Living Hi, are there any fellow third culture kids living in Manchester? I’m possibly moving in September 2024 and wondering what the international scene is like. And does anyone know what Downtown Salford is like?


> And does anyone know what Downtown Salford is like? There isn't really one. Manchester City Centre is right there, so that is what dominates. Salford has some suburban centres like Eccles etc, but there isn't really a "Salford City Centre"


Okay cool, is Salford a nice place to live and have an apartment? Or what would you say is the nicest place or top 3 in Manchester for having an apartment.


VISITING: I have a flight on 3/6 (mandatory for a university class). I’m currently in Lancaster (Littledale specifically) and obviously no trains due to the strike. My auntie tells me that there are no taxis that’ll take me that far (her license is expired btw, she can’t drive me) but I see airport taxi sites online. Are these legit or are there any other ways to get to Manchester on the 3rd? I am okay with using an online taxi service, but I’m just not sure which sites are legitimate.


Taxis absolutley will take you that far, some of them doing airport runs will be regular business. I'd probably start by calling up a couple of Lancaster "private hire" firms and asking what their rates are to Manchester Airport (most will have a fixed rate). Certainly some of the sites are legit, but its been years since I've used them to tell you which ones. You could also look in to coaches, either to Manchester and then tram/taxi from there, or to the Airport itself.


Moving Hi, me and my girlfriend are looking to move out of the city centre and into one of the new build houses in west gorton. What's the area like? I've seen a lot of complaining about crime rate etc from a few years back but can't find anything on it now. We went to view a house and the area seemed nice so I was really surprised to see this petition from a few years ago (https://www.change.org/p/mp-lucy-powell-high-crime-rate-in-west-gorton-needs-addressing-by-gmp-police-and-manchester-city-council)


Gorton's definitley one of the sketchier feeling areas for Manchester. it's had a lot of new building going on though, which has prettied the place up a lot - and the prices for the new builds are pretty shocking for an area with such a bad rep and no public transport. so I can only presume the developers are hooping to attract a very different crowd.


# Seeking Help with Choosing Accommodation Options for INTO University of Manchester Foundation Year in International Foundation in Maths and Computer Science Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I recently received an offer from INTO University of Manchester for their Foundation Year in International Foundation in Maths and Computer Science (UOM). However, I'm having a hard time choosing the right accommodation option from the ones available to me on their website. I've attached images of the four options below and would really appreciate it if someone could help me choose the best one. My sponsor will be paying for my accommodation, so I'm looking for something that's both close to the university and comfortable. If anyone has experience with any of these options or has any advice to offer, please let me know. Here's the link to their website page for more information: [Partner Portal (intoglobal.com)](https://partnerportal2.intoglobal.com/en/catalog/universities/the-university-of-manchester/accommodation) Thank you so much in advance for your help! ​ https://preview.redd.it/f8hynncgvn2b1.png?width=1805&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=3cb667824a966aae44a0c9ae5a82021dae320adb


I have a euro trip in August. Partner and I are massive Oasis fans. We’re spending 3 days in London and want to visit Manchester for a day. What are some of things you’d suggest me to do / see? Oasis related or not.


Anywhere to watch the French open?


Partner and I are in town from Philadelphia for one last night and wondering if there are any punk gigs or similar on around town. We’re staying in city centre but are down to travel a bit. Thanks!


Visiting I'm taking my kids to the Coldplay gig at the Etihad this week. Normally I'd just park in the city and walk, but it looks a bit far for my wife (about 25 minutes). Anyone able to recommend a car park relatively near that will be possible to escape from without too much fuss afterwards? I'd like to avoid the actual stadium if possible to avoid the worst of the traffic bottleneck afterwards. Coming from North, if that makes any difference.


It's gonna be busy for traffic anywhere near the stadium. You could try a park and ride further out on the Ashton Line of Metrolink?


Thanks for that, I'll look at that.


Hello! I’m visiting Manchester Thursday June 15th if anyone of any gender locally would like to meet up?


Morning, a few of us will be up on Saturday for the Arctic Monkeys gig. We’re looking for a pub close to the cricket ground to watch the FA cup final. I imagine everywhere will be extremely busy, but what are our best options? Thanks


Quadrant is close and normally screens matches.


Cheers mate


Me and a friend are visiting tomorrow (Wednesday) for the My Morning Jacket gig at O2 Ritz and will be in Manchester all day, looking for some tips for decent bars both before and after the show. Games and activity bars a bonus Thanks!


Roxy Ballroom / TwentyTwenty two / Pixel / NQ64 / 7Sins / Pong and Puck / Sixes / Base Bar Are all activity themed bars, with varying degrees of focus on activity vs bar


I appreciate there have been similar posts on this but was wondering how the city has changed in light of the recent rises in cost of living and how it has changed post covid. I have spent most of my life in Edinburgh and think I need a change, and am currently looking at relocating to either Manchester or London for a few years or potentially permanently. Does anyone on this subreddit have a similar experience of choosing to move to the city, as I was wondering how easy it is to meet new friends and how interesting the city is in general? For me, London seemed like a really cool place but I have heard lots of negative comments regarding the working culture, cost of living and commuting there, and also wondering how Manchester compares in this regard? Apologies in advance if this question has already been answered a million times on here! Any comments or insights are greatly appreciated 😀


Hello all - in Manc from tomorrow to see Coldplay, and was just wondering if anyone had any bar recommendations for before and after the gig. Any good boozers or places open late on a Thursday night? All recommendations welcome! Cheers x


Moving to Manchester questions Hi From Ireland and feel like a change of scenery (housing crisis and the rents being at an all time high, not being able to save properly because of inflation )and me and my girlfriend have been considering moving to Manchester and we both thought there was a lot more to do here then back home and the rent doesn't seem as bad as back home! Public transport is also 10x better then back home so travelling seems a lot easier. I just have a few questions for people who have lived here for awhile. 1. Do you feel like the city is worth moving to for a better way of life for awhile? 2. I work as a bartender at the moment, how are hospitality staff treated around here? 3. The apartments around the centre we've looked at seem to seem to go around 950-1200 per month, is that paying too much if we try go for one of them? 4. We have a dog and want to know is the city generally dog friendly? 5. How is the job market here atm? Thank you


- 2 - Generally not great from what I hear. - no personal experience or close aquaintances mind. Obviously there are good employers, but hospitality staff generally seem to be treated as pretty disposable. There's something of a shortage though, so you have some leverage. - 3 - Allegedly agents will often ask you to bid up on the listed prices at the moment, especially for central. It's a very fast paced market, slowing down if you're preared to look outside of centre/quays/chorlton/didsbury. - 4 - The city is reasonably dog friendly, certainly lots of people have them. Don't expect many central bars and restraunts to welcome them in though. Also know that very, very few rental properties will allow you to have a dog.


Moving Potentially moving to Manchester for a 4 month long job, does anyone have any idea if there's a forum/website or anything where I could to find a place to live. Thanks.


Spareroom is your best bet for short-term options, but even there they are limited.


Visiting Best options (ticket wise) for travelling around to a few different areas this weekend? Is the System One travel card worth it?