Who the fuck even asked for this shit??


I actually research/ask against it. Just give me a device that does the job it's supposed to do. Things should just do what they're supposed to do without registering them, connecting to the Internet, or signing into an account.


But how will they charge you a subscription for your dishwasher if you don’t connect it to the internet?!




Yeah. The first time I heard about any of this is when my brother tried to get me on board investing in technology for the internet of things after reading a motley fool article. Shareholders wanted this *so bad*


Yep it seems that the Powers That Be lack the imagination to do anything with new tech other than turn it into a conduit for advertising and bullshit


Bro when your oven texts you the timer is up cause you can’t hear it over the k-pop, and your pizza rolls don’t burn as a result, you let the *internet of things* take you.


I always wondered why a dehumidifier needs to have wifi. You set it and forget it. No need to control it from your phone.


My thoughts exactly. Stay the fuck out my fridge tech nerds. How is that even Remotely difficult to comprehend?


Nobody, but it’s a way for hardware manufacturers to sell cheaper stuff by selling YOU.


Right. I want my appliances to be just like me..... Dumb as fuck.


Fr, I want my oven to turn off if it's on for too long.


Auto-off timers have been here for ages, doesn't take the internet to do it.


I want my phone to let me know, too. See other comments here about what people want. (If you want to see what those who are wanting such features want. Otherwise just rage on. Haha)


They big mad you can walk in your house and say turn all your shit on and they’re wasting time setting auto timers 😂


Only mad because of all the unnecessary electricity, extra rare earth minerals, wasteful throwing away of said appliances because they're purposely engineered to die after 2 or 3 years, and the ensuing environmental damage having everything computerized does. My washer from 1976 still works better and more efficient than any new washer out there, is fully recyclable when and if it ever actually dies, which is gonna take awhile because they're reliable AF, and repairing them is cheap because their parts are also not NASA complex and don't require millions of little child slaves to mine out their rare earth brains. They simply do WTF they were designed to do and do it well. My washer will still be alive long after I'm dead, and it's environmental footprint will be negligible compared to this fkn junk they're producing now. Don't forget all the "Stealth Electricity" having so many appliances hooked up 24/7 to the internet costs in terms of environmental as well as financial damage. Can unplug mine, and only plug it in when I'm doing laundry, same for everything else but the fridge, saves a TON of money yearly in reduced power usage and cost. Can't do that with "smart" appliances without having to reprogram everything. Can also fix my old ones easily and cheaply for superior life and usage. Gotta call a repair person every time a smart washer takes a fart. Even more money thrown away. So yeah, sane people DO get mad about them, but not for the reasons you think they get mad.


Lmfao stealth electricity isn’t a thing if your appliances and entertainment systems and smart products are also connected to a smart surge protector or plug. Two words and it all shuts off My guy you have no idea what you’re talking about Trying to say washers from 1976 are more energy and water efficient . Edit: no you don’t call a repair person to fix high- tech, smart appliances. They can assess parts needed but if you buy top tier shit it never breaks , iSuch delusion


As a consumer I love having all my electronics and appliances connected to wifi with remote on/off + settings and or voice activation, and notifications Sorry not sorry Edit: a word


Me too. Although it should be more streamlined and less buggy, etc. (Various tech manufacturers are working on the streamlining problem though, it's called Material or something.) Google Home, I bought it in 2018, it's one of the most useful things I've bought in the past years.


Not me! I definitely do not want my family turning the thermostat up and down while on their phones! One will turn it up and then the other will turn it down while they lay on the couch under a huge blanket.


If they could explain to me how *I* would benefit from that - then maybe I would connect the things. How exactly *would* I benefit from their increasing profits, more "targeted" ads, popup notifications or messages about purchasing this or that, more personal information about me being uploaded and shared with all kinds of "partners" I've never heard about, a wider attack/surface and much greater risks of having my data stolen by hackers - either directly from me or from the makers of the things themselves and their "partners"?


You are the resource and they want to harvest you


I’m guessing it’s to monitor power usage, that’s an obvious side of smart thermostats, but those have legitimate benefits if you leave home and forget to turn it off/can turn it on prior to coming home


My thermostat is remote controllable, but not 'cloud' connected. I can access my thermostat and other smart home sort of devices using my phone, but it connects directly to my house rather than some intermediate cloud provider. With the cloud-connected model: \-The vendor is privy to your data \-Your continued operation is dependent on their will to provide service, and subject to them shutting their service down or suddenly deciding to charge a monthly free, as well as just if their service is up or not \-Your own internet connection With this model, it reduces it to only your own internet connection. However, you have to pretty much figure it yourself because every big consumer electronics company would \*much\* rather lock you in and having an easy home hub doesn't present a nice chance for recurring revenue and data mining.


In TX t they were shutting out ppl from they AC


Yes, but it's have to use a cooperative thermostat. Effectively, I have a thermostat with a remote control, and then another independent Internet software to operate the thermostat. The latter of those is open source software run in my own house with me establishing remote connectivity on my own terms


They’re 100% still monitoring your usage, not that I care, but its just a reality in an increasingly resource scarce world


The thermostat vendor in my case is a z-wave device that doesn't know how to Internet, and my gateway is running home assistant. There's zero way that the device vendors have access or control over them.


Lol. If the manuf is someone like Honeywell, they 100% have access to it. It may not be disclosed, but $100 billion dollar government-subsidized corps dont pass that up. It’s likely why they were designed in the first place, that or ability to alter settings to limit energy usage(I.e. heating 1-3 degree below preference yet displaying room as if at set temp. But that might be too risky)


Internet connectivity isn't magic. The device can only be hit by local z-wave traffic. It hasn't even got an IP address. The only thing taking to it is a Linux box that isn't running any of their software. I am wary of any thing wifi, as it has the possibility of trying to reach out even if it shouldn't (though there are measures to detect and block that too). I specifically choose devices and technology based on my ability to maintain control regardless of the ongoing business outcomes and strategic changes. It is possible to do so for those who care. Admittedly, investment is behind devices that lock the consumers in, but there are still choices in many sorts of products.


My refrigerator sends me alerts when somebody forgets to close the door or when the filter needs replaced.


Of course, it \*could\* do that using local wifi or bluetooth. To take care of those things you have to be local anyway. Door locks, garage door operation, thermostats, and 'off-only' for things like a stove have remote applicability though. However, we \*could\* have had an ecosystem where services are direct from home to phone over internet without these lock-in internet intermediaries.


Wow took me 20 years to understand the metaphor behind the matrix


This is the correct answer. What it comes down to is that these companies built features that nobody wants. My LG washer and dryer are the perfect example of this. I want them to wash/dry my clothes…I don’t even know what functionality I’ll get by connecting them to my internet, but I don’t need/want anything beyond what I bought them to do… I don’t even think about security, or my data being sold, or getting served more ads or all of those other things you mentioned. What it comes down to is that if a feature is useless / doesn’t add value, I’m not going to use it. This issue is unfortunately very common, especially with older companies trying to “innovate” to stay relevant. It’s the classic “hammer in search of nail” problem.


Part of it is also the engineering culture at these companies. Engineers compete to get their features into the product so you end up with gobs of useless features. My Samsung washer/dryer can alert my phone when it is done. Not that useful to me.


Yes! I’m going to overgeneralize here, but engineers tend to want to build things that are technically complex/sophisticated, but might not matter to customers. An example I’ve used in the past to make this point to my teams: you’re building a Rolex when the customer wants a Casio - sure, your 1,000 piece complication with precision timekeeping is an impressive engineering feat, but the customer will never see it and even if they did they wouldn’t care - they just want a watch that tells them the time, for the lowest cost to them. It hurts my head thinking about the amount of time spent and productivity wasted building things that don’t matter. Companies like Tesla that are ruthless with prioritization can move several times faster than bigger companies without that focus and ability to prioritize customer needs effectively. This is why product managers exist - to define requirements based on actual customer needs. It’s a “top down” approach (define what customer actually needs, then figure out how to deliver that), rather than “bottoms up” (here’s a clever technical thing, let’s find a way to use it!).


I guess I shouldn’t pick on Samsung/LG too much. American auto companies are just as guilty of this. Car dashboards these days look like the consoles on passenger planes. Tesla is obviously the other end of the spectrum. They don’t have to over-correct to that degree, but they definitely need to simplify.


>these companies built features that nobody wants. not only built these features, but forced them onto the entire market. it's getting nearly impossible to find non-"smart" versions of most of the consumer goods IoT has infiltrated. so naturally people who don't care about the features and just couldn't find a non-smart device aren't going to go through the hassle of putting it on wifi, accepting the spying terms, etc.


> the entire market eh, they stopped selling non-smart ovens etc?


It not just the theft of data. It’s what you’re giving away. Imagine I am the company that made your washing machine. When you use your washing machine you’re home (or at least someone was) - so on a long enough timeline I can predict when you’re going to be home. How often do you use the washing machine? On a long enough timeline I can use that data to figure out more accurately when you’re going to be needing soap. I can sell that data. That’s just two easy examples, there are tons


Umm, I just like that I get a popup on my phone that says the oven is preheated or the timer is going off. But yeah, basically 1984 all over again.


I like being able to turn my oven on when I’m in my way home (or just upstairs) so it’s ready to go when I get there. Also nice getting the “laundry is done” and “laundry has been done for 30 minutes you lazy sack of shit” messages. Our washer and dryer are also connected so the dryer knows what settings to use based on what setting we used on the washer. Small QOL improvements, but they are nice to have.


You would benefit by getting ads for a product you need it but don't know you need it but they can teach you, show you...But noooo, you keep the money in a bank account or you invest it... See they want to show you how to spend money, it's for your own good! Surrender da money! I mean comply with the demands! I mean be a good guinea pig and just get on the wheel and run!


Because I don’t want a subscription service for a fridge. Because I’m tired of being spammed with advertising. I just wanted a fridge to keep food cold, frozen food frozen, and give me Ice and water.


Right, I don’t need to have a conversation with it.


I mean, if it played the original Doom, I *might* be down.


Actually, Ice is now $5.99 per month.


Wow. Look at the downvotes I got just b/c I said I don’t like the term boomer and I ID as gen X. Feels kind of kike age discrimination on reddit. Anyways. I still say I don’t need a subscription fridge or constant advertising. It is nice however to get notification if the door got left open. But they start making me try to subscribe it is coming off wifi.


Ok, boomer /s I’m with you. I have a toaster that toasts, a fridge that fridgerates, and an oven that ovens. No need for a Bluetooth smart appliance with more expensive parts that can break down. I have an older car with analogue gauges and dials on my radio/ a/c, and a stick shift. I hate that all the newer cars are basically 4-wheel iPads with subscription services.


I do like the GPS screens on cars, but that's just because I have NO sense of direction. I'm one of those people who just doesn't have a mental map of the world? It's very difficult for me and GPS holds my hand and doesn't let me get lost.


I mean, if I’ve driven through a place a few dozen times, I start to remember what is where. And I guess I do have an innate sense of direction (at least as far as if something is north/east/west/south), but for everything else, there’s the old smart phone with a clip holder on my dash running maps at all times lol


Yeah, I used to do that! But my last car was totaled (someone hit it while it was parked on the street.......) so I had to get a new one a few years back and ended up getting one with the built in screen. It has some other features I ignore but I do like that.


Not a boomer though. Thanks :)


They were being sarcastic about the boomer comment, hence the '/s'


I know but pretty over that whole bit.


No offense intended! I'm actually an old millennial myself, and only use that word sarcastically (mostly at my friends who are younger than me, for extra irony). But I understand your feeling


Yeah I am a Gex X’er.


Did you really know? I think you didn’t know and you are saving face. The */s* is specifically for explaining the sarcasm via text. Your faux pas was missing the intent, boomer. /s


Omg. /s also means salute in gamer lingo fyi. I am smRt enough to figure he was probably just be sarcastic. I just hate the term boomer. Of course now I just think you are being an ass. Feel free to downvote away


Ah, but I AM a boomer, and have no desire to make my new refrigerator a tenant in the Internet of Things, even though it can be connected. And I drive a 20 year old car with a stick shift.


Yes, we’re trying to do that. Simply download our app and pay 19.99 per month to activate the fridge and freezer.


well that would be some BS


Can’t believe 50% give their info. What fools.


You know that info has already been bought and sold 100 times over. What do you have against my oven texting me when it’s preheated in exchange for them having my email address? I didn’t pay extra and it’s a handy feature, for me anyways… This whole thread feels like Boomers who “don’t need big brother in their kitchen!” but have submitted their entire personal profile into various marketing gimmicks 100 times in the last decade without realizing it.


Who tf needs text alert when your oven is preheated


>I didn’t pay extra… But see, you probably did. And why do you need a text alert when your oven is preheated? I have a few smart home devices but not everything needs an app. I can’t think of any good reason to have a connected fridge, oven, dishwasher or toaster.


I think a lot of the features could be useful for people with disabilities, like a deaf person could benefit from their oven texting them when it’s preheated or the timer is done since they can’t hear the ding.


Well sure, but you can always JUST CHECK ON THE DAMN THING YOU LAZY PRICK.


> deaf person could benefit from their oven texting them when it’s preheated All modern devices have timers and haptics. Smartwatches are awesome for this.


Yeah so many of these comments are so confused


It’s useless data anyway, wtf is a data scientist presenting with data from an oven that shows people cook around dinner time. Wow real insightful


Unless of course you can predict what someone cooks based on cook time and heat. How often and when you cook. Very good info for an advertiser selling food because they can do targeted ads for you based on what you eat, or put up DoorDash ads 45 min before you start cooking.


>DoorDash ads 45 min before you start cooking Damn calm down Satan


Just consider how much less things would cost if the electronics were removed. You know, the parts whose cost recently skyrocketed because of the pandemic and stayed high because of profits.


This is the insight. The conventional products became commodities with low profit margins. So instead of making useful new products, they add a computer, wifi so you can add 10x the friction to control the product from an app. No one asked for this. It's not better. But you can sell the old product at a premium. What's hilarious is the people who buy these products, pay more, and then don't even use the supposed "extra features".


What’s annoying is features often get bundled so you end up needing to buy a smart device to get some other thing. We just got a new oven recently and I opened up the manual to find out it’s a “smart” oven, which is also missing 90% of the smart features because it’s gas and those features are only available on the electric version


>Just consider how much less things would cost if the electronics were removed. It would likely instead increase prices because a lot of times, they try to offset the cost of pricing their electronics lower by harvesting and selling your data. That's likely why many flat screen TVs are so cheap.


Well for a lot of things, going digital or having a CPU control things can often be, and has been in a lot of areas, a lot cheaper than bespoke parts built to do the same thing. But wasting money on developing these IoT devices, that's definitely true, and becomes baked into the cost of the item.


I have never used a button other than power, volume, and source on my 'smart' TV. I see no reason to interact with web streaming apps with anything but a full qwerty keyboard and a mouse. Fuck the built in apps and their algorithms, fuck closed software ecosystems where I can't block ads or bypass any and every DRM and region protection, and any way of accessing YouTube that clearly gives different and worse search results than the browser one.


So, what the heck do you with your tv?


Plugged into my PC and I use it as a freakishly big monitor that was half the cost of anything *sold* as a monitor with 4k


Brilliant. I wash hoping you weren’t go to say VHS tapes ;)


Use a third-party box where you can alleviate all of OP's complaints which basically boils down to: * a PC or HTPC * nvidia shield with a third-party launcher * (not sure if the Apple TV settop box has ads) * those rando noname android boxes from china that come with streaming piracy preconfigured


Attach it to a PC basically use it like an enormous low fps monitor. Very difficult to think of anything a smart tv can do that a computer can’t do faster, with a more use friendly UI and with less ads.


You sound like my 80 year old mom who is just too obstinate to learn anything new.


Do you...like ads and dumbed down search results? Is that cool now? Maybe I am old


Eat my butt sadface multi billion dollar surveillance company masquerading as an appliance company.


LG smart TVs were found in 2013 to be uploading extensive data to their servers about all the activity happening on them, including watching files on USB sticks. At the time, LG admitted it was collecting this data, but it suggested the data was "not personal" and was used only for advertisement targeting or as part of software projects that were discontinued. LG is far from the only TV maker to participate in automated content recognition, but it's one of a select few that also makes a dishwasher. More broadly, smart home (or Internet of Things, or IoT) devices are too often built with an "acquire, upload, whatever" mindset. Take the test models from iRobot/Roomba (up for potential acquisition by Amazon) that uploaded images of someone on the toilet to the cloud. Or any of the dozens of devices detailed in an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers study, a Northeastern/Imperial College survey, or the Mozilla Foundation's "Privacy Not Included" list. The problems are so widespread and varied that the White House has called for universal IoT security labeling.


WE DON'T NEED SMART APPLIANCES! If someday, somehow, someone came up with a really valid reason to connect an appliance to the internet, I would use it, but I can't imagine anything that would be useful What we need is dependable and reliable appliances with available spare parts and service manuals


Nope. We need them to fucking work. Screw the internet of shitty things.


They’re mad that they don’t get free market research data to sell to other companies.


/s I really wish I could purchase a sous vide that costs $100 more because I can turn it on from an app


Oh shit is that my Anova lol


Coz now the consumers have become "smart"


Too much smart crap which only distracts from everyday goals. I decided to eliminate all distractions: wear only one tshirt, drive only one bentley, charter only one jet.


The question people should be asking is WHY do these companies NEED to be spying on you and everything you do in the privacy of your own home and WHY do appliances NEED to be connected to the WORLD WIDE WEB instead of just connected to your own LOCAL NET to work in the first place. When you think about things that are supposed to serve you like your own Government one must also understand that it too is under control of those who want to control everyone and everything from a protected business model where you are but the means to an end for them to exploit or replaced with someone willing to be exploited. N. Shadows


The article explains that this is how they can start charging you for subscription services - if you don’t connect they cannot sell you new ways for them to make subscriber revenue. This is wall street’s new way to keep demanding generation of ever larger profits.


Sustainable economics where the resources for the products are in limited quantities, turning computers back into "Dumb Terminals" and under the control of whomever buys the stock of that company and then controls the information even PRIVATE Information so open to extortion as well as Identity Theft for NON Compliance in a Social Order imposed by others. How do you think those International Intelligence Agencies have been working against everyone and too what ends? To serve Man is a cook book written by cannibals hidden by the phrase "To Better Serve You Our Loyal Customers". N. Shadows


I wouldn’t connect any smart appliance until I had disassembled and rebuilt it, not because I’m paranoid but because if a manufacturer wants to use my data they can fucking well pay for it.


99% of people don’t want this ‘smart’ crap. Just make a solid appliance that isn’t complicated and works for a long time. Done.


Unacceptable suggestion - because they cannot make money off you in an ongoing manner with what you have suggested. It’s why standard warranties were shortened to 1 year initially and repairs have gotten super expensive or impossible to accomplish.


It’s quite acceptable for 99% of people who I am talking about…the appliance companies can figure it out.


You misunderstood me - I meant it’s unacceptable to the corporations and their share holders. I agree the majority of customers will be okay with what you said earlier.


I'm two generations old now on my kvetching. Not only do I *not* want the internet on my appliances, I also want a return of real pushable buttons instead of these touchy-flat surfaces on everything now. Real buttons, which articulate and have a little bump in their movement corresponding to their actuation. And those buttons should control the device, they should not control input to a website somewhere which then controls the appliance. No. Just... make washers and dryers, not websites.


remember the stories that have come out about connected devices where company that used to run them has gone out of business and now their technology no longer works.


We have a GE stove that doesn’t allow access to all cooking modes unless it’s connected.


Sounds like a bad purchase.


You chose poorly


What features?


Air fryer for one. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty great stove. Just annoying in this regard.


That is INCREDIBLY off putting.


I recently had the joyously enlightening pleasure of trying to print something off my parents HP printer, without giving too much away just know my password for the HP Smart app is nothing but expletives.


Be aware they’re trying to find ways to charge you for the use of ink at the milliliter level - not per print.


I mean... if they only knew how to properly secure these devices... oh wait that literally involves removing the "smart" parts in almost all if these cases. Yeah... that voice control remote your cable company gave you? 100% non secured open microphone. My parents didn't believe me until I played back them talking about not believing me. Find the frequency, listen to remote... no "hacking" required. These companies are criminals and we are idiots for allowing them to put unsecured data connections that we may not even be aware of in our homes. Don't get me started on the built in networking capabilities Amazon didn't tell anyone about that are built into all of their electronic products... yup they don't even need a data connection for them to communicate and you "can't" stop them. It's an actual corporate bot network. One day we'll look back on these times as one of the scariest times to be alive...


My dishwasher lets me know when anyone else is the house can empty the damn dishwasher besides me.


Also like if there’s one weak point in your network, it’s going to be the crappy connected appliance. Read about the guy who got hacked through some part of his connected aquarium.


It was the fish/plant light, not the aquarium. But exactly!!!


I really don’t need my Microwave, coffee pot or any other kitchen appliances connected to the wifi. And I love smart devices. It’s just pointless, and most of the time that shit “forgets” the network or gets disconnected some how anyway. Idk how but my smart lights always need to be re-setup more often than I’d like.


For me it's all the account creation. Just way too work


They'll get their wish as the next generation of always connected kids turn into adults and buy stuff. I can't imagine the "always on 24/7 sharing pictures of their buttholes and lunch" crowd won't want their fridge to tell them when to buy things. Although, isn't it tik toc's job to tell them they're failing at life and generating FOMO to encourage them to consume?


People under 35-40 are not buying major appliances like the boomers still are for obvious reasons. 30 year old is renting while Boomer is putting whatever 4 stoves he can find into his new rental property, and the tenants aren’t bothering to connect them to wi-fi for him. How is this article/the misunderstanding here a thing…


“Look at our new feature to flush the toilet via Wi-Fi!”


\* Flush feature requires monthly subscription of $9.99.


BMW enters the chat lol


Audi is moderating this sub chat.


I have a Samsung smart TV and they can try and connect it to deez nuts


I cannot load the dishwasher with my phone. So if I load the dishwasher why not just press the start button on it? Why do I need a text saying it’s done when it pretty much always takes the same amount of time? Just seems pointless to me. Roku is a genius though. With a Roku device you can have a remote on your phone, you don’t need to do this because they give you a remote. But the remote is perfectly designed to get lost in the couch cushions so having a phone remote becomes necessary


I love the Roku app tho. Put in my headphones and don’t have to miss any dialogue when I get up real quick. You can watch tv next to someone sleeping and You don’t even have to mute the tv or anything


They just want people to get sucked in to new app subscriptions.


Most appliances don’t need “smart” features. It’s marketing bs and add cost. Eg. I still gotta physically load my laundry and move it to the dryer. Gtfo with that smart bs.


They should really come up with a washer dryer combo in one - charge more for it. Guess what people will willingly pay more for the space savings alone. Of course they will not deliver on real innovative solutions that help solve real users’ problems.


I just don’t see the point of having a connected cooktop or Traeger grill or refrigerator or whatever. I’m right there. I can see a thermostat or water leakage monitor that could be monitored or controlled remotely while you’re not home. Otherwise it just sucks up bandwidth and time.


"sad" , companies don't have feelings, sad that they can't sell your data more like, sad that you're eating into their profits


These companies treat us like cattle. They buy and sell our information while acting like the victim when consumers use what little power they have to challenge these practices.


They are in turn cattle to their shareholders - read Wall Street.


Had a GE dishwasher delivered two days. Came with WiFi. The installer couldn’t/wouldn’t explain why it was there. We agreed that appliances should be seen and not heard.


Next they will make them not turn on unless they have a 24-hour per day Internet connection.


It’s the monthly subscription bullshit these companies are all getting hard ons for that bothers me. In the EU you have to pay a monthly fee to use the seat warmers in the new BMWs despite the hardware already being installed. Fuck that.


I’m imagining the guys at GE LG and Samsung talking on the people all depressed. I’m sad why won’t anybody use our app. We’re sad appliance makers.


I'll preface this comment with the fact that I agree with how bad the 1984-like aspect of all of this is, I do want to include one piece of anecdotal evidence for why I did connect my smart appliances and will always do so. We bought our late-1970s house two years ago from what amounted to the original owner, and it was gross. But the one thing it had going for it was gorgeous gunstock oak hardwood flooring throughout, except in the open kitchen, which was the one "investment" we made in the house immediately, to make things "flow" or whatever. We were gifted an appliance set (oven, fridge, dishwasher) from my wife's grandma as our move-in gift (spoiled and lucky, I know, trust me). I didn't want them, but my wife was into the smart Samsung appliances. Not two weeks after them being installed, my wife's phone alarms in the middle of the night because the dishwasher detects a leak. We left it running before bed, and the drain hose had become detached and was ready to shoot gallons after gallons of water onto the new hardwood. Some sensor near that spot detected moisture, and stopped the cycle and alerted us. Saved so much money. I'm not saying that that was worth selling my life's worth of data to Samsung and Lowe's for, but we werenew homeowners with two kids and no money of our own. It was a big deal.


LOL this thread is full of boomers who don't understand the first thing they're talking about. Protip your wifi connected oven isnt leaking data to honeywell you moron, it's so the owner can get text messages on their phone.. they get your email address and thats it.. good god we are doomed as a species.


We need universal connection standards for home appliances and internet devices. Proprietary technology will not take us to the future.


We are creating solutions for problems that don’t exist.


Oh that’s a real bummer


Incoming “have to connect for monthly patching or warranty void”


That’s why you have to read reviews before buying. There will be an outrage over ‘features’ like these.


Why even buy a smart appliance if you're not gonna use the smart features. Waste of money


It’s nice when I get an alert that says the laundry is done so I can hide from my wife in the garage


I just want Samsung to make an ice maker that doesn't freeze over. Instead, my fridge is texting my ex wife when there's a new 6 pack of high noons in a flavor she doesn't like.


My clothes dryer has an unused internet connection. What’s so hard about turning on the dryer when I put clothes in it? I can see the benefit of managing the thermostat or lighting from my phone. But my wet clothes?


Here’s a question: How do they KNOW 50% of customers aren’t connecting smart devices?


Whenever I think of connecting to my smart fridge I think of the old Megaman games where you had to go into your fridge and defeat the bosses


Nice try we all remember the Juicero


If these appliances didn't have such rotten security maybe I would connect one.


why do I want to invite these people into my home, let alone my god damn fridge.


I bought a smart dishwasher during Covid because it was the only one I could find. I set it all up and figured, “lets see what’s so smart about it?” It sends an email when it’s done washing and when it needs rinse aid. Maybe if I was living in a fully connected smart house that would be great, but I don’t feel like it adds anything particularly significant to my life. I would have rather they put those few extra dollars into making sure everything was extra durable.


I finally upgraded my $200 Moto X cell phone after 5 years of heavy use, and even that thing was filled with bloatware and other stupid features that I never wanted, but couldn't remove. It took forever and a day to strip it down and stop it from pinging all day so I could simply use it as a goddamned phone with the exact set of apps I did want installed. The upgrade was a cheap Samsung A13 - and it was incredible how much *worse* it's actually gotten. Within the first day I had dozens of notifications, offers to sign up for more useless services, ads in my emails, and apps like Google with its dozen variants, where it's impossible to turn off completely because it'll turn itself back on to ping you about features on *other* apps you have... or may not have and want to try. I already have a screen in my car that tells me to try out the manufacturer's shitty GPS app and sign up for Sirius every day. Ads all over Reddit and other social media, and I don't use the others anymore specifically because of that. They've gotta be crazy thinking I want another screen on my thermostat, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and fuck it, how about on my mailbox, front door, doormat, and my bathroom and bedroom mirrors? A Smart Home sounds like a dystopian cyberpunk nightmare to live in. Fuck all that.


Plus if the A.I. out there decides to off humans it could probably just lock all your doors and windows and suck out all the oxygen.


It wouldn't even have to work that hard. It'd turn your heater on without the flame and fill your house with carbon monoxide when you sleep. Good night, sweet prince!


That too, I'm too paranoid for a smart home, I'll take my stupid home any day of the week


Just got my first "smart" tv within the past couple months. No intention of allowing it on my wifi except maybe to download updates. Not planning to use anything on the tv that requires it. I can use gaming consoles for that.


If you'd like the water dispensed from your refrigerator to be cold instead of just tap temperature, please go to the LG app and select the cold water option for $99.


Why do i even need to connect my disgwasher to wifi. What is the point


50% of smart appliances won't connect to the wifi you are attempting to use. Or, after you successfully connect your appliance, it stops connecting, and you get an error message and cannot use the smart features.


Most people buy the appliance someone working for commissions pushed on them understanding nothing about the high-tech features. They will stick to using their appliances they way they always have.


I saw a wifi enabled vacuum cleaner on the clearance aisle at Walmart the other day 😂


Boohoo! Lol. I can’t wait until the human race wakes the hell up to what world they are playing a part of creating.


I have some smart lightbulbs that turn colors with an app. They are the worst, they disconnect all the time into a rave pattern that damn near puts me on the floor with vertigo. They are the dumbest smart lightbulbs ever.


Never mind appliances, who the eff needs a Bluetooth-enabled electric toothbrush that cost $$$$?


: (


F appliance makers! Why would we?


Aw, you can’t snoop in my home without asking. Poor companies


Awe, are the little companies sad they can't tell when I make coffee?


If it doesn't need network connection to function why should they? It takes too much bandwidth for trivial things and they don't want to give it access to their network. Specially average person who has no clue about networking has no idea the risk of putting some random device by some company on their network and allow it to communicate to the internet.


People still can’t figure out chips in charge cards. What do you expect


I have a smart oven and don't use the feature.


I used to work for a well known security company and they had a known defect in their newer monitoring systems. Apparently the newer smart appliances emit a radio frequency when in use that knocks the entire system offline.


If it was better at connecting to my wireless network, maybe I would. The router is maybe 10 meters away and it can't connect.


My wife and I are having a house built here in Japan. There are two particular types of doors that are manufactured for the particular model of home we’re having built — one that’s all remote-from-phone/keycard activated that runs solely on electricity, or just the keycard activation model but can also be used with an actual key. We chose the latter for obvious reasons with natural disasters and whatnot — that if the grid went down, I’d still be able to get into my goddamn house.


lol I literally found my buddy’s fridge on Shodan.


I’m not


Fake news. Mine are connected… inside a subnet and VLAN with no internet access 😁


I don't want a washer that reads the grocery list and then gets moldy and explodes after 2 years, I want a washer that can handle even the biggest, stinkiest loads like a fucking CHAMP, for at least 2 decades like my old Maytag from 1976 I had till 2021,when I gave it to my daughter when I moved. Still washing like beast, and has only needed a thermostat replacement once it's entire existence. She also still has my Whirlpool dryer from 1981 that you could fry chicken in it's so hot, and has never needed even one repair. Sure, the color schemes are fonky, but I will GLADLY take Avocado green and baby shit mustard color schemes, if they can go like my set did lol. I still refuse to buy any appliances that are new. If they aren't at least 30 years old, I'm not interested, and especially not interested in even more gadgets spying on me than we already have, same with vehicles lol. Never buy anything you can't repair yourself, and definitely don't buy "Smart" appliances, because they're anything BUT "smart"!


Yeah..nooo i don't and have not connected mine. Is it more convenient..sure...is it worth the risk it poses when companies want to log on amd monitor and change things and have access to data..Definitely not. How about have things that dont require logging in or setting up from internet


I’m an appliance tech for premium products. And let me tell you the R&D behind connected appliances to so terrible I can’t even believe they are “sad” about it. The development of the apps and the connected modules within the appliance are so poor and hard to use. As well as actually getting a soild connection to the app. One manufacturer in particular had an issue with the device they used for Bluetooth connectivity, it was blowing out control boards and causing low voltage shorts. Now they send the units out with no device installed but you can call and they will send it to you to plug in if you want it. Because they know it’s shit but won’t remove it to stay competitive.


I have 90's era appliances (very good ones). By today's standards, they are "smart"- the fridge works reliably and keeps food fresh, the stove and range work perfectly, and the washer and dryer never fail. I've seen so many people with crappy new appliances (all made in China) that break in a couple of years or drive them nuts with weird quirks.


Maybe make appliances that last longer than 7-8 fucking years instead of wanting greater access to my home & habits?


I did it for my washer and dryer mainly because it’s in the basement and I can’t hear the noise when it’s done.


I am not a product. Pay me or give me a discount then I'll consider it


They're the ones licensing them to be locked to an ecosystem. I'm not buying a smart-fridge, but if someone gave me an Alexa smart-fridge it would stay tf off my network.


Ah...the internet of things 🙄


The *only* smart thing I want is my washer and dryer to tell me when they're done/when they're going to be done. If y'all can't do that offline, then I ain't gonna set it up.


I don’t want ads in my home I get them everywhere else


Why would they?


When I see the traffic when I do. Nope.


Had a Generac generator installed, they said I should connect it to the network so it can get updates. I straight up told them no. There is literally no need for software updates or whatever for a natural gas fed engine that is mechanically turned on and off via transfer switch. Screw that.


The one thing that I did like for this (although the app was super slow), was a wifi AC unit. That way I could leave it off during the day, then an hour before I was going to arrive back at my apt turn it on.


I'd be more willing to connect my smart appliances for home automation if each one of them didn't exclusively support a proprietary walled garden protocol that is incompatible with everything else.