Seems like they have picked good b succesors to run BRK. Of course , there will be a short term weakness until the deputies prove otherwise. But the collection of BRK businesses is pretty strong.


I’m not sure BRK really needs Buffet or Munger for much at this point. It takes in a ton of cash from a broadly diversified portfolio of relatively stable businesses, sits on it until an opportune moment, and then deploys it to accumulate more of the same. It seems like the heavy lifting has already been done; subsequent management doesn’t have to keep getting things right so much as just not get too much wrong.


The stock will decline and probably trade closer to book value. For all the discussions by Munger and Buffett of how there won't be an impact, I can't see how there won't be. Todd and Ted are not Charlie and Warren. I think if it got much closer to book value it would be very appealing just given the assets.


I think Buffet and Munger are smart enough to choose their people to follow their philosophy. I also don't think BRK is like a super performer for the next 20 years. It's a solid thing, but even Buffet says you can't expect the returns of the past. I still think the price has a Buffet premium. I expect the price will tank after Buffet dies -- nor because of worse performance of the underlying, but because of market perception. Once that happens, I will buy.


Related question: does anyone have a good case for investing in BRK today instead of total market index? I’ve always been on the fence about owning it, but not sure it offers much over the total market these days.


Buffet is busy snorting coke and eating McDonald’s I doubt he’s made a trade in years.


My assumption is that Berkshire will eventually split itself up, but that might not be until after both Greg and Ajit retire.


Personally, I hope it drops when Buffett and Munger retire or die (I can imagine them refusing to ever leave,) that way I can buy even more if it goes down. Those two financial legends built a phenomenal company and picked great successors who share the same vision, have excellent knowledge and ability, and may even be more adapted and better suited to the current market. The next batch of leaders for the company are already doing an enormous amount of the leading and they’ve been doing a great job. Greg Abel has such a history with this company and is someone I’d find hard to beat if I had to pick someone (hard when you’re being compared to Warren Buffet, though.) No idea what will happen with the company, but right now I truly expect that I will still be holding Berkshire Hathaway in my portfolio, and if it drops on them leaving, then that’s just more Berkshire for me.


In 20 years time I will be richer than buffet and munger combined


Provided the hand of death that takes them leaves you untouched. Hardly guaranteed…


If I die tomorrow I'd die happy


Will they go down similar path as Magellan?


Fantastic question


i think between the two of them charlie is more irreplaceable and when they pass it's fairly likely the magic will be gone.


I think the company will continue to do just as well. I also think the market won't think so, so what does it matter? It'll lose any extra premium in the price, and revert to a more natural valuation.