Phew, that is a big question your asking here, but I'll try my best to give a useful answer. Firstly you must find out what your goals are with that press contact - what do you want to achieve? In general terms you contact the press at the following stages, some are optional and there may be more: * Announcement * Demo released * Release date announced * Game launch * Reviews When reaching out to the press you need to be very specific about what you want them to do. Is it the story about your announcement?, do you want them to review your game? or something else? If you simply say: "Hey, cover my game." You'll probably be ignored, since that is of little use for the journalists. Next, you need to target the journalists. Find out which games they have previously covered. I see that you're working on a RTS-game. In that case it doesn't make much sense to contact a journalist that mainly works with RPG. Another thing to keep in mind is that journalists don't care about your game - your product. Medias bring *stories*. Therefore when creating your press material you must think in *the good story* and move the focus away from your product itself. Also remember to give journalists the time they need to do their work. If your game is being released next week, it's too late. Reach out to them about three weeks in advance.


thank you for taking time to reply in such a detail and even remembering that I am making RTS. it means a lot to me. Thank you


I personally have no clue. See if you can find small gaming journalists and news website and try to gradually build up a following. Hope this helps!


IGN has a submission form you can apply to. A few of the gaming websites will mention how to contact them, or alternatively if the writer has a high enough profile, you'll be able to email them directly. It's likely that you just need to send off a lot of emails to people, but also check to see who's out there. There's the big names, like IGN, GameSpot etc, but also a lot of smaller writers, and even hobbyists. How you will apply will likely differ based on who you're applying to - along with how you construct your emails.


Thank you, i will try to submit!


You get press by generating FOMO in traffic. Usually by mentioning how much engagement streamers got on your game, how well it performed in a festival, or by showing virality on social media.


Great point! thank you for bringing it up!