The KZ ESX KZ's 10th anniversary set My first impressions of these include: * Bassy? Yes these are bassy sets. * Hmmm.. I feel the treble is lacking. Would have been nice if the bass has some more sparkly stuff to go with it so that my songs won't feel like they're pulling their punches. * I think these are good for treble sensitive guys... and want bass. I don't hear harshness so far.. nor sibilance. * Imaging and stage seems nice. I think even better than the DQ6? * Man the chunk on these. Thicc and heavy babies. * They look cool though. Kinda like something designed by aliens. * Nothing special on the package aside from the coin, which I think my toddler tossed into the garbage. :( * Overall, nice sets for those who want mid-bass and not much of the sparky treble. Edits: added some words


>would have been nice if the bass had some more sparkly stuff what


Ah yes I forgot some words. Now that I read it again I was like "what" as well. Sorry about that. *edits*


How many drivers work?


All of them just like the other false situation! All being one in this situation anyway. The only valid accusation in that situation was a glue issue on the DQ6S and KZ said they are addressing QC because it was pointed out. The drivers always worked as intended, even the user that called KZ out made another post where he says he's the one now being exposed for jumping the gun without fully understanding. It's interesting how social media affects business these days. I don't really care about KZ, 5heyre probably the biggest and most dislikable company by default, but they got totally screwed in that situation. Their apology was measured and fake to appease a misunderstanding as opposed to arguing with customers which looks bad. Those sets are still built the same way even after the controversy because those drivers are simply integral to the tuning, no matter if customers were told they arent.




The only one. The drivers on these are big btw.


Kz has been around for 10 years ? Oh wow I didn't even realize that!


Still waiting for the KZ SEX


Might take a long while before they release as fitting 69 drivers into a shell of a TWS is a challenge. The stock tips are self lubricating and does a squishy sound when inserted to the ear canals. Turn them on and you'll probably hear moaning sounds instead of the usual "pawah ohn". They are trying to find the right voice actor to do the moaning most probably. :)


If that *pawah ohn* sounds sensual enough I'll take it


Needs more up votes.


The funniest thing ever said, many people are saying this


Underrated and objectively funny comment.