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She does it in public, too


She makes a fool of herself daily, but her voters just loves clowns.


I think those who vote for her only care that there is an R next to her name.


Didn’t she run unopposed or something like that?


No, Marcus Flowers ran against her. Seems like a decent guy but North Georgians like their politicians to be a mirror image of them; ignorant racists.


I really liked Flowers too he seemed ok…


I thought South Dakota senate candidate Brian Bengs (D) was a quality candidate. He still lost by 43% to John Thune. Intrestingly enough, Thune beat Bengs to win a fourth term, one that he prevented former Senate Democratic leader Tom Dacshle from receiving in 2004 by running against him.


That and also AdM Frisch…against Boebert 🙄.. but he’s running again!


I’m a Colorado resident and very happy he is running again.


As a CA resident I’m happy to have started donating:)


I'm in his district and ecstatic he's running again. Fuck Booboo.


Definelty! Frisch lost by some 546 votes.


In a presidential election year, it sounds like he could win pretty easily.


>AdM Frisch Admiral Frisch?


Lol, I don’t know why my iPhone does that weird typo stuff. 😂


Flowers - a name like that is never going to fly down South. He should have changed it to "IKickKids" or some such. Sorry, I couldn't come up with the last "k" in "IKickKids".


I think he got ran out of the state


That was her original opponent in 2020, not Marcus Flowers who ran against her in 2022.


He did sadly. The south hasn’t changed, if they could go back to slavery they would. Anything to make themselves feel superior, even the trailer trash.


As a progressive who lives in Alabama. It’s mostly the the rich and politicians. The idiots who vote for them have been indoctrinated and are ignorant. If the South went back to slavery they’d been in the same position if not worse. They’re idiots.


Seriously. If the south went back to "slavery", the 'base' that longs for it would be shocked to find 80% of themselves in "indentured servitude".


I feel for you. I'm originally from Louisiana and I always felt outnumbered when discussing politics. I have a friend who felt the same. He was always the smartest person in the room. And while I'm not a genius, I'm extremely well read, a history geek. Plus I'm fluent in a couple of difficult foreign languages. Believe me, I'm not trying to brag, it's just disheartening to be considered an idiot when discussing politics. Don't these people realize that I research my political positions? I do my best to get all the facts. I don't have a problem when people disagree, but please be armed with the facts. Instead I have people with faint knowledge of issues calling me stupid. Thank God I now l now live in a blue state.


I fully understand where you are coming from. I am also from the south and it is disheartening that my loved ones refuse to research their opinions. They are spoon fed from Fox and refuse any rationale outside of the propaganda they fill themselves with.


That is a little harsh. MTG is a demagogue meaning that she plays on people's emotion. Her tactic is to shamelessly and dishonestly ramp up the social temperature. People do not think well when they are angry. Her method is to frame everything in absurdly binary terms, dishonestly, and provide frustrated people that dont grasp nuance very well an enemy and a sense of righteous indignation. Demagoguery is the opposite of working within an educated functioning democracy where people have access to decent imfo and critical thinking skills, which is I think, obviously, not where we are now. Every demagogue is an enemy of the people and democracy.


Let's not excuse racists for their racist ideologies. The constituents voted for her because her evil views align with their. This constant coddling and appeasement of clearly shitty people is why we have the situation we do today. I'm black. I've had it. Call a spade a spade. If they get mad, fuck them. What are they going to do, vote for a racist asshole? Well, guess what? They already do. There's nothing to lose by labeling things as they are here.


Very well said!


>provide frustrated people that dont grasp nuance very well an enemy and a sense of righteous indignation Fuck nuance. She's telling people "it's okay to be willfully ignorant". She's in a position where she has access to the upper levels of the combined intelligence apparatuses of The United States. If she wants to sit through an intelligence briefing only to yell that "we don't know what was on that balloon", she's demonstrating two things: 1) She wasn't paying ANY attention to the people talking before her where they explained how they were able to come to the decision they did. 2) She has absolutely no understanding of basic science, or else she would have been able to discern a few things on her own. Our country has become a goddamn farce. She's telling people that they are justified in being angered because they are too ignorant to understand things like nuance... or basic science... They just want to yell and stomp their feet.


In her first general election (2020) yeah kind of. Her opponent’s marriage imploded (not at all helped by MTG’s supporters sending his family death threats) and he left the state, making him ineligible. He was still on the ballot though and lost 25.3-74.7. But she also had to win a primary at some point. Her district chose her over the other Republican options, of which there were many. It went to a run-off between her and John Cowan, a Republican neurologist. They picked her over him 57-43.


Manjorie Taylor Green over a neurologist? Lol...was it that "neurologist" was too complicated for them?


It makes more sense when you consider that her family has money and is prominent in her area.


And three toes


Even more on her cousin/uncle's side.


He was a doctor who did science so into the trash in he goes.


Crazy, it’s like if she was such a shoe-in and would predictably run “unopposed” why would republicans have to re-draw districting maps just to ensure she won? Right? So weird . What a waste of time , spending all that time cheating when you know you’re going to win …


Hi New Jerseyan! MTG has the same attitude as the folks that voted for her, white Republican voters like racist behavior and racism. Georgia has always been racist as hell. My ancestors came from there, my grandmother left and came to Newark, NJ and she made a promise she would never live there again and she didn't thank God she came to NJ. We don't tolerate racism and racist in NJ we have them here, but we know how to step to their racist asses. I'm a woman and I have shredded racists, they don't know what I am so I get the racist behavior when they think I'm Hispanic they are really shocked when I tell them I'm a black woman from Newark, NJ big mistake to come for Jersey black women we know how to take you down real hard.


And she’s loud and annoying which is on brand for repubs currently.


She makes a fool of herself every time she opens her mouth or posts on social media. "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and erase all doubt."


Apparently the Republican Party in general really loves her. I read about an event in another state that she was going to appear at. They said that even though she was late, the people there didn't seem to care, they were just falling all over themselves to meet her. Idiots.


No they are just dumb and kept that way.


In fact, she went in a media tour to brag about how she made an ass of herself. She’s proud of it. It’s her only defining character trait - being a raging stupid ill-tempered fuckface Karen.


Jesus loves people who wilfully disgrace themselves and everyone around them- compassion for those without any sense of self-control. /s


She’s a triple threat. She will threaten you thrice.


There's clearly people who want their Reps to fight for them, and for them that's what this is. How often in your own life do you know what your Rep does? So the expectations of getting things done, may be not that important. I know what my Rep does, but that's just because he's in the media all the time too




Literally, all the Republicans know is "the fight" and that seems all their voters care about. They don't care about anyone. Tragically, the Republican voters been propagandized to the point where anger and fighting animates all they do. The eat and sleep it. Greene is a master at keeping the fight going, and Ron DeSantis is right behind her in making up things to fight about. Remember when the goal or ideal of a healthy life or culture was peace? Well, the Republicans have purposefully set out to create a society where chaos is the goal. It's sick. Unfortunately, our Dem leadership and good people seem to have no antidote for it. They are winning.


To them, saying things outloud, loudly and publicly is action. As far as they've been convinced, that's the only option. They've been conveniently and purposefully mislead to think there's a magical liberal barrier keeping their reps from introducing good legislation that helps people. No it couldn't be that their reps introduce unfavorable or completely asinine bills over moral outrage and corporate boot licking, or that what they're asking for is unconstitutional or impossible to achieve.. So if you can't fight it on paper, if it looks like you might punch the problem-- well you're doing more than the guy who doesn't say shit, just votes and introduces or sponsors bills.. The fucked up part is that every single sitting member's votes are public record. You can easily read the bills introduced (though yes many are dauntingly long and burdened by legal language and often unrelated things being tacked on) and then see who voted for or against. Instead tucker and hannity spin it a quarter turn to the right and make it seem like an attack or a wholesale scam etc and now none of these "disenfranchised" voters trust themselves to read it nor care to challenge their preferred talking head's interpretation... It's fuckin sad.


She reminds me of Francine in that episode of American Dad where Stan goes out of his way to not have her talk at a party of distinguished guests. Because she knew nothing and he knew she’d say something embarrassing and stupid.


At least Francine would never cheat on Stan with her fitness instructor.


She did seduce her way to the backstage area of a my morning jacket concert just so Stan could meet his idol..


.... and there was that incident with dexys midnight runners Edit spelling


That was before though. And her first time was with a group of angry construction workers. And she has that entire field of rose bushes as a tribute to her body count. Good for her. Go Francine.


Thank you for mentioning my favorite bit from the whole damn show. “What we just did gives me a great idea for a song, what was her name again?” “Eileen I think” “-starts writing while humming the tune of ‘come on Eileen’-“


also wtf is wrong with that fitness instructor


I would expect a fitness instructor to have better options. Maybe she threatened him.


Sounds about right. Politics is too hard for Francine - she just goes in the booth, counts to ten, leaves, shouts 'democracy' and runs to her car. I'd rather hang out with Francine than MTG though...


If only there was a pool nearby to push her in whenever she opened her mouth and made a fool out of herself. Then again, she would never be able to get out the pool as she makes a fool out of herself EVERY time she opens her mouth.


She makes a fool out of herself every day, so how is this any different?


The more light you shine on her the more she shows what she really is. The problem is it appears to be exactly what her constituents want. How tragic that our Country and the rest of us have to suffer for it.


As I age, and situations come around where totally undeserving people are placed in advantageous positions, I do maintain some faith that fuck-ups will eventually fuck-up.


The problem is that if the magic (R) is next to their name, they can fuck up over and over and experience no consequences.


Hell, if we can melt glaciers with some good old college effort, we can melt that frozen lake of brainwashed minds too. It just takes a bit of time is all.


The secret is knowing that the magic R is just plain ol' white Christian Nationalism.


The good thing is for the most part most of these individuals are just so stupid, so it should be easier to turn this crap around. The problem has been they just reflect the sheer stupidity of their constituents. The light at the end of the tunnel hopefully is that just as with the Dominion lawsuit we finally have proof as to how absurd this crap really is.


The trouble is those lawsuits don’t do anything tk change the mind of the people that vote this way. They are convinced anything any government group says or does is not trustworthy. So when you have a lawsuit work out to oppose their beliefs they use that to reinforce the idea that it’s a conspiracy.


I’ve witnessed too many people fail upwards...


Fuck up, move up.


She's fucked up plenty already by any reasonable standard, but she's not held to reasonable standards. Unless her party and electorate decide to denounce her, she can go ahead and fuck up all she wants, consequence-free. And neither shows any signs of doing that.


The more light you shine on her the stronger she appears to become too. We are not equipped to handle government being subverted by bad faith actors and it shows.


Maybe.. i mean look at Santos, 78 percwnt of his constituents want him.gone and he is still dug in like a tick. We dont seem to have a good mechanism for getting rid of bad politicians.


In her case she not only overwhelming won her first election but her second so with Marjorie Taylor Greene it's not that.


How bad was her opponent in the election she won?




Her entire district is full of ignorant hateful racists. They want her.


They just like that she "pisses off the libs". I doubt they know a damn thing she's actually done or said, but they do know those social media types are mad about it.




You do realize 65% is an absolute landslide victory in this context, right?


The people who vote in the Republican primaries are the worst of the party. The most outspoken racist freakshows. My neighbors, who seem like a sweet old couple, supported one of the candidates and had a rally at their place, I could hear the hate speech over the fence. Nothing but hate for everyone, all democrats, trans, gay, Mexicans. Didn’t hear them talk about a single thing that wasn’t a “culture” issue (except abortion of course).


Yes. GOP want the nutjobs in national office because it distracts the country while they take down Social Security and Medicare. Angertainment.


I would venture to guess with more than 2 to 1 victory Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) 170,162 vs Marcus Flowers (D) 88,189 that the Georgia 14th is a Republican District. I would imagine if she were ever to have any competition it would have to come from a Republican. ​ https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/11/08/us/elections/results-georgia-us-house-district-14.html


Didn’t she also ran her opponent off of the race as well during the first election?


> When approached by Newsweek about the claims from the congressman, Greene's spokesperson Nick Dyer said: "Newsweek has become a sad shadow of its former self. It's simply a regurgitation of left-wing Twitter that no one would pay attention to if Newsweek wasn't republishing it with click-bait headlines to fulfill traffic quotas." I really like that they published his quote.


Yeah this was a bad ass way to finish the piece.


Ah yes. Left-wing Twitter.


Right? All mine seems to be now is suggestions for really right wing tweets - and there is nothing in my algorithm that should make that happen


Something disgusting that has become common since Trump is, they don’t address the issues, they attack the messenger.


They don’t do anything but complain and make political stunts if we’re being honest.


They are obstructionists helping divide us for their own gain.


> "Newsweek has become a sad shadow of its former self. That part I kind of agree with. But I remember getting the actual magazine in the mail and having some real deep dives in it.


Long, long ago.


I was definitely shocked earlier this week when I saw an “article” from Newsweek recapping an AITA thread.


Dude already got a high-ranking job straight out of 8th grade


He's only half wrong. It's a regurgitation of left-wing *and right-wing* Twitter. Other than that, I agree with him.


> Rep. Steve Cohen has said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made a "fool of herself" during a recent classified briefing about what authorities said was a Chinese spy ballon. > Cohen said he had stayed until the end of the briefing so he could watch Greene speak. She "didn't know what she was talking about" and embarrassed herself, he said on the Beyond Politics podcast earlier this week. > "She got up and it was unbelievable. I mean, I waited to see her because I knew it would be a s***show." > Cohen went on: "She's unbelievable. She made a fool of herself. She made a total absolute fool of herself, didn't know what she was talking about."


She *is* a fool, and undereducated, and ignorant, so it's hardly surprising.


Isn't that what her constituents like about her, though?


sHe’S oNe Of Us


ShE TeLLs IT lIKe sHe ThInKs wE THiNk iT IS!


I always wonder if these people go to idiot doctors or if they suddenly don't need to be able to drink a beer with them under those circumstances.


That's doctor shopping. One tells you some habit of yours needs to stop you keep asking for a different opinion until you get the answer you like. Didn't know we could Rep. shop though....


She's effectively a modern minstrel show for the gop. She's bought and paid to be a bottom feeding stooge that keeps the media fixated off important gop figures.


But also perfectly represents the average Republican voter because of it.


Send in…the clown…


And yet this Gazpacho Queef is in Congress, that is ultimate WTF!


She went to UGA, which I have no idea how as it’s super competitive for in-state. She is missing a lot mentally to be so swayed by every conspiracy theory imaginable, but she did have a HS education and went to a good public university. I think it shows that college grads can be morons too… as if this wasn’t already obvious


She went to UGA 30 years ago. It wasn’t the competitive school then that it is today. I find myself being baffled by the ignorance of college grads too. Particularly the older, wealthy crowd that devour Foxnews.


The scary part is she's getting classified briefings.


Maybe she's getting the decoy briefings, so they can easily identify when she sells them to our enemies.


Nice thought but doubtful.


They literally did that for multiple past presidents lol.


Would it be legal to honeypot an absolutely incompetent idiot?


Unfortunately it was classified.


Hope the DOJ, Homeland Security and the Pentagon are all watching her closely. She undoubtedly will leak classified information out of spite or flat ignorance.


Well the DOJ, Homeland Security and Pentagon have been doing just SUCH a bangup job of keeping grifting criminals and their families from selling secrets and enforcing the law since 2016.


There’s no punishment for it though. Only for voters to vote her out. Gop congress will never ever impeach a republican no matter what crime they commit


'flat ignorance' aka 'flatulance' (and to complete the mental image.. 'leak')


"She's unbelievable. She made a fool of herself. She made a total absolute fool of herself, didn't know what she was talking about." Dunning-Krueger, Exhibit A.


Sounds so unlike her.


With no cameras to perform for still being the fool because it's who she is


I doubt she's embarassable


This is good progress for her. Usually she makes a complete dipshit out of herself. Now she is just a fool. Glad to see she is taking seriously that Time Life self improvement book series on how to throw ideas against the wall to see if they stick instead of doing the same with feces.


Oh man now I really want to know what she said verbatim, I’m down for a brain itch just for the hell of it


She makes a fool of herself everywhere else; why would a briefing be different?


I think usually you get people in power who just act like backwards morons in public but are actually quite cunning in private. She's just completely batshit.


This really is what sets MTG apart from other GOP elected officials. Almost all the others know they're full of shit and only perform for the cameras, she genuinely believes she's the protagonist


Because the briefing was classified. You would expect her performative indignation would be reserved for places that can appear on Twitter or Fox News. There is no point to performing in a classified briefing.


Why would you expect that though? She's not a lawyer like Ted Cruz or a Constitutional professor like Josh Hawley. Her entire political career exists solely because she's a loud-mouthed ignorant bigot and she's never given any reason to believe otherwise.


>"She went, 'we didn't know what was in that balloon, it could have been nuclear material, it could have been radiation. We didn't know what was in that balloon and you let it fly over our country for eight days? That was just s***! It was bulls***. And I don't believe anything you're telling us.'" So, going by Greene's "theory," the military should have shot a balloon with a possibly nuclear/radioactive payload down right over a populated area? Or over farmland? I'm sure some farmers would have loved being told "you can't grow anything on this land for the next few hundred years due to the radiation from the thing we shot down when Greene wanted us to." Even if we give Greene the "it could have been nuclear/radioactive" (which itself is idiotic because the military would have known), then it would have been even more rain not to shoot it down around people.


If it got down to brass tacks she'd probably have insisted it should be shot down over blue territory.


Well yah gotta land it in sanctuary city in case it’s carrying immigrants 🙄


If they had shot it down, she'd be pissed about that too. She goes in knowing she's going to be outraged, and then pulls the "cause" out of a hat on the way in.


If it was radioactive it would be easy enough to find We had a nuclear source, half the size of a quarter, fall off a truck along a highway in Australia. We had no idea where along this 2000 mile highway it was, whether it was moved by wind, animal or person. It was found after only a couple of days


Yeah, something light enough to float on a ballon, with that much size visible, has very little capacity for a lead container to hide nuclear materials from easy detection…


But other idiots think she makes a good point. Thats the real concern. There's a reason she was reelected.


Wait til the real morons come out squawking in agreement bc they didn’t think it through. I mean her constituents.


She runs off of ego. Best way to deal with them isn’t to argue since that makes their ego bigger. The best way is to just laugh at them to their face. I would have loved if that’s how the article ended, everyone pointing and laughing so hard that it actually brought people together


I fully expect her to one day just crawl on the ground and drag her ass on the carpet.


Thanks for the visual


I can’t unsee that either.


“We think before we shoot and, in this case, we thought before we shot. Once you shoot, you can’t take it back.” - Army Lt. Gen. Douglas Sims


No matter what they did, she was going to say it was wrong.


Isn’t the Republican rhetoric that Democrats don’t know anything about guns? But here you have a Congresswoman saying a Lt. General doesn’t know to shoot. 🤦🏻‍♂️


This is not news. Real news would be that she *didn't* make a fool of herself.


"Marjorie Taylor Greene said something highly intelligent today. In related news, the devil has reported the first ever Hell Snowball Fight. Also, air traffic has become complicated by all the winged pigs in the airspace."


Alternate universe headline: "Cogresswoman Greene makes another cogent point in a briefing. Also, Senator Manchin proposes yet another bill to help the average person."


And former President Trump said it would be ungentlemanly to respond to his critics with irrelevant insults.


*Woman Bites Dog*


So basically only on Days That End in 'Y'


She’s just read your comment and is sat with her fingers in the air trying to add up how many days that makes.


You and I both know she can't read.


Oh, what are you guys, the Gazpacho Police?


She believes the ballon had nuclear weapons and still insisted it be shot down over people. Let that sink in.




Mental note: In the time the poem was written, "Macaroni" was slang for something fashionable or stylish. Literally "put a feather in his cap and thought it was stylish". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaroni_(fashion)


Woah, TIL!! That's really cool, thank you! I never knew what the hell was going on with that song.


We're bringing it back! Ex: "This shit is so Macaroni, they are gonna put me on the cover of Vogue!"


Every time she opens her mouth


I mean when isn't she making a fool of herself


She makes a fool of herself by just about everything she says and does.


If it had nuclear material in it would it be wise to shoot it down over LAND?!? We really need better quality candidates in this country. Baffling that she and Bobo were re-elected


This is what the people that vote for her want. They want a loudmouth troll, not a serious person looking to solve problems


Modern Conservatives are incapable of solving problems. They have no policies, just culture war garbage to rile up their base and keep them angry. They dint give a single suit about governance, democracy, or the nation. They have shown that with no attempt to hide it since 2016.


If you put your ear up to hers, you can hear the ocean.


> If you put your ear up to hers ...you would totally get mono or something, dude. Ew.


Just a reminder. Greene wants to be Trump's VP and if that isn't scary enough, if Trump dies in office, she would be the President.


When does she not make a fool of herself? She makes a fool of herself in the rain. In the dark. And on a train. In a car. And in a tree. She is a fool. Sam, you see. In a house. In a box. Dumber then a mouse. Not smart like a fox. She will not be smart here or there. She can not be smart anywhere! You can not teach her a damn thing! I do not care for stupid Greene. Sam-I-swear! She is as useless as a leg-less chair!


Did sounds come out of her mouth? Cos that's basically all thats required to fulfil the criteria.


So she definitely asked about the jewish space laser, right?


Doesn’t matter if she’s a fool to normal people, to the voters she’s saying what they’re all thinking: nonsensical conspiracy theories that put dems as the villains. To give her credit, she is doing exactly what her voters wanted her to do.


MTG is a proud fool. She thinks she’s informed but she’s not. She’s there to own the libs and be an asshole to anyone she or other republicans don’t agree with. Her, Lauren, Jim, Matt—they’re all idiots who don’t care about helping people, they’re there to punish their enemies.


Hate to say it, but i think she accurately represented her base.


Hardly news. This is everyday behavior.


Making a fool of herself is practically her entire schtick. She sounds like a moron to people who don't like her, and like an honest politician to her supporters. Honest, not smart. I think to her supporters, if she's actually on point is sort of secondary to the fact that she just "speaks her mind" even if her mind is deranged.


Being a fool is kinda on-brand for her.


MTG \*is\* republicans sending their best and that's why for the good of the country as a whole they need to be run out of office until they start electing adults again.


She was right. Shoulda just shot the damned thing down with Jewish space lasers /s


Is this news?


Show of hands, who is surprised?


Why do they only function in ambiguous terms?


I love that Newsweek published the quote in whole!


Marjorie Trailer Queen.


The day this speaking pack of bologna finally pisses off into irrelevance is a day the country starts to heal a little faster.


Oh…is that not a daily occurrence?


I don't see it that way any more .... Every time I see this idiot in the headlines the only fool I can see are the Americans that think these politicians are a normal part of life. This is no longer a method of trying to show up politicians and trying to say that they are dumb, are stupid or do dumb things ... every time I see these headlines now, all I see is how collectively dumb the American population has become to normalize this type of behaviour in their government.


From the article... >Cohen went on: "She's unbelievable. She made a fool of herself. She made a total absolute fool of herself, didn't know what she was talking about." And, >When approached by Newsweek about the claims from the congressman, Greene's spokesperson Nick Dyer said: "Newsweek has become a sad shadow of its former self. It's simply a regurgitation of left-wing Twitter that no one would pay attention to if Newsweek wasn't republishing it with click-bait headlines to fulfill traffic quotas." Wow, the crazy stupid person declares that; >If you even question us it makes you a failing left wing mouthpiece. LOL.


Because she is a moron.


That would be fucking right, prefacing her brainless rant with, “I’m gonna speak to you the way the average American would!”. Gives her the cowardly out that it wasn’t really her words it’s was what the average American would have wanted her to say…..


She's been a fool the whole time.


That‘s a progress, she usually is an absolute idiot!


Isn’t that her base level though?


Republicans started being fools and crooks the minute Nixon was elected to Congress. Which party did American Nazis gravitate towards in the 1930’s?


She ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.


So what else is new?


Greene's spokesperson Nick Dyer said: >"Newsweek has become a sad shadow of its former self. It's simply a regurgitation of left-wing Twitter that no one would pay attention to if Newsweek wasn't republishing it with click-bait headlines to fulfill traffic quotas." *Newsweek* is now a leftist site?! lol That’s quite a persecution complex.


At least she's consistent.


She makes a fool of herself often. The only people more foolish than her are her voters


She lost me at “space lasers”.


I'd say she was as dumb as a bag of hammers, except both bags and hammers are useful.


I have about 8 hammers. Not one of them has ever blamed uncontrolled fires on Jewish space lasers.