What the fuck is this post? It’s literally just some dude harassing some homeless person, what part of this is satisfying??


It’s the second video in 2 days of homeless people being harassed that I’ve seen on this sub. Not mildly satisfying, and not cool full stop!


It's the same guy posting them too. Don't bother reporting it, as Reddit says it's fine to post this kind of garbage.


They can still be banded from the sub at least, if the mods cared. Seem they don't or agree with it, to some extend.


Looks like his account has been suspended.


Good to hear!


Op is the worst kind of low life. A loser with no friends and nothing better to do


To make it worse their profile says spread love. I’d rather hang out with the homeless guy!


Even worse than that, OP is actually a bot


To be honest, a bot is preferable to an asshole. At least the bot is just farming karma compared to actively harassing people


Exactly what I was thinking.


it was happening before 2013 but the donald brought a bunch of right wingers and nonpolitical trolls here and now all they do is shitpost. and this is a literal post about shit.


That’s two days in a row I’ve seen a homeless person being harassed on this sub, and I haven’t even joined


This. Except it’s not just ‘some dude’. It’s an obnoxious pr**k with zero emotional intelligence harassing a homeless person. LEAVE HIM THE FK ALONE


When he says he doesn't like biden is the satisfying


So you want this guy walking past you?


I don't think he was harassing him, he was asking if he's ok


Agreed, have some compassion. Go to Walmart and buy the guy some new clothes instead of this BS.


Get outta here with these ridiculous posts. Seriously you’ve gotta know how bad these are. Mods can we please ban this dude?


u/wakinguptooearly u/sightl3ss u/myatomicgard3n u/Android_Monkey YES Can we please ban OP? This kind of stuff is awful and has no place here.


Ban this bastard. This makes me sicker than seeing poop on the guys pants. Homeless people have it bad enough without psychological warfare on their already depleted and confused minds. I pity this fool. One day, one of these homeless people is going to drag him out of his car, and have a complete schizophrenic episode on him. Maybe that might get him to stop. Maybe not.


Can we just ban this asshole from thos sub already? All he does is be a dick to homeless people


People that try to work politics into every fucking conversation are the absolute dumbest mother fuckers out there. This guy's clearly mentally ill and fucked up and you're harassing him for a clip.


This guy isn’t aware he has shit in his pants. Op thinks he knows who the president is or when elections are held?


All his videos are this. I imagine this guy washing his dishes one day and notices a racoon drowning in his backyard swimming pool. It's soaking wet, struggling, and crying out as hard as it's little lungs can with the limited oxygen it has left. THIS MOTHER FUCKER grabs his phone and hits the record button and starts bantering with the most irrelevant nonsense at the poor thing. Are you OK? Did you vote for Obama or Trump? Well have a good day. You are a sociopath. And funny enough you need to seek mental health treatment just as much as anyone you have harassed in your videos. Because if one of these mentally unstable and desperate people snap and murder you, I don't if we have a facility that can process such toxic waste. And now Mr. Rogers is mad at both of us. So I'm going to visit his neighborhood and you should too.


You’re a loser


Man I can’t wait until this guy gets to the “find out” part of fucking around.




Glad you are not homeless anymore.


I’m just surfing reddit right now but I want to say I’m so fucking proud of you.


I can’t stand the sound of this crying lil baby “man” voice. Get a life scumbag


That is so mean. Life has a way of humbling those who laugh at other’s misfortune. Tread carefully.


Awe yes. A mentally ill homeless man that needs our love and support. So naturally the Christian thing to do is video yourself harassing him and post it for all to see.


Hey, OP, as someone who grew up watching “edgy” content, this is boring, and only serves to show what your sense of humor is.


A) wrong sub. B) you should've been a blowjob. C) what does shit in the pants have to do with politics?


This is a terrible video. Harassing some of the most vulnerable people? Scum.


This post is offensive. I’m saddened that someone would exploit what is obviously a homeless man suffering from mental illness.


whoever recorded this is a human cat shit.


Can A mod Ban this douche bag who keeps posting videos of him harassing people for no reason and then coming to the internet for affirmation


looks like Dave portnoy


Fuck you.


I'm pretty sure this is a mentally ill man. Don't post stuff like this, it's wrong and gross.


How about offering a hot meal, or get this dude a shower, lend a helping hand instead of filming another human being who is clearly struggling. Fucking people. SMH


What a dick the OP is. If you were actually concerned about this man you’d shoot over to Walmart and buy a 5 pack of draws and t shirts for the man, not bring up politics and shame him for soiling himself.


You are a disgusting person.


Oh god. This fucking guy.


This guy is clearly troubled and in a very low point in his life and you whip out your phone to harass him for views and clout. I have more respect for him than you. Lowlife.


Why is this mildy satisfying?


The dumbest video I has seen - and I has seen a lot of stupid


Why not help him out? Give him some clean underwear and clothes, maybe some food? Your time could be better put to use.


Hey op dont post people harassing other people on this sub


A patronizing hypocritical petite bourgeoisie sentimentalizing politics by harassing hobo huh?


Sever mental illness. Very sad.


Wtf is the trash? He just harassed some dude?


The guy recording is the definition of dunning Kruger.


People are ignorant and cruel. I can't believe I keep seeing this kind of treatment of another human being on here, it's very disturbing and disheartening.


Watching other human beings suffer is not satisfying.


reddit, ah how i loved you 5 years ago, before you were totally overrun by idiots, bad actors and karma bots. ps. OP SUCK MY DIYAAK.


Not sure where people are getting harassment from. Everything he’s saying/asking is pretty mundane and cordial.


Everything he's asking is ridiculous and irrelevant. Why does who he voted for have anything to do with this situation? And the whipping your phone out and taking video, then posting it - a poor, vulnerable, unwell human being in a wretched state was to serve what purpose exactly? He's a human being. He deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This was exploitive, humiliating, and wrong all around.


Two strangers making small talk like this is generally irrelevant. I can agree that recording this interaction is pointless and self serving but I don’t agree that it’s forbidden because the homeless guy has obvious mental problems. There seems to be some assumption of the authors intent. Which may be true but I can’t infer that from this video, so I won’t. One could argue, like myself, that it can be beneficial for people to talk to the homeless like they’re just ‘regular’ people. Pretending they’re invisible doesn’t help them. In fact it probably exacerbates the problem.


I do a lot of outreach for unhoused people. Of you should speak to human beings like like human beings. This is not that. This served absolutely no purpose. And who whips out their phone to record someone in absolutely terrible state? It's absolutely disgusting.


This homeless man looks like he has obvious mental issues. He belongs in an institution where he can get help. maybe he needs medication or something. I see no kindness in letting him live on the streets.


As a homeless person, I find this offensive. Do you have any idea what it's like to have diarrhea when you're homeless and nobody will let you use the bathroom? It's the worst feeling in the world, even when mentally stable. That guy doesn't need to be shamed all over the internet. I hope OP gets to walk in his shoes one day. Shame on you.


This idiot again?!


this man legit post multiple videos of himself harassing the homeless.. he said things like "when is the city gonna come clean this up" as if these people aren't human.. this man is literally a waste of human skin and deserves to be thrown in a gutter where he belongs


The only thing the city needs to clean up is the guy recording and others like him.


OP is radiating small diked whitey energy


This sub is absolutely dog shit. Unsubbing. Laters.


No need to announce your departure, this isn’t the airport 🙄.


Did you copy & paste this from TikTok?


Fuck you


Look everyone! I'm a dick! And I film it and then post it for others to know how big of a cunt I really am! LOOK! You should be ashamed of yourself enough to not do this kind of shit, but obviously your brain is not correct and needs a tune up.


Wtf is wrong with people? OP if this is you filming, kindly go suck on a railroad spike.


How in the fuck is this mildly satisfying?


Imagine thinking taking the piss out of a homeless person was in anyway satisfying. Go fuck yourself OP.


So he gets a video of a guy who would grab anyone’s attention and posts it so he can post his political opinion?


another person left to rot in a dem run city.


Yes, this man’s poop is the Democratic party’s fault. By your logic, I could easily say those Uvalde children are just more kids to get shot in a red state. Or how about, red states are the lowest in literacy and life expectancy and receive more money from the federal government than they give back? Or how about, red states like Alabama, Mississippi and Wyoming have 2-3x the rate of gun deaths as California, which by the way is the *world’s* 5th largest economy? Please give me more examples of conservative red states outperforming deep blue states in… *checks notes*… literally anything. I’ll wait.


you need to google Baltimore literacy rate. sounds like you are drunk off the kool-aide. Ur using california as an example? you prove my point dummy. elite wealth over the lives of the civilians. you really dont know how to dissect all the talking points they spoon feed you.


and u are aware (probably not) that your very COMMON argument of federal aide has more to do with population density/land mass than politics right? Id bet your handpicked gun deaths stat also has more to do with that as well. How bout you look city level. See if chicago supports your gun ban beliefs. ur they type of person that would brag "omg biden is so great, ssi recipients got a 8% raise in their benefits this year!!!" bc the dem media sold that headline to you. not knowing that its simply based in inflation. lol


Baltimore literacy rate? Baltimore? A small-medium city in Maryland? Cool. Google the entire US South. Better yet, look up all states by literacy rate and tell me the pattern you see (spoiler: it doesn’t look good for red states). And fine, forget how much having California (5th largest economy, home to Google, Apple, Oracle, Salesforce, Intel etc and the entirety of Hollywood, which is indisputably and by far the largest engine for exporting US culture and soft power around the world) and NYC (home to the United Nations, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and countless other companies that run the world) contributes to the US’s economy and global dominance (who cares about that, right?). Take Delaware, Rhode Island, Maine, Minnesota, Massachusetts, or Vermont (states *overwhelmingly* run by Democrats for decades) and look at the % of the population under the poverty line, the % of people receiving government assistance, rates of violent crime and gun deaths, life expectancy, GDP per capita both nominal and at purchasing power parity, the # and total value of companies incorporated in that state, federal government assistance give/take, median household income, size of tourism industry/number of yearly tourists, state reliance on agriculture, # of universities (as well as # of highly ranked universities), and compare those numbers to states like West Virginia, Wyoming, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Idaho, North Dakota, or South Carolina and report back to me. And sorry, I can’t take you, a viewer of *Tucker Carlson*, seriously when you say that *I’m* drunk off the koolaid. Please tell me, where do I get my news and stats from? You seem to know, apparently. And I have no doubt whatsoever that where I get my news from doesn’t matter, because you’re just going to discredit it anyway and use it as an excuse to avoid reckoning with all the damning evidence that conservative Republicans, when in charge, don’t know how to improve important metrics of their citizens’ wellbeing and quality of life. Literally doesn’t matter if I read WSJ, Reuters, BBC, AP, NYT, WaPo, Chicago Tribune, Fox News, or independent journalists or “my own [youtube] research” (probably what you do). Wherever I get it from, to you it’s just gonna be a reason not to listen to me, so I won’t even bother telling you how I inform myself (I have listed several already though).


you are proving my point dummy. you are equating the success of elites who live in blue states to justify the politics of that state. That just goes to show that the dem party is the party of corp greed and corruption. cali has Google, Apple, Oracle, Salesforce, Intel etc and the entirety of Hollywood!!!!! AHAHAHAH that so makes it a good state for the avg jane and joe doe?!?!? seriously man. u sound like a idiot. Well brainwashed.


Actually you just proved mine, without even acknowledging any of the things I mentioned, so thanks!


not really. But how them dems do with full control of the govt?


Got more laws passed in two years than trump did in four, and trump’s biggest law he signed was a massive tax cut for large corporations you claim to hate (not the avg Jane and John Doe)


when republicans are in charge?..... didnt dems just have FULL control of the govt for 2 years. Bragged about how much good they were going to do. meanwhile, world peace is now the brink of ww3 inflation thru the roof. Home and CARS un-affordable. crime thru the roof no borders. Bro the list goes on and on. But googles profits are up so thats AWWWEEESSSOOOOMMMMEEEE


They did not have full control. They had a 51-50 majority in the senate, and a razor think majority in the house, while controlling the executive branch yes. But they were put up roadblocks every step of the way by Republicans. Literally before Biden took office, Trump supporters tried to use *actual violence* to stop him. That was just the beginning, and shows how extreme mainstream conservativism has become. If you think that’s *full control* then you’re going to be very disappointed in what gets accomplished when Democrats are *actually* in full control (but your quality of life will improve). Secondly, 2 years isn’t that long. In DC, with how much Republicans obstruct, Biden has signed a large number of Democratic policies, relative to previous administrations, into law.


I don’t care about google’s profits but I do know that if Google (and Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and all the others) were headquartered in China or Russia, we would have to spend a shit ton more on defense because those corporations would be weaponized against us. I’m a USA-loving patriot and I don’t want China to defeat us and take over the world, and neither should you. It’s objectively good for America that these behemoth corporate superpowers are American companies. *That’s* why I mentioned them. Not because I care about their CEOs. You don’t seem to care about the US having global power though


Everyone in your life hates you and avoids dealing with you. That’s why you are so desperate for attention here.


law of mirrors much, wow. ill pray for you.


Chicago gun ban? Yeah it doesn’t work how it’s supposed to because there’s this shitty little red state called Indiana right next door where guns are sold like candy. So if Indiana and other gun nut states also had sensible gun measures in place, the gun violence rate in *both* Indiana and Chicago would decrease. The data is unequivocal and indisputable: more guns = more gun deaths. Also, cities, regardless of which party controls them, are more susceptible than rural areas to these little things called street gangs, which are primarily responsible for the majority of violence in all these “Dem-run” cities. But hey, Republicans refuse to admit they lost, they think trans people are icky, fuck Disney and the NFL, they supposedly care about people before their born but not after, and they cry “fake news!” any time they’re presented with unflattering facts, so they’re definitely the right party to vote for 👍 Source: I am from and currently live in Chicago.


>if Indiana and other gun nut states ur blaming indiana for chicago. you sir are brainwashed. unsubscribe. go vote party line for beetlejuice


u are seriously the problem with america. you are the microcosm of what wrong. you live in a literal shithole. A place run by the same people for 100 years and will continue to vote for them. like seriously WAKE UP


No, I think bad laws and attitudes are the problem. I’m a tax-paying, law-abiding, employed citizen who treats people with respect. I live in a beautiful condo in a great part of the city. I contribute to the economy, and I’m a math teacher in Chicago Public Schools. (I don’t teach CRT or any “LGBT ideology.” Just math.) If you think I’m the problem with America, then you need to move because I’m a model citizen who strives to make this country better who just disagrees with you. *You thinking I’m the enemy* is what’s wrong with this country. You’re turning on your fellow American and becoming filled with rage because people like Tucker Carlson lie to you and tell you I’m out to take your guns and your bible and abort your sister’s fetus. (Hint: I’m not). Chicago is one of the most stunningly beautiful cities in the Western world. Certain areas of the city are plagued with gang violence, but it’s segregated and I’ve never once feared for my safety, whether in the neighborhoods in broad daylight or downtown at midnight. Take it from a native, you don’t have the slightest clue what you’re talking about. But continue drinking the Fox News koolaid!


oh its segregated? That's cool, keep all the browns on that side of the train-tracks. ahahahah I guess all the crime stats are fake news. later man. go vote democrat and make that change that chicago needs.


Exactly the comment I’d expect from someone who doesn’t have their kid vaccinated lolol fam full of losers


you have your kid vax'd for covid? AHAHAHAHA way to put your CHILDS life at RISK for you OWN personal internet beliefs. do the math bro, its more dangerous for kids to be vaxed than not vaxed.


What are you mentally handicapped? It’s not hard to do your own research and not get all of your “facts” from fox lol


kids have no risk of covid. they have risk of vax. plus vax wears off in 6 months. PLUS vax doesnt and has never worked as advertised. forget fox, cnn any of those. its common sense. and experimental drug has risks (they know it too, thats why you cant sue the drug companies) you put your kids at risk bc of ur own person politics. you are an idiot.


You’re prolly the type of person to believe all the people sharing videos of their feet shaking and unable to walk because of the vaccine 😂 it’s pretty laughable that you’re this grown with kids and still so dumb, you can go to google and easily find multiple sources that kids can still develop Covid, they just aren’t at as much risk as adults but can still experience symptoms


nah, but ur they type of person that thinks heart attacks 18-40 year olds being up dramatically is normal or same age group, "all cause deaths" being waaaaaayyyy up normal.


He's from Westside poop mob . They beef with piss gang


More post like this, please.




East side mofo! 🤌👈🤙




I hope everyone who's leaving a comment about what a sack of crap OP is being in these style posts is also reporting. Let's get this guy removed so we can enjoy actually mildly satisfying content.


I tried to report his video yesterday as harassment, but Reddit said it didn't violate any rules. So disgusting.


Only in LA


OP: sounds like a Muppet, acts like a Muppet. Must be a Muppet.


I genuinely hope you run into the wrong one. Have fun with that


Just a heads up, you can block an account right under where you would report a post. Just block the account and you won’t have to watch this man child harass homeless people. This will happily be the last post I see from this guy.


OP you are a basement dweller who needs to make fun of homeless people to feel something. I would say go fuck yourself but we all know it’s the only action you get


You’re such a lowlife. Gross.


I'm not sure who more mentally ill, the guy in the video or OP who's harassing him.


What’s going on Reddit? Shame on you twice!


This looks like santa monica....


So you're the kind of piece of shit that mocks someone who is at their lowest? Get some therapy kid.


Dude take this down. There’s nothing amusing or satisfying about this person’s probable mental illness




I want Matt to be homeless, he deserves it


Thanks for this video of a severely mentally ill person. Great job OP


Gang shit


Buy him a sandwich and a better fitting pair of pants don't be a dick, help. You might feel better about yourself and not need to post shit so you can have internet points.


Go girl . Spot on xxxx 💋💋


Well that was sick. Leave the poor dude alone. I see homeless men and women in NY all the time, they're already down as down as a person can get but of course there's always some jackass trying to embarass them or make them feel even less human! If you have enough money to drive a car then go home and leave the man alone. The asshole taking the video deserves a good bitch slap.


This loser has been psoting videos to this sub just harassing less fortunate people fuck this guy why isnt he banned


Ban OP please




Damn! People are just fucked up for recording someone who obviously has issues.


Literally every single video this guy posts is him harassing homeless people wtf is this guy's profile fr


How tf hasn't this guy been banned from posting harassment like every single waking moment in his boring life, is reddit's policy on this nonexistent?


Bro you’re all asshole for posting this. Clearly this man is mentally I’ll. Take your camera down to your local politician’s office and harass them. Or Move.


This same asshat? Get a fucking life, Dude.


Downvote this shit and move on


OP is a twatwaffle. Get a life, or actually don't, we don't need anymore shiity people.


This is disgusting, I mean that MF who harassed that poor homeless guy and posted this shit…..


Ive seen this kind of video here before whys this dude posting them here? Get a life


How does someone get in that position? Anybody?


the fuck is wrong w the guy recording. Why is he bothering this dude and talking abt politics??


Not cool he’s already homeless let him be


Damn, I thought OP was going to toss him some underwear and pants or something but no OP is trying so hard to be funny and just harasses homeless man.


Seattle style


This is really fucked up


All of this is sad.


Should have thrown some at op


What a weirdo. He ain’t even give the guy a bottle of water or anything. I hope someone records op when he’s old and shits his pants 😂


OP is a POS that has nothing better to do


OP i clearly in to gay scat porn


Whoever recorded this I hope you get hit in the ankle with a razor scooter


Sounds exactly like Nick Fuentes


So what the hell was the purpose of this interaction??




Op is a Dick


Ahh yes, follow a homeless dude around and harass him. Good job OP, you’re worse than the poop bandit


Just gotta be yourself - yeah, I'm pretty sure he's not trying to be anyone else at this stage.


This is sad, fuck who ever posted this.


The dude who recorded this is an incel loser


Whhhat the actual fuck is this? I am now dumber for watching that video.


Poor thing, so hungry, lonely, filthy


Get a fucking life