I'm guessing fish is on chopping block?


That would make two fishes in a row that has completely warped the meta for the first two months. One shouldn't even exist and the other shouldn't even be freed for a hot teacher.


Palafin isn't fish?


They’re talking about Dracovish in Gen 8




technically a mammal, i suppose...


There's a bell curve on calling whales fish: in the beginning, when you are ignorant, you call whale fish because they live in the water and have a similar looking body; in the middle, you say whale are not fish because they are mammals; in the end, you say whales are fish, because all tetrapods are lobe-finned fish from a evolutionary perspective, and mammals are tetrapods.


This is it right here folks. Whales are fish, birds are fish, snakes are fish, WE are fish. A monophyletic icthyes clade is the only way forward. In fact, I would go one step further on the bell curve and argue that sharks and rays aren’t fish. Osteicthyes are the One True Fish ™️


I'm more impartial to defining anything within the Gnathostomata as fish, encompassing both groups of bony fish (ray- and lobe-finned fish) and the cartilagous fish (sharks, rays, skates...). This means all jawed vertebrates are fish, while hagfish and lampreys get slam dunked into the non-fish gutter by the superior eels


I can get behind this


[pardon my shitty paint job](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/390866271530647556/1060575359113904128/image.png)


they're in the water egg group, as close as a fish we could get for pokemon standard imho


It is, actually. So is Wooper. And Arcanine. And Nemona. And Larry


This is making me cry


We're all lobe-finned fish, since tetrapods (amphibians, sauropsids, and synapsids) are part of the group (Sarcopterygii). Of course, you could argue that lobe-finned fish are a paraphyletic group that encompasses only coelacanths and lungfish, despite lungfish being more closely related to tetrapods, but I think paraphyletic clades make no sense since they don't reflect reality but an assumption made on a very surface level perception of reality. For another two examples of that, let's take a group of the only living sauropsids, reptiles. Tortoises, rhynocephalians (the tuatara), squamates (snakes and lizards), and crocodilians are commonly considered to be the four living reptile groups. Crocodilians are a group of so called pseudosuchians that appeared in the Cretaceous, placing them within the Archosauria. The Archosauria encompasses another group called the avemetatarsalians, defined as pterosaurs, dinosaurs, and their closest relatives. These are all referred to as reptiles without question. Well, all except neornithine dinosaurs, also known as birds, which for some reason are usually considered a separate thing despite being just as reptile as crocodiles: mdern birds, so those belonging to Aves, also appeared in the Cretaceous; in fact, the earliest known fowl, a bird named Asteriornis, is Maastrichtian in age, just like Tyrannosaurus; their lineages had diverged around 100 million years before.


Palafin is a dolphin, which is a kind of even-toed ungulate related to hippos and the extinct "hell pigs", and ungulates like cows and deer fetuses are carried in the uterus making them placental mammals, which are, as the name implies, mammals, which are the only living cynodont therapsids, which themselves nest within the Synapsidae, and that makes them amniotes, which are all tetrapods but amphibians, and tetrapods... ...are in the Sarcopterygii, a.k.a the lobe-finned fishes! So yes, palafin is a fish!


Daedons? They consume a lot of food


Yes, Daeodon is a genus of hell pig, but the group is actually called the Entelodontidae, after Entelodont. As you would expect, Entelodont too is a hell pig, but less well known than Daeodon or Archaeotherium in terms of remains


But the hot teacher...


And 2 more are doing that in VGC


One of those two is sushi. And it does what sushi does; goes in to someone's mouth.


Yeah, Finch confirmed it was very likely going to get quickbanned and that he himself would vote to quickban it after this suspect test at some point last week. And justifiably so, too; the stupid fucking fire fish is fucking stupid.


holy based


Dang, if King’s Rock wasn’t banned, Finchinator would be wearing it for this PSA. Based.


Finchinator Holds King's Rock as an Item in Competitive Pokemon. Here's Why.


Do we call that set Flinchinator?


We are legally obligated to call that set Flinchinator


Reqs Issue


Damn Finch really came up with that on the spot? That sounds like something I would contemplate in the shower years later.


Finchinator op ban to ubers


If Finch goes to Ubers, MudkipNerd will dominate the OU tier and need a ban next. Finchinator is the only check to MudkipNerd right now.


i don’t know about that I beat mudkip yesterday and I haven’t played singles in years 💀


It's possibly since you didn't have great tusk, the lack of tusk prevents Tera bug from working


oh, true. I beat him at Randbats Mayhem, Doubles Randoms and VGC, because after I beat him at the first two he said he was good at VGC and would beat me at that (he did not, I kicked his ass with a rental team) edit: fwiw I’m 1550 dou and I don’t really play anything else so this is mudkip incompetence not me skill


Just wait till his roaring moon terasatlises ok?




insert Blaine quote here


Cant get burned if they ban the goldfish


Um ackshually Naclstack also learns Salt Cure, in fact it learns that upon levelling up from Nacli


Can someone reply the pic here? I cant open the post


​ https://preview.redd.it/71p1n7x297aa1.png?width=680&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=021b1c6ec340bb5f9566310c436a56be7b72b004




​ https://preview.redd.it/yvwagwp587aa1.png?width=411&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=4403abc15b92c4d06e3205b8d850b656a11b6beb


[Naclstack also learns Salt Cure though](https://media.tenor.com/chRkmFiQRv0AAAAM/car-lamborghini.gif)




Is being well-adjusted actually allowed here?


Wait, what’s going on? He said that people were salty about something but IDK what it is. Can someone tell me?


Basically, some people were really salty in regards to the outcome of a recent voting decision on the matter of teralization in Smogon's OU metagame. A notable example (that is already deleted on the main site ~~but you can check the pinned post of this subreddit for evidence of it's existence~~) include a player who did not have the requirements to be eligible for the voting process but still complained harshly about the decision before their own wrath consume them, resulting in their ban from the site. Edited: The post is no longer pinned but you can find it if you type OU teralization stunfisk into Google or something.


In other words, the council has bigger fish to fry


I've been getting fried by that goldfish. Time to go to Ubers, buddy.


Wait so did Tera get no action as the suspect result? Big if true


check the pined posts in the sub my guy


The second paragraph is so funny to me. Sometimes people take themselves way too seriously.


Some people put work into things


Sorry i dont want to be nuked like dynamax plz


Lmao true people with arbitrary authority on the internet are always so undeservedly self-important. Finch is no different, reposting your own forum post to Twitter is insanely lame, idk why this sub is eating it up.


>reposting your own forum post to Twitter is insanely lame Wait... what? How in the world Is this lame? If Finch thinks that people on twitter also need to see this that's perfect ly fine. Probably just reminding people in his mentions were the proper place to comment on the meta are.


turns out when you want to put out a message you want to put it on your social platforms. it doesn't take a rocket scientist


They sound full of themselves.


They are.


"someone who invested dozens of hours of his life into hoping for action" And that, right there, is why Smogon's voting requirements are absurd, and why I will never waste any time trying to get reqs.


This would (presumably) include the hours he's spent reading and advocating for the ban in the forums and possibly his council work. Reqs aren't that much of a time sink unless you're not good (or barely) enough to get reqs.


Fair enough, but reqs very much are a big time sink. It may not seem like much of a time sink for those who are doing nothing else (or, in Finch's case, doing nothing else that is not Pokemon/Smogon related). The number of potential battles you have to engage in. The number of battles you will inevitably lose. The number of battles that you manage to win that were lengthy (100+ turns I guess). The number of lengthy battles that you end up losing. It all adds up, whether you are aware of it or not. But most importantly, it is simply not healthy to judge a player's skill based on their willingness to engage in dozens of matches in a relatively short amount of time. For starters, doing so is only possible because pokemon battle simulators like Showdown run at such a faster pace than the actual game. Competitive Pokemon might not be physically taxing like, say, Super Smash Bros or other fighting games, but the pacing of the actual games is very likely to test competitors' patience. If VGC ever opted to implement bans the way Smogon does, perhaps they might ask tournament participants both past and present to vote, but they certainly would not require anyone to engage in any number of arbitrary battles to determine whether they are "worthy" enough to vote on the matter. A player's ability to adapt to different situations does require experience through various battles, sure, but certainly not the number of battles that Smogon demands for their suspect tests. Even if VGC tried to implement such a system with more reasonable requirements, players would likely not want to engage, because it is far less time-consuming to study movepools, loadouts, and even damage calcs, than it is to engage in multiple battles over days/weeks. Serious tournament players should and will have such knowledge on the top of their head anyway.


I'm not sure what else you want them to do. What other method is better to prove knowledge of and investment in a metagame? 30-50 games over multiple weeks isn't a lot for someone who actually plays the tier.


You are basically saying a low rank player who doesn't understand the meta should be able to vote with equal weighting to someone who has played a few hundred games and is likely much higher skilled.


you took all that time just to say "players who suck should be able to vote no matter what" 💀 https://preview.redd.it/sz3wnf06aaaa1.jpeg?width=792&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=ec4858ee157a65d8e7278497848091e4423040f8


that was all from the same guy who said smogon turned into a cult when they banned sand veil garchomp back in DPP 💀


LOL, it is not my problem that you, and all the other cult drones that downvoted me, are unable to refute a valid argument.


[some things never change now don't they](https://www.reddit.com/r/stunfisk/comments/zlmjs7/comment/j09vj2b/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) and "valid argument" my ass, i'm not wasting time writing paragraphs explaining why you're wrong when it's obvious that you're either trolling or just don't know what you're talking about


LOL you have nothing. That is why all you people can do is downvote me. Because you know I speak the truth.


don't need anything when it's funnier laughing at you instead of wasting time arguing


Cool, keep coping my guy.


Nowadays, players who *actually* suck are the ones who start crying for bans in the first place, and that is a hard fact. There is no other explanation for quickbanning 2 pokemon within only 3 days.


You're seriously trying to argue flutter mane and last respects were ok?!?!?


Yes. Git gud or go home.


so you're saying that scrubs should be allowed to vote in a suspect test how incredibly intelligent of you


People who are hellbent on banning something are the scrubs. *I* am not the one who is terrified of facing a mon that is just a bit stronger than normal. People like you always try to imply that "scrubs" do not want a strong pokemon banned because they want to be able to exploit said pokemon for "easy wins". But the truth is, *actual* scrubs would not be able to win battles even with strong pokemon. So please stop trying to project your own inadequacy onto everyone else.


He wasn't talking about reqs, you really think finch needed "dozens of hours" to get reqs?


In the context of pokemon battles, I would not put anyone on a pedestal.


It's true that at a certain skill level, anyone can beat anyone in pokemon, but that skill level isn't easy to achieve. This test having the biggest voter turnout in smogon history despite being done during holiday/exam season proves that the reqs aren't that bad.


If it did have the biggest voter turnout, it is probably because the current meta is more hyper-offense friendly, and with my experience in Gen 8 NatDex AG, I know that it is significantly easier to climb higher on the ladder when battles can be decided faster. 350 out of an average of 27,000 active users is still an extremely low fraction of players that are allowed to vote. About 1% in fact. In almost any other context, 1% deciding what is best for the remaining 99%, would be considered unjust.


Whoever spends "dozens of hours" getting reqs is probably not good enough to vote in the first place.


Ah yes, another "expert" trying to talk smack. Remind us how long Smogon gives for reaching reqs. The reason for that is because the Council at least knows that many players will fall down the ladder several times before being able to make it back up. If getting reqs could be done as quickly as you try to assert, then suspect tests would be completed in a week, 2 weeks max. Some of us do not consider it worth our time to "fall down the ladder" several times for an unofficial format, not just because of how much time it would take, but also because of the usual likelihood of our vote being in the minority. Even for the Tera suspect test, it barely avoided a supermajority against it. And the only reason that happened was because this time there were enough voters with actual common sense.


Man acts like he is the president


thats my prezzy o7


Probably cuz he is


Yes, finchinator my fav US president


Who said anything about being a US president?


Me because thats what i meant? Lol


But what if I just post a few more unhinged diatribes on the forums and send a few more death threats. Surely that will convince them to ban Tera