBTQIA communities.


Should we try and change their mind? Fuck no! Nazis are like weeds, and in Germany in the 1920s there were an unusual amount of weeds growing. Some people might point to crippling economic sanctions from WW1 causing people to adopt radical beliefs and nationalism. Well I say to them, shut up you nazi loving piece of fascist.


What an ugly cvnt


isolating and demonizing them has worked wonders so far 🤦‍♂️


We needed to go further. Germany did a much better job of handling the Nazi issue in the latter part of the 20th century.


Yeeeeah, they did that themselves.


They’re very similar to liberals, brainwashed and clueless 😄


lol, that sounds exactly like the comment someone who is brainless and clueless would say. Keep letting your shepherds control your thoughts.


Who are my shepherds? Brainwashed plebs are brainwashed plebs regardless of what side of politics you stand on, but liberals are mind blowingly so. Imagine voting for those who seek to take liberties away from the masses and those who generate or participate in major wars for profit while acting like you’re “woke” and for the betterment of mankind.


>Brainwashed plebs are brainwashed plebs regardless of what side of politics you stand on, but liberals are mind blowingly so. Imagine voting for those who seek to take liberties away from the masses Liberals didn't overturn Roe v Wade. Liberals aren't the ones banning books from school libraries. Liberals aren't the ones trying to deny trans people from receiving access to healthcare. Liberals aren't the ones banning teachers from teaching black history. I'm struggling to think of a single right or liberty Liberals™ are trying to take away.


All three subjects are exceptions for debate, undoubtedly. All three subjects you mentioned have an issue with extremism going both directions. Regarding abortion, I think it should be legal to a point, illegal at certain stages but I can totally respect the debate from both angles here. As for denying healthcare access for transitioning. Whether or not it’s covered should be based on biological make up and more thorough psychological evaluation, in addition to age of the prospective patient. It’s not clear cut wrong or right and both sides are wrong to treat it as such. The reality is that a very small % of trans are born with the anatomy of one sec and the biological make up more akin to the opposing genitalia. Those cases without a doubt should be covered. If an adult wants to transition for no reason other than “identify as” or sexual preference, or whatever the want of reason may be then why should it be covered? If a girl wants bigger tits, insurance isn’t gonna give two shits about her. If a man’s losing hair to a legitimate disease, insurance doesn’t give two shits. Although, even transitioning folks who need transplants (something I do), it’s not covered even though it’s an important aspect of feminization or masculinization. They also won’t cover a detransition, which makes the argument ironic. Serious question, if I’m a man and identify as a, let’s say FeMan, I want to stay masculine but would like boobs to go with my dick - should insurance cover it? If so then all cosmetic procedures should be covered. Bottom line here is I have no issue with it in any direction but it’s not black and white and it most certainly should not be pushed upon boys and girls at a young age who feel more fem or more masc. just because at that age they feel that way. Sexual development, both physically and mentally takes process over years. Again, I understand that it’s best to transition early for optimal results, but how many children are just going through a phase and end up permanently altered? Political correctness has doctors just saying ah the lad wears a dress so let’s affirm his gender. Even a young teenager doesn’t have the capacity to make that decision. Life altering decisions should not be taken as lightly as it is here. If you can’t be trusted to drive, smoke, drink, or make adult decisions, or tattoo your body then how can we allow it in this capacity? And where do we draw the line? Surely if they have the complex cognitive thought and self awareness to make these decisions then do you allow them the same freedoms with sexual exploration? Can that 12 year old pick their sexual partner? I think you see now what my point is here. As for books, parents should have a right to a voice in what their children are learning. I would be pissed if my boy was reading a book about an elderly man getting blown by a child and pushing idealisms about sexuality on them. If my kid was gay I’d still not be bothered in the slightest. There are ages where things are and are not appropriate for minds that are easily influenced. Rights that are taken away: both sides could say freedom of speech, but the liberal sided party is far more absurd with propaganda at least in our current times. The majority of large media is controlled by them and notoriously play in political sway world wide - as admitted by many government officials from the CIA down to special forces. Granted that likely occurs from both sides. Gun rights are the most notoriously debated subject, of course and regardless of your opinion on them, it is a liberty. Anyway, no need in endless topics to debate… the reality is that even in America, we have little TRUE freedom. Our system breeds control in all directions, it excludes parties from major debates due to lack of overall votes the election prior, our freedoms are mandated purely by whoever’s in charge manufacturing their current narratives all for the agenda of benefitting themselves financially/politically. We are not the major concern of any political party, that’s for damn sure.


Ooooookay. That was a lot to unpack. It sounds like, as a basic summary, you agree that women's right to bodily autonomy was reduced (not implying that is a positive or a negative. That's a whole other can of worms I don't want to open with you right now) when Roe vs Wade was overturned. And that trans rights are currently being attacked (I'm not implying taxpayer funds should be used for healthcare, or whether puberty blockers for trans kids are a positive or a negative, because again, that's a whole can of worms I don't want to open with you right now) by legislation barring them from access to healthcare, and teacher's ability to functionally reach is being crippled (should kids be restricted to only reading books about white, Protestant, heteronormative men? Again, not taking a side right now because this conversation is already bogged down enough) by legislation banning books about gay penguins, black people, and turtles learning to share. Can we agree that all of those policies (again, not talking about the merits of them) reduce access to liberty? And that those policies are being pursued by conservative lawmakers? >Rights that are taken away: both sides could say freedom of speech, but the liberal sided party is far more absurd with propaganda at least in our current times. The majority of large media is controlled by them and notoriously play in political sway world wide - as admitted by many government officials from the CIA down to special forces. Granted that likely occurs from both sides. ...what do you think "Liberal" is? Both Republicans and Democrats are conservative parties. I don't think I've ever heard a far-left idea from ANY American news station. The most extreme I've heard is MSNBC giving Bernie Sanders time on the air, and he's barely left-of-center. >Gun rights are the most notoriously debated subject, of course and regardless of your opinion on them, it is a liberty. The joke is that if you go far enough left, you get your guns back. Leftists strongly support the Second Amendment. It's one of the few things both the Left and Right agree on. >We are not the major concern of any political party, that’s for damn sure. At least we can agree on that. Ideally, we would institute something like Ranked Choice Voting that would allow people to freely vote for policies and representatives they *want* instead of worrying about electability and "what if the other guy wins". But both political parties have an active incentive to make sure that never happens.


I do agree with much of the above. I also think the world has enough people so I couldn't care less about what stage someone gets an abortion at but I understand the arguments. As for trans rights - I don't know enough about what is and isn't approved but I do think there should be restrictive criteria to protect people who shouldn't be making the decision to transition. Regarding your final statement, spot on. Imagine if identifying as a party was removed from existence...we'd probably see worsening propaganda but at least more people would be forced to review someone's stances and policy before voting. I think with your concept of where a liberal sits, I'd assume you're my age because I would've considered myself such 15 years ago. Now a large portion of democratic voters are liberals, but again, most people are stupid and vote for one person because it's not the other. That goes both ways lol. As for the books your mentioning, you should look into the content of some of them... They're horrendous and belong nowhere but the trash. If it talks about science and a gay penguin or the story has a gay character, who cares. That said, they don't need a book in middle school depicting an old guy being blown by what could be percieved to be a child, or a woman blowing a man - for that matter. Parents have a right to restrict what's thrown at their children. It's not a matter of liberty. As for the 2nd amendment. Very true, but most people who consider themselves liberal by today's standards want ARs/pistols restricted into the abyss. My point with democrats and liberals is that the demos play the proganda machine to win liber voters against republicans when in reality they use it as a puppetary system, much like they do with the low income black communities. Meanwhile they rob us all blind. In all honesty I love people from every walk of life but I find it hard to have any sympathy or open discussion with the modern day liberal...and again, it's because they're more verbal with their whining than the other side, and they use the networks we frequent more commonly. I'm sure I'd have just as much annoyance with other people's commentary if I was more exposed to it. Typing from a mobile so excuse the poor structure lol Nice chat though.


>who seek to take liberties away from the masses Like what? Lets see what those shepherds are filling your head with haha >those who generate or participate in major wars for profit HAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA >“woke” Define woke, and why it's bad


No sense in going down the discussion path but listen, I was joking and generalizing and I realize both major sides and the general population are arguably foolish and both are blinded to extremes on each side. I tease and point out liberals specifically, because they’re just more vocal and present with theirs. So I know I’ll get a good rise. Being woke for REAL isn’t bad, the problem is the hypocrisy in people who think they are woke, when in reality they are sleeping. For the record, I didn’t vote for either of the major plebs 😂 but I’d rather have a full cabinet of cloned pebbles than one Biden at the helm.


Lopl. The people who worship Donald Trump think they have room to talk about brainwashing or cluelessness. You guys will never live down supporting that clown.


People who worship anyone have little room to talk about brainwashing, that's precisely what someone who worships is...brainwashed. Just because I think most liberals are clueless, doesn't mean I'm a Trump supporter, but that narrative proves the point that we are a two party system, not a real democracy.


Shows how clueless you are. A two party system *is a result of democracy* when electoral districts are represented by one person based on a first-passed-the-post vote. You also clearly don't know what the term liberal means either. Clueless *and* brainwashed.


The comments here are very different than they were when it was posted last night. Interesting.




She looks exactly how I expected


Because of their wokeness* or lack of wokeness*? * - TBD




I think you'd find that friendship one-sided.


No, the fuck, we do not. Fascist and bigots can fuck off into the sun.


Mandel……mandelbaum……..pro nazi? Mmmmm mkay


**It's the glasses**. They put on the emo glasses and suddenly...!


forming Nasa, I mean reforming nazis.


Damn, she’s talking about Daryl Davis. He comes up so much because 1.) He’s an outlier. Most people don’t want to sit through being hated in order to *maybe* change someone’s mind and 2.) the right (and far-right) really, really, really wants their racism to be considered a valid opinion and coddled. Ain’t nobody got time for that. The author might wanna open discourse with people who deny her humanity, but it isn’t the responsibility of the oppressed to argue for their personhood.


Sorry, thats at odds with my brainwashing that nazis should ALWAYS be punched in the face. Can't undo brainwashing 🤷‍♂️


What's with conservatives always demanding that we compromise with them? Compromising with liberals gets Americans healthcare. Compromising with conservatives means only killing HALF the jews.


That dude looks like the nut job from Con Air


Bethany: Fuck AND You.


She needs to go back to sleep man


Meth is a hell of a drug.


Hard pass. Lol


Nah I’d rather roast that shit haircut.


It's like they don't even care if they call themselves Nazis anymore they are very tired of hiding it.






Probably should read the article lol


I see an epic combo here: 1) The newspapaer is called Forward, which is basically the english for Avanti which was the name of the newspaper Mussolini was director of 2) It's a jewish newspaper 3) Publishes an article about befriending nazis. LOL. Now i want tor ead the article, though


Yes and she's Jewish too. It's basically just arguing that Jews engaging with Nazis will change more minds.


Beta race pictured in that article. Not sure why they think they are superior to anyone.


Oh boy. 🙄


Um how 'bout no and we trash talk and ridicule them every moment it's needed? That is one group that deserves every bit of hate it gets.


The man in that picture looks like hipsterized Grima Wormtongue


I would say something but reddit mods love Nazis so much and I don’t need another week ban.


Hard no


I’d sooner shove a dildo made of rusted barbed wire up my urethra before I get within twenty feet of a neo-Nazi.


Wasn't that the same person who didn't know what woke meant?


Oh, found a Nazi "in hiding"


It’s a natural continuation of supporting Ukraine. Relax.


No we fucking don’t Bethany.


[redacted] your local nazi


and the jews will lie down with the nazis?!?!?


Why do neo nazis always look like pale sickly vitamins deprived gremlins?


Bro looks like evil Tobey Maguire from Spider Man 3 ![gif](giphy|8JZxZgr39TLczSJQoS)


My grandfather killed Nazis. He didn't try to befriend them...


No sniffany, we can't do that.


The best way to begin an influence campaign is to start with Empathy initiatives such as this. Know the enemy before you begin drawing up barttleplans.


Is The Forward all just conservative horseshit now?


Who is this bitch? And why does anyone pay attention to her?


NO! No the fuck we don't! If you're a Nazi you can fuck right the fuck off! If you support Nazis, you can fuck right the fuck off too!


No thanks lady, you go on ahead.


Because she is one


She took it a step too far by having six kids with one while being one herself.


She's not wrong though? If you look at former white Nationalists the major force in removing them from that movement and changing their world view is by making and having friends out side of those circles.


She's almost right. Those ppl are too far gone, but some might have been helped prior to reaching that stage. Don't shit all over people when you start to see them go down rabbit holes like Q or Top G. That stuff is a symptom. Figure out whats driving it.


This dude looks like he spends most of his free time trying to suck his own dick.


The guy in the white shirt looks like one of the staff members from Deadpool 2 in the children's hospital or whatever it was.


Dude looks like a cancer patient


What is she trippin' on? we need to get neo nazis out of the country


But I don’t want to be friends with greasy junkies.


Odd, I though I had read she died. Must have been the "Mandel-uh" effect....


Well that proves the old adage keep your friends close, and your enemies closer (better intelligence , observation and allways longer jail times )


Is this the birth of a meme? Bad-Take Bethany?


Especially when they look like Hitler's great grandson....


Actually we don’t need to. Fuck fascism and it’s supporters.


Is this a jibe at bad hair styles ? Anyways there are a lot of confused people around. All these pictures proof is that stupidity continues to get worse. Not one of these people has ever read a book. Their information comes from some algorithm built on CIA or equivalent studies .. meaning built to manipulate fools. Better education might be a cure, before it’s too late.