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Least Powerful Theorymon:


Pfft, look at my older Theorymon Paradox form. 200+ hp? Crazy!


I made a Fire/Steel type starter with Heatran Lite bulk and physical stats and way less Sp. Atk once…. Granted, it had Shift Gear and a Mega with Reckless, but apparently it was still not exactly an Ubers threat according to the guy looking at the concept


Are you me lol. I made a mon near exactly like that, although prob not as minmaxed, and without a mega


Depends. Was it part cow, part 1950s landship?


Part cow, yes, part 1950s land ship is a certifiable no


I haven't made 148 speech with good everything kinda bullshit. But I have made some atrocious stuff, like 150 speed contrary mon, 120 attack stakeout mon... actually scratch that I think have made some bullshit analogous to this.


pretty sure both these pokemon would be in ubers


Balanced by… what exactly? The reason slaking and regigigas work is because they have shitty abilities. Levitate and ESPECIALLY regenerator are both very strong abilities, making these basically just legendaries


He says it is “balanced” by typing. Typing alone does not justify tier shifts (Pokémon with bad types like Tyranitar, Meowscarada, and Terrakion are great despite bad typing)


To be fair, Meowscarada’s typing is irrelevant unless you’re running some heretic overgrow set


Overgrow sash meowscarada is pretty strong, at least in doubles


Overgrow Sash Meowscarada is the main set I see in VGC doubles


I mean tbf regigigas and slaking don't work they are dogshit


Regigigas actually worked in gen 8 random battles, so did Slaking. These type of mons are cool to have in the randbats pool because it forces you to use less common strategies.


to give them that BST they need an ass ability. my suggestion: Aerock: Sky battler- this pokemon is immune to ground type moves, but deals half damage against grounded targets. Sheetz: Fragile body- Every move used against this pokemon is guaranteed to score a critical hit.


Sky Battler is anything BUT an ass ability! That would guaranteed make it AG! It goes from being one shotted by a Groudon to immune! Thousand Arrows would be a necessity!


It does half damage against grounded targets what do you mean. That’s terrible.


Oh grounded... Nvm, I'm an idiot


Lmao, thought it was just an FU to Groudon specifically


Kyogre’s strongest soldier


The way I see it


Lol, possibly... I thought it meant ground types


Wdym you’re dealing half damage to grounded targets. What would you do to Groudon? Ice beam off base 117 SpA? Cut the power in half and you’re essentially looking at base 34 SpA. 333 SpA when max SpA EVs and neutral nature, but cut in half is 166 SpA. That’s weak even if Ice Beam is hitting SE.


I feel like Aerock would fall to super 4x ZU with that ability 😭😭😭 Ur right tho, at least that Regenerator is way too much Maybe Aerock with Prankster and Sheetz with Illuminate 😳


Bro you gave them 677 bst they gonna be Ubers if you don't give them a piece of crap ability. Doesn't matter what type they are.


Not really, look no further than Zamazenta or Kyub before he got good stabs. But these Pokémon have great coverage and utility options, and bad typing is barely holding anyone back this gen, just look at garg with its terrible rock typing being the best wall in OU because he can tera fairy/water. HDB also helped a lot with bad typing against SR.


but back then physical ice types didn't really have a lot of options. Zamazenta was still too strong for OU. The 677 base stat mons in the above pictures both have high special attack, and good coverage moves. In general, its a lot easier to be a high SpAtk mon as you in general have better coverage, and better moves. take a look at fairy types, physical fairy mons that don't have play rough are trash, whereas every fairy mon gets moonblast for some weird reason. biggest case and point is iron valliant which for some reason doesn't get play rough and thus people are more using SpAtk sets.


They don’t even have a „bad“ type because they are fast, offensive mons and Ice and Rock are pretty good at that


Slaking time, one of my favorite pokémon ever


The movepool is more of the limiting factor than typing, but I understand 😅


You gave them great Coverage wdym?


Aerock has great special coverage, but it’s high physical attack is almost a waste with just Stone Edge and Wild Charge Sheetz has ok special coverage (can’t hit steels) and only Ice Punch and U-Turn for physical. I know I gave it Body Press though, which is way too much I understand that they’re still too good for OU but u can’t say I didn’t try 😭


I mean, compare Aerock to Tapu Koko for a second, who also has a better attack stat by a full 20 basepoints, and still runs special sets with only 95 SpAtk. Meanwhile Aerock is running around with 117 SpAtk, which makes the 121 Atk a bit "wasted" (which is a bit dramatic, it's only 4 points of difference), but not like that ever stopped anything with both offensive stats being great running mixed sets or sets with the lower stat because of move distribution. (Ex. Koko, Sceptile, Lucario, Aegislash, Samurott or Nidoking off the top of my head)


no one is going to run physical aerock when you have a 120 rock type special CC. same with sheetz, ice version of leaf storm + freeze dry is insane coverage on insane speed stat, pop a choice specs on both these mons and people are going to cry.


Aerock’s physical attack is 4 higher than it’s special attack…


Tbf, doing half damage to all grounded is like basically cutting his attack stats in half, as most targets are grounded lol.


Yeah, but it gives him great synergy with Earthquake users. In Doubles, a Garchomp combo with this mon would threaten anything on the field


That's true, I was really only thinking about singles I guess


You gave Aerock 117 SpA, 102 Spe, a 120 power Signature Attack, and LEVITATE. Tbh this ability would actually give it amazing synergy with EQ users. Aerock/Tera Ground Garchomp core would sweep. Garchomp sweeps the grounded enemies while Aerock eliminates anything else. Throw in some speed control, screens, or priority protection like psychic terrain, and this mon would be a menace in OU with that ability. As for Sheetz, it has 148 Speed. It could be as durable as a leaf and it would still be a scary sweeper because nothing is outspeeding it. Choice Specs, max SpA, throw in a Murkrow for Tailwind/Haze and again, this mon is unstoppable even with that ability.


least overpowered theorymon thursday post


Using "typing" as an excuse to keep cover legend BSTs non-Uber in the gen whose gimmick is literally changing a mon's type sounds dumb ngl. Sheetz looks like a mon that just kind of doesn't die ever while still staying out of "completely passive" territory with STAB+Body Press alone, whereas Aerock still has more than enough offensive presence to work with while having mad bulk for what is supposed to be a purely offensive mon. Sheetz also feels a lot like "we gave Garganacl 148 base speed and Regenerator but dw we removed Salt Cure, still has STAB Freeze-Dry though"


Right, I guess I didn’t think about Tera 😅 I thought Ice Punch was weak enough to be pretty passive, but maybe the base stats are just too high


Sheetz looks like way too much yea, Aerock *might* be fine because it's not ultra crazy offensively but still, it has essentially Groudon's bulk and mono Rock with Levitate isn't even *that* bad of a typing.


Yeah, I relied too much on Kyurem being OU for 3 generations because of its ice typing, but definitely went too far with Regenerator. And I figured gen 9 power creep and Zamazenta being UU would justify some of my other questionable decisions


Kyu being OU for 3 gens had more to do with its movepool not being good enough to make up for its other flaws, notice that once its offensive pool got upgraded (and Boots came into existence to make its typing even *less* of an issue) it just got booted. Plus Kyu's speed was unimpressive, one of your mons crosses the 100 gap and the other outruns Mega Beedrill for christ's sake. Zamazenta is only NDUU cuz NatDex ladder is extraordinarily bad, people who are good at NatDex agree it's a top tier mon at worst and some argue it still deserved to be looked into.


Yea my bad, I been playing Pokémon since I was little but I’m still figuring out competitive, thanks for being informative and helping me understand a bit more about it


physical ice type mons were shafted for the longest time. Icicle crash was only on a handful of mons, so a lot of the time the strongest move they had was ice punch lol... case and point people are literally running icicle spinner (80 bp) vs icicle crash (85) bp cause all the other physical ice type moves are trash. icicle spear is good, but only a couple mons get it, and you are forced to run loaded dice if you don't have skill link.


am I missing something? how are these balanced whatsoever?


He said typing, he is pretty wrong about that though as he literally gave a rock type LEVITATE.


That gas station is going right to Ubers


I'm glad someone pointed it out lol


Step aside cyclizar, there’s a new made-to-order sub king in town.


I am sorry to say this, but they are going straight to UBERS. I made my Ubers Theorymon post today, and both of them have a higher BST than mine (their signature moves are nutty). For Aerock, he is very offensive and (somehow) pretty bulky, he can survive a scald from the bulky Kyogre set (0 SpA Kyogre Scald vs. 252 HP / 252 SpD Aerorock in Rain: 306-362 (77.2 - 91.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO) and also he has a move pool to hit his weakness like Water, Ground, Fighting, Grass, and Steel Types back with Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Psychic, Flamethrower, and Aura Sphere. Not even talking about his support moves like Thunder Wave, Stealth Rock, and Spikes which makes him a great utility Pokémon despite it’s typing. Now looking at Sheetz, it is not great for being bulky due to the lack of HP, but again, it has Regenerator that is a great ability with any Pokémon’s archetype, and has SO MUCH coverage. It’s even faster than Iron Bundle and Chien-Pao for an offensive Ice Type, and can apparently learn freeze-dry. You have two UBER Pokémon that is too OP for OU, and Landorus-T would be quiver once he sees Sheetz in action.


Game freak designers making "balanced" Pokémon for gen 9 be like:


> - Boxart legendary BSTs. - Aerock has an insane movepool, and Sheetz's, while not *as* good, is still super solid. - Great abilities. Am I missing something, or do you actually think being mono Rock- or Ice-type on its own is a significant drawback? Because it's not.


Wait until this guy realizes that Psychic, a type a lot of uber mons have, sucks ass. Mewtwo literally NUBL


Another day another min maxed theorymon monstrosity


It’s not min maxed its max maxed 😭😭😭


Just realized they have a 677 bst


Bruh how is a mon with 133 sp attack and 148 speed with ice type draco meteor passive at all. Thing hits harder than Hydreigon and is faster than Pult, and it's bulkier than both of them, plus regenerator. This would not just be in banned from OU it'd be a menace in ubers.


It has 93 SpAtk, the SpDef is 133 😅 I understand tho, it’s broken


Oooh misread that. 93 SpAtk is still far from passive when you got a move like that. That's almost the same as Noivern, who's support sets I still wouldn't call passive because he has draco meteor and boomburst.


But… what are they balanced by?


Lol typing


I have spent enough time in West Virginia to say that Sheetz always sounds good but you end up regretting it


"I tried making some OU viable Pokemon" mfers when they learn what the definition of 'try' means


And what exactly is supposed to be the drawback with these?


Tyranitar has one of the worse typings in the game and was OU for 7 generations in a row


Bro probably saw a video saying ice and rock types are bad and thinks that justifies a 677 BST in OU


Aerorock reminds me of the gen2 beta shark pokemon that has a chainlink between him and his tail. The Pokemon most people assume later became Sharpedo


You failed lol


Im scared cause all i had to look at wad the large amount of green in the stats and the abilities.


Miraidon a Pokemon deemed to be stronger than Zacian-Crowned has a base stat of 670 with its only attacking moves being Fire, Electric and Dragon. This Pokemon right here “Aerock” not only has a base stat of 677, has Insane coverage alongside a highly spammable Rock move only resisted by 3 types which drop to its coverage moves, Psychic for Fighting, Flamethrower for Steels and Ice Beam for Grounds.


most balanced theorymon




Slaking did this over 20 years, and it’s better than this.


Yeah maybe drop all their stats by 20 and then it’d be balanced


Quick banned


What the fuck




Aerock is a Rock type Pokémon with the ability Levitate. Base stats: 677 HP/Atk/Def/SpAtk/SpDef/Spe 96/121/148/117/93/102 It has a signature move Thunder Gem that is a Rock type Armor Cannon, and it has a very good special attacking movepool with moves like Power Gem, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Aura Sphere, Psychic, and Shadow Ball. It gets most special Rock and Electric type attacks as well (like Ancient Power and Thunder). Although its physical attack is higher, its physical movepool is extremely lacking, only getting Stone Edge, Wild Charge, and Giga Impact. Some status moves it gets are Stealth Rocks, Spikes, Thunder Wave, and Rock Polish; but it has no way to boost its attacking stats or recover damage. So, even with its great stats and decent ability, I think its typing and movepool keep it down in OU. What do you think?


I can tell you really put in time to create and balance this guy, but he'd still be busted. Can I just suggest tuning down the stats a little bit? Don't let the people in this thread deter you, it's great to be creative.


Thanks 😅 The stats are like that bc of the funny numbers on showdown calc, timid Aerock with min Atk, 4 Def, max SpAtk and Spe has 333 on all its stats except Atk and SpDef which are 222 But yea they’re broken lol I’ll try something better next week


Get rid of levitate dude, any pure type with 96/148/93 defenses is salvageable even without recovery, no need to make it better defensively. Something like unburden or a version of heatproof that halves damage taken from electric attacks and prevents full paralysis (but not the status itself) fits while also being less useful, specially because it allows its main answers, clodsire and ting-lu to deal with it just fine.


Yeah, I think Static is better for Aerock, and maybe Illuminate or Ice Body for Sheetz


Sheetz is an Ice type Pokémon with the ability Regenerator. Base Stats: 677 HP/Atk/Def/SpAtk/SpDef/Spe 65/121/117/93/133/148 It has a signature move Glace Shield that is an Ice type Draco Meteor (from gen 5), and it has a very lacking movepool with attacks, especially physical attacks. The only special attacks it gets are Ice Beam, Freeze Dry, Moonblast, and Pollen Puff. The only physical attacks it gets are Ice Punch, Mega Punch, Body Press, and U-Turn. However, it has a vast supportive movepool with moves like Aurora Veil, Chilly Reception, Crafty Shield, Moonlight, Reflect, Light Screen, Work Up, Recover, Iron Defense, and Spikes. So, even with great stats and a great ability, I think its horrible typing and passive movepool keep it in OU (though maybe Iron Defense Body Press was too much). What do you think?


The best way to seamlessly balance something with a broken statline is to make sure it has no way to capitalize on it. Swap its physical and special attack (make sure it doesn't get trick/switcheroo to make sure a support specs set isn't available) remove any offensive set up moves if it has them, give it lots of physical moves, but weak ones with 75 BP or less like stomping tantrum, psycho cut, spirit break and such, maybe swap moonblast for dazzling gleam and body press for drain punch and either strip it of recovery moves or change regenerator for an ability that's antisynergistic with a tanking build like weak armor. Now this thing dishes out ice moves of adequate power, but has a special movepool that's *worse* than that of most other ice types (no focus blast or flash cannon, sorry) so anything that resists ice can handle it, great physical coverage but held back by a subpar attack stat and low powered moves, in both cases without ways to boost its stats. It's supporting potential is there, has screens but it's outclassed by alolan ninetales in this role, can be used as a pivot if it keeps regenerator but can't really stay in to tank hits.


I love the designs and the drawings look great. Good ideas. But if you think that these Pokemon are balanced in any way, what do you think of the actual Pokemon we have? Because both of these are more broken than almost anything in the game. And as for Ice being a horrible type, Galarian Darmanitan seemed to make it work and still went to Ubers with worse stats than yours. Hell, Bug/Steel is an even worse typing than mono-ice or mono-rock and Genesect has been Uber since its introduction.


Sheetz looks cool af


Having bad defensive typing isn't enough to balance a pokemon, although it helps; just look at Chien Pao or Pheremosa, for example. Another thing to consider is that while you were trying to balance them with their defensive typing, you contradicted this on the rock type by giving it levitate. There's a few ways to balance high BST pokemon. The most obvious is by its ability, like Slow Start or Truant. Another is by movepool; the only example thay comes to mind is Regieleki, which (before they added tera) basically only had the option of spamming electric type moves or killing itself with explosion. You could even try to come up with something REALLY out of left field; for example, what if a pokemon had a really high BST, but KO'd one of your own pokemon the first turn you send it out? (This wouldn't thematically fit with the pokemon you showed here; it's just a random example I thought of.) I think it's great that you're being creative, and that you should keep at it.


These two are Ubers.


b tier in gen 9 u


Reading the first one: That mf is *not* balanced Reading the second one: *I beg your pardon*


Why isn’t Aerock Rock/Electric?


I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I like Pokémon that have aspects of a type without being that type entirely (Like Golduck). So Aerock uses static electricity around it that it absorbs with its chains but doesn’t produce electricity itself so it doesn’t have the actual element of electricity. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I just think it’s neat


That’s still a pretty good argument for an electric type,


You know what would be interesting? Min-maxed uber stats, but extremely low BP moves alongside really sub-par movepool. Imagine miraidon that could only use thunder shock, twister, thunder wave, and ember... And that's it (with very limited tms of similar BP)


"just make them ice or rock, theyll be fine"


Hidden talent❗❗❗🔥🔥🔥🔥 Keep it hidden❗❗🔥🔥🔥🔥




Beaver Based Pokémon - Water ground 600 BST 100/100/150/55/150/45 movepool includes Chilling Water, Trick Room, Snarl, whirlpool, All Fang based moves, all tail based moves, skill swap, fling, only 3 ground moves in Earth Power, Bulldoze, and Fissure. Liquidation and Earthquake not included in movepool. Ability Water Deficit - in no weather or weather not rain this Pokémon double damage for resisted moves removes immunities, doubles the power of water attacks and increases special defense in rain.


...whats the balancing factor here?


Rock isn't a bad type and ice is pretty good offensively


I really like the stat bars and the signature moves!


Sheetz is my favorite gas station


Bitch have you played OU