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It doesn't Watched many inspirational stories, I'm still useless.


This comment wins.


Probably a joke, but in offchance it's not... 🫂. Don't beat yourself up so much.




Lol legend


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Are you still planning to watch some more?


can’t say . it depends. everytime i watch svsc , i get inspired by relangi mavayya. but every fkin time, i end up realising that the world doesn’t work like that.


In mavayyas defense, I heard a very prominent person in my life say "your problems are as big as your world" he has a very small world. His family his village and done. That's one mantra of being happy.




what si SVSC?


seethamma vaakitlo sirimalle Chettle bruv


Harish Shankar addressed this in the Gaddalakonda Ganesh movie. The protagonist cited the Tagore movie as an example saying people never reduced taking bribes even though everyone watched the movie. The bottom-line is that it depends on individuals.


You mean all the messages Bob gave us over the years are fking useless?


Unfortunately, yes.


Bob's undercover account found


Individual response anthe. Arjun reddy release time lo, I’ve seen guys acting like that. There was race gurram which inspired a lot of my college mates at that time, ededo matladevaru, deeevuda anevaru. Positive ga ayte, I’ve seen people opening up to their parents after watching Tamasha, literally theatre lo edchi velli chepperu. Personal ga ayte nenu eppudu cinema lu chusi or cartoons chusi inspire avvaledu, because I’m Batman.


Fuck zodiacs which batman are you ? 1) Battinson 2) Baleman 3) Batfleck 4) Conroy Batman 5) Keaton Batman 6) Lego Batman


Batfleck. I love Conroy too, kani live action ayte, Batfleck.


Based and Redpilled choice. W taste


Bro love marriages sky rocketed after DDLJ released


And chain snatchings and chapri street racing sky rocketed after Dhoom(2004) release.


Movies definitely affect culture as a whole by normalising lot of small things both good and bad. Very rarely they alter life to a large extent but these small changes itself become a butterfly effect. Ex: normalisation of stalking is a bad influence but love marriages is good influence


I don't agree with this. Cinema is a form of art. And art influenced people throughout generations. Ala ani oka "ramudu manchi baludu" arjun reddy chusi next day nunchi mandhu thagadu or inkokadu Maharshi cinema chusi weekend farming cheseyadu. It doesn't work that way. Oka character ki relate ayithe aa character influence chesthadhi. And the character is part of the cinema.


Movie is art. Art is supposed to change your perspective on things. That being said, you can only change the hole you're looking through not the eye. If you decide to change the eye based on some stupid fuck character, then let's say we know who the idiot is. For example, if you want to become like BhAAi from pushpa you're an idiot. If you take inspiration from bhAAis character in vedam, change your stance on certain subjects, your life is going to prosper.


Tbh, I can see the most vile villain-protagonists, or the most Ms. Goody Two Shoes in cinema and not change at all. My favourite actor is Mahesh Babu as the flair says and his smoking style is super famous. Yet I didn’t pick up the habit. I saw Arjun Reddy as a teen and didn’t go around posting sad edgy shit. Watched Surya s/o Krishnan god knows how many times and yet there was no change either positive or negative. So idk man can’t really agree on the “ art should change “ narrative on a personal level atleast.


Exactly. This is what movie as art reduced into. Like I said, stupid shit isn't to be taken from anyone. All those Mahesh movies and smoking is what he's known for? No. Like I said, character should be your own. A thought should be provoked on a subject when it's about art. Art is supposed to change perspective, is it doing it? No.


Idk man ante on a Saturday night with my bros I rather laugh and get entertained rather than having my perspective changed.


Are you drunk already? Arent we talking about movies changing perspective? Who's talking about Saturday nights and other entertainment?


Arey lanjamunda ninnu ah comment la thittina na ra eddi badcaw. Nuvvu art aathulu ante nenu anna i don’t want movies to always change my perspective whenever I watch them sometimes I want to enjoy and laugh ani anna. Adhi ardham kakapothe adagochu ga. Drunk gink antav endhi ra lavde ? Normal ga matladaleva?




Thitti matladamantava? Sare aithe kaani. Erripuk baccha lanja. Ni guddha ki English la anavsaramga cheppina. Pilla puk lanja vi ankoledh. Ippud Telugu la cheptha guddha la elu petukuni inu. Muthi midha rendu aathul lev Lanja naayala. Arey picchi pukoda, question adigindhe nuvvu. Malla answer chesthe adhedho ni mindset maarusthunnatru matlaadthav endhi erri maakkeloude. Art anedhi oka thought provoke chesedattunundaal ante nuvve ga raa erri puk la na madda ledhu dosthul thondengi taagutha anindi? Andhuke already taagesi unnava adigina? Noti tho matladatam raadh guddha tho matladthunnar Ida andar.


Needemanna pedda shareef shankarayya norara kojjoda. Appati nundi choosthuna polite ga matladina ethulu minguthunnav aathupookoda.


From what I've observed Indian movie fans tend to be affected by negative stuff in movies but never the positive stuff. Case on point - Rajinikanth's cigarette trend , hero stalking heroine trend , etc


Ravi Teja from Idiot says Hello :)


every teenager who watched arjun reddy in theaters says hello


Even I was a teen at that time but I didn’t get influenced.


anadru neurosurgeon lu aynaru antav


Nobody gets inspired, they see themselves in the protagonist. If that's the case, Tagore should have ended corruption. Stalin should have made everyone help 3 people. Everyone who watched business should have aimed for the 11th mile.


They don't get inspired, they own the character and start acting like that. Arjun Reddy became one of their skins because it was easy to adapt into it. Tagore on the other hand, is a heroic character. Stalin is too strong to be real. People don't own them because they can't blend into them. Though people own Aparichitudu because they could see themselves become like that (which mostly they can't, they can't become anything in it except Ramanujan 🌚).


When you don't relate to a character. You either hate them or aspire to be them.


That's a new logic but it seems to fit for a few of them I guess.


Well it depends. I for one, got hugely influenced by the protagonist character of Neninthe.


Movies definitely have the power. But you choose what you get inspired/affected by.


Kinda does, my dad changed a bit after watching bommarillu. Not too much but it became possible to reason with him and he was more respectful of us as people. He still says it's his favourite movie. He's the type of guy that would never watch a movie on his own.


It all depends on the idiot watching it


It does. I noticed that I talk more aggressively soon after I watch hard core action movies. That's temporary though. Repeat enough times during formative years and you get long term effects.


>Repeat enough times during formative years and you get long term effects. Perfect, now look at the way movies have shown pestering girls to fall in love is the right thing and look at people. Many can't take no for an answer, they think pleading or requesting or teasing someone enough will work.


Well i always see a pattern. People who are more open with a carefree nature tend to watch Telugu movies or shows while many introverts or socially awkward people are into Anime or Korean dramas. Just my observation.


Nibba nibbis's mallum teroko. Stalking mallum teroko. Amount of my inter classmates who started to smoke and drink to look cool mallum teroko. College fights mallum teroko. They get easily influenced towards bad easily but good nope.


Inter lone fags aa.. baaga chedipoyindi mee generation.


Kani naa inter ayipoyi 4 years avthondhi ippudu inka chedipoyuntaru probably.


Very much dependant on the person that is being influenced. And there are many factots that can change the strength with which one is affected. ^^IMHO


Lmao it does. Prasulu, punchulu veyatam trivikram and puri cinema nundey nerchukunnam kada. Shiva, Pokiri movies tho appati youth vala laga behave cheyaleyda. Ravi Teja peak lo unappudu Ravi Teja chesina Athili Sattibabu and Venky characters laga behave chesinavalu endaro unnaru. But it's only till the next shiny thing comes along and eventually people mellow down when people realize that reality doesn't work like it does in the movies.


Ofcourse, the stalkers who make life living hell get inspired by this. Not everyone but majority


I am inspired by Relangi Mavayya, I work every day to be more like him and take things that positively and just go with the flow. Sometimes it is worrisome, but it increased my confidence and made me more of a leader. Ig it’s something that partially comes out of becoming resilient too


If someone watches a ton of crime suspense movies will they turn into criminals?


Happy days and a couple of other college movies had an influence on me. I was very excited to do btech right after +2. Bommarillu had a huge influence on my dad. He would do some over caring thing and cite he is becoming a Bommarillu father 😂. All I am saying is some movies that you relate in real life have an impact. Now I am not sure if without these movies if the life would be different or not.


Yes , movies will definitely affect a person, but they don't change the person completely. It also depends on other things like parenting, teachers, friends and also on him.


Police brutality in reality>> Glorified police brutality in movies>> Police brutality in reality 🔃 It’s a loop. Also, I remember an interview of Krishnam Raju. He said he saw the stylish way of ANR smoking cigarettes and started smoking because of that.


Idiot chantigaadu local influenced many kurrakaaru . Pushpa taggedele attitude .


Not much. Yedho hero or heroine mannerisms ni copy chestharu maha aithe or their style. Mana thought process ney marchese cinemalu ravadam chala rare.


To a child, definitely yes..i used to think eve teasing a girl was heroism till 7th grade.


My father is a very honest guy and a very hard working one and he always showed me good movies with honest guys to teach me the values of honesty. Whenever the scenes of bribery and corruption came he was like see this is wrong thing you should never do that and I was like why the hell should I not do it if I get the chance. I always had this itch of going into a government service kind of you know by looking at how these guys take bribes and indulge in corruption and have a comfortable life. And on the other hand the honest employee gets fucked from right centre and left and my father thought I will follow that honest dumb employee. So yes in a way the movies can effect you.


Shankar dada mbbs chusi chinnapude chalaa mandi ATM la behave xhesar and kontha mandi chiru laga, but they after a while stopped it and chesina kooda comedy ki chesevallu. Nonetheless I think movie characters will have a deep influence on one's morality and behaviour. Oka cinemalo emotions k saath okati manchi okati chedu ani chupiste ade follow aipotam. Cinnapillala meedu ee influence konchem ekkuvane untundi


It lowkey does. Movies act as propaganda for a reason


Pushpa influence chaala undi i see a lot of KIDS saying thaggedhe le every 5-10 mins


It does to some extent, it can be seen in our obsession with fair skin etc


Talking in absolutes when it concerns something subjective like art is futile. Given the kind of reach that movies have it's not unfair to expect a bit of responsibility from the makers because we never know how it might impact someone


Depends on if you’re neurodivergent or neurotypical


Interesting, could you explain this more ? I am really curious bro/sis/broster


One of the traits of autism that some exhibit is called “mimicking” and it’s when traits are adapted and used in a form of masking. A lot of people on the spectrum have themselves even noticed they’ve done it with fictional characters. It’s even a running joke amongst the community to say things like “about to watch a new movie so get ready for me to latch on to a character and make their personality mine for the next few weeks”.


Ahh I see I see now it makes sense. Thanks for giving example of the sigma memes and literally me characters. Thank you for elaborating it much appreciated.


As Manoj Bajpayee once said "Movies cannot influence anything more than hairstyles" Thats all movies can at maximum do!


No they don't.. They just try to support their view by citing it as an example.


Certainly does. A big part of my expressive metaphors are from movies. what’s normal dressing sense, mang cultural nuances of the actors, some vocabulary & catch phrases, protagonist characters of many Puri Jagannath’s movies … all these had a serious impression on me. I also believe, movies like Arjun Reddy would have a bad impact on some. Largely, depth of the movie, how immersed are you in the virtual world, and the movie’s relevance influences if someone is impacted by a movie or not.


Talking in absolutes when it concerns something subjective like art is futile. Given the kind of reach that movies have it's not unfair to expect a bit of responsibility from the makers because we never know how it might impact someone


I think it does to some very little extent


Good point but what even is that username bro


Temporary account bayya,


Which can have an incremental change in our action


Are you mahesh babu


Movies inspires a lot, both good and bad. Let me give you an instance from my own life. Growing up, I had helicopter parenting , wherein my parents interfered a lot in my day to day life. It was then Bommarillu released, while Vikramarkudu was still in theatres. Friends tho intlo theliyakunda chusa. The movie felt as if it was made for my kind of people, who are struggling to escape from their guardian's shadow. It felt damn relatable and inspirational. Intlo vallani kuda sathayinchi vallatho velli malli theatre lo chusa. Genelia lanti papa thaguluthudhi Ani musi musi navvulu navukoni ala day dream chesevadini. Cut to present, Genelia lanti papalu leru, but that movie did help in overgrowing my parents' shadow. There was a crippling fear that stunted my personality growth, but that movie inspired me to take a stand and brave the consequences. In hindsight, this was a lesson I needed to learn at that point of time, and i am glad I did. Cinema does influence a lot of societal norms. A well made cinema can sometimes start revolutions and even topple governments.


I am on the other end of the spectrum. Scientist meedha movie chusi scientist avvaledhu kabatti movies don't effect anadam. mars meedha movie chusi mars ki vellipoledhu kadha anadam, erri thanam. Movies often decide what's cool and what's not. They can normalize certain behaviors and mock others. So can movie make you a murderer? No. Can movie make it cool to look up to murderers? Yes.


Watched many movies about vigilantism, I'm still a menace to society


Till Nuvve Kavali released, nibbis and nibbas did not know they can call each other orey osey. After Ninne Pelladatha released, the tradition of families sitting together and having fun in general got very popular. There are lot more.