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I think we need to take a DNA swab on this guy, run his fingerprints, check for passports, ID cards, and see what lurks behind any National info he has like SSN.


Minus the DNA testing, you’d think the other stuff should just be standard protocol if you are going to be in the type of position he is. I’ve had to undergo multiple background checks, drug tests, etc just to get licensed and to work in a healthcare setting. Why aren’t our government officials held to even higher standards? We absolutely need to know who they are and they should be free of any shady backgrounds before they are even cleared to run for office on a state or national level.


Silly cactus. Do you realize what would happen if we seriously required our leadership including the person who occupies arguably the most powerful position on earth to be held to the average working person's standards for employment? Their son-in-law wouldn't be able to make shady multi billion dollar deals. . Last week I posted a comments similar to yours about getting things in writing and being held to the same standards the working class is held to. I'd love to have every member of Congress apply for a regular job that requires background, credit, and security checks along with drug testing. I suspect a whole bunch of folks couldn't get hired in nongrifting jobs. I'm done with my speech now. Thank you for being such a nice cactus and listening to me rant. :)


Your comment raises a good point. I want elected officials to pass frequent drug tests.


Several years ago there was some reporting that Washington D.C. has the highest rate of binge drinking and alcohol misuse even though members of Congress supposedly has a slightly lower percentage of reported alcoholism than the nation. Some members have opened up about being a recovering alcoholic or addict. I suspect those numbers are higher. I'm not interested in anyone's personal private medical struggles, but addiction could be problematic in many ways including security. Privacy is important, but standards we all have should also apply.


No privacy allowed for public representatives. It's the price of being a servant of the public.


Yeah. It does feel disingenuous when a secret alcoholic or other addict votes against programs that could help the average person who doesn't have access to financial and medical resources these folks have including keeping their job or their home. Most of us lose our jobs which torpedoes the rest of our lives if we show up drunk or fail a drug test. Then again full disclosure might not be a bad thing.


I want them to have passed college level political science with a 4.0 And not have only a GED.


This might be difficult to hear, but you can fail even the most basic government back ground check and still be elected to office. I mean, look at trump as an example…


Watch this guy be a full blown foreign plant and the GOP give him unadulterated access to classified material because McCarthy needs the vote.


I mean we basically had 4 years of that so it's part of the plan now.


It’s a feature, not a bug


New Yorkers have known this before he was elected. The problem is his district didn’t care until the 9/11 fakery.


“I lie constantly” *Ohhh?* “—to stick it to the libs.” *praise the lord*


even his homies are like, "Who?" https://twitter.com/patriottakes/status/1613368093551611909


This footage probably came from a political tracker, a dangerous, important, underpaid, and under-appreciated position that I've done myself.


I got hassled at a protest because they thought I was a republican tracker. My only hang up was that they thought I looked like a republican


Can you provide more insight into what someone in this role actually does? I’ve never heard of it before


>political tracker From a quick google search, its a person who's job is to follow the opposing candidate and record everything they say and do, I would presume for soundbites that can be used against them.


This is correct, and includes digital tracking, so things like podcast and radio appearances get recorded online by trackers, and all of this footage gets catalogued so people can pull it up later, like for this story.


The famous macaca incident in the Virgins senate* race happened because the tracker was a brown man Edit: Virginia


I was reading about that a few days ago. The tracker felt bad because he received pure, kind hospitality from all the grassroots Virginia Republicans on the campaign trail, for weeks on end. Then their candidate saw him at a stop and, out of nowhere, blew up his entire campaign over pure racism


I hope the GOP keeps him around. It's pretty great for 2024.


He is the perfect embodiment of their entire party.


> Pro-Trump LGBTQ event Wait what?


Gays can be racist. Go look at grindr. - a gay


> Gays can be racist. I know. What I mean is most of the Republican circus are homophobic, so how in the fack are there still a Pro Trump/Republican LGBT wing? This is like Jews for Hitler kind of shit.


They tolerate a few gays and bipoc people so they can claim they don't hate gays and bipoc people but they really do.


Yep, can confirm, my lesbian Aunt is still fully supportive of Trump. So she's "one of the good ones" to them. Although she'd probably never join a gay group for Trump, that might be seen as a weakness. "it's ok if you're a republican" comes in to play Black republican: one of the good ones Gay republican: one of the good ones Hollywood celebrity, but conservative: make him president! Embezzling funds: smart businessman Kicking puppies: helping to control the animal population Being a traitorous rat, following Russia's orders: great diplomat


Let me guess, she says that there are "valid criticisms" of the LGBTQ movement and will criticise other gay people for "making it their identity" or being too visibly queer?


Some of the most hateful and bigoted anti LGBT people I've met have been members of our own community. There's a lot of racism, white privilege, classism, and transphobia in the normal ongoings and community events, and there's active attempts by the wealthy whites who funded the legal side of the push for gay marriage to pull the ladder up behind them and leave everyone else behind because their marriages, and asset protections granted by it, they believe to be safe.


I have lesbian friends that are anti-trans. It surprised me.


There's definitely an undercurrent of "they are bringing us down, don't lump us in with them" between the gay rights movement and transgender people. The idea being that trans people are just *too* abnormal for society in general to accept, so it makes it harder to gain any ground when you have to include them. Thankfully it's not the majority anymore, but it was the more common sentiment in the 70s-90s. [Sylvia Rivera](https://www.womenshistory.org/education-resources/biographies/sylvia-rivera) - one of the original voices of the movement and a veteran of the Stonewall riots - was pushed out by the general gay community. She did tons of advocacy work for the gay and trans community (and various other self-identifications, trans wasn't as much of a common term at the time and Sylvia herself identified using different terms throughout her life) and fought for trans youth rights, but she was discouraged from attending Pride, not allowed to speak at the event, and cut out of negotiations for trans rights in the gay rights movement. They felt that it would be harder to get a law passed protecting gay rights if trans rights were included, so trans rights were dropped and the gay rights movement carried on. Now the overall LGBTQ+ community is generally more inclusive and accepting, with a lot more identities and preferences viewed on a spectrum rather than black or white it's kind of counterintuitive to exclude a group for being "too different" or whatever. But they're out there. "Drop the T" has been going on since 2015 - a movement to try to separate transgender people from the gay community. On the surface the argument is that sexual orientation and gender identity are entirely different matters and therefore need different types of advocacy and priorities. However, I've never seen any of those groups say "Trans people are great, we're just focused on our own thing" usually they follow up with a great big heap of transphobia and advocate for things like conversion therapy. It's clearly not a matter of "We can support each other while working separately" it's "I don't want you in my group because I don't think you deserve the same rights I do."


Along similar lines, folks have been trying to push for a trans-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act since the 1970's. Some of it's objectives have succeeded, but we're still not there yet. And even when they tried to cut trans people out of the legislation entirely, and pushed solely for rights for LGB folks, that didn't pass, either. People need to remember that we stand together or we sink in pieces.


Bayard Rustin was the inspiration for all the good parts of MLK jr and without any of the cheating but he always took a quiet back seat because he was gay and that was just "too much" to handle at the time.


Well, sorta tolerate. Log cabin repubs are still not invited to official republican conventions


It seems counterintuitive that the group with "GOP" in its name are outcasts, but the LGBTQ/bipoc group are dressed up and invited to dinner. But it makes sense. LGBTQ/bipoc republicans legitimize the Trump-era GOP. Log cabin republicans *de*legitimize the Trump-era GOP.


There are always a few people willing to give up their rights to be part of the group.


*Candace Owens has entered the chat*


god i fucking hate her


Didn't even she dump Trump?


Only after it became clear that he was no longer useful to her. Much like the evangelicals.


She ragged on him until he was the GOP front runner. Then he was the best thing ever. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if she pretended she never said anything positive about him.


Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson… These aren’t dumb people. Top tier grifting.


*Ted Cruz taking a peek behind the curtain*


Wasent that guy milo talmobouzarokus super gay and super right wing nutjob?


Milo Yiannopoulos, but yes. He’s now claiming conversion therapy cured him of the gay.


He's a yestergay


Q: What do all conversion-therapied gays have in common? A: They're all still gay


Someone should tell his husband.


They'll end up on r/leopardsatemyface eventually


Dave Rubin says hi.


“Tolerate” is doing a fuckton of heavy lifting there.


Gays can hate the libs too and that's the only requirement to be a Republican these days


For now. Gays, Mormons, Jehovah's witnesses and some others are likely to be mistreated if the evangelicals truly come to power. Revolutionary movements almost always sacrifice some of their original supporters to the cause.


Most of the Republican circus is sexist as fuck too but alot of women still support them, hard to wrap your head around the lack of self respect


They’re used to misogyny in their own homes, and much of the rural CONServatives have a domestic violence problem. When you love abusive people in your own homes, loving people that mimic them is natural.


> This is like Jews for Hitler kind of shit. Well... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_of_German_National_Jews > The Association of German National Jews was founded in 1921 by Max Naumann, who was its chairman until 1926 and again from 1933 to 1935, when the association was dissolved.[1] The association was close to the national conservative and monarchist German National People's Party which, however, refused affiliation to the Association.[2] > The goal of the Association was the total assimilation of Jews into the German Volksgemeinschaft, self-eradication of Jewish identity, and the expulsion from Germany of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe.[3] Naumann was especially opposed to Zionists and Eastern European Jews. He considered the former a threat to Jewish integration and carriers of a "racist" ideology serving British imperial purposes. He saw the latter as racially and spiritually inferior.[3]


> Naumann was especially opposed to Zionists and Eastern European Jews. He considered the former a threat to Jewish integration and carriers of a "racist" ideology serving British imperial purposes. He saw the latter as racially and spiritually inferior.[3] Did he win a Olympic medal for gymnastics?


Log Cabin Republicans have been around since the 70’s, shit’s crazy


Same reason a major white supremacist is named Nick Fuentes, same reason Candace Owens says racism isn’t an issue despite the fact she had a lawsuit against the Stamford Board of Education for racial harassment, same reason Clarence Thomas wants to overturn Loving v Virginia, the same reason Ted Cruz has a problem with immigrants, same reason Greg Abbott makes life harder for people with disabilities. The entire conservative mindset can be boiled down to “Fuck you, I got mine”.


Maybe it's like Caitlyn Jenner where they think they're among friends because they haven't really looked into the abyss yet. "How do you do fellow conservatives.. boy don't we sure hate taxes"


Self-hatred is real


Danny Zimmerman could be one.. “Of course it bothers me,” Daniel Zimmerman, a 70-year-old registered Democrat, told POLITICO as he left a local pharmacy Thursday in Great Neck, a waterfront enclave in the heart of the district. But, he added, he’d vote for Santos again. “Right now I’m a Republican because Democrats, they’re destroying our country. I don’t like the president,”


“When asked to offer examples of ways in which they were destroying the country, Zimmerman grew visibly angry, at first refusing the question as ‘biased,’ before offering anecdotes about a great-niece having to use a litter box at school, how many more people speak Spanish these days, and that the Democrats still refuse to give former President Trump his old job back.”


I can't tell if this is a joke.


>how many more people speak Spanish these days There we go. Buried in the thin BS is his real motivation. So Zimmerman is a Strom Thurman, Lester Maddox Democrat.


Yup: No Asians, No Blacks, No Fems, No Chubs, No one older than 30


Yeah but those disclaimers are useful because what they're telling me is that they suck and I shouldn't waste my time


Still seems crazy to support Trump, but I know it happens. Like shooting yourself in the foot to ruin someone else’s carpet.


Trump held up a rainbow flag one time and that was all the validation they needed. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Trump+held+up+a+rainbow+flag&iax=images&ia=images


Yep. I distinctly remember people saying this was proof he is/is going to be the most pro-lgbt president ever


While running on a platform of stripping gay rights. The fascists aren't exactly deep thinkers.


I remember a lot of conservative talk at the time was about how Trump was a Democrat in disguise because he was so friendly with POC, LGBT, and other assorted Hollywood types and "weirdo" celebrities on his TV show, and that he would take the GOP in a liberal direction, at least socially. Hah!


There's a different universe out there where Trump had different yes men and had a very different presidency. The man has no internal morality, and unfortunately the far right realized that and latched onto him hard and pushed him where they wanted him to be. It's funny to me whenever right wingers say Biden is a puppet, because there's never been a president as hollow as Trump. I'm not sure be did anything during his presidency of his own volition other than golf. But I can easily see an alternate universe where he was surrounded by less horrible people and was, well, almost anything. But he'd always golf too much.


Remember that time he ate a taco and gave a thumbs-up to the camera? Locked up the Hispanic vote.


And like the Bible he held, it was upside down. Pretty clear that it was a prop since the person who wrote in sharpie on the flag didn’t have the flag positioned right. Hmmm. Who is known for writing exclusively with a sharpie?




I used to know a trans woman who was annoyed that Biden won. When I asked her, and mentioned how Trump and republicans are with trans people, she claimed that that’s fine because of ‘the economy’ etc. and that trans people needed to sacrifice for it. That was the last time I spoke to her.


Was it Caitlin Jenner?


Nah, but very similar belief system.


Like a pro-butcher cattle meeting


"nobody loves the gays more than me" is something I'm almost confident Trump has said at one point.


My old boss is a gay person of color and was a huge supporter for trump back when I worked for him.


Just ask Ernst Rohm how that worked out.


The Log Cabin Republicans are a thing. But it tends to be cis white men who value money o we their freedoms and think if they are rich enough or "one of the good ones" enough that they can avoid the negative outcomes from their party. Last year they were prevented from, I think, CPAC and were shocked they weren't welcome.


I think it would be easier to just report on the times George Santos told the truth.


Ive keep track. Here is the list... 1... 2... 3...


On a very cold day one time he did say "It is a bit chilly out today". He only lies MOST of the time. No one has a perfect record. The truth will slip in there occasionally.


And yet if he told me the sky was blue I'd still have to go outside to check


It would honestly make me doubt the existence of the sky


"I am NOT going to resign" - Anthony Devolder as George Santos




He did admit to that theft in Brazil; admitted it publicly and to the police.


Well that is excellent! An honest thief!


... and then immediately left the country to avoid consequences.


His name is not George Santos


At this point, I'm convinced Anthony Devolder is *also* a pseudonym, and by the time this is all said and done we'll have discovered a half dozen fake identities this guy's used over the course of his life.


I think if you touch him he turns into a broom with glasses and a jacket on it.


To be honest, Diane, I am surprised.


Better to report who has control of his strings


He fits right in with Trump and his gang. Lying is the number one reason they attract one another!


The Republicans that don't like him aren't mad because he lied either. They are mad because he's making them look bad.


We should ask John Baron, John Miller, or David Dennison what they think of all of this.


I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he isn’t even a US citizen


State your name American Citizen. Uhh its uhh... George. George the American. Like George Washington you see. Very American.


I know we made the “Santos doesn’t answer when called because that’s a fake name” joke during the House Speaker election, but I can’t believe we were basically right.


Oh Jesus you're right... Holy shit I didn't think about that but yeah that would explain it!


This guy is a true George Costanza. If you believe your own lies, they're not lies.


Worlds are colliding!


It’s all pipes!!


George is getting upset!


You mean that guy who looks like Art Vandelay?


The weirdest thing about rewatching Seinfeld is realizing what an absolute sociopath George is


I caught that on the first watching. By the way, he did double-dip that chip.


“Well, you know, I've been lying about my income for a few years; I figured I could afford a fake house in the Hamptons.” - Who said it, George Costanza or George Santos?


“Have you seen the new addition to the Guggenheim?” “You designed *that*?” “Yep. And it didn’t take very long, either.” That definitely sounds like Santos


Bashir: Out of all the stories you told me, which ones were true and which ones weren't? Garak: My dear Doctor, they're all true. Bashir: Even the lies? Garak: Especially the lies.


George Costantos.


There are government forms requiring you to list your aliases or names you've gone by. If he hasn't listed Anthony Devolder on forms filled out after that event there might be penalties that don't need the Speaker of the House's concurrence on.


Just another reason for the Republicans to get rid of the Office of Congressional Ethics.


That mildly worded letter from the FEC is going to scare the bejesus out of him.


There are many non-election related government forms one might need to fill out, some of which are from states and some of which are from federal agencies which may not take too kindly to leaving off alias information on said forms.


This is literally a national threat in office. It’s insane this is being allowed.


Nobody knows who this person is and he's going to hold a security clearance and will have access to classified intelligence information. 100% a national threat




That's all it takes. People like my aunt and uncle don't give a damn if a Republican is unethical or downright criminal. If they have that (R), they're automatically the most moral Christians on the planet. For instance, my aunt freaked the absolute fuck out when the lie was going around about Fauci experimenting on dogs. But when my sister sent her articles about Dr. Oz actually experimenting on dogs, with some suffering under cruel conditions? She didn't care. It was fake, it was blown out of proportion, other things mattered, etc. Fauci gets threats of violence from her, but Oz got a pass because of that (R).


I doubt this guy is going to pass a security audit. Those are pretty tough. Kushner couldnt get one for awhile, and this ass clown doesnt have the connections. I know it seems slow going but I get the feeling this is about to go downhill fast.


Who IS this guy really?


Seems like him, his campaign manager, and his campaign treasurer are just a grifting team. They expected to make a bunch of money running a losing Congressional campaign and that no one would care much after they lost, but they accidentally won instead.


Sounds familiar…


Wonder where they got the idea!


Bialystock & Bloom


You can make more money with a flop than with a hit!


There’s definitely a big grift happening here, but like where is the money coming from? Apparently he funded his campaign with his shady ass company…. Where is that coming from? Like why this guy for congress? I have so many questions.


The company was a Ponzi scheme, and is currently being dismantled by the SEC.


At this point, it seems highly unlikely he actually loaned his campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was likely part hiding the fact that he was taking more than the limit from some people and part just lying. Both to bolster his claim that he was a successful financial professional and so he could "pay back" the loans and pocket more money.


Carmen Sandiego!?


Nope, Chuck Testa


Is this a Chuck Testa taxidermy reference in the year of our lord 2023?


Nope, it’s Chuck Testa


Frank William Abagnale, Jr.


A bunch of cats taped together.


For someone who lies about everything, Anthony Devolder is about the lamest pseudonym I can imagine. Was he pretending to be an insurance agent from the midwest?




Devolder is also a "company" he allegedly ran, although there's no proof he had clients, and he made this magic company after running Ponzi schemes in Florida. > Santos wasn’t accused of wrongdoing by authorities, and the next month he incorporated his own company called Devolder. In an interview with Semafor, he said he helped rich people buy the expensive toys they wanted. If a client wanted to sell a plane or a boat, Santos would “go look out there within my Rolodex and be like: ‘Hey, are you looking for a plane?’ ‘Are you looking for a boat?’ I just put that feeler out there.” Within six months, he claims to have “landed a couple of million-dollar contracts.” Financial disclosures from his 2022 congressional campaign show he claimed to have made between $3.5 million and $11 million from the company before it was dissolved last year. > Not everyone is buying the story that Santos earned his money how he says he did. As the Times notes, Devolder had no public website or LinkedIn page, and on his campaign financial disclosure, he did not list any clients. In a campaign bio, Santos once described Devolder as his “family’s firm” and said it was managing $80 million in assets. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2023/01/the-everything-guide-to-george-santoss-lies.html


So he *maybe* ran a money laundering business and then claimed he made $3.5M to $11M? That’s a huge range lmao


Well, that makes sense. Wait, that can't be right.


Or he just wasn't very creative. Or even creative-ish.


I would have thought Art Vandelay


Mike Hunt


I’m looking for Amanda Hugankiss. Can I get Amanda Hugankiss?


I need a Homer Sexual!


Willie fistergash


Is this guy in the u.s. with legit papers, or did he forge that, too?


That’s what I’d like to know.


Going down his us citizenship rabbit hole makes him seem somehow even more sketchy


I’ve been wondering the same… worth investigating. After he fled Brazil to escape fraud charges, did he get into the US legally?


Maybe a fraudulent green card with the woman he married while being openly gay? Does he seem like the kind of person who would marry an American woman for permanent resident status?


He was hoping John Barron would show up


Nobody who questioned if George Santos is actually his name was kidding.


People have been going around Reddit telling people that he used to go by Anthony Devolder for like two weeks now. There’s no way publications didn’t know about it. They’re just trickling out information for clicks. Meanwhile Nassau County is having to pull every trick in the book to make sure he’s not privy to any information here, but he’s up in Congress gaining access to even more sensitive and important information. This whole thing is just fucked.


Has anyone verified that he is a US citizen? If he says he is, it's probably untrue.


There is no proof, and when reporters question election/congressional officials who is supposed to be in charge of finding proof, they all claim that it's someone else's responsibility.


Are we sure this isn't Andy Kauffman?


Or Sacha Baron Cohen


If you believed there's nothing up his sleeve, then nothing is cool.


I wasn’t really into the ‘show me your birth certificate’ thing until now


The whole santos saga is interesting. On one hand it’s amazing this dude was able to win an election when none of his credentials were legit. How did his opponent not find any of this out. On the other hand it shows that a large part of society doesn’t care if you’re a liar or scammer. Just as long as you an R next to your name you can’t be that bad.


They did find out and brought it to the media. Nobody chose to run it.


NYTimes chose to run it after the election when it would get more play due it being about a sitting congressman rather than a fringe candidate. They were offered it beforehand by the opposing campaign.


The opposing campaign should have sued in Nassau country for proof of his identity BEFORE election day. They had months to vet the opposition and the proper process is to bring it to court before the election takes place. Tons of people dropped the ball here. Now he is a sitting congressman and as such it requires the federal government to self regulate (which we know it doesn't do).


There are gays who put their money and prejudices before their community.


*cough* Caitlyn Jenner *cough*


Anthony Devolder sounds like a member of Voldermort's Death Eaters.


I’ll bet anything that he isn’t gay. He’s claiming to be a gay republican because being a gay republican makes him a higher profile republican and he is nothing but a pathological lying attention seeker. Have any men come forward claiming to be a partner of his? I’ll bet not.


His ex-boyfriend said he was batshit insane and lied about everything.


And stole his laptop


They have, but other than attesting to his sexuality they don’t do him any favours. One man alleged he stole money from him iirc.


I think he's absolutely gay, or at least bisexual, but he is an absolute narcissist who is willing to lie about literally anything. Too much about him is fitting with being a gay man, though one who is very hateful and utterly pathetic. Thinking more about it, I'm not sure if he even desires sex from anyone because he's such a narcissist. I think he's completely satisfied with himself alone through all the lies he tells.


All governments need a narcissist filter. Anyone wired like that has no business being a public servant. They will only ever abuse the power of office.


This has Vandalay industries written all over it.


What the fuck is a pro Trump LGBTQ event?? That's like chickens holding a pro KFC event...


the people who a) gave this guy money b) voted for this guy Are the stupidest people on the fucking planet bar none. Rubes of the highest order. Apex clowns.


He has at least three aliases according to wikipedia: Anthony Devolder, George Devolder, and Anthony Zabrovsky. His name is listed as George Anthony Devolder Santos. Devolder is his mother's family name. He claimed to be biracial, claimed to have a brain tumor. It just goes on and on with weird charity and business claims and of course the college and work experience lies.


╔═════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ════════════════╗          The GOP is a bona fide, de facto, corporatized                      Organized Crime Syndicate. ╚═════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ════════════════╝ [And](https://www.rawstory.com/trump-cult-2653835370/) [a](https://thehill.com/news/house/3511667-cheney-there-is-absolutely-a-cult-of-personality-around-donald-trump/) [cult.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hdk3a9pI_jA) (☝˘▾˘)☝


Anthony Devolder? Wait. Do you mean Anthony Zabrovsky? Or do you mean George Devolder?


George trump.


Apparently, his real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle


release the long form birth certificate !


At this point I want to investigate why he hasn’t been removed from office yet. Why is this taking so long? He could be a spy for all we know, they didn’t even do a simple background check on him.


It’s absolutely mind blowing that 1) no one including the media vetted this guy properly and 2) he is IN THE HOUSE and we have no clue who he is.






Which is an anagram of "I am the gay(ish) Jew(ish) Voldermort" !!!


This guy knows all the words to “Catch me if you can”


Do we know he isn’t just Sacha Baron Cohen?


People are going to lose their shit when he rips off his mask on the House floor to reveal that “he” is a Cherokee female dominatrix whose name is the number 8.