He looks like the main character from the cuckold simulator


Why do they always pose with their mouth open like that?


Soy face installed at the soy factory.


Try it. Open your camera and make the face. How does it make you feel? Probably makes you feel pretty strange. These people enjoy that feeling. Think about that.


The soylent grin


It’s the fear grimace. The same that chimpanzees makes to know they’re not a threat to more alpha chimps.


I don't think that's right. Soyface is an expression of false excitement. It's meant to signal to others, "Look at me! I'm having such a great time! Don't you wish your life was as exciting as mine?" But it's all a performance, like a clown act.


Ahhh, so beta face


I think it's meant to signal excitement. It does seem to be trendy online (especially youtube) to put on overly exaggerated and unnatural facial expressions.


I read somewhere that a open mouth smile like that is like something that shows fear or submissiveness. Not 100% certain on it


That’s true tho


I just wasn’t 100% sure


If you look closely what really makes it look so weird are mostly their wide eyes in which you can already see their crazy tendencies, if a normal person looks like that they usually don’t look that Crazy and soy filled


that is peak manchild


They may look """cute""" to some people, but to me they're just a bunch of overpriced plastic trinkets that are not worth buying.


Like i have a couple and they are cool additions to my room, but i dont need a collection of hundreds of overpriced mediocre figurines


\*ugly All of their heads are oversized and eyes are black and empty.




It’s all just junk That some poor son of a bitch is going to have to dispose of when you die.


Check out these awesome toxic plastic blobs constructed by child labor in overseas sweatshops that vaguely resemble pop culture characters!


Yeah I’ve always thought they were kinda ugly. I have the same thought about plastic toys in general really, it’s all just landfill that hasn’t got there yet.


If more people were like me funko would have gone bankrupt by now. How does he even afford it with all that soy he consumes daily ?


He turned off the comments. Sad


Bring the *flamethrower*. (I say this as a Transformers and Power Rangers collector; Funko Pops are useless, vapid and not worth the plastic they're printed from.)




I’ve always felt profound disgust towards adults who indulge in childish hobbies and collecting. Something deeply mentally maladaptive about grown men and women obsessing over imaginary characters and spending their income on crap like this. To me it screams “I can’t succeed in real life with real people so I take refuge in imaginary worlds and characters, real life is too hard”


I agree, however there isn’t anything wrong with enjoying a show or buying a new product, it’s consuming a product just for the sake of consuming a product that’s the issue. For example, I enjoy heavy metal music and video games, but I only occasionally buy band t-shirts(mostly because that’s the best way to support artists nowadays) and I don’t buy every game on the steam sale unless there’s a really good deal.


Yeah like with everything in life, it’s about balance! Im a huge LOTR fan, own every book and movie, but you could never tell from walking around my home unless you looked closely, because I don’t collect useless memorabilia or decorate my entire life accordingly. And I enjoy video games, maybe once a month when I find the time, because I hold down a job, a full social life and real world hobbies. Balance is key!


It's like these adult women who live Disney. They collect and wear Disney merch, go to the parks at every occasion, and only watch Disney movie. They always give me mildly creepy vibes. Same with adults who only read books written for teenagers. Enjoying stuff made for children from time to time as an adult is not a big deal. The other day, I spent the afternoon watching cartoons with my 10yo nephew, since he broke his leg and couldn't play outside, and it was super fun. But I know so many adults who consume nothing but children's media and then try to convince you that there is something wrong with *you* if you prefer stuff that caters to adults, that you're boring and dull and sad for not getting engrossed by their low quality mass produced childish bullshit


I mean not gonna flex, I can still sit and watch a few episodes of SpongeBob or FairlyOddParents from time to time. Nothing wrong with watching a kids show (especially from YOUR childhood) as long as it’s not something you sit and marathon for weeks. That’s creepy. Stop that.


People who make these assumptions about people with hobbies makes me feel profound disgust. It screams “only things I find enjoyable should be found enjoyable by everyone else, because reasons “. It’s kind of ironic you find them to be the maladaptive ones.


So people living in reality is maladaptive? To be clear what I was talking about in my original commet was not mere hobbie. Im talking mega nerds who barely do anything outside of stuff related to their “hobbies”. I would also argue that a real hobby involves the individual doing something tangible in real life, not spending money on figurines, living on internet fandom forums and fantasizing about imaginary worlds and characters. That’s not a hobbie, that’s a coping mechanism or an addiction.


Fair enough, not super apparent from the original comment I guess.


Anyone over 25 and still watching Marvel movies is cringe. There I said it. Fight me.


I never understood the appeal of those tbh. I watched one of them and it was a "good to put your brain to rest for two hours I guess" kind of movie. Then, I got roped in to watch another, then another, since my friend love this shit and each time, it was exactly the same damn movie, same kind of plot, same beats, same visuals. First was "meh but OK I guess", second was boring and third was "please kill me now"


Exactly. They are all CGI clusterfucks that follow the exact same formula and keep force feeding us the woke narrative.


They are for the brainless, if you want to actually enjoy a good movie you should by all means avoid every marvel film.


Reddit: assemble!


THANK YOU. Fuck, I’ve been saying this for so long. I thought maybe I was the weird one.


Yessss! Anyone over high school age honestly.


Yeah, I was going to go younger, but I did enjoy Spiderverse, so I softened my stance a bit. All the "live action" ones can fuck right off though.


I share that opinion 100%. Once met the perfect guy until I saw he had a thor hammer tattooed on his thigh… its a no from me honey. But really mostly it’s because marvel movies are childish yes, but they’re also just terrible movies. The scripts are trash, the dialogues are horrible, and the storylines are convoluted with plot holes galore. So any fully mature adult who views the marvel universe as some grand cinematographic wonder is very low in my estime.


lol based.


Hit the nail right on its head.




Listen, I for the most part agree, but I will never not enjoy putting legos together with my younger cousins and eventual son


Hahaha same here! It’s healthy to keep some child like joy in your heart. Just not to let it take over your life.


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Glad u like it! I studied psychology and if I had gone into research track that would’ve been my topic of choice. I think the entire culture around cartoons, anime, mangas, cosplay, video games (not all) and geeky culture in general is very linked to socially maladaptive behaviours and outlooks.


Yep. What’s your take on the surprisingly large amount of falsified studies in Psychology and the increasing number of people on psychotropic drugs when they aren’t taking care of basic things like sleep, diet, exercise, relationships, and sunlight?


This is why I left psychology. With the “everything is a spectrum” approach that the field has taken, I felt it was just too much. When you blurr diagnostic boundaries, everyone becomes subject to medicalization.


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“I identify with serial killers”


i dont see how this is inherently leftist. people collect things from books, to hats, to shoes. yea, those examples actually do have some use, but still.


People who show off their funko pops have their mouths open and it looks mess masculine. Also, funko pops are ugly in my opinion.


Okay… if he wants to waste his money on these, his loss? Why am I supposed to care? I’m obviously missing why this is a lib thing.


the soyface


Harmful to no one but himself. There are plenty of worse things to be addicted to.


Has anyone ever done a study on the testosterone levels of the right vs left? Or a study on the levels over the last 100 years…


I actually think their was some kind of study along these lines, I’ll try to find it


I can't imagine wasting that much fucking money on toys.


Never understood Funko Pops. To each his own, at least it isn’t kiddie porn.


Comments are turned off. Rip


Jesus, that guy is soy


That's your average antiworker. Pays a shit ton of money on this garbage and then complains about "expensive" rent.