[Legacy’s Allure](https://www.legacysallure.com/) is a customizable, card-based wargame with no randomness. Imagine chess with customization, deeper mechanics, and a high-fantasy theme. We're aiming for a much lower price point than the typical war game. We have created a fantastic Tabletop Simulator mod and have implemented art on over 150 unique cards. We would love to demo it for you and get your feedback. Please join our [Discord](https://discord.gg/EWk4X3a) if you're interested. If you don't have TTS but would be interested in physical demo copy, arrangements can be made if you're willing to show the game to your group or LGS. Please join our discord regardless so we can discuss further. Happy gaming!


It's not very clear what you want feedback on, is it the art, or the game as a whole? Since there's no demo link, i presume it's the art. My honest feedback is that the game looks very dated, both the 3d part with the game board, but especially the UI , the whole thing looks like it's 10-15 years old IMO. The perspective also doesn't work too well, as you can barely see what your enemy's side of the board has


Per the post title, see the top level comment.