Demon Days is incredible! All the song transitions, the Dennis Hopper narration, the anti war message. Definitely a no skips album.


OP likely did not listen to the song transition version, as it’s near impossible to find for whatever fucking reason.


Do you mean on streaming?


Demon days is the best album of the 2000s with no real contest


Demon Days is great but I don’t think I have a strong opinion of it as most people. I usually listen to it up to el manana and then get bored and turn it off. The other songs are fine but I never have a desire to listen to them. The debut isn’t as obviously a showstopper but I actually prefer the songs. If you sit with them and absorb them they are a great vibe.


Even though I disagree with you about the self-titled album, I'm happy that you liked DD. Plastic Beach is actually not very divisive. It's pretty much agreed upon at this point by the community that it is at least one of the best gorillaz albums and is the most ambitious.


Serves me right for going by YouTube comment sections then, I guess.


Yeah how else did they get popular after self titled


Feel Good Inc being absolutely massive? In all seriousness though, it probably wasn't all down to that one song. I do know EM and DH were very popular as well. Heck, every song on the album was probably quite popular. Feel Good is just the song that even if you don't know Gorillaz, you know that song. Arguably Clint Eastwood falls into that category as well, but I don't think it was quite as big.


I was about 16 when Feel Good Inc came out. I remember that those of us that were familiar with Clint Eastwood sort of followed from it to Demon Days. It was known among those of us that had watched it on Toonami and such, but I remember it being most peoples introduction to Gorillaz.


Same here. Ironically enough, I was 6 instead of 16 when it came out and I distinctly remember seeing Feel Good Inc on Toonami. Specifically the laugh and the endless pillar in the sky. Thought about it for years until I finally googled ‘terrifying laugh song’