The Bogart/Bacall film noir, Dark Passage also has the first person POV for much of its film.


Thanks! I'll check it out!


The book is so damn good with the scenes at the lake and the sheriff character-- the movie makes a mess of it and spends way too many of the critical moments in L.A., which isn't even shot well.


I saw it around Christmas time, it’s a hoot! I think I read about it on a list of Christmas themed noirs or something. Maybe there is one Christmas tree in it or so. :) I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


I did. It's now in my home movie collection thanks to [archive.org](https://archive.org). It did occur at Christmas and the biggest surprises happen on Christmas day, but I wouldn't exactly call it a Christmas movie.


If you liked this, you should check out Ride the Pink Horse




What a title! LOL! I'll check it out. Thanks!


I watch it every Christmas.. one of those classic "not a Christmas movie" that takes place during Christmas time that I love. First Person video games are probably the most popular genre these days, yet it never has caught on in Hollywood. I think that Lady in the Lake actually feels like the 1st FMV game ever made due to it's characters, dialogue, and filming locations.


This is a cataclysmically godawful film. It is the worst feature film I have ever seen in my entire life. This film challenges the entire English language to come up with words to encapsulate how bitterly awful this piece of crap is. I love film noir. This is dogshit.


Whoa, dude. Yeah, it's kind of a failure as a first-person experience and not much of an adaptation of the Raymond Chandler novel. But the worst feature film you've ever seen? This kind of implies you've seen... I dunno... maybe 20 movies?


Really good guess, but since you're questioning it you're stunningly off. I've watched thousands and thousands of films and I take this title of Worst Film I've Ever Seen seriously. I've also watched 532 noirs in the last 14 months. This film is torture prohibited by the Geneva convention. Every decision in it is awful, the acting is awful, the story is awful, the directing is wretched, Audrey Totter who is good in other things is a goon in this, and Montgomery has the worst personality in noir besides literal Mickey Spillane in the one he starred in himself. Someone should have stopped this from happening, nobody did, and now it is an imbecilic thing that exists


Cool. Sorry for sounding snide. I'm not trying to argue that the movie is good-- it's not very good at all and for several reasons. I just boggled at the severity of your condemnation of it. I've seen films way, way, way worse than The Lady in the Lake. I think this one must be hitting you on a personal level that I can't see.


I agree and I couldn't buy Robert Montgomery as Phillip Marlowe at all.


OMG, you sound smart!


I enjoyed the film and obviously have a much different taste than you do. Well, each to his own.


Agree, not telling anyone else how to feel about it. Describing the truth of my reaction to this film. To each his own is right.


It literally makes me angry. /r/filmnoir/comments/kwb3q9/lady_in_the_lake_is_horrible/


That is correct. It is surreally abysmal. In other films, you can find a correct choice made by the professionals at work on it. This was like animal torture


It feels like one of those POV adventure games from the 2000's.