You got it backwards. The stuff we do to cannabis is the stuff we do in horticulture. Everything about growing cannabis is derived from previously existing technology.. We dont scrog tomato because in the greenhouse 10-20ft verticle rows is more productive per unit invested. Scrog is an indoor thing and tomatos are very expensive without sunlight. Generally outdoor traning production systems are more verticle.


I'm scrogging because I don't have a 20ft greenhouse.


Well, no. Scrog is a technique that was invented by Wolf Segal, specifically for cannabis. And I've not found any evidence of widespread use of techniques like fimming or supercropping on food crops. If that's not the case, I'd love some links if you've got any sources to share.


"Scrog" is just a trellis dude lmao. It's not some magical new weed growing invention 🤣


Scrog is trellising which has been around since B.C.


Wrapping a plant in a specific way to maximize yield? It's been done for decades. Most indeterminate plant varieties are wrapped around the same poly material as most trellis netting its just in different shapes based on plant morphology. Check out greenhouse grown tomatoes cucumbers for simple examples.


If you're planning on going food like tomatoes you'll want to think more vertically. A common training method with tomatoes is to remove all but a single growth leader to promote as much vertical growth as possible until flowering begins to occur but sometimes even after that. With potatoes you mound to increase yield. With things like topping, scrog, and sog you can apply them to mustards grown for seed production as they will increase flowering sites and thus seed production. But all of these techniques and more are commonly used in horticultural practices. They're not cannabis specific per se. Also growing many food crops is actually much more difficult than growing cannabis. Source: I operate my own market scale garden.


link (formatting didn't work sry) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trellis_(architecture)#:~:text=in%20agricultural%20settings).-,History,lat%20Trichila%20(greenery%20bower).&text=Trellis%20was%20used%20to%20support,were%20made%20by%20the%20gardeners.) You won't find widespread uses of the techniques you mentioned because they're quickly unpractical. We do it indoors because we babysit our plants but no gardener as time to do it on an entire field. Even if they did it's a risk outdoors + some plants don't react well to it. Most of those techniques are also impractical in the context of an industrialised agriculture However : topping or fimming is called pinching, and I've always seen my father do that on multiple plants. Scrog is called trellis and it's been used for centuries for vines, roses (french or English gardens), or any climbing vine. I would actually flip the argument around, and ask what techniques cannabis growers actually discovered.


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Bro people been trellising tomatoes forever lol. And people don't top or fim tomatoes. They do peppers though.


topping tomatos will lead to horizontal growth, very good for making tomato rows! I wish i took a picture before i took down my single 5 gallon, it produced over 200 tomatos!


There’s a general misconception in the cannabis world, which I believe is rooted in the legality issues surrounding it and, therefore, lack of good peer recovered research, that it is some special plant that requires specific needs to be met. Having cultivated both tomatoes and cannabis is professional hydroponic greenhouse systems, tomatoes are significantly more complex to cultivate than cannabis. The crop nutritional needs, the crop steering in vegetative/generative, pest/disease issues, and end product quality control are just a few areas that tomatoes far surpass cannabis in cultivation difficulties. With that said, there’s no saying things can’t change in the way tomatoes are grown, but the systems in place now have been developed over decades of research. For fun, I think SCROGing and doing all sorts of cannabis techniques would be great. Just do what you like to do and take notes and pictures along the way!


How much space are you working with? Theres a bend a wrap pole method thats used in tomatoes.


3ft x 3ft


Tomato plants grow MUCH larger than this allows....


You should see how they grow apples out here now, like grapes on trellises. I have some herbs in the tent but I just pick them and dry them. It will be interesting to see if they flower the same way the other plants do if and when I change the light cycle. I keep manicuring and trimming the girls figuring it will grow back. Oddly enough I an not in a rush for flower, I am really shooting for that bonsai look.


I have not but thought about it. Looking forward to how this turns out👍🏽


I always scrog my cucumber plant because as you know those things go crazy


How high up before you scrogged


Oooh, sounds interesting, Do you have any pics?


No sorry it was last summer outdoors in my raised bed, definitely helped control the vines and flowers from just trailing all over the damm yard haha. It was a great pickle season


I trained my last run of maters all across my 4th story apartment balcony, pretty cool


I also thought if you want to learn how to grow plants learn cannabis because it has sooooo much information and is very detailed. I haven't read any information more detailed on growing cannabis.


Actually its very basic whats out there


Extremely basic. I tried finding information on helping my gf with her other plants and it was just an absolute difference. Everything from extremely detailed schedules to vast science journal and pictures.