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Hey Scott! Been watching since the COD on Wii video, and even got to meet you at TMG with my sister (who cosplayed a Danganronpa character if that makes you remember haha)! I do have a couple questions: 1. For the G4 airings, did you choose which episodes would air, or was that all on them? Also, how do you feel about them shutting down? 2. In your collection, which consoles do you have the most and least amount of games for? 3. What’s it like being a kinda PC user now after a lifetime of using a Mac? Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see what season 7 has in store!


Hey thank you so much! ​ 1. SO with G4, they signed on to license 10 hours of Scott The Woz content for their network so I supplied them a list of episodes I thought would be suitable for television that roughly added up to that amount of hours. A few episodes I recommended that never made it were the Dark Age trilogy and Polybius. They actually made an offer for a season two around summer of 2022 and turns out I waited too long to accept because BOOM, G4 was dead a few months later! Honestly the writing was on the wall, while I am very grateful for the opportunity they gave to me, I personally felt their content was very directionless. It felt like they were trying to appeal to the modern "streamer/Twitch" audience but review and discuss games like IGN. A lot of it just didn't have heart and felt like they never had a really good idea for content, rather, they thought "We'll just put a bunch of influencers in the same room and it'll all work out!". I think there was a ton of immensely talented people who worked there even though I never met any of them outside of Jirard. I think they could've all put something incredible together if it wasn't so corporate but it felt like the out of touch higher ups were the ones saying, "Let's do THIS!" rather than the on-screen personalities most of the time. I always found it interesting how some people would loop me in as an employee there though haha, I will say, outside of supplying them the episodes, the opening sequence and feedback on the edits they were making, I didn't do anything with G4 after December of 2021. I just saw it as a really cool bucket list opportunity, so while the channel has ended and I definitely understand why, I am still very grateful I was able to get a TV show! And hey, technically a season two was ordered, SO, not a total failure! Huzzah! But yeah, in the end, I always saw Scott The Woz on G4 as an awesome little novelty, never anything necessary though. 2. Weirdly enough, I have more Xbox 360 games than anything! Least amount if probably TurboGrafx! 3. I hate using the PC hahaha, I really mean it when I say it's used for EMERGENCIES only. Thank you so much!


I'm very curious what those emergencies are.


A game is only available on PC or has to be emulated due to rarity I assume


Hey Scott, some guy here! Merry Christmas, Data Design was AMAZING, and one of the most wonderful christmas specials ever! And Season 6 overall was really good! However, what I want to ask is... what's your least favorite Season 6 episode to revisit, and which was your least favorite to make?


Thank you very much! I appreciate it, I think Season 6 was good in terms of consistent quality but I wish there was a lot more variety. Because of that I feel looking back there wasn't a LOT of defining moments over the past year, just solid videos for viewers to watch while they eat haha. I hope to fix that in 2023, I think juggling everything with the charity event made it incredibly hard to do more than "Scott sits at desk and talks about video games cracking jokes", which IS the basis for the series and most episodes SHOULD be that but it can become too repetitive if that's ALL that goes on, especially after 250 episodes. With that being said, I feel that "It Came from the Nintendo eShop" was mishandled, I wanted it to be more than what it was, more of a storyline, more skits, etc. But I think the problem during development was it ballooned into a REALLY large retrospective about something I was passionate about, and as a retrospective episode, I think it's pretty good. But as a Halloween special, I mean I had a whole plot outline and everything, I was ready to rock. I really liked how I tied everything together in that outline but, man, I just didn't have time to flesh everything out and make it a big grand adventure. The live action portions were rushed and we couldn't do as many as we wanted to, so what it ended up being was, in my opinion, fine, but..eh, I really wanted it to be more. I find that some of the best ways to incorporate the other guys in the more video game focused romps when there's not much of a plot is when we're all on the couch commenting on the game, much like how Scott solo would do it, so if I can't do a HUGE Halloween special in 2023, I think a nice medium would be a "Merry Christmas, Data Design"-style episode which can incorporate everybody in a way that feels organic.


The Nintendo eShop episode was my favorite of the year (not counting barrel blast) and honestly scott i don’t know if i can handle 2+ hours of Mighty Switch Force deluxe edition and i don’t know like two more games


Funny because it Came from the Nintendo eShop is my favourite episode of the year


Hey Scott, thanks for another AMA, especially after just wrapping up another awesome season. I have a few Q's, so don't feel the need to answer all/any. Thanks! -Is there a topic related to gaming that you will *never* do an episode on? -In The Gifts of Gaming, did Eric write the Cruci-fiction special? I noticed he/Sam were credited as writers and I was curious how much they were involved (same for Merry Christmas Data Design as well) -Is there a particular reason you always show footage from a Donkey Kong Country game when you talk about yourself bitching about something? -What was your favorite trading card video to make (you can just give the card number to avoid spoilers)? The cards/videos I got were really entertaining and I'm looking forward to the public release of the rest! -Will we ever see a sequel to "Fastest Wall Touch World Record (00:00.18)? Thanks again!


No, thank you! ​ \- Nah, I'm open to whatever! \- I think it was mostly Sam and I actually. We all had an inside joke about a "very special" Scott The Woz Easter special and it was just Eric on the cross for an hour straight whining about it. Eric helped more with "The Funeral" and the "Christmas Party" interludes for "Gifts of Gaming", then he had to leave so I think it was mostly Sam and I for the "Cruci-fiction Special". I think I tried to loosen up with a glass of whiskey and just kept writing and Sam was watching it on Google Docs and laughing at each sentence on the other side of the couch. And THAT was the writing process! And the guys are getting more and more involved, I think 2023 will be a big year for us all working together. Merry Christmas, Data Design they all just kind of helped more and more, especially with getting all that gameplay footage. Whenever it's a game that I've already played or it doesn't matter who's controlling it, I may ask them to help capture that. So something like Jeopardy! on Game Boy or the PS2 versions of the Data Design games. \- I think that actually may be more of a coincidence than something I decided to do haha \- I honestly put the Pokemon Discussion on sometimes to laugh, SimAnimals, Family Feud, all made me tear up. \- If I can get it down to 00:00.17.


I think I remember someone joking about a Rex Mohs crucifixion special in a behind the scenes video, maybe for the speed dating episode? It must’ve been a pretty long running joke, and it’s hilarious that It likely started as a joke until you ended up putting it in an episode. It’s one of my favorite bits and I like showing that part of the video to people without any context.


Hey Scott, Jonas here! Thanks for doing an AMA. I’ve met you twice now at TooManyGames, and you’ve always been so kind and great to chat with, so thanks for being you! So excited for my SNES and Genesis mysterious games of cryptisicm! As time goes on, it seems like the guys (especially Sam and Eric) have been in more and more episodes, and sometimes credited for the scripts and other things as well. Did that happen naturally as time went on, or did you ask them if they wanted to be in more stuff/work on more episodes creatively? Can’t wait for season 7, hope you enjoy the break!


Hey Jonas! It was an honor meeting you at TMG! And yeah, they've helped a lot behind the scenes, even with simple stuff like moral support as I was getting a bunch of footage for the "Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3" and "Nintendo 64" episodes, it's a lot easier to grab footage from dozens of games you may not care a lot about when you're doin' it with your BUDS. But they've helped a lot with some ideas and jokes, I'm always the writer but I'll ask them what they think sometimes or if they can come up with something funnier. The "Game Show Games" episode was mostly all of us playing together while I took notes so definitely some of the jokes in that were from Sam and Eric. I tried a "writer's room" deal where they both came over and we threw ideas around with a white board when I was writing "The Funeral" and "The Gifts of Gaming" which is why I credited them as co-writers on the latter. But in 2022, we've been working towards them all helping out in a more official capacity which is why Sam, Eric, Dominic and Justin were credited as producers for Season 6! For example, while I was editing "Not for Resale", Sam was in the trenches trying to figure out how to get some of the really old Data Design games to work on a modern PC while Justin was suffering through Anubis II. I love these guys. But yeah, it all happened pretty organically, we all usually bring out the best in each other and know how to make each other laugh so it just ended up working out!


Thanks for the answer! I love behind the scene like this so it’s awesome to get so many details about how it’s all worked out over the past couple years. I’ll always be thankful that “Nintendo switch - 3 years in”popped up in my recommended 2 years ago


Idk what Anubis II is but I highly recommend checking out “There Will Never Be Another Incarnation of the Egyptian God Anubis WAIT”


hi scott!! as always thank you SO much for everything you do, i appreciate you a lot and you always make my day better!! i have a few questions so here it goes: 1. the popcorn machine in your apartments kitchen: was it just a prop, do you really like popcorn, do you still have it? 2. some of us know that you are a big candle fan from outside the channel appearances so: what is your current favourite candle like the one you are burning the most at the moment? i cant wait to see what season 7 brings!!


Thank you so much! ​ 1. My girlfriend got that for me as a Christmas present! I always really enjoyed movie theater style popcorn and that is THE way to not go to the movie theater to enjoy it. Unfortunately after moving, it made more sense to get a new one since that one was wearing down a bit, so I haven't done any popcorn machine business in a while! 2. We bought a silly funny vomit candle where you light it and it's vanilla and after a while it smells like vomit hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha also these candles made by J & J Candle Co., they may be pretty local to me but they have these wax designs on the top of their candles that LOOK just like the scent! They have brownie and cereal and pie and it's amazing because it looks JUST like the thing and it SMELLS just like the thing but it's all wax! Wax! - https://jandjcandleco.com/collections/all


Scott types exactly like how he talks in his episodes, it's great.


i want to eat these candles


Hey Scott! I just wanna say that your videos have helped me through some tough times, and I love and appreciate your videos a lot and so do many others. Questions 1. Do you ever think of remastering your old videos? 2. What is your favorite episode you’ve made? Mine is absolutely one of the shovleware variety hour ones. 3. What is a big prediction you have for gaming in 2023? 4. What is your favorite film? I’m a big film nerd and it would be interesting to hear your favorite! 5. What is your favorite Kendrick Lamar song? That tweet of you at the concert really got me curios.


Thank you so much!! ​ 1. Yep! A project I've been putting off for a while has been remastering each episode from previous seasons and rereleasing them as "season compilations" on the YouTube channel. So "Scott The Woz: The Complete First Season (Remastered)" on YouTube and it's everything, re-edited, with new footage, maybe better audio, etc. Problem I've had is figuring out how to balance it out, ya know? How much from my modern editing do I put into these older episodes? How much do I keep the same? It's tricky! Regardless, this would never replace the originals, this would just be my way of being able to offer definitive versions of the episodes while also compiling them all into one giant video, which I know people, like myself, like to throw on that type of stuff in the background while they work! I may try and work on that over my break! 2. Favorite episode is tricky! I think recently Barrel Blast, GameCube, Game Titles are favorites, for basic episodes I always fall back on Value Pack Games. But it generally changes based on what I did that year! Borderline Forever I'd like to change some things and then I may consider it my favorite, maybe a director's cut in the future I dunno. 3. Pokken Tournament DX DLC 4. Back to the Future! 5. I dunno I mean I respect his music but I went to that concert for my friends haha


Scott definitely bumps we cry together


Hey Scott, me here. I’ve been a fan for a few years now, and you’ve inspired me to start writing scripts that I say I’ll get around to recording some day. The thing that makes me rate you only a 10.8/11 is that when Monopoly first went for sale I blinked and it was out of stock. Oh and, by the way, don’t beat yourself up if an episode is late, we all understand and see that you put more than enough effort into your videos. But with all of that out of the way, my question to you is, if you could only do one more “Scott, Sam, and Eric” video for Scott’s Stash, what would you do? Edit: Oh and, is Joe actually vegan or just a really good actor?


Thank you so much! And my apologies on Monopoly! We're actually looking to record a lot of "Scott, Sam and Eric" videos in the coming week, we've discussed making them bigger deals like going through every track in every single Mario Kart game or do more Mario Party 50 Turns in a tournament style thing and do it as a YouTube Premiere so chat can root for who they want? We thought that would be SUPER fun! But also with the amount of rat and mice jokes we all make I want us to try the game "Deadly Creatures" out for Wii. I know NOTHING of that game outside of it might be funny to make spider jokes I dunno haha. And yes I agree, Joe is not vegan and one of the greatest actors of our time.


Thanks Scott, and don’t feel too bad, I got myself a Clue. Getting to talk to you, even if only on the internet, is just so surreal, and I’m trying to think of words that can describe how I feel right now, but none are coming up (except gex). Thank you for everything, Scott, and merry January 8th


I think Jeff went through every single MK track with his friends for his reccollect channel


Hey Scott, Scott The Woz Wiki admin here, I got some questions that need answering. ​ \-What is your favorite one-time Scott The Woz character and would you want to see them return? (aka Liza Lotts, Dex Mohs, Dr. Scamo) \-What is the hardest character to write for? \-Justin has recently been more involved in the community on Twitter, retweeting fan-art of jerry and the guys as well as showing off some behind-the-scenes stuff for Scott The Woz and not long ago surpassed one thousand followers, how do you think this series has benefitted your friends? \-YouTube's official socials have been promoting Scott The Woz (Having you in that favorite creators tweet from not long ago, that donkey kong tweet, and the episode Day One Editions being #1 on trending for the ENTIRE SITE)... your thoughts? \-What do you think of the idea of Scott The Woz fortnite cosmetics (for charity)? (or any other video game with Scott The Woz-themed cosmetics for charity?)


We've had some ideas for Dex Mohs and the extended Mohs family haha Hardest may be Kay Swiss right now? I love Jeff who plays him but I want to incorporate more of his "Jeff-isms" into his on screen appearance haha. Because as it is, Kay Swiss is pretty much there when it makes sense for him to be there, which is fine, and he has character but I wanna make him more impactful for viewers, he's easily forgotten by many of them so I kind of want to make him slimier, give him a bit more OOMF. I mean, sure, why not?!


holy fuck scott the woz edit: i cant wait to see you crank 90's in fortnite


Jeff aka reccollect definitely has some great Jeff isms lol


Hi, Scott! I really enjoyed 2022’s episodes, especially the ones from the past few weeks. As for questions: 1. In the Barrel Blast episode, I noticed that some of Eric’s lines were dubbed over in certain scenes. I’m just curious (for… some reason)—did those lines change or did the original audio just not turn out right for those? 2. What episode was the easiest or least stressful to make in 2022?


Thank you! 1. With the moral of the episode being about virginity and sex and just not worrying about other people's preferences and history and whatnot, I wanted to make sure no line ever went too far or could be misconstrued since the topic can be very sensitive. I don't think anything said originally was bad at all, I can't recall what I had us dub over, but I do believe it was because I wanted to rewrite some lines to be more clear as to what we were saying later on AND also because Eric was in full blown make up so we couldn't really rerecord his lines without some VFX or ADR, so I did some dubbing/masking in post, WHICH may have been obvious BUT I felt I did OKAY at. 2. Day One Editions!


scott says gay rights


same video where he said "yeah we can still be friends, you'll just hear me and my new boyfriend fuck all the time"


Hello Scott! I won a Q&A-ie at TMG last year after I beat Jeff in Rock Paper Scissors. I realized that your SSN was a reference to Better Call Saul. I forgot about it until your SSN showed up in an episode in season 6! Did you have that bit planned out for a while or was it a spur-of-the-moment thing?


Congratulations! Better Call Saul has been my THING for the past year or so haha, when I was thinking of awards to give out I liked the idea of just "My SSN". I decided to go for one that was already in a TV show so I didn't have to worry about using somebody else's, I mean who knows maybe the one in Better Call Saul is somebody else's but at least they doxxed them first!


I can sleep well knowing Scott watched and enjoyed Better Call Saul.


Holy fucking shit my favorite YouTuber watches my favorite show I can die peacefully


Do you ever look at r/okbuddychicanery ?


Better Call Saul is such a well made show I'm glad you've seen it


you ever thought about doing a DVD box set for a charity merch item? you've talked about how you wanted to have your own DVDs as a kid, and it would also be a cool thing to have and there's already edited versions of episodes safe to make a commercial product from airing on G4


I think the amount of work and production that would go into a DVD box set would be too immense for it to be a limited time thing for charity unfortunately. I'd love to do it, but if I'd ever, I'd want to be able to offer it year round and be able to help fund the next DVD box set with the profits. It's tricky though since I've only ever done merch for charity and never want to stop, but sometimes I think it may be good to have year round merch for profit to help fund future charity events? Cause the stuff this year got EXPENSIVE. Sorry for the tangent haha, but it's something I've thought about! Hope I can do it someday!


Having a permanent Merch store would be awesome. Plz do it Scatt.


After watching the board game episode, what is a board game/game in general you could play and never get tired of with a friend? I imagine a game of Cards against Humanity with Jerry-Attricks is quite the experience


Sam, Eric, Dominic and our girlfriends have played a fair amount of Superfight together which is more of a "casual, icebreaker" game rather than an actual game with rules. Sam, Eric, Justin and I all recently played Monopoly and Clue (and maybe we filmed it I dunno), and we had a blast doing that, would love to play more board games with the guys. I went to a board game store today and bought Pandemic and Ticket to Ride so I wanna give those a try! My girlfriend's been getting deep into Magic The Gathering so I think she'll try to teach me how to play, wish me luck haha


Ticket to Ride is a fun one. It's a certified go-to for me and my family.


Easy to learn and a very high skill ceiling, exactly what a game should be


Seeing a designer board/card game episode of Scott the Woz would be a dream. Or failing that, some Scott Sam and Eric playthroughs would be a treat


Hi Scott! I got a dumb question that has probably been answered already but when did you and the guys meet & how did you get them to actually be in Scott The Woz for the first time?


I met Joe when we were in like first grade, Dominic I knew from like soccer in elementary/middle school, Eric I met in 7th grade, Sam and Justin I met in 8th grade, Jarred I met in elementary school, Jeffrey I met at a job me, Sam, Joe and Jarred all worked at, a lot of this is off the top of my head and I believe I answered it before so somethings I might've gotten wrong but, I've known these guys for a while haha, and it all just kinda organically happened, I mean we've all been doing video projects together since junior high so we'd all be getting lunch together in college or be hanging out at work and I'd just ask if they'd be up to appear in a video.


"I believe I answered it before" [We now present to you: That answer](https://www.reddit.com/r/scottthewoz/comments/knekw4/comment/ghkns6h/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


Hey Scott! Would you ever consider doing a video on "Lost Video Games" as in games that have been lost to history? Also, do you have any pets?


Hi! I've already done it! - [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mu-FppMx1wg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mu-FppMx1wg) Though I could see remaking this episode eventually. And none at my house at the moment, but my parents have a cat and a dog and those are still kind of mine, I mean I grew up with them! The cat is Dewey and the dog is Scout! My parents did not realize the dog's name was oddly close to mine until after they named it. That was really cool!


hehehe scout the woz


Scout: *woof* Scott: HE'S BETTER AT THIS THAN ME


I completely forgot about that video lol


What do you mean 'no pets'? What about your dead rat?


Hi Scott! You posted a picture of you at a Kendrick concert on twitter and I wanted to know 1. Are you a fan of Kendrick or were you just going with friends? 2. Did you know about the culture of bringing Nintendo handhelds to concerts? (I’ve seen people bring 3DSs, Dsis, and even a game boy camera to concerts, it’s pretty cool)


1. I just want with friends but I thought it was a cool concert! 2. Nah, we just decided to load up the car with DS handhelds and Mario Kart DS to kill some time while we waited in the car and I wanted to bring my DSi to take a picture on the floor. Ended up coming in handy trying to get out of the parking garage, Sam, Justin and I just grinded on Mario Kart and Pictochat as we waited for traffic to clear up.


The car would be a funny place to record the Mario Party DS episode


What your favorite piece of merchandise that you made?


The Internet and You Anniversary Edition was REALLY good quality in my opinion. I really loved coming up with the idea to have a VHS clamshell be included almost like how steelbooks are in video game collector's editions but for it to contain the extras. Plus the packaging and everything I really really loved. Monopoly and Clue are obviously standouts but the trading cards I am just in love with haha. I seriously can't wait to do a Series 2 or 3 but I am not looking forward to the hundreds of videos I'd want to make to go alone with it, yikes! I'd say overall, the trading cards are the project I'm the most proud of right now! Monopoly and Clue are tied for a SUPER close second, and Internet and You Anniversary is a SUPER close third!


Super proud to have all three/four (god damn tho getting a full set is so hard 😭)


Hey Scott! I was wondering what games have caught your eye recently that you have enjoyed?


Oof, that's a tough one! I haven't been able to play much lately but I'm looking forward to catching up on the backlog in the coming weeks! Last game I played a considerable amount of was Sonic Frontiers! I really enjoyed it! Flawed, but quite fun! Which oddly makes it more fun to discuss than something like Splatoon 3 or God of War Ragnarok for me? Like those are just good games, but Sonic Frontiers ooh boy it has some problems but I kept playing it because it was really really fun!




Sounds like something that could be done on Scott's Stash for sure


knowing that Scott is a Frontiers fan makes the use of Frontiers OST being used as background music in recent episodes way more sense


Do you see yourself continuing the whole 'X years in' even after the Switch is fazed out?


For other consoles? There's a possibility, I considered doing it for PS5 and Xbox Series X but...I mean I dunno what I'd say haha, not that I don't care, more so it's been a light first couple of years! If you're referring to doing Switch 24 Years In when there's nothing going on with the console, then no, but I'd probably move onto the next Nintendo console when that's a thing. Hopefully the episodes get shorter when that happens haha


Disappointed we didn't get a Wii 14 years In episode all about Just Dance 2020


Hey Scott, all here! Will there ever be a Mario Party 3 episode or does the saga end at episode 2? Also, how do you come up with the jokes in your videos?


Hi! Yeah there will be more Mario Party episodes, this year was just too difficult to squeeze one in! I personally felt the Mario Party 2 episode was a bit too bloated so I wanna really take my time on a Mario Party 3 episode. I think I'm most excited to get past 3 and 4 so we can do Mario Party-e!


>I think I'm most excited to get past 3 and 4 so we can do Mario Party-e! Sentences only Scott Wozniak would say.


Scott the Woz HATED Mario Party 3 and 4, but loved Mario Party-e


Hey Scott, me here. Thanks for doing an AMA! 2 questions - Do you plan on making more episodes like Chia Pet, The Trial, and Speed Dating? -I visit family in the Toledo, OH area occasionally and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for things to do or see. Looking at the bread aisle in Meijer just isn't what it used to be.


Yup! ​ And sure, I'd recommend Wendy's!


Only in Ohio.


Scott! Are you going to be making more songs for episodes? Some of my favorites came from Borderline Forever, like Stupid Nintendo Games. Just silly songs that somehow fit in the episode randomly. Also, will more full skit videos come out, or will it stay a mix of skit and commentary like the latest video?


Yes and yes! I have multiple ideas for skit episodes, most of them are more "The Trial" like than anything so we have to do a lot of location planning, but I'm hoping I can do a lot of that as I prepare for 2023!


Fuck yes! The Trial and The Funeral are my two favourite episodes, so that makes me super excited!


Hey Scott! I wanted to ask, what episode had the most cleanup? I assume game baths with all the hay everywhere, right?


I mean my basement was a MESS for the past few weeks because of Merry Christmas, Data Design. Borderline Forever I had to re-orient my entire living room, Mario Party was a nightmare. But Game Baths did have the unique inclusion of hay. Though, I'd say maybe Memory Cards? Eric put a hole in my wall by throwing the Wii and we got pumpkin guts everywhere.


I assume the bigger the project, the bigger the mess. I would think that Chia pets must have also been a headache, with all the ceramic and chia seeds.


>Eric put a hole in my wall Well take it out!


Hi Scott! Just a quick fun question, are there any specific reasons behind all of the rat jokes/references recently? And I do love the whole movie-musical idea you’ve had going on in the past few games in the year of clubhouse games. I would pay to watch that.


Man I dunno I just get into "this word is funny" slumps sometimes hahaha


If you want a funny rat game with history to look at consider Bad Rats.


Literally me with so much stuff! I get you man.


Hey Scott, quick question. Could we see a Nickelodeon/licensed kids game episode one day? I enjoyed your SpongeBob videos with Jordan, and I kinda want more.


I've thought about doing a big episode on Licensed Games as a whole and then lead that into a sub-series similar to Shovelware Variety Hour! Maybe in 2023, who knows!


Hey Scott, me here. I noticed in the Christmas Special (which I enjoyed) some of the guys are credited as writers/producers. Is everyone working on “Scott the Woz” full time or does everyone do it part time while working/studying? Love your work and can’t wait for what comes next (regardless of how long it takes in between uploads)


We've been discussing things together so we'll see!


Hey scott, all here! With 250 episodes now out a lot of ideas have been used, so my question is this: is there an idea you wanted to do but couldn’t either due to time constraints or it just not actually being feasible? Ps. Loved the xmas special, shame about the blackout, hope thats all fixed now


Yup! I originally wanted to put out a Wii U retrospective on the 10 year anniversary but I knew that was just not gonna happen.


Glad to have this confirmed. A late retrospective this year or whenever would still be awesome.


Howdy Scott! Is it true that you filmed a secret unlisted spawncast episode and the link was a QR code on the back of one of your scott the woz trading cards?? John from spawnwave hinted at it recently and im really curious if it was true. Love your content!


Yup that's one of the trading card videos!


Scott The Woz video game...? maybe?


Would be really cool! But I just wanna focus on videos right now rather than merch, I've already done a lot I'm really proud of merch wise!


Scott, super important question, this will change the fate of the universe, the future depends on your one answer What is your favourite colour?




This has altered the fabric of reality. Thank you for your response


are you SURE it’s not blue?


Well he is colorblind


This question might be a bit out there but do you remember what grade you got on your Othello project? I've always wondered lmao


Senior year of high school haha


Oh I meant like what letter grade you got on the project haha


Whoops! Sorry! I think a 92, it was definitely a pity A though. The teacher said it was a very creative idea but it wasn't as effective as it could've been since the audio was so bad haha. Looking at the audio quality of some of my recent work, some things never change!


Hey Scott! I don't have a real question but can you congratulate me and my fiancée on our engagement?


Yup! There ya go!


Do you have any ideas for the 300th episode?


Oh Jesus that IS coming up sooner than I thought.


a 3 hour retrospective of super mario bros 2: the lost levels


Game of the year, *every year,* baybee.




GAME THEORY "IS" is capitalize now this could just be for emphasis or it could be a subtle hint that episode 300 is about the company Intelligent systems the creators of fire emblem. Episode 300 is fire emblem. Wake up Ohio


What happened to the mustard


I'm gonna text everybody I know tomorrow asking if they need any it's still here


make the left over mustard a giveaway thing for the merchandise charity bonanza console giveaway


Easy solution, sell the mustard for charity


Will you do a video killing people with a rock?


Season 8


!remindme 1 year


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ayo! i admire your perseverance in the face of heavy responsibility, if that makes any sense lol. christmas special was very very fun, so thank you for that and for everything. i've got a couple questions (apologies in advance for incoming wall of text): 1. someone in the discord has been meaning to ask this for a while now: what is it that you use for fake blood? because god damn that stuff makes you orange! 2. what's the status on the mock panel you posted about before tmg? i know you said you might not upload or even record it (and of course something like that probably wouldn't be a priority among everything you were working on this year lol), but me and a couple other people are just curious because it sounded like a fun time! ~~cough perhaps as a replacement for if you end up not going to tmg this year just a suggestion cough~~ goodness, excuse me. 3. okay i've genuinely wondered about this since borderline forever came out so i suppose now is the best time to ask; what the hell are you saying at the end of might as well. i cannot make out that last line for the life of me, and official sources are limited. i see so many sources say that it's "there's not much time, according to my forever borderline" but that only barely fits the meter and doesn't really sound right, at least to me. in the year and a half i've had to consider options, the line i've settled on is "there's not much time, but for the inclined, never borderline" though i doubt that's correct either lmao thanks again for your time and all your effort! take a gamer nap my man, you deserve it


Hey Poindexter, I've had these thought for a while. 1. If you were somehow allowed to make a video on video game movies, would you do it and how would you discuss the topic? 2. What's a video you really want to make but can't because it's either too much or possible legal troubles like copywrite? 3. Have you been enjoying ratchet and clank?


Hi Scott, huge fan here. I have 3 questions in one of that’s fine 1. Why did you choose Breakout as the OG ending theme? 2. What is your favorite and least favorite episode? 3. Did you choose to do the “Pick up the whole phone instead of the receiver” bit or did you just grab the whole phone because it was easier and it just sticked?


Hey, Scott! As a small content creator struggling with time management skills, I wanna know: HOW did you do it in the early days man? I'm planning a lil weekly show thing of my own and I was wondering just how you managed everything while still putting out good stuff weekly. Also: Was the clapping bit in "It Came From the Nintendo eShop" a reference to that one Doug Walker meme?


hey scott, me here 👋 I have a question: have you ever thought about making your content avaliable in more languages? I've been thinking about this ever since i discovered [Scott El Woz](https://youtube.com/@ScottElWoz), dude does an incredible job fandubbing the series to spanish, and i think it would be really awesome to see something like this on the channel, kinda like MrBeast is doing now even if it's just subtitles, would still be cool anyways keep on doing awesome stuff! season six was genuinely one of my favourites and i'm very excited for the future episodes!


Do you understand that everyone in your community is ok with delays? We all want you to take your time and make what you want to. You don't need to stress yourself out or have a strict schedule. It seems like in your posts that you worry that we would be upset that something is late?


Scott is a hard-working professional; he tries to meet his own standards. In his recent comment community post, he shared that he felt unfulfilled by the "put episodes out whenever" strategy (like he wasn't working hard enough), and he is interested in a better structure this year.


Excluding the people who run the community center you guys usually rent out, have you ever had weird/funny moments where people see you filming something?


Hey Scott, been a big fan of yours especially ever since quarantine, just had like 2 questions I wanted to ask. What's the reason behind Madden 08 or just Madden as a whole being a huge thing? You don't really strike me as much of a sports person, was it just one of your childhood games that you had for some reason? Also, are there any bits that have been in your videos that were intended as just one offs but you later came back to them because you're like "yeah this is kinda good"


2 questions: 1. what are your opinions on Weezer? 2. how many times have you gotten compared to Rivers Cuomo?


Hey Scott, Dom here. Honestly this isn't a question per se, more of a personal thank you. Not to be a bummer, but I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2019, and life has been my own personal blue border since, if you catch my drift. I've been struggling to find my place in life after graduating high school back in 2020 and navigating the post-Covid world. In the later half of 2020 I discovered your content on my daily doom scroll, and on a whim I clicked on your video about Polybius because I love the story behind it. I hadn't genuinely laughed as hard as I did at that video at anything else in a long time, since then I've been a big fan of your content. Your humor never fails to put a smile on my face. Before your content I wasn't a big video game enjoyed, but because of you, you've helped me find new ways to enjoy myself. Whenever I'm feeling down or out of it, I look to your channel for a good time, and I'm never disappointed. Thank you for helping me on my journey to getting in a better state of mental health. I wish I could repay you in a fitting way besides subscribing and buying merch for charity, but for no, it'll do. I suppose now that I've spouted all this out I do have a question for you. I'm a big horror fan, so I'm curious to know what your favorite horror game franchise is? Thanks again for everything!


Hey Scott, Nathaniel here(I was the one at TooManyGames who gave you every console port of George of the jungle), been for a good while, and I wanted to ask a few things 1.Other that the internet and you, which of your old vids would say you’re the most proud of? 2. I noticed a frequent occurrence of dad jokes in your vids, any particular reason for that ? 3. What’s your personal favorite reoccurring joke in your vids ? 4. What cereal were you eating in that one video? 5. What was it like to meet Doug Walker?


Hey Scott! Have you played Outer Wilds, and if so, what are your thoughts on it? If you haven't, please play it, its a masterclass in enviromental storytelling and exploration. My other question is: what are your thoughts on roguelikes, and what is your favorite one?


Hey Scott Me here, I really love and appreciate all of your videos and I have a few questions that I have been wondering for a few seconds now. 1. What was your favorite and least favorite jokes from season 6 and are there any you haven’t seen people point out? 2. If you could add any one item to your game collection what would it be? 3. What is your favorite Pixar movie?


Hey Scott all here, I have 3 questions for you: 1. How much is Sonic 2 with a line worth now? 2. how long does it take to make 1 episode? 3. When did you meet your friends?


Are you going to cover Smash Ultimate anytime soon now that all the DLC is out? Also I want to say you out so much effort into your videos and everyone appreciates it, you work at your own pace and don’t worry about disappointing us, we now have years of content to go back on whenever we please. Best wishes for the new year!


What category did you compete in with DECA? I remember seeing some DECA trophies in your closet and I've always been curious about it as a DECA guy myself!


Hello Scott, I love your videos! I was wondering for jokes that involve you breaking something (I.E. a TV, a controller, a 2DS etc.) do you order defective units online? Or do you just use your own units? I was always curious how you sourced things to break. I also want to thank you for helping me find game collecting back in 2018-2019. It has become my favorite hobby! Thank you for an excellent season and I hope you have a relaxing break. Edit: One more thing. Remember to wear a chef hat if you make a video on November 1, 2027! The decade long buildup to that joke will make it legendary.


Hi Scott! I just wanted to say your videos hold a special place in my heart. I started watching them when I was in 8th Grade and they essentially got me through all of High school lol. They made younger me realize there are others out there like me that like niche aspects of gaming like game stores or limited edition consoles, and they personally helped me through really rough patches of my life. You’re videos have given me the biggest smiles even in dark times and have helped me form bonds with friends, and I wanted to thank you for that. Alright actual question time. You film a lot with friends and out of the ones that have a bigger focus on your interactions with them (Dark Age of Nintendo, Mario Party 1 & 2, The Funeral, holiday specials, etc) which would you say you had the most fun filming with them? Edit: Oh also I had spinal fusion surgery around the same time you were making scoliosis jokes, and that honestly helped with the fear of the surgery lol


Hey Scott! Sorry if you get this question a lot but I always like asking those in the video-production industry, have you ever had an idea that you wanted to execute but couldn’t because of scheduling/production issues? I love seeing what got left on the cutting room floor. I’d also like to know, what difficulty do you usually play video games on? I know there’s purists out there who want to follow the exact vision of the creator but I personally just do it on the easiest difficulty usually if I’m not familiar with the game already. Thank you! Loved the Christmas special!


Hi Scott! I’m just starting to get into the Pikmin series, what’re your opinions on it? As a fellow early-twenties guy who grew up on the GameCube, somehow it just slipped through the cracks for me!


Anything on the subreddit you'd like to see us improve? Would you like a special flair on the subreddit?


Hey Scott, Redditor here! Sorry if you’ve already answered this question, but what’s one of your favorite bits, small jokes, etc.? Mine is when Rex Mohs screams “WHAT THE F*CK?!” after 2016 lost the 2018 Yearies.


I’ve watched every episode about a dozen times, and I’ve seen a handful of Scott’s Stash videos, and all of the videos have tons of effort out into them, and it seems the smaller the episode, thd more mess to clean up, which is why I ask, which episode was the messiest for you to clean up? My guess would be game baths as that one was full of mess like ketchup, hay, can’t forget the dog food lol. Likewise, what episode what the easiest to clean up, or where there was virtually no clean up process?


Hey Scott, actual guy named Rex here! This is a very weird question that you may or may not have an answer to, but are Blue Borders a species, or is there just one Blue Border? Is there a certain way they thrive off of tropes/traits? Asking 'cuz I love to overanalyze shit ~~and i may or may not have some theories of my own~~. Thanks!


hiya Scott. I don't really have a question, but rather, just a thanks. like seriously THANK YOU. your channel helped me through some really dark times and unironically is helping me get through college. your stuff helped me keep my head up during freshmen year in 2019, while I was feeling homesick and grieving my aunt's, and several other family members' passing. and even still 4 years later, as im prepping for graduation, your videos help me feel more confident in myself, and not let anyone make me feel embarrassed for being a Nintendo fan at 21. sorry for the text vomit, but I'm just so thankful, because with all the stuff I was being hit with since 2019 to now, your videos have played a huge part in keeping me sane, and keeping me here. much love from The Bahamas, and truly, Thank You


Does Sam actually like Gex or is it just Jeb that likes it?


That ain't no method acting, that's legit love


Hey Scott, Love the videos, always make my day! Got a few questions for you, 1 considering the year of clubhouse games series, would you consider making more “standard let’s play” type videos in the future I really enjoy the random conversation and general vibe of chilling with friends 2 (This might have been asked before) favorite running gag? 3 Were there any parts of episodes that weren’t in the script but it ended up being funnier than what was actually supposed to happen? 4 Favorite food? ( very generic question I know ) 5 Would a blu ray or box set ever happen? I think that’d be neat. Alright I’ll stop, thank you for the amazing content and entertainment over the years and thanks for the opportunity to ask questions! :)


Hey Scott! I met you at TMG with my friends and I was super happy to do so. Question regarding the newest episode. The episode ends on the note of "aw fuck the gang missed their christmas deadline damn it". Coincidentally this episode was delayed to hell and back for reasons outside your control. I wanna ask, did at any point during the writing process for this you realized it had a high chance of being late and wrote that ending that way so it'd still kinda work on it's release date whenever it was? Or was it just pure coincidence? Thanks for making content for us, 2022 was a really really hard year for me so I appreciated having the content here and there to get me through the year a little easier. :)


Hey Scott!! I don’t really have anything to ask other than to say thank you for your videos. Quarantine was a really rough time for myself and to fill that time I stumbled upon your channel. My father and I didn’t really connect on too many things, especially the YouTube videos I’d put on the tv but always was interested when I put any of your videos on. We didn’t have too many things to do during that period and I was his primary caretaker at the time so as I massaged him and took care of him, things like that. To fill that time I’d we’d watch you together and sometimes a random game like Killer Instinct on the N64 would pop up and he’d say out loud, “Hey I played that game!” And proceed to explain how him and his buddies in high school would go home and grind the hell out of that, he said he was some werewolf guy that he mained, but the point being we had something to bond and connect over. The stories he’d tell me about how stupid hard the crash bandicoot games were or him violently agreeing that Mario party dented his hands forever. You brought that gateway to me and I really want to thank you for that. He sadly passed away January 4, 2021 and just had the 2 year anniversary without him but I’ll never forget the stories he told me and the laughs he’d get out of your videos. It’s also my birthday so my only gift id from you is to read this and know the impact that you have on people. Thank you


Hi Scott! You've gone on record saying that you're a fan of the Ace Attorney series. As a fan of both Ace Attorney and you, I'd like to ask you a few questions about it. 1. What's your favorite of all the games? 2. Have you or are you planning to play the fan translation of Ace Attorney Investigations 2? 3. Was your "The Trial" video inspired by Ace Attorney in any way? Finally, not a question, but I saw you at TMG the past two years but never had the time/courage to say hi to yall. If you are going this year (which I know is kind of up in the air right now), then I hope I'll be able to meet you!


Hey Scott, thanks for hopping on!! Did you feel like you struggled with video topics at all? This might be completely personal but topics like "Game Deals" felt a little lackluster. Also, i was just curious what the process is for a "Switch ___ Years in" video is? How early did you start the script for Switch 4/5/ect years in?


Hi Scott, me again! You already answered a question of mine, but being one of the first to respond, I didn’t know that you would be responding to multiple (actual) questions, and having had a little more time to think of some, I have a final round of questions to ask (Sorry about “going again”, but since I already got my turn I’ll be fine if you choose to skip this one.) 1: In “Board Game Video Games”, you only covered hasbro games. Is that a license agreement thing? 2: There’s a rumor that Joe (Greatest actor of the century) has been on the subreddit’s discord server. Can you confirm or deny this? 3: Ever since you’ve moved, the appearance of “The Think Barrel” has changed quite a bit. Do you think it will come back, or will Jerry just stick to therapy delivery? 4: Predictions on who’s gonna win Jeff’s Mario kart championship? Even if you don’t respond, I just wanted to say that your content has entertained me, informed me, and inspired me. I can’t wait to see what masterpiece you’ve cooked up next (probably clubhouse games bowling). Thanks again, and I can’t wait to potentially see a “Deadly Creatures” video with spider jokes!


So this has been something that I wanted to ask for a long time, but was there any particular inspiration for the Game Packaging episode? Because that was the first episode after you came back from the post-Zip Lash episode hiatus. During that time, I uploaded a series of images to the subreddit where I edited the Madden 08 box art onto the cases for the consoles it wasn't on. I know you were on the subreddit to address the spam culture thing during that timeframe, and my images were at the top of the sub frequently. I really want to know if there was any correlation between the episode and my edits or if it's just a crazy coincidence. Edit: links to my old images - [1](https://www.reddit.com/r/scottthewoz/comments/icot4a/putting_madden_08_in_every_generation_full_series/) and [2](https://www.reddit.com/r/scottthewoz/comments/idycw7/putting_madden_08_in_every_generation_everything/) On an unrelated note, I very much enjoy the "games with friends" videos on Scott's Stash. Have you considered making a video for that channel where you and the guys play your custom board games?


I'm very late right now but congratulations on the 250th Christmas Episode! Hopefully it wasn't too stressful to make haha! My few questions are have you ever thought of going to other places/countries, possibly a tour or just a vacation, if so where do you want to go? Second, considering the insane collaborations you've had recently especially with Clue and Monopoly, what other collaborations would you like to have? Maybe Game Collaborations? (Maybe UNO lol) Thirdly, have you ever considered making your own game in the future? If so what genre would it be in? Possibly a platformer? An RPG?! And lastly, and prolly a bit bizarre but who's in the group that watched the most amount of anime? I would guess Eric since he watched Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (from the card teasers and such) Hope you have a great day Scott! And thank you for getting me to illustrate something for the 250th episode! Honestly means a lot haha! - Emico Otero


Hi Scott! Massive fan here! What is your favorite video this season? Have you ever done a lot of work for a video to just end up scrapping it? What would you say is the gag you’re proudest of that you haven’t seen people mention? Thank you so much for doing an AMA again!


Hey Scott, all here. If you could redo some of your earliest videos, which ones would you change, and what would you have done differently?


Hey Scott! I just wanna ask two question, firstly, what was up with the weird lighting in the dollar general gaming episode? Just curious since I rewatched the episode not too long ago. Secondly, what's your favorite food? Hope you enjoy 2023 Scott!!


Hey Scott though I'd ask if there's any scott the woz lost media. There probably isn't and if there is you probably can't share it with us but still the idea of scott the woz lost media is kind of funny to me. Anyway have a good rest of January


hey, scott! i really enjoyed your videos this season! your commitment to put out videos of great quality does NOT go unnoticed, and i really admire your dedication to your work! at the start of this season, i noticed that you replaced your iconic breakout outro with a new track by garrett williamson. while i still catch a bit of breakout every now and then in your newer videos, it seems that your new track (break in) has taken the spotlight, for the most part. while i think the new track fits the personality of your channel really well, i was wondering what led you to switch up your breakout theme, as it’s been consistently incorporated into many of your specials over the past few years. thank you for your funny videos! i hope you can find a healthy work-life schedule going into 2023!


hey scott! i have a few questions: 1. why have there been a lot of "i have cancer" jokes lately? 2. are you really a dedicated mac user? 3. if you had to give a rough estimate, how big is your collection of games now, including duplicates? 4. are the consoles you smash in your videos already broken? 5. have you ever had any funny encounters while filming in public areas?


Hey Scott! What kind of music do you listen to? And if it's not too personal, how was the shift from New Location Mghee to New-er Location Mghee?


Hey Scott, Purevenom here! Your content has been absolutely incredible this year and I just wanted to say thank you for being the GOAT! I was curious out of all the many side characters introduced through the show's lifespan, who is your favorite? Also was wondering if you have seen any of the Marvel movies?


hi Scott! You've said in the past you enjoy 80s music and I was just wondering if there's any specific artists or albums you enjoy. thank you for taking the time to do this!!!!!!


how many shrimps do you have to eat before you make your skin turn pink?


Do you perhaps like the Wii U? And now that I have your attention, one thing you *REALLY* need to see is this. It's a fan made song, not by me, I just stumbled upon it recently. It's an amazing piece of work that's based entirely on the Mr Scoliosis joke from all the way back in the worst games of all time episode. Only 1k views. It's a straight up crime that this doesn't have more recognition, so lively and well written and fucking hilarious too. Here it is: https://youtu.be/xo2RvQW7v1Y Now that that's out if the way, I recall you had a copy of The Time Machine by HG Wells as well as some sudoku books, you showed them an episode about DS games. Are you a big bookworm? Do you have a magnificent shelf of books that you've been hiding from us all this time? If so, dear god I would do anything to see it. Have you perhaps read Dune? The character Rex Mohs is an asexual icon. Asexuality is critically underrepresented in media, so to have a character that unapologetically proclaims how much he hates sex is a dream come true. I truly relate to him. Was this intentional? Did you specifically write him to be asexual? Now that you live in your dream home with a basement specifically for gaming, how does it feel to have a downstairs susceptible to flooding? Do you plan on having children some day? What are your thoughts on the election results in Nicaragua? What are some of your favourite films and shows? Who lives with you?


Hi. You just mentioned *The Time Machine* by HG Wells. I've found an audiobook of that novel on YouTube. You can listen to it here: [YouTube | THE TIME MACHINE by H.G. Wells - FULL AudioBook | Greatest AudioBooks V4](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFsktA-HMJw) *I'm a bot that searches YouTube for science fiction and fantasy audiobooks.* *** [^(Source Code)](https://capybasilisk.com/posts/2020/04/speculative-fiction-bot/) ^| [^(Feedback)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=Capybasilisk&subject=Robot) ^| [^(Programmer)](https://www.reddit.com/u/capybasilisk) ^| ^(Downvote To Remove) ^| ^(Version 1.4.0) ^| ^(Support Robot Rights!)


Hey Scott, another Scott here. What do you think you’d be doing for a living if YouTube hadn’t presented this career opportunity?


Hey all! Love your content! Do you ever go through creative drought and what do you do to come up with new ideas? Thanks!


Hi Scott! I just have to say I’ve been a fan for a while and even though I stepped away from the video collecting scene (GBA GAMES ARE TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE NOW) I still enjoy your videos and still have to make sure I don’t go into an 8 hour binge session. I just wanna say thank you for the amazing content, as well as the one inside joke me and my girlfriend made regarding your channel. Anyway for my questions 1. The streaming episode makes it seem that you are a big movie buff, so what are some of your favorites? As well as that what movies/TV shows influence your writing the most? 2. What’s your favorite album/artist? 3. Will we see a return in solely skit based episodes? For me Tinder, Speed Dating, and Homecoming are some of my favorites and I would love to see a return in that fast style, blink and you miss it, type comedic episodes. 4. What was the most you went to for a joke? One of my favorite jokes is the “have you ever had a carnie act like this to you?” And it cuts to you outside playing corn hole with a Carnie saying fuck you, and it just makes me laugh so damn much that you had to go through all that trouble of getting a corn hole board and a carnival suit for a 2 second joke. 5. Will we see a return in video game store manager?


Is it possible that the next time you do your Charity Bonanza, you'll be more diverse with your merch offerings? For example, adding products like hats, crewnecks, long-sleeves, enamel pins, etc.


Skyline or Gold Star?


Do you have a project that you would like to do, but you can't justify the time/effort/cost to do right now? Also for fun, favorite band or song right now?


Hey Scott! Do you have any plans for other series on Scott's stash once the year of clubhouse games finishes? Been loving all of those episodes.


Hey Scott! I was just curious about the whole video-production process. Outside of holiday specials and stuff like It’s Awesome Baby and Borderline Forever, how long does it take to make a Scott The Woz episode from start to finish? Cause I bet some episodes can take weeks of planning and writing, and then you got the 3D Land episode, which, if I recall correctly from a past AMA, was made in a weekend? Correct me if I’m wrong on that. And also, what would you say is your favorite and least favorite part of the production process? Thank you for continuing to make such funny and entertaining content, and for just being a real genuine guy. You really inspired me to pursue fields in video production and to just do my own thing regardless of what’s popular or what the numbers say. While I can’t wait to see your content grow and reach new heights, I must say, Scott, please, never change.


Hey Scott, thanks for giving me videos to endlessly rewatch and consistently enjoy throughout the years! I remember seeing It's Awesome Baby! the day it came out back in 2018! January 8th in Australia time is when Merry Christmas, Data Design came out and is also the birthday of my late mother, so thanks for unintentionally brightening up an initially bittersweet day! Can't wait to force my boyfriend to watch it with me sometime (he also loves your videos, don't worry, I ain't torturing him)! That all said, my question is, what is a childhood game that's awful, terrible, but thanks to nostalgia you just cannot hate it? Personally I love the PS2 game Smarties Meltdown, an awful platformer based on the Nestle chocolate brand. It failed hard, it was supposed to get a worldwide release and a GameCube port but was stuck in Europe and Australia due to poor sales and reception.


Hi scott hope you are doing well! Not sure if you answered this before but when you did weekly vids how long would it usually take to write out the script then shoot the scenes for the video? Also what was your favorite video to make in 2022?


Hey Scott I hope I’m not too late! Since you are from Ohio, what are your opinions on the amusement parks of Ohio ( Cedar Point, Kings island, etc) and do you have a favorite roller coaster? I hope you can see this, and everyone at the r/scotttraawoz discord server says hi!!


What's your favorite dinosaur? This is very important.


Hi Scott, thanks for doing this. Oh, and I like your youtube thing, I guess... Why did you choose Breakout as your ending theme? Is it just because it's a banger of a track? Did you play 3D Dot Heroes or did you randomly find it? Oh, and could you do an episode about PAL gaming? Us europeans lived a very different life for a long time (no video game crash and I think collecting is a lot different because you have to look out for your own region's games, because of that damn colored triangle on Nintendo games) Thirdly: I really love the Scott's Stash videos but could you maybe pause the video when doing a commentary? It's not just because I want a longer behind the scenes look or anything, absolutely not! And lastly: how would you handle legacy content on the Switch (or its successor) if you ruled Nintendo?


Hi Scott! Thanks for being such a continued source of laughter for me these past few years. I've started showing my boyfriend some of my favorite videos of yours and he's gotten a kick out of them too. A strange couples activity to some, but I'm glad I get to share it with him. :) This feels like such a generic question, but how do you come up with the topics for your videos? There are definitely common trends like the Sonic franchise and console retrospectives, but other episodes seem so random that I can't help but wonder how you managed to make 43 minutes out of... Data Design??? Is it just whatever is on your mind, or is there a list of topics you want to make videos on eventually? Bonus question: Do you plan out the season's topics in advance, or build off of each idea spontaneously?


Hey Scott, all here. I don't know if you would take a suggestion for a bit, but I thought of this joke that sounds like it would be in an episode of Scott the Woz, and I wanted to see what you thought. *\[SCOTT and JERRY ATTRICKS walk into a room for what is probably SCOTT's 3rd emergency therapy session this week\]* SCOTT: Thanks for having me in, doc. J. ATTRICKS: Of course. *\[JERRY ATTRICKS HOLDS UP A PEPPER SHAKER\]* J. ATTRICKS: Can I offer you some pepper? Scott: No thanks, I already sneezed today. Not that I think you would take joke suggestions, nor that you need to, I just really want to see what you think about it. I think that the concept of the Scott gang just inducing sneezing on a daily basis is really funny.


Hey Scott :) Do you ever plan on talking extensively about different consoles other than Nintendo in the future? The episodes where you talk about individual consoles (N64, DS, GBA, Virtual Boy etc) are some of my favourites, but I was wondering if you were thinking about branching to different companies like Sega and Sony after all of the Nintendo line up was covered? I understand that it would be a while until something like this would happen since those videos are pretty long and must take a lot of time to create, however it would be pretty awesome to see other systems being shown that may not be widely talked about enough on YouTube. Thanks man. Love the content! - Jam (the last guy on earth to give a piss about the PSP)


Hey Scott! Have you ever considered remaking your old Othello project? I'm aware that Will moved a while ago, but it would be fun to see a 1080p remake with how much y'all have grown since high school.


I have a few for ya: How did you come up with “Hey all, Scott here” and the name “Scott the Woz”? What’s your favorite moment/joke/quote from the whole series? How did you come up with the different characters, their personalities, and who would play them? Will/would you ever do a video on fan games? Will you actually start wearing a chef hat before 2027? Why did you decide that games like Gex and barrel blast should be running gags, and what their gag would be? What are your genuine thoughts on Gex? Will the series finally be the L button video? Whats your favorite song you’ve made? Why was the borderline forever script book you gave out at TMG 2022 slightly different from the actual video? Will your “oddly funny” school video EVER see the light of day? Do you know what kind of colorblindness you have? What color do you see your “blue” border as? What are your thoughts on the “only in Ohio 💀” meme? Have you seen south park? If so, do you like it? Can you do a backflip? Sorry about all the questions. Thank. (Also, now that i know you enjoy watching bad movies, may i recommend “cool cat saves the kids”. Its HILARIOUSLY terrible.)


Hey Scott, bit of a long one here. Something I’ve always been astounded by is the different topics you cover in episodes. From games to niche topics like “Day-One Editions,” you’re able to take these topics and expand on them without the video dragging or feeling boring, as well as making them so long. And how do you come up with the topical jokes and skits while keeping them fresh and creative every time, and work them into the script so well. The amount of work and effort you put into your videos in truly insane, and I wanna know how you come up with the topics, and how you are able to work around the so beautifully. Also, season 6 was great, and I hope you can find a better balance for yourself this year!


How did you push yourself to make 50 videos a year for season 1 2 3


Hey Scott! I've been watching your videos for a few years now and loved every single one. The mix of amazing humor and gaming history is exactly my thing. Thank you and your friends for all the amazing content, but please don't feel pressured to release the videos quickly, we can wait! Your channel actually inspired me to start collecting older games and systems, and I just got an SNES. But some prices Ive seen seem pretty absurd for some games, mostly complete in box. My 3 questions would be: - Do you know the 'thing' that was the most expensive in your collection? - Did you ever regret buying something for a video or for your collection? - What was the video you had the most fun making?


Hey Scott, the sub here. Thanks for all the funny episodes, skits, comedy specials, etc. throughout the years! I have 2 questions that come to mind if that’s okay! 1. What is the most important console/game to you sentimentally? Me personally, I have a Wii from 2008 that I got for Christmas from my grandmother. I still play that Wii to this day, and I’ll never get rid of it. 2. What is your most anticipated new release? Either a homebrew game for an old system, or a brand new release. I’m very skeptical, but also excited for Hogwarts Legacy to release! Thank you for providing countless hours of entertainment and wonder to the community! Hope you had a great holiday!


Hey Scott! Not really a question but i just wanted to tell you that you are my idol. You inspired me to make my own YouTube channel and you formed my humor the way it is now... i dont really know if thats a good thing tho but welp! But yeah you really inspired me man! I wouldnt call myself your "biggest fan" 🤓🤓 but surley a very big one hahaha. Anyways i DO have a question now lol. I kinda wanna make it a special quedtion lol. So... What game does deserve a remake, that came out on the NES? Or more a re-imagining. The NES had a pretty weird library of games and it would surley be neat to see a game remade from that era imo lol


Hey Scott, when is the L button video coming out Also how do you come up with your jokes and scripts What Wii u games would you label as a must buy or at least a decently fun buy What are some of your most prized possessions in your collection What are some of your favorite and some of your least favorite Scott the Woz videos you have made Just wanted to say you are my favorite YouTuber and I use your videos as background noise for doing pretty much anything and at the moment my favorite song is Stupid Nintendo Games Do you have any plans of making a shovelware video but this time on all the bad switch e shop/physical games I think it would be one of the best videos with lots of opportunities for jokes