'Huge problem': Passengers are bringing a record number of guns to the airport, TSA says

'Huge problem': Passengers are bringing a record number of guns to the airport, TSA says


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>Most of the firearms found were loaded -- more than 3,900, or more than 80%. Jesus christ. How stupid does someone have to be to try a sneak a gun in their luggage, and not even take the time to unload it?




For what it's worth, there's nothing to suggest that this stuff is planned or a systemic attempt to test security. It's criminal stupidity, plain and simple. So much so that calling these people stupid is putting it mildly. Idiots are apparently traveling with their guns more, and because they're idiots, they stick those in their carry-on bags. The only silver lining is that this kind of behavior is the sort of stuff that the TSA's security theater is designed to catch (theoretically; it's the TSA, after all). Actual terror plots--ones that are carefully planned--are a totally different thing altogether.




I think neither "lone wolves" nor "planned or systematic" are completely right. The term "[stochastic terrorism](https://www.dictionary.com/e/what-is-stochastic-terrorism/)" applies. There is a [planned and systemic level of demonization and incitement](https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2011/1/10/934890/-Stochastic-Terrorism:-Triggering-the-shooters) happening. Each attack, although not in itself part of a big plan, can be shown to have a relationship to this incitement, and the probability of an attack happening is quantifiable. Though individually they seem like random acts of lone wolves, in the aggregate they are collectively part of a predictable pattern.


The same type of person that wants to overthrow a fair and free election, while refusing to take a life saving vaccine. Just a thought.


What kind of loon brings a loaded gun to an airport?? Florida man.


Confiscate them.


Seriously though. It's incredibly easy to not bring a gun to a fucking airport. A reasonable consequence for such a lack of responsibility is losing that gun.


I'd argue that we probably shouldn't stop at the one gun they decided to bring. These people need to be charged with felonies and lose all of their guns.


I'm calling it now: before the end of the year there will be some kind of rage shooting at an airport, likely related to mask requirements. I don't know how many guns actually make it past the TSA checkpoint and onto aircraft, but I seriously doubt it's zero. It would only shock me a little if some belligerent "law-abiding gunowner" anti-mask covidiot goes postal on an aircraft.


"The penalties for attempting to bring a firearm through a checkpoint start at about $2,500 for an unloaded weapon and range up to $10,000 for a loaded weapon." Loaded gun? Let's add their name to the no-fly list. FTFY


And a no-buy list honestly. I think it shows such a lack of responsibility they've demonstrated they shouldn't be able to own firearms.


I thought you could fly with a gun it just needed to be unloaded and in a certain box


Correct. You just have to put it in a approved box , they lock it and you can carry it on minus ammo


I honestly didn’t think people could, but someone corrected me a while ago. What really blows my mind is the 80% LOADED aspect. How freaking hard is it to follow basic safety precautions? Fuuu.


Yeah just put the magazines in your checked luggage. It’s not like people getting caught doing this is rare. They are the reason why we can’t have nice things.


Yes, but the 'forgetting gun in checked bag and going through security checks and having said gun found' generally tells airport security that transporting the gun legally want your primary intention. Otherwise, it's both it is easy and safe to travel with a gun, but it requires showing up at the airport with said gun unloaded and in a locked case to begin with, but its kinda something you plan ahead, not something you claim after being discovered with a loaded gun while going through the body scanner...


The irony is you could easily fly with then legally if you let the airline know in advance


But how will i stop a terrorist and hook up with the flight attendants if its in my checked bag?


Become a Air Marshal


I probably should have added the /s but i assumed it would be obvious. I'm far too old, fat, and lazy for all that. I'll stick with being a security director and leaving my guns at home in a safe where they belong until its time to make holes in paper for my yearly qualifications to keep my license (in case i pick up ot at the bank)


You just disproved the lazy bit Cheerio


Ok...exhausted. kids are expensive...they eat like 3 times a day...and outgrow their clothes before i need to wash em.


Steven Seagal fans really are the worst. No wonder Putin loves them.


“I’ll need to take my gun because everywhere I go for a nice, relaxing vacation, someone will try to kill me.”


Um...so don't be canceling my flight, ma'am.


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Is it really such a problem? Just kick them out.


But drugs are still okay? Just asking for a friend.


Is your friend gonna shoot someone with a joint?


Tell your 'friend' that drugs are okay. Your 'friend' needs to leave them where tsa can see them so they are not surprised by it. 😉😇🤔


Americans: Did you remember to pack your toothbrush and your gun?