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Prob true in all states. Of course the stupid GOP won't listen


Most probably , but Arkansas just voted against it.


That bill failed largely because of its details. It didn't allow for home grow, severely limited the number of licenses for growers and sellers, and mandated about 2/3rds of those licenses go to the folks who were already growing or selling medical marijuana. As a result, many people who support legalization voted against this specific bill. But citizens initiatives are relatively easy to get on the ballot here, so it's likely going to come up again soon.


I think Ohio had a similar issue, for what I remember from a friend, basically it was going to give a monopoly to three companies so my friend voted against


We experienced something similar in Washington. The first time it didn't pass because it was too restricting and the second time it passed. It's still too restrictive to me, though a new bill could change things.


Same with Oregon. When we tried to pass Measure 80 in 2012 it had serious issues with it that made many pro-legalization people vote against it, knowing it would get challenged in court and shot down. Better to defeat it at the ballot and come back in the next election with a better version. Which is why Measure 91 passed handily in 2014. It took the best parts of Washington and Colorado's legalization measures, mushed them together, and came up with a great ballot measure.


I live in Arkansas. The GOP, and specifically a group called the Family Council Action Comittee, ran a brutal disinformation and misinformation campaign based in fear saying all kinds of crazy stuff about cannabis (gateway theory, traffic accidents, mental illness, exacerbation of existing addiction problems, birth defects, increased crime etc) while the group responsible for the ballot measure, Responsible Growth Arkansas’ attempts at rebuttal to their claims were pretty weak and lackluster. They really only focused on the jobs and financial upside of legalization. Edit: I have a medical cannabis card in Arkansas, and voted yes for recreational. If we can get back on the ballot for 2024 it will most likely pass due to having a bigger turnout to the polls than midterms. We failed on our first attempt with medical in 2014 during the midterm, then passed in 2016 during the presidential.


I'm not surprised that a state who made Sarah Huckabee Sanders their governor is backwards on this issue.


I get a shiver up my spine whenever someone mentions that name.


Same thing happened in AZ and it turns out that one of the disinformation funders was the prison guard union. Enough people came to vote the second time to legalize it so just hang in there and vote.


I still remember when the voters passed medical and the AZ legislature was like "Naw." They did that at least twice before there was nothing left for them to do but let it pass.


I’m an industry worker in AR and this is true! Rec not passing was actually a good thing this time around. We still have medical though and there is still hope for 2024.


Also both Dakotas. Nationally, legalization is very popular, but in many red states, it’s still a minority position.


Ever heard of gerrymandering? Do you really think the vote reflects the will of the people in the state?


Gerrymandering had nothing to do with Arkansas voting against marijuana legalization. It was an initiative and the vote was purely totals of yes vs. no at the state level. Voting by district wasn’t involved. To be clear, I hate gerrymandering and all its implications, but this particular vote is unrelated to it.


Gerrymandering doesn’t affect ballot measures. Arkansas likely voted no because it was either a terribly written law, something that benefited only a small number of wealthy people or because the state still has the “drugs are bad!” opinion of marijuana.


Or because of the voter suppression that tends to disproportionately affect the part of the population that would vote for legalization


All of the above.


I'm thinking you've heard of gerrymandering but don't quite understand what it is as you believe district lines with in a state affect a statewide ballot measure.


Someone who again doesn’t understand gerrymandering. Gerrymandering never impacts statewide races. Voter restrictions, and closing polling locations do. Voter suppression does. Gerrymandering does not.


Thanks for your condescention, someone else explained it without being an asshole and i learned something. I hope your life stops sucking so much.


In a statewide election gerrymandering doesn't matter.


GOP needs people in prison.


I don't feel like the Democrats are listening either.


They are pretending to listen though! 🤣


GOP like the pill lobbyist much more


I dont know. I think they've shown that it's more that they don't care what people want.


They don’t even believe in voting


I'm fairly sure that a majority of people from every state in the union wants pot legalized


Yeah in California the market is going crazy. Sure pot use is up but I’m sure that’s because less and less people are getting it off the streets and are more open about usage. It’s also bullshit that some from one state can get prison time in another for medicinal marijuana. Tax payers should also not want to pay for the prison stay of a dude from another state who just had a little weed. Edit: Also Canada federally legalized it and they haven’t imploded yet so it’s probably fine lol


But not a majority of voters.


Didn’t the voters say use to pot in North Dakota a few years ago the government was like “yeah, No” and said it included too many changes in the bill.


Seriously, is there anyone left except DEA agents who *doesn't* want it legalized?


evangelical christians, people who work for the prison industry in Georgia (which is huge), and alcohol companies are the big 3.


Add onto that big pharma.


you would think so but big pharma has pivoted to wanting to legalize marijuana THEIR way so they sell it like everything else. So they don’t actively participate in lobbying efforts to keep weed criminalized, instead they’re now more focused on lobbying for rules that benefit them once weed is legal. No home grows, over regulation, limited licenses. Stuff like that.


I mean, the home grows.... That sort of sorts itself out. A HUGE time and resource commitment, for a very low yield. It was simply easier and cheaper to buy an ounce than to grow it. I enjoyed the process, up until harvest: Giant pain in the ass. (Requires more space and effort than you initially think)


not true at all, 3 months and $800 can get you over a pound. do that 4 times a year and you have 4 pounds for way less than the cost of buying even close to a single pound at a dispensary.


I accept that I was bad at it. ;) My second batch would have likely been better, but it was the time spent that I found the most tedious.


maybe you need to look into advancements in indoor growing technology and genetics homie


It became more time consuming than I'm was willing to give. I know what I would do differently next time I have the space, but my lazy nature affected the grow. Lol


oh yeah it takes some dedication of time and energy for sure


But no.. it’s easier if you know what you’re doing. Won’t get rich off it though.


Makes sense. Seems like it would affect their profits since it can be grown at home and has been proven to lessen use of prescription medications in states where it’s legalized.


yeah that’s why they wanna own the weed businesses too, they just can’t actually buy them until it’s federally legal due to the banking laws. As soon as the federal government allows banks to accept weed businesses’ money, big pharma will buy up every company they can get their hands on. and they’re also lobbying for laws that prevent home growers from growing their own.


So they are still responsible for a no v vote in a way, considering that no one will vote for it with horrid restrictions..


good point


Dont forget those that see bad bills being written just to get something passed. You dont want a monopoly going on in your state for everything. If a bill goes out that marijuanna can only be sold by these standards that only 2-3 companies meet each year, its rigged.


Work for a liquor company and we definitely want weed legalized, not sure where you heard that


but you repeat yourself twice


Many of the big alcohol distributors and producers are investing in pot production in preparation of legalization.


Everyone says alcohol companies are against legalization, but here in Oregon, which has a GIANT craft brewing industry, they didn't say a word. Didn't put any recognizable money against it. So it makes me wonder where that idea comes from.


https://theintercept.com/2016/09/14/beer-pot-ballot/ On the heels of a filing last week that revealed that a synthetic cannabis company is financing the opposition to legal marijuana in Arizona comes a new disclosure this week that a beer industry group made one of the largest donations to an organization set up to defeat legalization in Massachusetts. “The Beer Distributors PAC, an affiliate that represents 16 beer-distribution companies in Massachusetts, gave $25,000 to the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts, tying it for third place among the largest contributors to the anti-pot organization.” Just depends on the state I suppose.


“Alcohol companies” is pretty broad. Suppliers likely don’t care much, but the wholesalers have a long history of donating to candidates and PACs that are against Marijuana legalization.


As in prison industry, do you mean private prisons?


also just people who work for the federal and state prison systems. They provide a lot of jobs to a lot of communities in Georgia.




Also, the illegal drug cartels.


I just gotta say I know plenty that are for weed. Even many who are die hard MAGA, they have no issue with weed and used to be serious hippie stoners back in the day. Live in Atlanta so idk if that makes any difference.


> I just gotta say I know plenty that are for weed. Even many who are die hard MAGA, they have no issue with weed and used to be serious hippie stoners back in the day. Live in Atlanta so idk if that makes any difference. Yeah, but they also aren't voting on the issue.


Ask them how they'd feel about all the black and Hispanic people who would be released from prison on their possession charges if it were legalized, and then see how pro-weed they are.




I'm pretty sure the MAGA crowd is already on drugs. We just don't know which one(s) yet 🤣


>Live in Atlanta so idk if that makes any difference. The unofficial smell of Atlanta is weed smoke so even without the AJC poll I think it's a pretty safe assumption that people here are generally pro legalization.


Ha that’s accurate. Been dealing with a neighbor making my place smell like a skunk sprayed my AC every damn day.


Hey at least it's not chicken wing bones! :D


Dupont. According to Jack Herer.


Then vote out the GOP.


We keep trying. They keep gerrymandering. We are more purple than we’ve been in ages.


Bless the organizers who have been working their tails off in Georgia.


Georgia was reliably Democratic until 2000.


Wiki southern strategy. R and D voters switched after the VRA in the 1960s. Some states took longer to transition. Dixicrats are no more.


I'm from Georgia, I don't need to read a Wikipedia article on a political transition I lived through.


Then why you're bringing this up? I'm curious.


Because there was deep party loyalty in Georgia toward the DNC through the Bush administration at least. After the Charles Walker scandal, the DCCC gave up on Georgia, even though people like John Barrow were still winning House seats. If the party had put even a little effort in to keeping a presence in Georgia, this return to the DNC would have been sooner, less difficult, and more wholesale.


You're right. The party probably just looked at the trend and gave up. Just like in Florida.


Gerrymandering doesn't effect statewide races like governor though. What's the excuse for Kemp being re-elected?


Revisionist propaganda claiming he handled the pandemic well. Claims that he stood up to Trump, despite that meaning that he didn't commit election fraud at the highest level. Less enthusiasm for Abrams.


Abrams also pulled a trump and said kemp “rigged” election 4 years ago without presenting any evidence. That was a big turn off to me I didn’t chose anyone for governor


He fucking did. He was SoS while running for Governor. He had already deleted subpoenaed voter data for Ossoff's Special House Election in the previous year. He purged many votes from the voter rolls. Stop defending the dipshit.


Going to call bullshit on you and say you never would have voted for her if this is how you saw the events. Like, Kemp over saw the election that got him governor, and there was an investigation into tampering, but the servers were conveniently scrubbed. I will say it was another part of the propaganda to equate Abrams with Trump though.


No it’s a legit criticism , she never conceded and there was no evidence presented in court. True I wouldn’t vote for her anyway because I disdain both parties, am a member of neither. I’ve only turned out to vote against Trump and Hershel Walker, and my congressman who refused to certify Biden win. Just because republicans are the worse of two evils doesn’t mean democrats don’t suck, they do. This country is where it’s at because these two corrupt parties have controlled it for decades. People are too tribal and can’t see the flaws of their own team.


Trump was caught on tape asking GA to make up votes. Trump took things to court with no evidence for his claims of the election beign stolen. Likely a ploy to muddy the waters. 4 years earlier Abrams helped people overcome ridiculous last minute rule changes designed specifically to disinfranchise voters. Kemp had evidence scrubbed. But sure "both sides"...


Unfortunately it’s not just the GOP. Both Obama and Biden ran on legalizing marijuana. Once they get into office, crickets.


Both attempts to do it in Congress were filibustered by Republicans in the Senate. I'm not sure what power Biden has to unilaterally deschedule it by executive order. From my understanding he might be able to but it might also get a bit messy.


50% of them voted for Herschel Walker...they must already be high.


Well not quite 50%, he did lose thankfully.


That means it most definitely will NOT happen then because, well, Republicans…


You're not very well informed.


Wait then how will Clayton Country police officers harrass black people at the airport and steal millions of dollars from passengers? They need the pretext of weed without it what will they do. https://www.cnn.com/2022/10/16/us/atlanta-police-stop-lawsuit-reaj/index.html


Everybody everywhere wants to legalize it. The problem is democracy isn’t real so politicians just push it back


The churches and pastors want it illegal, and that's who matters. Until the rest of the country starts voting in the same numbers as white evangelicals, this country will keep spiraling further and further backwards. Less than 20% of 18-29 year olds voted in the 2022 midterms. In a time like this, when the Southern Baptist Church is threatening a total takeover of American society, that's incredible. I fear that it will be too late to stop theocracy by the time people finally wake up and realize what is happening.


When I first moved to Georgia, I thought it was an improvement over living in Alabama. But I soon found out the difference. In Alabama, the government doesn't get much accomplished. In Georgia, they get much accomplished but not much of it is any good.


So do Wisconsin voters!


Lol everyone wants it legalized


We all want marijuana legalized.


Conservative states prefer the anger of alcohol to Mary Jane peace.


ATL does not equal GA. ATL voters want a lot of things (Drivers ed, public pools, after school programs, public transportation that's not literally covered in homeless guy shit...) but GA voters have spoken. They elected a skid mark who believes in refer madness and gay frog alien conspiracies, who prefers horse dewormer to a spherical Earth.


Step one of getting weed legal: Stop voting for Republicans.




Most voters in the US want it.


It's unfortunate that "most voters" aren't in control of this "democracy".


Snap the Belt already and bring NC with it.


Sounds far too liberal for Georgia


As someone who lived in Georgia most of their life, good luck with that. As long as it’s up to the state to decide there’s no way the Bible Belt is about to start legalizing the devils lettuce.


I think we are decades away from legal weed in the former Confederate states. Arkansas' ballot initiative in 2022 shows that cannabis legalization isn't a shoe-in in the Bible Belt like it is in the rest of the country. The Southern Baptists are against cannabis, they vote, and nothing can change their minds on that.


Ass-backwards, slow-ass, boring-af-ass Georgia... I can't wait to gtfo this place! I've always surmised GA wants to keep it illegal because stop/frisk and racial profiling are cash cows for these bastards. Even though it's 'illegal,' I smell it everywhere in Atlanta, folks are posted on the corner blazing as if it's Los Angeles I mean neighboring states to our west have MM and Japan is set to legalize MM....Did I mention, FK THIS PLACE?! My guess, GA will legalize it in a decade.... yes, 10 years from now... So sad that it's pathetic!


As a Georgia voter, yes...yes I do.


Only if Georgia was interested in democracy.


The Devil went down to Georgia, looking for some weed to score, When he got instate he made it first straight into a convenience store. There were THC-O's and HHC's, and D-8's and 10's, Confused as hell as 11 was also spotted in this den. Angry and mad he yelled for the keeper *"hey what's this all about??"* *"I have a hankering for a certain strain and 9 ain't to be found!"* The owner looks at the Devil's eyes and said with a hollowed tongue, "The weed here is shit and if you want the real deal you are either dying or missing a lung"


Is that what they want? I would have thought they wanted police that didn’t kill innocent civilians. My bad, I forgot about this issue. Far more important.


Legalizing cannabis actually reduces police brutality. It gives cops one less thing to legally harass citizens over.


And to illegally harass citizens by lying. You can’t claim “smelled marijuana smoke” as reasonable suspicion if it’s legal.


Oh yeah, because people can only care about one thing...


Yes, but I’d rather own-operate a dispensary that promotes a healthy attitude about the medicinal side - not shove Stoner Culture down everyone’s throats…


Yes I would really really like it legalized


Thumbnail picture looks like Virgin Medical Cannabis vs. Chad Legalized Marijuana


Pretty true in my one. They are fucking over all of their constituents on purpose up here.


Too hard to make good 'shine these days.


With kemp. No way in hell. The medical needs to be expanded first which he also won’t overhaul


*everyone* is ffs. When MA made the move the amount of money made off the tax was unbelievable. $60 for an 8th is still better than no 8th of weed when you’re 45 and have no plug that still lives in his moms basement. Maybe he still does… someone should check on Woody


The guy in the pic looks unfortunately similar to the virgin-chad meme


GOP won't follow the will of the people. - Try electing some more democrats, and who knows...


yeah, everybody does


The entire country does, so just do it


Will the Southern Baptist Convention let it happen? Probably not. It will be interesting to see which Confederate state becomes the first to legalize and when, provided that Trump or DeSantis doesn't recriminalize it for the entire country.


Republicans have made it clear they do NOT care what voters think


The vast majority of US citizens want Marijuana legalized. Too bad the GOP doesn't really care what US citizens want. Unless of course the citizens in question are actually corporations.


If only they had voted smart


It’s almost as if whichever side took up the issue could carve out a lead, in such an equally divided (red/blue) state.


Cannibas is truly the only thing that Republican and Democratic voters agree on. It scares the hell out of politicians. Don’t give up the fight Americans!


They haven't asked me to vote on it yet..


The entire country does. If republicans weren’t in big pharmas pockets and blocking the bills in the senate we could get it federally legalized and people would be able to get in covered by insurance in medical cases which would help people so much. The cost of medical marijuana program is high just to keep the medical card current and the cost of purchasing the products are also high. For families with kids with seizures and things that need the oil I can’t imagine the cost


They would still have the problem of the pulpit. Religious fundamentalism is the biggest reason there's so much resistance from Republicans on marijuana legalization.


What we want to know about Georgia decision: silence Everything else about Georgia: Hello 👋 hi HeY


THE WHOLE COUNTRY DOES. Fixed the article


Ofc they do, who doesn’t? Federal government just needs to bounce already.


Honestly it would save the tax payers millions of dollars than paying for privatized prisons!


Then maybe voting for Kemp was a dumb idea


Hey Georgia, I just need you to find me 11,000 tokes!


Legalize all drugs, end the war on drugs.