The one where Misty's politoed decided to crack open some lobster.


Damn didn’t have to disrespect homie like that


Uhm it’s a crawfish 🤓


The one with the ghost doll. Almost cried


The only one I missed. Damn, I saw an AMV and it seemed *awesome*. Much better than Clear Blue Skies.


Same here. It was heartwarming.


Misty showing why she's the GOAT by beating the World Champion.


Last one but ep 2 is a close second Watching ash just having fun and chilling in ep 11 was so nice to watch, my dude deserved it after everything


The Banette episode is goated


Squirtle one. I knew he was close to bulbasaur but didn't know he was close to Charizard as well


I loved seeing them all again—I wish there would have been time for multiple episodes with the OG crew, including them getting to meet Pigeot again


MPM02 and MPM09 easily. Despite the unnecessary last 10 seconds of the TRio episode with them squabbling over something so stupid, those are the better written episodes of this miniseries. There's no doubt that episode 2 made all of us have great expectations for companions returns, as it homages Ash and Misty's dynamic so well and both play a great role in the episode. Misty got the better deal between her and Brock, imo. She is constantly shown doing something, from having her own episode, to helping Ash douse the flames and rescuing Wailmer. Ironically enough, the TRio Pokémon had a better return than most of Ash's Pokémon. The episode even managed to give a personality to Amoongus, Yamask and Frillish (Woobat didn't get the same treatment, unfortunately).


Misty definitely got the better deal—that episode is great— and she brings a character dynamic with Ash that’s unmatched. And this is coming from someone who’s favorite travel companion of Ash’s is Brock.


Tbf, she needed it. Brock had Hoenn and Sinnoh to shine. Misty had to make up for a lot of time.


the team rocket episode with ease


My favorite was EP2


Almost all are forgettable tbh. But i really enjoyed the Banette episode and the last ep just because pidgeot returned.


The last two, followed by the ghost one.


The Misty episode, closely followed by the Banette episode.


Definitely MP06, as I really loved to be finally be able to finally directly view the unbreakable bond between Ash and Pikachu, and it was truly wholesome to see it.


MPM Episode 8


Sadly the second to last.


Beartic episode and final episode


MP08. The emotional episodes always get me, that's one thing they never miss. Love Banette even more now. Second would be the Misty one or Lapras, they were really fun.


Misty's comeback episode was one of my absolute favorites of the entire 26-year run. I also enjoyed the Squirtle one, the Lapras one, the Banette one and the last one. Episode 10 was the worst one. So rushed! I frankly don't get it.


The introduction to Misty’s Psyduck


I definitely felt that episode 2, ‘Satoshi VS. Kasumi: Seaside Battle At The Beach!’ was the best written. Old Yuyama’s statements drive it home: “Satoshi looks so full of life,” making many audiences think that only Kasumi can bring out the most comfortable emotions in him. Despite their time away from each other, nothing has changed between these two best friends. It’s sweet.


10th I love team rocket


I hope they return in the next series


Episode 11: Return of the King! Our lord and savior Pidgeot returned!


Either episode 2 or 11


Ash vs Misty or the ep when Ashs Lapras returned


The team rocket one


The beartic episode . One thing ashs interaction with that beartic was super awesome . Another thing oshowatt was hella wholesome in that episode


last one because well, pidgeot. Also the sad one.


Episode 2 where misty first meets ash And the ghost episode was really good too


The episode where he meets up with Misty, the squirtle episode, and the last episode.


The Misty return episode


Squirtle one. But found the series to just be random encounters showing ash likes Pokémon. Kinda wish they resolve everyone’s character arc or did revisits. Or maybe a storyline that needed the 11 episodes to resolve like ash taking down team rocket and fighting Giovanni. I was 5 when Pokémon premiered so I’m a little biased. I only really watched kanto and jhoto. If this is the last we see of ash, it was kinda disappointing. He became legit the greatest Pokémon trainer in the world, but no one really cares. Atleast battle the elite 4 or something. They never showed it in the anime like how the games portrayed it. Or cooler, end the series like how the original games end it with a battle with mew two in the cave


I know it’s a one-off AU special and not a part of MPM proper, but I’d take “The Distant Blue Sky” over any MPM episode and wanted to shout it out. I really like the Pokémon anime AU and its more independent version of Ash and Pikachu. And the episode itself is a nice message about not taking the good things in your life for granted and enjoying them while you have them, and it just has a lot of fun Ash moments. Plus, you get superior designs for the human characters, old music themes, and an art style the recalls older Pokémon series. It’s a more effective way to create a sense of nostalgia than bringing back Misty and Brock only to have them stand in the background most of the time. But if we’re just going MPM episodes, then I’ll choose MPM011. I think that it sends off Ash, Pikachu, and Team Rocket in a near-perfect way that keeps in line with all the core themes of the anime – namely that your journey never ends, because there’s always more to see and do out there. Most of MPM is disposable for me, but it really stuck the landing.


The ghost one felt like Pokémon.


I really liked the banette episode and also the wailmer one, lot of returns in that one


Squirtle episode and followed by the one that Pikachu is separated from Ash


Ash commanding Latios made up for his Sinnoh loss IMO.


definitely the Team Rocket one


I have a particular love for the Beartic ep and the Banette ep, but I have a very soft spot for Lapras's ep. The Beartic ep was yet another episode where Ash helps a wild pokemon with no expectation of reward, but fuck it. I never get sick of Ash doing that. The moment with Oshawott and the Beartic towards the end was super sweet, and a welcome moment for the little guy. Oh, and the part where they showed Talonflame, Oshawott, and Pikachu frozen solid had absolutely hysterical faces. The Banette ep was very touching in general, also it was nice to see Gengar sympathizing with a fellow ghost-type. Plus it was nice to see an abandoned pokemon episode that wasn't one. I have to admit the ending surprised me a bit; I was actually more thinking the doll had been abandoned for many decades, and was thinking the owner was an old lady. The Lapras ep is on here just cuz I'm happy Torterra has Frenzy Plant, but also because evil, two-faced Pikachu is one of the greatest things the anime has ever given us. While I disagree with the notion that Pikachu has been robbed of his personality over the years, seeing other parts of Pikachu's personality is always welcome.


What does mpm mean. I've tried looking it up but cant find it. Also is the last season of pokemon going to be on Netflix


The banette one


Either 2, 4, or 7. My favourite part of episode 9 was Mime Jr and that alone made me enjoy it, but Infernape and Hawlucha kinda got screwed over with some silly animation that they were jumping on Carnivine and Gourgeist


My top are: 1.Final 2.TRio Rocket 3.Squirtle 4.Misty 5.Latias 6.Latios 7.Banette 8.Pikachu and Ash are separated 9.Lapras 10.Cilan and Brock 11.Beartic Final note 8/10


All of it.


I personally fell in love with that Beartic that gave off some major Hagrid vibes so that's my fav followed closely by the emotional Banette one


Probably the Banette episode, or the final episode with Latias/Latios. Really liked Ash and Latios connecting/battling together, although I thought it would’ve been Latias.


My favourite was a real "seriously why do you exist" one, oddly enough. Episode 4 feels really cosy and warm. It's very much one that would be on the cutting room floor if you were wanting to focus the mini series on major events because it's just a normal pokemon episode with cute character interactions. But sometimes I do want that.


Of MPM or the anime in general?


All of them. In all honesty, they put a lot of effort into all of them. But, and don't hate me for this, I didn't like the way they ended it.


All of them


The Greninja vs Charizard fight despite the lost. it was still my favorite


Misty my beloved waifu 🤤


That username🤨


“Team Rocket Strikes Back”


Episode 6. It's the only episode in which something that has lasting consequences (Squirtle forgiving Ash and dutifully leading the squad).


Beatric episode because of Incineroar