You're #1 in our hearts, Delpo...


I came here to comment this but knew someone would’ve already. That’s how much we love delpo❤️


not mine, he's gotten into the NFT business, assuming he runs his own twitter account


Sadly, athletes, while lovable, usually aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. It wouldn't surprise me if they don't even realize how terrible NFTs are.


I’d normally side eye him for this as well, but since his dad squandered most his fortune, it’s hard for me to get too mad about it


Give him a break, his dad stole almost all his money and delpo didn't realized until he was dead


Whaaat? Stole his money and lost it?


Yeah and he only found out when his dad died. So he had to get through his father's death, the realization that he had stole and lost all his money and that he would be on the verge of bankruptcy all at the same time. https://www.essentiallysports.com/atp-tennis-news-juan-martin-del-potro-reportedly-bankrupt-after-losing-30-million-dollars-because-of-his-father/


Fuuuck... Poor guy!


so has Stan, do you dislike Stan for that too?


wasn't a fan to begin with, because of his questionable relationships and being salty to rune


How do someones business ventures effect you? Weird mentality


How do someones business ventures effect you? Weird mentality


its about ethics, you wouldn't support a celebrity who promotes a ponzi scheme, right?


I wouldnt invest in their scheme no, but would i disregard that person completely, also no. They may of done good things their whole life (like delpo) to be persuaded into the scheme themselves. I highly doubt he is clued up on the ins & outs if crypto himself, some arsehole financial advisor probably told him he can make some money from it


The fact that none of Delpo, Ferrer, Thiem, Cilic, Wawrinka even made it to number 2 in the world, let alone to the top spot, remains one of the craziest tennis facts to me. None of players like Berdych, Nishikori, Tsonga even made it past 4 or 5 in the world. The only ones who have reached top 2 since 2005 or so have been the Big Four and then Alcaraz, Ruud, Medvedev, and Zverev- all of the latter four only starting from 2021, three of them only reaching that top 2 status starting mid last year. The Big Four's rankings streak and dominance at the top was rocksolid. And Delpo in particular easily had a #1 level in him- if not for the constant injuries he would have got the ranking at some point. In another era even far more imaginable and certain. But wasn't to be unfortunately- one of the unluckiest careers and for me "what if" questions of the game, how Delpo's career would gone with less hindrance from injuries


Oof just realised Ruud has a higher career high than Delpo


Not dissing ruud cause he’s a great guy, but he’s the epitome of getting a bit lucky with timing to get a higher ranking. Guys like wawrinka, del po, and thiem made it to #3 in the world at their best, but they still had healthy big 3 in front of them for most of their careers which makes it even more impressive. They had impressive peaks too on their best days. Ruud sort of got lucky cause no Federer, nadal on decline, and Djokovic not playing many tournaments. Ruud at his best wouldn’t come close to the other three I mentioned. But I think it also shows how insane Murray’s run in 2016 was to get to number 1. Murray even before 2016 was occupying the number 2 spot for sometime as well


2016 Murray run was incredible. Gold. Wimbledon. No 1. 12,410 points. AO runner up. RG runner up, taking Djokovic to 4 sets. USO quarters, taking Nishikori to 5 sets. Monaco semis, taking Nadal to 3 sets. Madrid runner up, taking Djokovic to 3 sets. Winning Rome. Runner up in Cinci. Champion in Shanghai. Champion in Paris. Champion in tour finals. Davis Cup Semis, losing to Del Po in 5 sets in singles, beating him in doubles, and beating Pella. Also won Queens and Beijing. Sure, Nadal wrist injury, Djokovic wins two slams and goes out to Querrey at Wimby. He didn't play Roger in a slam and he was injured too. BUT someone had to do it and Murray was strong enough at the right time to take it. How many people can say they took world No. 1 when Djokovic beat them in two slam finals and was runner up in a third?


Outside the big 4, those sorts of runs are unheard of at the moment. Since the turn of the century, those 4 are the only 4 to reach at least 3 slam finals in a season. Agassi was the last back in 1999.


That shows you how good Delpo was, winning a against prime Murray in England in five set.


Glasgow esta en Escosia, boludo. ;)


You know what I mean.


I’m still amazed he took #1 that year, and it was guaranteed after Paris masters I believe? So he didn’t even need any points in the ATP finals. ThTs insane. Djokovic won 2 slams and made the final of a third (where Murray only made the quarters). Was Murray just racking up points in masters tournaments? Just more consistent overall throughout the year?


No. The year end number 1 was actually decided by Murray beating Novak in the ATP world tour finals final. Djokovic did lose quite early (by his standards) at a few of the masters he was defending such as Shanghai and paris. I hate taking away some credit, but I do think Djokovic losing early in Wimbledon to querrey and losing USO finals to wawrinka also helped Murray in that sense since he was the defending champ at both these events. But the post us open was a sweep on Murray’s end, so he earned it for sure. Murray was super consistent all year round


Oh maybe it was that he became #1 after winning Paris, but not necessarily year end #1.


Yes he became No 1 after his win at the Paris Masters. And then Djokovic could have reovertaken him at the ATP Finals but Murray defeated him in the final. What a showdown. The only thing that gets close to that is the 2000 season (of which I'm just making a season review :D so I have it my head) Kuerten took the year end No1 spot from Safin by a mere 75 points by winning the Finals. However Safin lost in the semifinal to Agassi, so it was not a final showdown like in 2016. And also Murray and Djokovic had a higher level overall


Damn, I need to go back and watch that ATP finals again. Was Djokovic’s elbow injured yet by the end of 2016? He was doing well overall in the second half of 2016 but lost a lot of finals too. Definitely nowhere near his level in 2015 to first half of 2016.


I don't know about when his elbow injury started. But I just realized that I really only started regularly following Tennis in 2017 so I just missed out on that fight for no 1 in 2016. It's strange cause I know a lot about all past Grand Slam champions etc, but actually I don't even know if I really saw much of the Slams in the early 2010s. But judging by my knowledge about them it feels like I had watched them all haha


Only cost him a hip 😢


Super consistent. 9 from 11 Masters+, 2 500s. Real big four energy.


> beating Pella was that really some sort of special accomplishment back in the day?


I just figured I would save people the google.


murygoat 🐐


He literally had the opportunity to be N1 without a single title above the 250 level.


Yup, this is why it’s so hard to compare different eras, even when they overlap a bit


> Guys like **wawrinka, del po, and thiem** made it to #3 in the world at their best, but they still had healthy big 3 in front of them for most of their careers which makes it even more impressive One of these is not like the others


This is true, but the same must be acknowledged for Alcaraz reaching number 1, though I think many here would be far more reluctant to do so.


Let's not forget that Wimbledon didn't award any points to anyone, someone like Ruud who is terrible in grass but very good in clay and hard courts def got lucky with that


To be fair, Delpo maxed out at 6825 points after winning the 2009 USO, which was good enough for fifth at the time. He only got to third in the summer of 2018. Alcaraz had 6820 at the end of the year last year.


Alcaraz not having points from Wimbledon, Shanghai Masters, or the tour finals makes this comparison a little disingenuous.


God the standards of the Big Four era we were truly blessed


After winning his 2012 USO, murray had ~8k points and elevated from 4 to 3. Murray also needed around 12-13k points to edge the #1 from Djokovic during his incredible 2016 year, which was only a bit less than alcaraz and ruud at the end of 2022. Not knocking the current gen but it’s very evident we’re getting closer and closer to some normalcy in tennis. Djokovic is the last gatekeeper standing


There’s a lot of exciting players in the new/slightly younger gen but man surely we’ll never see anything like this again. The three greatest ever and an all time great. We’d be blessed to see one greatest ever candidate again in my lifetime imo.


Probably the most undeserving #2 ever (although he's a great player and might win slams in the future)


I personally think he can do consistently well at slams (apart from Wimbledon), but feel like there will always be someone better than him that will stop him from winning one. We’ll see I guess


>Wawrinka He's had more points at #3 at his points peak than many other players did at #2, which is kinda ridiculous


i think murray was at like 10k points at one point and still wasn't #1


He really had a fantastic mentality. A winner's mentality. Never gave up. Always made it super close even versus the best players in the world- out of like fifty or sixty matches played you can only pick out a handful somehow versus the big 3 even that weren't close. And this was while he had various struggles with injuries. He has an incredible win percentage, top 25 in the Open Era, usually only losing in later rounds to the top players. And he has one of the best win percentages for converting and winning, going all the way when he does get a lead. Actually 8th best in the stat of winning the match after winning the first set. Only losing 31 matches in his career, 12 of those losses to the Big 3. Don't think people understand how important or impressive this stat is but actually being able to convert the lead you get separates really good players from the best players. Delpo had an incredible mentality and in my personal opinion, with less hindrance from injury could have been an all time name, especially in another era. All the same, he's still a huge fan favorite and one of my favorite players ever. Always loved watching him play and compete. Loved his personality, funny down to earth, definitely gave his all out there; crazy talent lovely strokes and power game. Made for a good watch for sure. will hope he comes back for at least one or 2 matches and has a more deserving end, but regardless he had a fantastic career. I'll always remember the dude as a favorite player for me


And he would have been had it not been for those pesky injuries 😤




I think he would have made it 2 in 2010 without the injuries. He would still have been behind Rafa but his form in late 2009 was top notch and he had pretty much no points from the grass court season that year.


Not with the pesky big 4


I miss him. A fully fit Delpo would clean up at the minute.


He's in my basket of favorite 5 players of all time.


Delpo is one of the biggest “what if” in tennis in modern times!! :(


The Big 3 make tennis really unfair for the rest


It's the Big 4 darling. 4 players were No. 1 2004-2020 between ARod and Small Cat.


I love Andy, but he's not even close to the others 3.


Yeah, except it was literally a term coined even before Andy was No.1. It is reddit revisionists like you who want to forget history.


He’s legit not lol. He’s around 17 slams behind minimum. Not near the same league of players


Nah bro the few months at #1 and nearly 20 fewer Slams means he's totally worthy of turning big 3 into big 4. It's the Reddit circlejerk and copium over Murray, get used to it.


You do realise when the term Big 4 was coined both Murray and Novak were quite behind Fedal... Just because you started watching tennis yesterday doesn't mean tennis didn't exist before that...




Federer has retired so going by your logic it's Big 2 now?


No, that's just your failed interpretation of it. When Murray reaches 15+ slams and #1 for 100+ weeks we can talk about him being on the same level as the big 3.


It's not like Andy was blocking Delpo from becoming \#1 in 2016.


Andy literally beat JM in the Olympic Final in 2016.


An event with no ranking points attached. I'm not debating Andy being better than Delpo, of course he was. But the only time Andy was \#1 was in 2016, a time when Delpo wasn't even close to the top of the rankings, so it didn't matter. Andy was never the reason he didn't become \#1.


I hope he is happy, amazing guy on and off the court.


The 2003 to 2019 era of tennis. I miss it


He has everything to be proud of. A slam, a masters, and 22 career titles. A true champion. We're gonna miss you Delpo.


This guy on a good day absolutely smoked the big 3. Just blasted them off the court. It’s too bad about the injuries.


That's a little bit of nostalgia speaking there😀but he could go toe to toe with any of them (barring Rafa at RG, probably)


Practically all of his wins against them were by the skin of his teeth.


Seriously. Del Potro was awesome but the "what ifs" go a little over the top sometimes. I suspect his hypothetical career without long term injury would have looked a bit like Wawrinka's, with a few unbelievable high profile slam wins (like the one he did have) or near-wins, but without the tournament after tournament going deep every time consistency that characterized the Big Four. Which, don't get me wrong, is fully an all-time-great career. But I don't think there's a ton of reason to believe he was heading inevitably towards being like a 6+ slam winner with a probable shot at #1 etc during the Big Four era the way a lot of his fans seem to believe.


What’s up with his hands?


They are weirdly pale..


Right?! I was immediately transfixed by those lol. Why are they so ashy looking? Probably just the lighting.


Maybe his wrist surgeries affected his circulation or maybe I’m just waffling


The fact that Ruud had gotten to a higher career ranking than Delpo is absolutely mind blowing. Just look at their peak Elo at the UTS. They are in different leagues. This is one of the most vivid examples of how politicians can influence history of tennis.


Such a shame, great career, though


dont know how u could hate this guy, outstanding career


Messi became #1 for him (in the soccer sport though). I wonder which Argentina or South American player can do that next (for the tennis).


Only Kuerten (Brazilian) and Rios (Chilean) have achieved number 1. But Kuerten won 3 GS, while Rios none.


Aahhh tennis. The sport will of psychopaths.


Great guy and I agree did his best in an injury riddled but storied career.


He retired and they took all the blood out of his hands.


at the age of Big 3, being world no 1 was the holy grail. Even Murray barely did it


I mourn him to this day.


Great player, loved the way he played the game, he was just unlucky with injuries and to come against 4 players like Nadal, Djok, Fed and Murray.


I'm a Fed fan but in sad cases like these it's better that he won that 1 Slam and 1 Masters against him. World #1 is too difficult at least.


What was his highest ranking?