If the new movie is a giant success, they will obviously want to do something with the IP. I think it makes sense to hold off on any decisions until they get that temperature check. They need to be more cautious and deliberate with their choices of projects. A dozen Star Wars movies and series have been announced and fizzled out in the last five years.


If they do, it’ll have to be a reboot and recast Indy with a new, younger actor. They may not do that for a long time since Harrison is so iconic in the role. Indy V could very well be the last live action Indiana Jones project we get ever again, if not for a long, long while.


In one article I saw, it said the series was envisioned as kind of a prequel to Raiders and would be about Abner Ravenwood's quests and adventures. https://comicbook.com/tv-shows/news/lucasfilm-indiana-jones-spinoff-series-disney-plus-canceled/


After what they did to Star Wars?! Nobody trusts them to do it the right way.


That’s fine.


There are Indiana Jones shows that could be interesting (a Young Indiana Jones reboot or an animated series), but the rumors around this one sounded pretty bad.


An animated Indy series following his different adventures through the years is such a perfect idea, I'm surprised Disney hasn't done it yet


I think either way it shouldn’t be made at this moment in time considering Lucasfilm seems to be struggling with Mando.


What do you mean struggling with Mando??


There are reports of crunch between all the various Mandalorian projects (Mando, Skeleton Crew, Ahsoka)


Dunno anything about that but just going off the episodes they’ve released I think it’s really good 🤷‍♂️


In my opinion, they’re only alright, but these issues more pertain to the people behind the scenes working on these shows. Crunch is no way to run a production, and before long the final product gets negatively affected. For examples, just look to any recent Marvel post-production.


Yeah idk why people have suddenly started hating Mando.


No one hates Star Wars like Star Wars fans


Hate is a strong word. But the quality of season 3 (and the other post-Mando S2 D+ shows sans Andor) has gone done noticeably. People want to like these shows, but there seems to be a combination of production issues and subpar writing resulting in a downturn in quality that is hard to ignore.


What are you talking about? Andor was amazing and what’s any different about this season of Mando compared to the others?


> What are you talking about? Andor was amazing Yes, I agree. That’s why I said “sans Andor.” Sans means “excluding” or “without.” > what’s any different about this season of Mando compared to the others? The writing is noticeably sloppier. Weird pacing. Plot contrivances that are hard to suspend your disbelief about. Including an entirely differently B plot episode sandwiched between two parts of an A plot episode. Very little payoff to the build up of going to Mandalore and being redeemed. Totally dropping the IG-11 plot shortly after its introduced. If you don’t notice these things or they don’t bother you, more power to you. But for many, Mando S3 is the most recent in a line of poor quality SW content coming from D+ (the others being Kenobi and BoBF).


They said crunch. They're pointing out bad working conditions, not hating on the finished product.


Mandalorian s3 isn’t doing well as expected


It is in my household


A lot of people aren’t happy with the quality of the writing this season. That’s the main reason it’s getting the all shit. If you like it though that’s cool 👍


A young Indiana Jones reboot would be cool!


If this is true, I would bet it’s because of Willow being a flop and that makes Disney skeptical of any other Lucasfilm properties outside of SW.


The ironic thing is that Willow was always going to be flop.


Yeah the movie wasn’t a huge hit either.


135 million box office off a 35 million budget isn't too shabby. It didn't have the same cultural impact as Star Wars or Indiana Jones, but I've always had a soft spot for it. My 5 year old can't sit through Indiana Jones but has asked to watch the movie with the pig monsters a few times.


You gotta remember that 35million is only the production budget. Most films usually spend the same amount the production budget is for marketing as well. So for Willow if they spent 35 on the production budget and 35 million on marketing so it cost them 70 million to make and market. Now it made 135 million in cinemas yes, but 1/3rd of the ticket sales goes to the theaters. So they actually only received 90 million from that. So the movie cost them 70 million to make and market, and they got 90 million from cinemas. It’s profit was 20 million and it received negative reviews overall. That’s not a box office bomb, but it is a flop.


I was so let down by Willow. The film is a classic. But the series was so bad. Unbelievably bad. Couldn’t make it past ep 2.


Same here. Love the movie but damn that show sucked


The biggest problem with the show is that - besides Willow himself - the show and it’s world felt generic.


Same! I actually got to go to the premiere and met the cast. We watched the first two episodes. I didn’t think they were great, but felt it was setting something up that would really payoff later. It never happened. I hung in until episode 5 and then gave it quits. It just got worse and worse with each episode.


It really sucks. I’m a big fan of Warwick Davis in general but some scenes with him were painful to watch. It’s like he’d forgotten how to act.


Maybe he just couldn't be bothered. Would you put your all into a show named after your character that was.... that?


> Couldn’t make it past ep 2. I thought it was fine. Watched all the way till the end. The two main kids (Kit and Elora) take a bit to get good though. Like their characters were hard to like for a good stretch of the series.


I wasn’t a big fan of the new cast, but more importantly I thought Warwick Davis himself was just plain bad. Some of his line deliveries were awful.


Honestly as a 31 year old who had never seen the original until right before the show aired… The show was better. I think people have nostalgia goggles on for the original movie. And hell, reviews agree with me. The show has an 83% approval rating. The original movie has a 54%.


HARD HARD HARD disagree. It’s not nostalgia goggles with the original AT ALL. It’s a very well made, well directed, well acted film, with a phenomenal score and great special effects. It’s one of the best adventure films of the 80’s and even comes close to rivalling the Star Wars OT for me. I’ve watched it numerous times over the years. Always come back to it. So this is not me gazing back decades through the fog of childhood. I thought the show was…. How can I put this…. Fucking rubbish.


I mean to each their own. The original film got bad reviews and was a box office disappointment. I get that nostalgia can cloud people’s vision of things, but I didn’t have any nostalgia when I watched it. I felt the reviews it received were justified and the series improved on many aspects the original film lacked. The show got good reviews overall which IMO was also justified.


Yeah I gotta disagree. Movie was a swashbuckling epic with a masterful rousing score.




It wasn’t good but it wasn’t nearly that bad. It was more boring than anything else. The only think I remember from the entire series was Warwick Davis appearing for the first time. Otherwise it was just completely and totally forgettable


Was Willow a flop? I thought the consensus was that everyone watched it, it just didn’t draw new subscribers? Oh that’s right, I forgot, don’t appeal to a 30 year old fanbase with kids, subscribe to a new base that what? Never saw the original?


"focus solely on Star Wars". So exactly what they've been doing for 10 years.


Yeah, Disney is a mess right now.


Yeah, Disney is a mess


Yeah, Disney is kind of a mess.


Disney? A mess.


A mess, Disney is.


I’m so tired of everything Star Wars right now. I don’t want to catch up on all the latest episodes, it’s too much. I hate that it’s because of the Star Wars franchise that Indy 5 was delayed numerous times.


JFC with the Star Wars shit


Disney accomplished what even the prequels couldn't do: absolutely kill my love of Star Wars.


That's a shame! It reinvigorated mine, not a fan of the Prequels too much, bar Revenge of the Sith. The Last Jedi is my favourite Star Wars film outside the Original Trilogy. I loved The Force Awakens too, but wasn't hot on Rise of Skywalker. Hopefully they'll make something you like soon. If not, well... It's all subjective! At least we have Indy!


I agree with you on The Last Jedi. I thought it was superb, but everything else has been a mixed bag (although I haven't seen Andor which is supposed to be great).


Yeah, good point! I wasn't so hot on Obi Wan Kenobi or Solo either! I thought Rogue One was pretty decent! I've not seen Andor either, or The Mandalorian!


That wasn't Disney. Thats just called "getting old". Lucas "killed people's love of Star Wars" with the prequels....and millions of new fans were born. Same thing happens every generation. Some people just phase out and move on. Its normal.


No it isn't. A lot of us are still into Star Wars but we're just burnt out because of how much mediocre content we've been getting in such a short amount of time. People that loved Star Wars when they watched TFA and The Mandalorian haven't suddenly got old in the last couple of years


Yeah you have. TFA came out like 7 years ago. Kids who were in middle school are now in college. A lot of stuff changes for people in 7 years. You're now old enough that you spend time looking for things you dislike in the media rather than things you enjoy. That's "aging out". It doesn't inspire "wonder" in you anymore.


Conveniently ignore that I mentioned Mando, a show and character that was popular even up to last year. But yeah people are aging out in one year


You're acting like one popular thing is enough to make people who are losing interest stay enthralled. It's not. Unless they're still taken in by the universe as a whole, they're going to lose interest and be ready to move on. Once you start watching content and thinking "well that's unrealistic." or "The CGI here looks bad." or you're more focused on the production drama of the content rather than the story being told, it's a good sign you're not longer capable of suspending your disbelief and enjoying the universe. But that's ok. People don't stay fans of things forever.


When people are skipping good content like Andor because they've watched 2 meh series in quick succession, that's more because they've become burnt out. If people were outgrowing this stuff like you claim, why have they been fans for 20-40 years? Also wouldn't you be getting new fans coming in and taking their place?


Nostalgia power mostly. Nostalgia for ones youth and the things you loved them is a hell of a drug. It's why so many people claim the original theatrical cuts of the OT are "better" than the special editions even though the newer ones are visually improved. And new fans ARE coming in and taking there place. There's a whole new generation of children that will grow up with this era of Star Wars, just like there was with the prequels. If people are "burnt out" because they watched a few episodes of TV they didn't like... that just says their tolerance for the content has become so razor thin over the years that they no longer can deal with not being fully on board. That's "growing out of it". Plus people didn't skip Andor because they didn't like Boba Fett and Kenobi. People skipped Andor because they weren't interested in the backstory of the least interesting guy from Rogue One... and because they were all watching House of Dragons or whatever.... Which is their loss because Andor was perhaps the best content Disney Star Wars has put out to date.


> It's why so many people claim the original theatrical cuts of the OT are "better" than the special editions even though the newer ones are visually improved. Okay now I know you're either full of shit or you're a troll. Being visually improved isn't the only difference. People want a remastered one but also not one that has stuff changed that affects the films. Let me guess, you think the 20th Anniversary edition of ET with walkie talkies swapped is the "better" version > People skipped Andor because they weren't interested in the backstory of the least interesting guy from Rogue One That's definitely not true. If they can get into a story about a Mandalorian that no one knew before, they would've got into Andor. There was interest in it beforehand but by the time it came out, Kenobi and Boba Fett had killed their interest


Yeah it’s played out imo. Tired of it


Is it bad that I am happy about this? I always hoped that Dial of Destiny would be the last thing ever with live action Indy. Let's have a satisfying ending with the new movie and let it stop there. That should be enough.


I don't want this to be the end of Indy. Live action classic era Indy, sure. But I still want an animated show, games, books, comics, etc.


Personally, I would very much welcome an animated series and video games. I guess I just don't need the main film series to keep going through some arbitrary spin off most likely centrering on characters i have no interest in following as main characters (such as Short Round or Abner Ravenwood). It seems quite obvious to me that any live action series they'd make would be like that. This is how I see it; Harrison is the only Indy for me. He is very old, and Dial of Destiny will obviously be his last outing. And for me, that will be it after DoD, I will be 'done', because I just believe that any attempts to remake or recreate the magic will end up feeling redundant and lesser. It is a good, and I'd argue normal, thing for something to definitively end. People seem to have forgotten that because so many franchises today milk themselves to death to the point where that feels like the norm, even if it leads to really horrible products and story telling down the line. I wouldn't want that for Indy. The only way I see the franchise continue is through video games and comics like they did after Crusade, and maybe also an animated series. But other than that, let Indy go out with a bang, never to be touched again.


If they want to do spin-off series with other characters, I’m cool with that, but not in a passing of the torch kinda thing, cause that’s not really how people are in terms of them doing treasure hunting as a side hustle basically. I think they could explore Young Indy during the 1920s, which the original series never touched on, but I’m not sure if any Young Indy series would be entire remake/reboot or a loose continuation.


Completely agree


We already had a satisfying ending in Crystal Skull.


Yeah, but as much as I like Crystal Skull, I would still love to see them end with a better movie overall.


And Last Crusade.


Bad? I dunno. Petty? Maybe a little. Like...you're essentially saying "I don't want them to make any more of this thing I liked as a kid because it wouldn't be the same." which...means that classic IPs will eventually just die off and disappear.


Nothing should ever continue into eternity - that will only devalue said thing. Something that does not know when to end, will eventually overstay its welcome. In my own humble opinion, it is better to have a definitive beginning and end than to just milk a product for all it is worth, like I feel we have seen with Marvel and Star Wars. I would hate to see Indy get to that point. Furthermore, whatever series they would make would seemingly not be about Indiana Jones, but someone else, and I'm sorry, I'll just have to admit that I just don't care in that case. I think it would be more akin to something like The Mummy - might be fun, but overall lesser than Indiana Jones. I don't care about 'Short Round the series' or 'Abner Ravenwood the series', it sounds like it would just be generic adventure stories without the most badass archaeologist in fiction. So why should I care? I mean, had they gone ahead and made the series anyway, I wouldn't have cared either way, I probably would have ignored it all the same. I am just stating here, that I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything at all, now that they seem to be cancelling it.


Sure... But the point is there are always going to be more stories to tell. So nothing ever really has a "definitive end". Just arcs to stories.


I would love more generic adventure series, just make them good, which is what I loved about Indiana Jones. They were fun and filmed well


They only gonna do Star Wars shit cause it brings them more money


But also like, Indiana Jones isn’t Star Wars. People like those films because of Indy, I don’t know if people would be interested in seeing that world expanded upon without him.


I'd love an Indiana Jones animated show


You say that as if people here havent been foaming at the mouth for a Short Round grown up series


Thank the lord


Yeah they’re pretty much obsessed with star wars. I guess that leaves Indy to be a novelty franchise that doesn’t get touched too much. If we just get video games and merch from the Indy side of things, I’m fine with that. Already checked out of Star Wars a long time ago.


Problem is without any kind of new invigoration into the lifestream of the IP.... we won't get games or merchandise either. Eventually those wells will run dry because it'll be considered a "dead property."


I’m fine with that.


Good. We don’t need tertiary characters getting a series for no reason in regards to Indy. Marvel and Star Wars are both doing that and getting flack for it. Indy’s fine without that nonsense.


I don't think they're killing Star Wars, just over saturating it. It's going to go full Marvel and soon there'll just be way too much content to keep up with. I'm happy if they do no more Indy after Dial of Destiny. I'm so damn excited for that film!!


I’m actually glad for this. If they do an Indiana Jones animated series I would be fine with it, adapting the books and such, but if it was live action then this is a good move.


There is an old video on YT that a guy did as a proof of concept for an Indy animated show. It looked amazing even back then.


That is,- unless the new movie is massively profitable


Would only want an Indy series if it was animated. Don’t even try to replace Ford in live action.


An animated series, done right, would be killer.


I think an animated show might be better for Indy, and also what’s the latest on that Bethesda game?!


Frankly they should cut the SW output as well. It’s too much. Quality over quantity PLEASE.


The masses that consume these disney+ shows do not give a fuck about the quality lmao. Its all just “if show has cool guy I watch show”


But Disney/Lucasfilm really should care. They are in such a weird place with Star Wars. Lots of stuff keep appearing on Disney+, some of it good, some of it not. On the theatrical side, nothing seems to be working. Projects are cancelled left and right and directors and writers come and go. Just recently Iger said that they really must be careful with which movie they make so it is just right. (Why haven’t they always done that???) But on streaming anything goes? Obi-Wan Kenobi was terrible imo and The Book of Boba Fett was more Mandalorian than Fett. Andor was good but why can’t they keep the quality high every time?


I hope and pray that the true story is "we are abandoning the abner ravenwood series in order to do a short round series"


Gotta keep beating they dead horse


I just don’t get it. Indy would make a fantastic serialized animated series for ages 8 and up.


Something like this? 😎 https://youtu.be/iE8v5WDbbC4


Yes, exactly!


I mean I love Star wars but I would love to see an Indy series instead of star wars all the time.


This is so fucking stupid. Nobody’s gonna be missing star wars for that long that you cant fit in an indy series at all.


Disney would’ve probably screwed it up anyways. I’m watching the slow, yet sudden, downhill turn of Marvel and Star Wars right now. I don’t want these people touching any of it until there’s some changes.


Why is everyone believing a random screengrab attributing a source to some youtube video? Like it could be completely true but can we be at least a little bit discerning?


No problem, they are killing Star Wars, leave Indiana alone.


Haven't seen Andor eh?


Eh? Depends, recently plenty of good stuff came out


Yes and no, it’s a mixed bag honestly and I would rather them to not do a Indy show if they don’t feel like they necessarily have any motivation to do it.


Killing SW - LOL


Did you not see Book of Boba?


I would take that over the prequels anyday. Hell Episode 2 of the show had more character development than the prequels did. People hate Book of Boba because the biker gang was ALMOST prequel trilogy level cringe.


Anakin goes from a literal slave with optimism for his future despite his status in society, then becomes a somewhat matured yet still ambitious jedi who simply wishes to find any real purpose other than jedi stuff and finds that purpose in the love of his life Padme and at the end of the movie his ambitions cost him his arm and to a lesser extent self worth, and by the third movie he is utterly content with his life and has found inner peace barring the whole no rank of master and doesnt act irrationally or “evil” until the life of his wife and kids are at stake and when he tries to prevent their deaths by sinking to an absolute moral low just to lose his family and friends and society only for it to all be in vain, he is defeated and becomes a total lifeless husk for the emperor. Boba? Me was in sarlaac me escape and take down train friends die off screen me sad :(


Yeah, it was pretty average. But still a 6/10 show for me, and still had two BRILLIANT Mando eps in it. Kenobi show was great. Mando is great. Andor is freaking incredible. So yeah, killing SW is a nonsensical comment to me.


>kenobi was great i’m not even gonna bother arguing at that point




Yeah Kenobi was terrible


I'm getting so fucking sick of Star Wars. Can you guys just throw us a fucking bone? Please! Look at how much stuff Star Wars was getting in the run up to The Force Awakens. Books, comics, toys, games, new shows, etc. Indy hasn't even got a tenth of that stuff. I know it's not as big a franchise but can we just get re-releases of old things like the novels and graphic novels. Maybe updated versions of the guides. A few more toys other than just a Black Series type line of figures and retro figures.


With the Lego line canceled and now this I don’t feel so good about the next Indy movie. Maybe it’s really bad?


Do you have an actual source for this or are you another person just listening to every dumb rumour online and spreading it without any confirmation?


Can you tell me more about the Lego cancellation? What happened?


Only one set was cancelled. There’s still three or so coming out.


And the Dial of Destiny sets haven’t even been announced yet, and we probably won’t see them until we get closer to the film’s release.


I don’t think it was cancelled so much as rumoured but not put into production which the YouTube inflate into some huge crisis and scandal, when really, they read a leak and well, leaks aren’t always correct.


Ignore that person. Lego basically said they're only releasing 3 sets right now and people are twisting their words and taking it to mean everything is cancelled, the sky is falling, blah blah blah


Apparently Lego canceled the “Dial of Destiny” toy wave. It’s a rumor currently but a pretty solid one.


Wow that doesn’t sound good at all. I wonder why?


Well combined with this news it looks like Disney has no faith in the new movie


I think this might more so be a referendum on crappy Dis+ shows. Keep the faith James Mangold is a master of his craft


The cgi environments in this movie are atrocious but I love Mangold


Most of what people seem to think is CGI is actually just the digital shine Mangold puts on his films. Obviously stuff like the plane or Indy on the horse or young Indy is deepfaked/cgi’d, but there’s more practical effects than people think. Most of what has been seen in trailers was spotted filming during production in the UK, just check r/indianajonesleaks.


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Lol I know they filmed on set but you can see CGI throughout the downtown scene, they had to de-age and it isn’t all done practically


They don't know how good or bad it is. This sorta bureaucracy only responds to box office numbers, and the film isn't out yet. I wouldn't read into it.


Disney belongs in a Museum


More like in a bin.


Yeaaah, that’s not a bad thing. They need to fix what they’ve got rn and I think pushing out another show wouldn’t be the best thing for a beloved franchise


Thank Yahweh, thank Shiva, thank Christ thank the crystal skull it depends on who your god is alien. That this is not happening


In some ways this might not be a bad thing. I prefer Indy to be handled carefully. Hopefully some new games, books or comics will be on the table. That can keep the character alive without shoehorning in a new actor or someone to pass the torch to (I think mutt was meant to be that… didn’t go so well)


TIL there was going to be an Indiana Jones show.


The only show that I'd really be interested in would about adult Short Round going on adventures, and maybe training another young treasure hunter to mirror Indie's role in Temple of Doom.


"Feed them more Star wars content!" *Someone at Disney, probably.


Have to!


Good!! The last thing we need is an ill conceived Indiana Jones show. I’ve yet to hear a component idea of how they could continue the franchise after Ford. Personally I think they should wait a good long while before revisiting the character after DoD.


Good, a sure fire way to kill a franchise is spin-offs and their ilk, see marvel, Star Wars etc.


Why is this even believed at all? The 'source' is two guys on youtube?




I can't say I'm broken up about this. Unlike the other live action Disney IPs, Indiana Jones IS Harrison Ford. He was never going to do a tv show. Whether it's about Abner Ravenwood or an adult Short Round, that's still just going to be someone else doing some variation of Harrison Ford. Besides, I'm of the mind that these Disney + shows are crap. I've never been much of a Star Wars fan, but I am a huge Marvel nerd. WandaVision aside, the MCU has been a shitshow since Endgame and I definitely blame the D+ shows for that.


Ms. Marvel is like the best marvel thing ever.


lmao no it wasn't, the first two episodes were good, then it really shit the bed.


The first two episodes were okay…it was episodes 4-6 that did it for me. The whole storyline with the flashback sequences to previous generations was top tier marvel stuff. Pretty sure I’m far from alone. Reviews have Ms Marvel rated higher than anything else in the MCU still today.


Agreed. Ms Marvel gets hated on but I think that's just people being salty because it was based on a teenage girl and her story and they couldn't relate to it.


Which I always found weird. Spider-Man is a teenage boy and nobody has problems with it. It’s just another example of something made of high quality, but the racist/sexist basement dwellers are upset about “forced diversity”. I’m a 31 year old white married man and I have absolutely no shame in saying Ms. Marvel is my favorite MCU thing yet. It’s so damn great. And I made that opinion long before I realized reviews of the show only matched my opinion.


First and last I’m hearing of it.


Best news in a while. Judging by the state of Star Wars.


Fuck Star Wars with a rusty railroad spike. I'm over it.


Oh thank God! They’ve made such a total mess of Star Wars, its a blessing that they’re not going to do it to Indy.


Because they've done so well with star wars. Disappointing movies, disappointing shows (sans Mando), writers coming and going to write a new movie. Probably a good thing for Indy.


They think star wars can save them and I already hate the shit out of it hahahaha oh Disney. Why won't you just fucking die??


When did Disney even say they were working on a Disney+ spin-off in the first place? Just like the LEGO rumors, this reeks to me of wild speculation.




Specifically says that they didn't comment on it so it's just a bunch of rumours?


Basically yeah I was just linking the original article about it


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My first time hearing about this is hearing that it’s cancelled!


Would’ve been nice to see an animated Indie show.


*EDIT My post is total bollocks* One of the leaks of the new film for the ending said that the time travel in the film results in young Indiana sacrificing himself to save Shaw which results in the original 4 films being wiped out of existence. Then an ending montage shows Helena Shaw in Indiana's place throughout similar events to the first 3 films


The leak always called Helena “Helena Brody,” believing she was Marcus’ daughter when in fact she is Basil’s (Toby Jones character) daughter. The last name “Shaw” was not revealed until a Hasbro stream revealing toys. Mangold has always disputed the “leaks.” This is an Indiana Jones film through and through, not a passing of the mantle film. The leaks also said Mikkelsen was playing Toht, which isn’t true either. The information DoomCock and Critical Drinker keep spreading are wrong and I can’t wait for them to still call the movie bad when it’s not woke at all just to save face. Or they might admit it was good but they “saved the film” with pressure to reshoot. Either way I win because they’ve always been wrong. Also this show was supposed to be about Marion’s father Abner Ravenwood, so it’s not like it was about Helena Shaw anyway.


Thank you, I wasn't aware it was debunked!


Anytime man, also just to clear up another thing. The whole reason the rumor about Helena being Marcus’ daughter is because supposedly Basil is a relative of Marcus (brother or something).


Thank god, let them just proceed to ruin Star Wars, no need to let Indiana Jones go the same way. BTW, does anyone remember how Star Wars used to be the biggest thing in the world, whenever a new movie came out? Those were some fun days. Nowadays people don’t even know how many movies or shows there are. Can you imagine being so incredibly incompetent so that you manage to make Star Wars an afterthought? Nothing short of amazing.


Stop watering down brands.


Man, considering how good Andor and Mando have been, I was psyched for a new Indy series!


Big mistake


Considering the current track record of Star Wars.. I am not happy about this. The team can’t be split up to do Star Wars AND Indy? Maybe they should have screwed up Star Wars to begin with. This news angers me.


I'm okay with that.


Thank god


I’m okay with this. Let Indy V be the swan song. I hope it’s good. I still think a 2D animated series would be awesome. Sadly, unless Indy gets a reboot and recasted, this really might be the end of the Indiana Jones IP unless it’s a novel or video game.


As long as Dial of Destiny is a good send off, that’s all I care about


I don't want an Indy show unless it's a Young Indy reboot or something following a different character in the same universe (for example a Short Round series). No thanks to ever recasting adult Indy.


Thank god


If this rumored Indiana Jones Disney + series, is an animated show, then I hope we will get to see it someday...


Fucking seriously? Why raise our hopes just to take it away...


Why not just do a Bruce Timm styled animated series