Love this post. You ever hear about jimi playing sgt. peppers 3 days after it came out! On Sunday 4th June 1967, guitarist Jimi Hendrix paid the ultimate compliment to The Beatles by performing the title track from their ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album live just three days after its release. Paul McCartney and George Harrison were in the audience that day as The Jimi Hendrix Experience headlined the bill at London’s Saville Theatre. Paul was a particular admirer, and accompanied by Ringo, had previously seen Jimi perform at the Bag O’Nails Club in London on 11th January


I'm pretty sure Hendrix performed All Along the Watchtower within maybe 3-ish days of it's release by Dylan. I've read that he had heard it earlier from an advance tape though.


Werewolves of london. Released by Zevon 1/18/78, first covered by GD 4/19/78


Released by Zevon in 1978 though written in 1975, and T Bone Burnette was covering it live in 1975. I also have a Zevon bootleg of him performing it in December 1976 (The Offender Meets the Pretender).


Oooo damn. Thanks trivia master, I didn’t know this one.


[1978-01-18](https://archive.org/details/GratefulDead?query=date:1978-01-18) Stockton, CA @ Stockton Civic Auditorium [1978-04-19](https://archive.org/details/GratefulDead?query=date:1978-04-19) Columbus, OH @ Veterans Memorial Auditorium


One of only two songs the dead played when they were charting high (top ten?)…. Werewolves and La Bamba remake


Not a hard song to cover. Learn that melody and play it 100 times.


Tough Mama was first covered by Jerry and Merl on 8/31/74, a couple of days after they debuted Going Going Gone; they really liked Planet Waves! Mighty High was first covered on 5/23/76; the original was released in 1975, don't know the exact date of release but it's at least possible the turnaround was less than 7 months 12 days.


They were playing Dylan's It's All Over Now Baby Blue in early '66. Dylan released it in March '65. Me and Bobby McGee, written by Kristofferson was originally recorded by someone named Roger Miller in '69. Dead started performing it in late '70. Obviously, the song is most known from the Janis version. This version actually wasn't released until Jan. '71, after she passed away.


“someone named Roger Miller” lol


Just some guy


Didn’t Jimi Hendrix cover a Beatles song like the night it came out?


Jerry and Merle covered Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison on 1/15/72, original came out October 71.


ain't no bread in the bread box was released in 1991 and JGB was playing it later in 1991. Don’t ah e the exact dates right now


I think Daniel Lanois “The Maker” (1989) JGB (1992) And Bruce Cockburn “Waiting for a Miracle” (1986) JGB (1989) Belong in the discussion of contemporary covers


Werewolves of London was only out a few months before they played it at red rocks


Not fastest but Mama Tried was 13 months, if we’re making a list.


How about Hey Jude?


5 months and a couple of weeks?


Hey Jude was released on Aug 26 1968. Dead debuted the cover on Feb 11, 1969. 164 Days. The Dead first covered It's All Over Now Baby Blue 9.5 months after the release of Bringing It All Back Home.


Not GD but I recall a fun fact that the Flying Burrito Brothers released Wild Horses before the Stones did.


Not the Dead, but the Stones version of "I wanna be your man" came out before the Beatles version. (The Beatles gave it to the Stones before deciding to record it themselves, so I'm not sure if it counts.) Some Dylan songs were released by others before the Dylan version (eg, "Make you feel my love", first released by Billy Joel; and I think others going back to the 1960s).


The Harder They Come was released in 1972 and Garcia / Saunders were playing it in 1973. Sitting in Limbo seems to have first been played in 73 - thought the Jimmy Cliff original was released in 1971


Jimi covered Sgt. Peppers 3 days after its release!! Paul and George were in the audience


Jerry loved Dylan for so long. But who didn’t in that era? Dylan is the best song writer maybe ever. The best late Jerry moments for me were him covering Dylan’s “Visions Of Johanna” and the last “So Many Roads” in the final show. Jerry could still do it until the very end. I just think it took the right song to turn it on. I think a lot of the other stuff he had done for so long he was almost on auto pilot.