If it disappeared then that zone is gone for good. Another zone may spawn near that one but that particular one is done.


it’s been a while since it disappeared so i’m assuming one won’t spawn near it, is there any way to remove a zone somewhere else and get it to move there?


Zone spawning is all RNG. There is no way to force a zone to spawn in a certain area that I am aware of.


alright, i appreciate your help bro


My pleasure. Happy hunting!!


you too!


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You can still over-hunt and delete a zone from the tripod or blind if you kill more than 16 animals. They reduce hunting pressure by about a factor of 5, but do not eliminate it. Also, if you kill all the animals assigned to any given zone, you delete the zone. This is why it's bad to kill a creature in a zone with only 1 animal listed. That one animal is the whole zone and if you kill it, you delete the zone. Best to wait until the zone population increases before taking animals from any low pop zone, but you always want to at least leave one animal assigned to any given zone alive to keep the zone from going poof.


How do you tell how many animals are part of a zone?


When you inspect a zone object (shrubs, footprints, etc), you’ll see an animal symbol with a number next to it


Ohhh, that’s what that is. I’ve had some trouble understanding the UI when it comes to reading tracks and whatnot.


Want to know this myself.


i only killed 4 but now i know not to do that, i saw it in the comments of a lady legend video and blindly trusted it would make my zone better lol


Taking 4 from the tripod is fine if the zone supports more than 4 animals. If, however, the zone was only populated by 4 animals in the first place, then you probably depopulated the entire zone regardless of how little hunting pressure you create from the tripod. I've made this mistake before, in not taking note of how many animals are assigned to a need zone and just blasting away all willy nilly. General rule of thumb is, take only 2 animals from any given lake (if you're going after watering zones) and leave at least one animal at any given zone. If you see only one animal, then don't shoot it and just move on. It might be a one animal zone. Also, best to log out and back in before going back to any zone. This allows the killed animals to respawn, otherwise you may end up killing the remaining animals assigned to said zone and delete it. Quit and restart or log out to the menu screen to reset the animals and you can safely go a-blastin' away again.


thanks for the help


The good news is, the zone will likely pop back up, either near to the deleted one, at a different location, or sometimes right back on the same spot, so the zones never really go away permanently. You may need to rediscover it manually by physically walking over them and hitting "E" but they do come back.


Mine almost always respond across the lake if I kill say a whole herd of bison.


You killed all the deer and now you're wondering why their need zone is gone? It might have something to due with their lack of needs considering you killed them all, you complete genius. They're in heaven dude they don't eat or drink anymore.


nah the .338 sent them straight to hell


Found the Texas hunter


Just dont wipe zones, leave females. They only spawn other females anyways.


if the need zone is gone. It's not coming back. Unless you're very lucky and remove the hunting pressure from it and by luck it respawns in the same area.


Did you kill all the does?


If you kill all the deer in the zone, hunting pressure is irrelevant. The deer will not respawn at that zone


You can still delete zones in a tripod