Reminds me of that video where some asshat parents use their kid to manipulate some stranger into giving up his home run ball at an MLB game. Kids can be told “no” sometimes. It’s probably healthy for them!


Shit that isnt my kids its a no everytime


Not my kid not my problem


Telling a kid no is important. You don't say no, that kid is gonna grow up into a brat that think they will get everything. This will be a lot more annoying and problematic than saying no.


Dudes waited longer


Also why are people demonizing the other customer and not the person that actually has the power to not make the kid cry? This is organizational error even letting people queue past what you will allow on.


We will never blame a corporation. They are infallible. Humans however are weak and malleable.


but corporations are people right? Isn't that what the US courts have said?


Lol, but people are accountable for their actions, companies are not, silly.


"limited liability company" There needs to be accountability all the way down. The rule of the land cannot continue to be skirted or purchased by the ones most adept at stealing and cheating. We exist in a system that outright rewards sociopathy, for example if someone shoots up a school a realworld consequence is increased firearms sales. Nothing meaningful has been done because the people who make policy are in league with (or are) the business interests who directly benefit from human suffering. They have bent the system to make all this chaos and rampant greed possible, slowly and surely over the last 50 years. Look at the american healthcare industry, or telecommunications, or private utilities. The consolidated media. They gaslight you saying things are fine, we've never had it better to stop you from looking at your international brothers, examples where government exists to protect the people from those who would harm them for selfish reasons.


"No no no. *I* didnt borrow money from you and blow it on a horrible investment, Mr. Banker. My *company* did. What's that? Am I the only employee? I don't see how that's relevant, my *company* did this, not me. *I* don't owe you, my *company* does. But it filed for bankruptcy. Now if you don't mind, could you back up a bit? I don't want to scratch my Mercedes as I pull out, my *other* company is still making payments on it." Yay america?


Land of the owned, home of the gullible


To be honest, it is wrong to frame this as not letting the kid cry. It’s okay for the kid to cry. The parents role isn’t to stop the kid from having strong feelings, but instead guide them on how to navigate it and help them understand that not everything goes your way all the time. It’s okay to cry. It’s not okay to demand that the world, and the people in it, bend to your wants and desires.


I'm an adult, if someone lets me sit in line for 5 hours and then says no to me, I'm gonna cry. This is honestly a rare Karen is right but too stupid to direct the anger appropriately moment. Also its TikTok so it probably a made up story and just a video of the 2nd customer of the day lol.


Hey wait, more than one person is right? On the internet? That can't be right.


NO I want my child COLD and EMOTIONLESS so one day he may be STRONG enough to SLAY MY ENEMIES


My oldest daughter is 6 and I swear that child has zero fucks to give. Ice cream machine broke when she really wanted one and has been behaving? Casually says "maybe next time" tell her no to something and she just stares at you says "OK" in a firm way then walks off. She's not a psycho, she gets happy and mad the same way a kid her age would but she seems to handle those feelings better than most adults. I catch myself getting pissed at things then remind myself that my 6yo kid wouldn't be this pissed right now.


man's casually raising our next overlord right now


Just wait until she really loses it, and then suddenly everyone is in a simulation


She's actually a 24 year old transmigrator from another dimension now reborn as a 6 year old (like those isekai mangas). We are actually no-name characters in a novel she read and fell into


Wish my parents helped me navigate my feelings when i was younger instead of just screaming at me telling me to stop. Its a bitch having to teach that shit to yourself when you get older


Hey, shut up, or I will give you something to cry about. Shit I thought this was funny, but I think I just triggered myself.


I know where this is. You have to be tall enough for your feet to reach the pedals. Maybe the kid was too small. I haven't seen the video but it sounds like it was a little kid.


Yeah, I watched the original video, she seemed just a bit too short to even reach


Yeah, I used to work at a place that did signings and other events and we would either hand out tickets or try to roughly figure out how many people we could handle before needing to close and give that person a sign that said "end of the line" and sometimes a giftcard for having to tell people who tried to join on later that that was the end.


Most likely he paid for it


That is technically correct


Agreed. Kids have to learn that they don’t always get what they want. They all waited in line and the kid just had bad luck. Happens to us all and it will happen to that young child again.


This man did nothing wrong. You wanna know who did something wrong? My parents, who decided that I could not go on the park's best rollercoaster because it would not be fair to my brother, who could not ride because he was too small. Forty-five years later, I am still bitter.


Oh my god, I feel that. When I was a wee lad, I always wanted to get a jawbreaker whenever we went to the candy store, but my parents always told me I was too young for them. Finally, when I was like 9 my parents said ok, and also let my sister who was 2 years younger than me get one at the same time. The tantrum I threw at such bullshit having occurred was immense.


My parents did shit like this all the time between me and my brother. I was 13 when I got my first phone, he was 11 (though the circumstances were understandable), but the biggest one to me was a game I wanted. I had wanted Rainbow 6 Siege for Christmas because a couple of my friends got it and I really wanted to try it out, but they didn't get it for me because of "drug references" (they almost didn't let me get the first Destiny because it was a shooter game, even though it's literally sci fi), but yet right at the beginning of summer I saw my brother had it. Turns out they just "didn't know what game he was talking about" and got it for him without looking into it but then they made me buy it with my own money when I pointed out their bullshit.


I wasn’t allowed a phone until I was eleven. Originally it was thirteen, but I was the kind of kid who did every extracurricular physically possible so my parents relented when I went to secondary. My sister? Got one four months later at the grand old age of eight. Absolutely ridiculous.


You should be. Remember where and what ride?


Invite your brother ride it but fon't bring him


I somehow read the following: "*My parents, who decided that I could not go on the park's best rollercoaster because it would not be fair to my brother, who could not ride because he was dead for five years. I am still bitter."* I think I should get either my eyes or my brain checked.


"Sorry, kid, nothing personal."


*teleports onto ride*


*pulls out meat paddle*


Skipping places in a line, that's a paddling.


Boy you better believe that’sa paddlin


There is a video where the parents are basically unsympathetic to their own child because they understood there was a lesson to be learned. The original poster took upon themselves to burn this guy for doing absolutely nothing wrong. We live in strange times.


Yea they deleted the original post tho and everyone on the repost agreed w the guy😂


I mean, a child doesn't get special privileges for being a child. It's one of those "you can't always get what you want" lessons. A VERY important lesson for children. Kudos on the kid for asking but you also have to take no for an answer. And crying will not get you your way, though it is a healthy emotion to express. Sounds like kid got a speed run on a few different lessons. Sucks but life sucks.


Please tell this to baseball fans and their "you gotta give the kid the ball!" attitude. Fuck off with that nonsense. Edit: I forgot that reddit requires more disclaimers than a iTunes contract. It should be obvious that I am not suggesting adults should box out or body away kids for balls. Even a 50/50 ball that an adult catches before it has a chance to go to the kid who was already beside them should probably go to the kid. I'm suggesting that if a ball is hit or thrown right to me, some strange kid who suddenly materializes has no claim to that ball and no one should shame the person who keeps the ball or suggest that the kid deserves it. Yet you see that with regularity at games where an adult catches an uncontested ball and is mobbed by multiple kids and everyone expects the random kid sitting somewhere else to get it.


Is it the nice thing to do? Fuck yeah. Is it required? Fuck no. Keeping a game ball is finders keepers with baseball. I do have an objection when like a hockey player will point at a kid and throw a puck over the glass and someone else catches it but that's a whole different thing.


Agreed. If a player during batting practice or between innings specifically throws a ball to a specific child, and somebody else catches it that’s not cool. But if an adult catches a homerun ball, they shouldn’t be expected to give it away.


Also agree, though there *was* that one corner case where a foul ball would have landed *perfectly* in the kid's glove... if the adult in the row behind hadn't shoved his glove in front to catch it himself. Total D-bag.


> I mean, a child doesn't get special privileges for being a child. generally they do, just not in all things and at all times. this was a pretty big one that they guy was obviously super hyped for. if it was the last candy bar at a particular shop, i'm sure he probably would have let the kid have it.


This is Reddit sir. What did you expect.


I expect more and nothing less than expected!


So say we all


The people who decided the line ends with a kid should be talked about more.


You mean the person that laid out the schedule of the park?


It's "Nothing personnel, kid"


Last summer I was at a ball game, caught a foul ball and gave it to the kid a couple of rows behind me as a nice gesture. A couple of innings later, another foul ball comes into our section and I manage to catch that one too. A minute later, the same kid climbs down to my row and goes 'can I have MY baseball?' Uh, no kid, this one's for me. Kid starts SCREAMING bloody murder like I just ripped his ears off or something. Awkward as fuck. Luckily the mother appeared, and instead of going full Karen on me she grabs her kid, takes the first ball that I gave to him away and gives it back to me, apologizes, and drags her miserable kid out of the stadium. So anyways, good on this guy.


Thay kid learned an important lesson that day. And good on that mom.


Yeah whenever a kid acts up people are quick to blame the parents, but some kids just have attitudes or are still learning to handle not getting their way. Important that parents handle situations like the mom here. But those lessons don’t always stick the first time.


It’s the same for when parents have to get those backpack leashes for their kids. Other people will say “oh just teach them better” okay you gotta understand just like adults children are their own individuals. Some are a bit slower when it comes to learning impulse control.


I was a calm independent toddler who could sit on a blanket with toys and would not leave the blanket. my younger brother basically needed leashes and restraints because he would go out of his way to get into things and hurt himself. run full speed into the street, get boxes to climb on top of the fridge and sit there...and it all happened within seconds! some kids need leashes! we are in our 40s and I am calm and careful..and he is not, lol. I am constantly telling him his plans sounds like a bad idea..sigh and he does them anyways


One of my friends needed a leash in public when she was a kid because she got distracted too easily. I sometimes still feel like she needs a leash. I turn my head for 2 seconds and *poof* she's gone. When she finds me, she's all, "you abandoned me." No, other way around, girl, I stayed in place, and you saw a shiny object and left


My husband was a leashed child and I used to laugh at him for it.... until we had a kid who also turned out to have ADHD like him. We didn't use a leash but it sure was different than parenting our first kid! I definitely understood after that.


This, especially younger kids, people just don’t understand they don’t have the reasoning or ability to regulate emotions like an adult, toddlers bite kids, you think they learned that from parents biting people? No, parents need some slack, good parents still have kids that act out.


If good people can have bad parents, good parents can have bad kids despite trying their best.


Yeah, this is true. I was an only child who took a lot longer to learn how sharing worked than I probably should have. My parents tried to explain it to me, but since there was usually no one to share with until my little cousin came over, I'd get pretty pissy over it when I did have to share something. Parents can try and tell kids how to do something, but usually, it's "trial by fire" for the kid to learn. Parenting can be difficult sometimes when your kid needs to experience something that they may not be accustomed to when you're trying to teach them about said thing.


Yes. I work in a preK and have a 4 year old like this. She's an only and when she wants something, she wants it immediately. We definitely try to reason with her, but her stock answer is, "But I want it." Her parents are great too. They talk to her about these things almost every morning at drop off and any time we bring up an issue she's having, they address it. But she's 4. It takes time for those skills to develop.


It's actually pretty complicated, or - rather - maybe very simple. Kids are all just different. What I noticed being around kids once they were toddler aged was that a some kids with siblings or ESPECIALLY most kids that went to daycare at a young age were absolutely terrible with sharing, while a good many toddlers that were single kids were pretty cool. I reasoned that the difference was largely based on the single kids largely having *positive* experiences with sharing, their usually involving an adult or helpful child that framed sharing in a positive way and always returned the item at the end of the "sharing lesson" so the child learns that patience is rewarded. On the other hand, kids thrust into daycare really young or some kids with siblings had to scrap and scrape when it came to toys they enjoyed and learned that, once given up, a toy was likely not going to be returned in a timely manner. Also, my son just had a hard time letting go of something he likes, even when he knows he's getting it right back. Some kids are just built different.


Exactly. Up to a certain point, children aren't even capable of full empathy or understanding that anyone has feelings or thoughts that are different from their own. Kids just suck in many ways. They can't help it. There are also adults who fail to attain this, but that's a whole different bag of worms.


It’s not how the kid acts that should reflect upon the parents but how the parents respond to the kids actions


I remember being pretty young like 5 or 6 and having an attitude at Toys R Us and didn't know that my mom did not care that she drove all the way to the store just to get nothing. I was having an attitude in line and she just took the toy out of my hand, walked over to the section and put it back on the shelf then walked me back to the car. Complete silence the whole time. Then when we got home she said, "are you sorry?" I learned to NEVER expect toys or sweets and that you should be grateful when someone gives it to you because they don't have to.


Kids are also shit a generalizing. You teach them something in a certain context and you think they got it and you relax. Then it turns out they missed the heart of the message and didn’t think to apply it in every other situation.


Our 6 year old is like this sometimes. He strapped himself into our toddler's Bumbo seat, despite him being way too big for it, so we told him to take it off and not play in it anymore because he's too big for it. Well yesterday he did it again and wanted to show off and laugh at how the chair was stuck to his butt (just like last time). I asked him "what did I say last time" and his excuse was "well that was last week!" Like... My dude - YOU'RE TOO BIG FOR THAT SEAT. You're not getting smaller, and it's not your seat to begin with. Stop playing with it.


"I didn't hit him in the face! I hit him in the forehead! That's not the FACE!"


My sister has three young kids, and most of the time they're good kids, but they can certainly have bratty episodes. They came to visit me over New Years and the oldest was being really disrespectful during what was supposed to be a fun game of go fish. I was amazed at my sister for not hesitating to take her aside and tell her that her behavior was unacceptable and she needed to apologize to the rest of us or she was going to bed immediately. She also does not tolerate any other adult trying to make light of it or undermine her authority; when her kids do wrong, she makes sure they know it. Of course, being the fun uncle I am, it's always awkward to be present when the kids need disciplining, but it can't be helped. Kids gotta learn, and my sis does not shy away from it.


For sure. My first thought is never to blame the parents. Kids just act up sometimes when they don't know how to manage their emotions. It's just a part of life. That said, my second thought is to blame the parents.


What a legendary parenting moment its hard to teach that kind of lesson nowadays, rare moment of non entitlement


I hope she tried to explain why that happened, alot of parents don't bother explaining their actions. Even of she can't really explain it now, it will hit him in a year or so when he suddenly remembers it. But yeah, good mom regardless.


I just saw a video the other day of a guy who caught a foul ball, saw a kid in front of him, and tossed the kid the ball, to which that child was obviously super excited. Later, that same kid was able to catch his own foul ball, immediately turned around just beaming at the guy, pointed at him, and tossed the new ball to him. It was incredibly heartwarming




I do a Rennaissance fair costume that involves handing out little gifts. I mostly hand out to kids, but I love seeing the faces of the moms and dads when they realize I have one for them, too. They're often more excited than the kids, tbh.


Grumpy old me sitting here thinking “those fucks were lucky enough to sit in an area that got TWO foul balls??”


And good parenting on that mother you meet.


Good for the mom. You cry for shit that is not your right, you lose one in your hand too.


She probably had already spent 2 minutes going "NO, the nice man has already given you a ball, that's HIS ball!" and he wouldn't listen. Sounds like a fuck-around/find-out scenario.


>Good for the mom. You cry for shit that is not your right, you lose ~~one in~~ your hand too.


*King Leopold has entered the chat*


If only the kid didn’t get greedy and want two foul balls, they could’ve bring one home.


Good mom. We don't hear enough about the ones which respond appropriately to their child's misbehavior because those anecdotes don't get as many clicks.


Awhile back, I was in a gas station. A mid-30s black woman and her child came in. The kid threw a tantrum and started pulling shit off of random shelves. His mother clapped her hands together in the way we imagine that God might have clapped during Creation, and declared, "FIX YOURSELF." The kid fixed himself. I fixed myself. The cashier fixed herself. Passers-by fixed themselves.


The messiah cometh.


>Last summer I was at a ball game, caught a foul ball and gave it to the kid a couple of rows behind me as a nice gesture. A couple innings later, another foul ball comes into the stands and I caught that one too. ​ You caught two foul balls at the same baseball game?


Not that hard to do. Sit on the first base dugout side about twenty feet into the outfield and you’ll get a lot of fouls your way


With safety netting it's way more difficult than it was


Yep, it was wild, I've been to a hundred balls games and never came close, then got two in one day.


I caught two (thrown from players) when I was 11 at a minor league game. I was really excited because I had one for me and one to give to my sister after the game. And I remember having some dick mom complain to my parents that I was ‘too old’ to be catching balls over the kids. Apparently being tall meant I wasn’t allowed to get the balls, sorry you made short kids lady.


I don’t blame the little shit for asking. Kids tend to be pretty selfish a lot of the time. Definitely good to hear his mom did the right thing and corrected the behavior.


Exactly. Kids are born this way. They think the world revolves around them. And it's very normal but they need to learn slowly that this is not the case. So it's on us parents, to teach them that. But it always needs to be done with respect, without yelling and verbally abusing the kid. So.. good mom!


Yeah don't blame the asking, do blame the crying and whining.


Wow. That did not go the way I thought it was gonna go. Gold star mom! Little shit deserved that lesson.


Good Mom


Why the guy needs to give up his spot? It can be nice, but he doesn't need to do that, he also can enjoy it


Everybody going out of there way to be nice and polite has turned into something you are expected to do.


My work had a 50/50 raffle once with their share going to charity, and two winners. The first winner donated their winnings to the charity, now the second person is basically obligated to donate their winnings as well! It doesn’t matter if they really could use the money, it is now considered bad form to accept the winnings after someone else donated theirs. It was a nice gesture that became an obligation.


Took time for me to unlearn it, but I finally did. Gets a lot of shit looks at work though. One of my last jobs a person had their child die. He was extremely young (like 3 or 4) and was born with heart issues I believe. It was pretty gut wrenching, and I felt horrible for them, that kid was adorable and looked happy. But then they started trying to get everyone to donate PTO so they can take off to grieve and still get paid. We only got one week of PTO every year, and we had to work for it (you got a small bit of time every 40 hours worked), so I didn’t want to donate my hard earned time. Plus, I had things I wanted to do i’d need it for. For not donating my time, while almost everyone else did, I got a lot of shit from people. Rather than just be mad at our company for not giving them proper leave, they would be mad at me for not giving my personal time. But fuck it. I’ll say no every time.


a week of pto a year and you can transfer it? what kind if fucked up organization is this like, what's the mechanics behind donating time off, why would anyone do that?


It was a major law firm. You didn’t get a second week until like 3 years in. And a third after 10 or so iirc. You would just fill out a form and sign away however many hours you wanted to give. People were guilted into it by the firm and how “we’re a family”. Bitch, y’all have gotten hundreds of millions in settlements, you can afford to pay some more pto out.


Don’t you love it when companies pull out the family bullshit? No, if we were a family you would just take care of them. I don’t owe my coworkers anything beyond basic respect and whatever professional cooperation is required by our roles unless we freely and mutually decide to have a closer relationship.


Good on you, businesses want the infighting to detract from themselves. They have your cookies.


Yet when I was flying Southwest last, the ticket/bag attendant went out of her way to yell at and make a mother and her family struggle to make their flight when some airport shenanigans forced them to step out of the baggage check line for 2 minutes near the front. Corporations out here beating everyone down, but somehow it's some dude's fault when a corporation says "last ride today" and he doesn't fall down on his figurative sword. Want to know why people side with the guy over the kid? The guy isn't the one with all the power here.








Kids need to learn how to handle disappointment. . We don’t need to give them something just because they want it.


Also the kid gets to go home and eat fish fingers while watching cartoons.


[ Removed by Reddit ]


You have our permission. No killing needed.


Wait, I want the killing part


Same came here for the killing. Is that off the table now or...?


I miss being a child but then I remembered that I had no free will , had to beg / nag to buy stuff , everybody treats what you say as non important despite what you talk about. Edit : Just thought of a few more- No privacy or personal space , parents forcing stuff on you even if it isn’t for your own good. Sometimes you’re treated as a pet or your parent’s extension ( in that process your sense of identity is crushed).


Yeah I'm an adult and there is absolutely nothing stopping me from putting on cartoons and nuking a plate of Dino Nuggs after work


Exactly. Some parts of being an adult do suck, but I do not miss the majority of negatives that come with being a child with no money, car, or drivers license.


You dont remember the boring parts, just the fun parts.


Be careful, I once said I’d kill to get out of the rusted-out/shuttered mill town I was born in and the next thing I know I was in the Army, holding a rifle.


Anyone not watching cartoons and eating fingers clearly got tricked into growing up too fast or have weird qualifications for what being an adult means. You're an adult. Do whatever the fuck you want as long as it doesn't harm someone else. The only time you can't eat fish fingers and watch cartoons is if you killed that kid and started eating their fish fingers and watching their cartoons.


Whomever is managing the queue should stop the line a certain amount of time before closing and manage the situation that way. If it takes 1 hour to get the queue through the line, then you gate the line off an hour before close. I don't know the context here or where it is, but if this place regularly manages its lines like this, how many people do they piss off daily? "Oh you 90 people waited 2 hours in line? Who cares. Its 10pm. Get out." Not a great way to get repeat customers


I believe that ride is at Disney world. They do In fact cut off lines while people are still waiting and it does in fact ruin peoples day. However what I would guess is that there was a weather event coming in and they only had time to safely run one more ride. I don’t blame the dude the wait for test track is often up to four hours long


You're thinking Test Track in EPCOT at Disney World which goes through testing specs of a prototype car (braking capabilities, responsiveness, aerodynamics, and speed). Disney doesn't have an F1 test ride.


This happened to me last month, i was at aero india. I got to in sit insde saab grippen e corpit (Swedishfighterjet(. Lady and kid came to me crying that kid want to sit in it. Fcuk no .i stood in line for 5hrs in mid day for whole 30 seconds of experience.


Dude same I woke up at 4am and reached there at 7:30 ish to be at the front to watch the show and when it started, entitled parents sent their kids in the front - "Arey bachha hai aage aane do" (T - he's just a kid let him to the front). And the kids proceeded to step on my shoes multiple times and threw a carton pack of frooti right there


you should’ve sent a special person a tip to deal with these people, if they did that to you they are probably gonna have the same energy to do it again to someone else


You dropped this 👑


Was probably the first time that kid ever got told no.


Kid's gonna be alright. It's not the last life raft leaving titanic.


Honestly, wouldn't give that spot to him either. My life matters more to me than some random kid letting out the waterworks. Good luck kid, try to survive. Keep on paddelin!


What entitles the kid to the guy's place in the queue? Sleep 5 minutes less and get there on time.


Same with a ball at a ball game. I haven't gotten one in all my life, but I'm supposed to hand the first one I _do_ manage to get to some 6 year old who has 30 years of baseball games worth of chances to get one before he's my age? Fuck that. 😅


I’m a native St. Louisan. Cardinals, Blues, and now our soccer team are like the city’s lifeblood. My friend Avery, is the biggest Blues fan I’ve ever met. He obsesses over our team. He has the most *massive* crush on our player, Schenn. My boyfriend and I took him to a game and he walked down to watch them warm up right up against the glass. At one point, he turned around and pointed to his back when Schenn was passing by (he had a Schenn jersey on). Schenn pointed at him, then flicked a hockey puck over the barrier. I watched from two levels up as a Karen approached him and told him that it was her daughter’s birthday, and that her daughter wanted Schenn’s puck. I was legitimately screaming “NOOOOOOO” from so far away as I watched my Angel of a friend give the Schenn puck to a little girl who looked SO disinterested in it. I still seethe about that.


Exactly this. So many of the kids just do it because their parents tell them to go do it.


But *I* want an Oompah Loompah *now*!


Lol. User name checks out.


Damn, I was really hoping you got there on time. I wouldn't give her shit.


A) I want to slap that woman until her teeth fall out of her skull B) tell your friend he’s a really excellent person & buy him his favourite food.


As a fellow native St. Louisan, Schenn is a nice guy and your friend is too good for this world.


There's gotta be dozens of people in an arena with birthdays on that day. That don't make you special.


I was at an MLB game when I was in my late teens. I got there early before the game and a pitcher on the home team tossed a few balls into the stands. I caught one, but there was a young kid with a couple of adults nearby, clearly hoping to get a ball. I gave it to the kid. I then watched those three *(I don't think the two adults were his parents, just two idiots from the stands)*, harass every fan who caught a ball in the area for the remainder of the afternoon. They were trying to see how many balls they could get for the kid. He got at least 4-5. Over a decade later and I still regret giving up that ball.


This is awful, wow. Some people really just don’t care about ruining it for others :(


I'm with you lol.


I don't even like baseball but I've always thought the same, lol. I just think the adult would appreciate the ball way more than the kid since the adult has been a fan for longer.


Not to mention the kid is probably going to lose that ball sometime after and it'll never been seen again or cared about. At least the adult may cherish it


Not to mention the kid guaranteed won’t value it for more than a couple days and it’ll just rot at the bottom of some toy box


Was at a general admission concert the other week. Me and my friend were on the rail and maybe five minutes before the headliner was going to come on, we noticed some shuffling around behind us. We turn around and see this smaller dude trying to wedge his way in. Guy behind us (who’d been standing in the same spot for over an hour) told the interloper to beat it. In a whiny voice, dude goes, “C’mon man - I’m five-six.” Absolute king responds, “That’s great! You should’ve gotten here earlier.” Dabs all around after the latecomer slunk away.


Ugh, people that get pushy when the headliner comes on get zero sympathy for me. My knees and feet hurt, been her 4 hours through nothing, opening act, supporting act, and now is my time to shine. Like hell give it up for some Johnny come lately.


Kid shoulda drove there faster


He had probably been waiting for a long time to get in. Don't have to give a random kid your spot, just because they're a kid.


In fact, the fact that they are a kid should put them almost last in terms of priority when it comes to experiences. The older you get the less likely you are to have the chance at enjoying that experience again. If you miss having an experience when you are a kid there is a good chance you'll get to try again later. So really the priority, when it comes to experiences, should be oldest to youngest. Not the other way around.


I highly doubt that kid paid for his own ticket, drove himself there, and had to schedule the day off school and choose whether he wanted to make money or spend money that day. That man probably has a tight schedule and the kid will have plenty of opportunity in the future to try it out. Let the older man live his dream, he earned it.


Exactly what I was thinking


Honestly as a parent… whatever? Kids going to cry over another 3 things before bed time and none of them actually matter


They’re so easily distracted. Just get em a happy meal on the ride home.


Exactly, they aren't even going to remember an hour later when they're crying about you cutting their sandwich wrong.


“Sorry kid. But really, are you joking?”


Yeah we need to stop catering to kids just because they’re kids, like at baseball games


I’ve never understood the whole expecting people to give give a caught baseball to a kid thing. catching a baseball is something most people never get to experience, and if I was a life long fan of the sport or a team I’m sure as fuck gonna keep that ball.


I wanna know who is the guy that started the tradition. Dude probably was just trying to be nice that day and not expect people to follow him but everyone was like "ah shit, now I have to give MY foul ball to a kid to not look like an asshole". That person unknowingly ruins the baseball experience for adult fans since then lol.


I kept mine, fuck them kids.


He taught that child a valuable lesson


No judgement here


Why should he let the kid take his place? The guy waited in line, he got the last spot, tough shit for the kid behind him, but that's life, and adults are allowed to have fun too!


Hey, kid, you still get to enjoy life without responsibilities, let us adults have our moment.


That kid has a whole life ahead of him to experience stuff like this, the kid will be fine


I mean yea. Fuck that kid I’m taking it.


Based. You can't give a kid something just because they're a kid.


Cant give kids anything they want. Like if if really wanted something, waited in line +++ i wouldnt just give up my spot beacause its a kid.


If u give kids what they want all the time they become spoiled little brats so good on ya


If I got a chance to drive that car, I’m taking it.


This is just a ride in a museum in Edinburgh. The museum is free and there is loads of stuff to see and do there. Everyone is like why aren't people controlling the queue? It's not a theme park it's just a museum. Come back the next day if you really want a go. It says on the sign when the museum closes and to keep this in mind. I don't like to see all these people talking shit about this museum because it is a dope museum and this is one tiny part of it.


Really? That made an article? Tough shit kiddo, you didn't get your way like the snowflake you are. I wouldn't have given up my slot either.


I think this only made "news" because it looks like one of the top children's youtube creators, FGTV or whatever his name is. So I'm assuming this article is trying to say, "His channel may be child friendly, but he sure does seem to hate children." Edit: [I found the article](https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/man-f1-ride-child-crying-b2292787.html) I wasn't even close, still its a nothing burger of an article.


Kid gets to go back to his life of no responsibility and food cooked for him, he will get over it. Let that adult have some fun. Im so sick of this "but the kids deserve it more" mentality. If that is the truth, I'm owed a whole LOT of first time expierence i was denied and the world should be ashamed of that. Lol


If i waited id do the same. Lol.


If the guy was waiting there same amount of time as the kid, then its only fair. Kid will have more time in his life to get another chance. lol


People got mad at me during a baseball game, when I caught a foul ball, and didn't give it to a little kid. I have been going to baseball games for 20 years and had never caught one before. No way I am giving it away. Just like this guy shouldn't have to give up his ride, when he was standing in line for this.


I live out of market of my favorite NFL team so watching them on Sundays is a pain. Years ago I went to BDubs by myself, got a table in the corner, got them to put my game on a small tv above it. No big deal. A large family was sitting at a long table not far from me. They had a kid who was probably about 3 at the end of the table. Their waiter comes up to me and says “hey man, are you watching this tv? Oh, well they’ve asked me to turn the channel to nascar because their son likes to watch the cars.” I’m like…”uhh, yes, I’m watching this game.” And he’s like “come on man, it’s a kid.” I look over at the table and the kid is in normal 3 year old La La land and the family is basically staring at me waiting for my move. I again was like “seriously?” It’s NFL Sunday, and they want cars on a background tv for a 3 year old. It was a while ago but I’m pretty sure I ended up moving. But screw that family.


Kid was too late. Such is life.


Why do kids deserve more than adults? Is his disappointment more important ? Should we be teaching kids they can get whatever they want because of their age ?


Your kids are not my responsibility or problem.


I don't care for formula cars but entitlement boils my blood. Kid should have arrived earlier. Or event organizers should have made accommodations.


Sounds like the business should have stayed open for one more ride.


Lmao yeah. Why is it suddenly this guy’s fault? They probably could’ve accounted for one more ride.


Best time to tell people the world doesn’t revolve around them just cuz they want something, is right away in childhood.


I think we should normalize not sacrificing our own happiness for random children at public events. Like sure, it's a nice thing to do for the kid, and they'll probably have a long lasting memory from it if you do so, but by all means, it should NOT be the expectation. If you want to make a child's day, then you do that and I have no complaints, but it's almost seen as a shameful act to not do something for a child. You catch a foul ball at a baseball game, you got kids and parents literally running over to you asking for it, some even outright demanding it. Like wtf? It's such a weird sense of entitlement, and it's not fair to the people that want to enjoy their little moments and have their own memories.


I do anesthesia. Parents bring kids in without telling them what’s going to happen. Often, the excuse is that, “we wanted to avoid some tears.” Kids crying is guaranteed. A kid who can handle their emotions with appropriate crying is not. But that’s fine, I’ll break the news to your 7 year old and coach them through it. Totally fine.


Kids are not special. They all waited in the line, this guy was next. A kid is not entitled to getting his spot.


Yesterday I was in a restaurant and a kid about 10 years old was scream crying because there were people ahead of him in the queue. He tried to shove his way through and hit his face on the counter. It was the best thing I’ve seen in months.


Life isn't always fair. Good on this guy


Hey, my women friends say all men are over grown children. He was doing what comes naturally. Just because a child cries does not mean the world around him/her has to give in to it's demands! I hope the dude enjoyed the ride. The kid will be fine, he won't need therapy.


Similar situation happened to me. The day the PS5 released I had no expectation of getting one. Went with my close friend to a women’s apparel store in the middle of the same day and for whatever reason a PS5 box was sitting on the shelf behind the counter. We wait in line with my friends clothes and when I reached the counter I asked the store manager if that was for customers or if one of the employees left it there to bring home later. The owner said “no it’s for sale, we had like 5 today this is the last one!” Some kid a few people behind in line started sobbing and the mom came up to me and said “I was waiting in line for that PlayStation for my son and now he’s crying. You can’t buy that.” When she said that is when I decided it was time to upgrade my PS4, and I bought it. Was recorded by the lady from the store, through the mall, to the car for being a grown man buying a video game console at the expense of her precious child. I kinda wish I could find it on YouTube just to relive that blissful walk of “shame”. My friend was kinda pissed though, she wanted to keep shopping but I wasn’t leaving my car there to be broken into by that lady.


“Welcome to the real world kid”


That kid would never have appreciated it as much as that man


Only way to settle this… one on one. Joust. Both get horses and lances. First one knocked off wins.


It's not my job to make sure someone else's shitty kid gets whatever they want.