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NOW THIS IS SOMETHING I CAN GET FULLY BEHIND. I have a makeshift one until I can afford a good one.


Tushy basic model is $30. I have 3 of them. Life changing.


Can you please share a link? It's 99$ in their website.


https://www.amazon.com/Luxe-Bidet-Neo-120-Non-Electric/dp/B00A0RHSJO/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?crid=1ACPFZ2RKATX9&keywords=bidet&qid=1679264625&sprefix=bidet%2Caps%2C306&sr=8-3 This is what we have in my house.


Yeah idk where they found it for $30. I do have one, though, and can vouch for the wonders it brings.


I got my most recent one from Amazon back in December. It must've been a sale price because it's $69 now (basic 2.0 model). Sorry for getting your hopes up. Still, I think it's 100% worth the investment. My nephew suffered from hemorrhoids for years until he finally got a bidet, and now he doesn't have them anymore. He did nothing differently except start using a bidet. My husband had a similar experience. Even if that's not a problem for you, you will never again feel clean using paper once you've started using a bidet.


When you order it. May be worth getting the flow reducer for the jet. I have loads of pressure on my toilet tap and if you aren't careful. You're getting an enema, whether you want it or not. Low flow allows for a little less chaos in the mornings.


>... SOMETHING I CAN GET FULLY BEHIND. No pun intended? 🤭


I’m in front of one right now


I like the handheld ones: https://www.amazon.com/BioBidet-A1-Handheld-Adjustable-Stainless/dp/B01N2Z6KPZ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?crid=2QXF4JCKNV30V&keywords=bidet+hose&qid=1679268228&sprefix=bidet+hose%2Caps%2C477&sr=8-3


If you haven't seen the south park episode "Japanese toilets" you'd probably think it's pretty funny. *this is the first comment I've ever made that has reached 100 upvotes😂😅😅


Great episode in the classic South Park style.


It was solid. I'm a fan of this season a lot. Deep Learning was great too. Go Shadowmane!!!


Definitely great season so far, hope they put out lots more episodes


It's really a phenomenal show. Some seasons are better than others, but they never really put out a bad one. Unlike the Simpsons South Park just got better and better over the years. My favorite show of all time.


None of south park is bad, but some is much better then others. I like there knack of taking a current issue and blowing it so far out of proportion that you really see how ridiculous the issue is


It's why I bought a bidet.


Yeeeeeessss, the movement is picking up steam✊️✊️down with big toilet paper🖕🤣🤣🤣


I am not funding any more of my podiatrists vacations!!


Ngl. That episode pushed me over the edge to get a bidet. Our master bedroom toilet is now the "fancy toilet".


I was literally going to comment about this episode. 😂


after my first trip to Thailand i immediately bought and installed a bidet for every bathroom in our house.






Americans probably need to normalize taking off their shoes in the house before we can get to bidets.


The taking off shoes I don't understand. It's fucking dirty outside take your shoes off! I've seen people with shoes on the damn bed for Christ's sake.


Yes!!! Some people stick their dirty ass shoes on the nice clean coffee table or sofa, I'm like OUT!


I'm Asian so luckily people do it because they think it's an "Asian Thing". I got not living like a savage isn't normalized.


I'm Canadian and always just assumed that everyone in the world did it because... It's disgusting not to


This already is a thing. No idea where this weird stereotype comes from but as someone who has lived in various parts of USA my entire life, not one place left shoes on inside. Not one household I’ve visited either


The only exception I've seen is when everyone is wearing formal clothes like after a wedding or whatever.


yeah but those are usually cleaned up/polished shoes or heels.


From some study it seems about 31% always take their shoes off in the US, and 26% do most of the time. So more than half seem to take off their shoes. 12% never do and 12% rarely do it. It also seems to matter where in the US you live, which makes sense because of different climates. Where I live (probably because of weather and cheap heating) hearing about someone not taking their shoes off when they arrive at home is unthinkable. I would be really surprised if the percentage is over 1-2%


where did you get the study from?


I’ve lived in Oregon, California, Texas, Alabama, and Georgia and I’ve only met about 10 people who have a no shoes in house rule.


Taking off shoes before going in the house? Bitch we arent even washing our hands yet.


username checks out?


I feel this one…my wife absolutely refuses to take her shoes off in the house. There’s always sand and dirt all over the floor for my socks to pick up.


the rule is: if you're just hanging out, take your shoes off. if it's a party, your shoes stay on. that's just how it works.




Most of us already do that tho? There are very few people who leave their shoes on in the house.




Both at the same time is good.


As an American, Americans are so fucking weird. Bidets are frowned upon, taking shoes off in one's home is not common courtesy, poor hyiene, and just overall a lack of cleanliness. Fuck.


There was one bolted on to one of the toilets when we bought our house. I've been cleaner than everyone else for 4 years now.


I got one. ![gif](giphy|YYfEjWVqZ6NDG)


My brother and his wife went to Japan and were sold. We went to visit them and they had the attachment on the toilet. Dude…. It’s so much cleaner and way better then just TP. I’m sold. My pops immediately installed one too. There is no going back.


It seems so bougie, I just use a hose in the backyard.


That's dedication right there. LOL


You should see how green my grass is, I shit a lot


POV: r/unpopularopinion is raving about bidets for the 43748975849th time.


Bidets are popular on Reddit, but I've never seen one in a public restroom or when I've visited someone's home.


So over it!


My kids put me on to bidets and I bought some Tushy add-ons for our bathrooms. They are fantastic.


I love my $20 bidets from Amazon. I don't know why more people don't use them.


No, I am waiting for the three seashells.


Can I ask a dumb question? How do you use one?? Do y’all just walk around with cleaner albeit wetter buttholes? Do you still wipe? What’s the procedure? Someone give me the play by okay.


this point gets brought up so much i'm starting to suspect that non-americans have some weird fetish about spraying water up their butthole.


Maybe too much info, but the only time I wish I had a bidet is during my period. I hate having to deal with my period. It's disgusting. lol I also wish for a bidet for my clients because I'm a caregiver. It would be so much better to shoot water up my clients butts than to wipe them. Especially when they have diarrhea. Sorry for all the visuals!!


You should get one. It feels sooo much cleaner. Period days was my main reason for wanting one too. I mentioned it to my husband a few years ago, he ordered it from Amazon & it was love at first rinse. 😆 Good for after sex clean-up too. It was less than $60 & easy to install in probably 5-10 minutes. He likes it so much that he's thinking of buying one for work too.


I think I'll buy one! Thanks.


The first one we installed at home my wife shot herself in the face on accident. The second one I did the same damn thing lol. At least they hadn't been used yet!


Getting a Toto toilet with a bidet was the best way we spent our money during our bathroom remodel. Bidet, air dryer, heated seats, built in vent, auto opening lid, auto flush, and prewetting the bowl even so we have to clean less. Americans needs to invest in their toilets more for sure.




How much $ for all that?


It’s the most expensive thing in our bathroom. It was $6,000. Which admittedly is a lot but we plan to live here until we’re really old so it is an investment to our comfort as elderly people.


I have a brand called Smartbidet bought off Amazon for a couple hundred bucks. It has a seat warmer, warm water, adjustable spray, and a dryer (which I almost never use). I don't know why the super simple ones are more popular- I couldn't do the cold water on the BH




Good point- still I would say it's worth hiring an electrician to add an outlet for the no cold water on the bum!


We got one that just attaches a hot water line to a t valve on my sinks hot water line. No electricity required.


How does that have warm water ready for the bidet though? At least in my home it takes a little bit for the water to get warm


I'm not even American, but I can't imagine bidets. I understand it cleans better than usual paper, but how does it feel like? All I can imagine is that it would be extremely unsatisfying. What if you sit not straight and it hits your leg? What if it isn't aligned properly, and then, what if 2 people with different sizes use the same one? They'd be sitting differently and it would mean one would always be missing. Will the water like, spray on ones balls/vagina? Do you still have to use paper to dry it off again? There's so many questions and many I can't answer without having a feeling of discomfort.


It is a little weird at first! If it doesn't hit you in the right spot you just adjust yourself until it does. You do use a little toilet paper afterwards to dry and check that you're clean. It leaves you feeling a lot cleaner, and it makes it hard to go back.


I'd say 75% of the posts in this sub are about bidets, circumcision or letting pet cats roam freely.


Why do we need to normalize it? If you want one, get buy one and have it installed. It’s that simple, who cares what anyone else thinks.


As an American who owns a bidet, it’s frustrating (frankly, unhygienic) using restrooms in places outside my home - restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, etc. I just wish it was normalized so I could use bidets elsewhere.


I cannot remember what country they were from, but while I was in the Navy and on deployment we did a crew swap with a ship from a country that has bidets. Anyway, they all carried two water bottles because they didn't have access to bidets on the ship. So, just do like them and carry an extra water bottle for when you go out, or be weird and only carry the one water bottle and enjoy the confusion of people who wonder why you never drink from it


That's fair, you can say that about anything. But why not sell toilets with the bidet attachment at affordable costs or sell homes with toilets that have a bidet installed. It's not so much wanting one and not caring what others think. It's "normalizing" them like other countries. Again, unpopular opinion is all this is.


There is literally nothing stopping you from buying a bidet toilet at home depot or a bidet attachment for $50 on amazon.


What about when I'm at a hotel or staying with friends or family? I mean, yeah, no shit we can just go buy a bidet. That's not what normalize means. I'd love if bidets became the norm in the US.






Who cares? We do when we have to smell nasty hot shitty ass and the toilet paper is wrecking our sewers and destroying trees.


>we have to smell nasty hot shitty ass I dont think thats a toilet paper problem big fella lol


We need to normalize stopping the use of the term “we need to normalize X” 😂 No, but I do agree with you though. The problem is, however, the big day will clean your asshole with the water jet but it will still be wet and there might still be shit on your asshole that it’s just wet rather than goopy. We shouldn’t replace toilet paper with it because that will make everybody gross. Owning one is an incentive to use less toilet paper, because many, including myself at times have been guilty of using too much at once, because conserving toilet paper is environmentally friendly, but gross because I don’t want to look down at my own fecal matter stains on a thin piece of toilet paper


Bro you still wipe after the bidet to check.. How do you know when you're done wiping ? I'm not sure what your complaint is.


Of course, I wipe after I use the bidet, but there are people who think it’s a replacement for toilet paper. Also, it’s a good incentive to use less toilet paper because you’re going to have to use toilet paper no matter what, but people tend to use lots and lots of toilet paper


I've literally never had poop on my butt after using a bidet. The force of the water is strong, even though my house has extremely poor water pressure. You just gotta kinda move around a little and get the whole area rinsed, and it basically pressure washes it off ... and trust me I have plenty of hair down there to complicate things, still. Not a spec.


I thought this was the norm until I was 17 years old .. im from North Africa and can't possibly live without one. I moved to EU and luckily the house came with a bidet installed. I shit 3 4 times per day and toilet paper can't ever do that. How the rest of the people walk around with shit in their ass is beyond me.


I lived in Egypt and loved that the toilets had the already installed bidet with the little knob on the right side


bruh see a gastroenterologist. why are you shitting so much?


I just don’t get the point of em but nothing wrong with them I would say they are pretty normal


How do you not get the point? Do you wash your hands by wiping them on your pants? Or maybe sometimes do you use water to get them more clean?


I use soap and water? The water is used to make the soap react and kill the germs… do u not use soap? When wiping with toilet paper I get all the shit, hence why there’s none on my underwear! So again, I don’t get the point since toilet paper does the job.


Well damn, you got me there!


I assume ur being sarcastic but u do u! I don’t think it’s weird to use many of my friends use one


YES, I totally agree! What's a Bidet?


A device you can attach to your toilet to spray your ass.


A device that primarily makes you morally superior to everyone who does not have a bidet. Once indoctrinated into The Church of Bidet you must sermonize to everyone about how bidets are better than toilet paper in every way and you cannot BELIEVE how other people can continue to act like animals. While previously you didn't know or care about other people's bung holes, once a member of The Church of Bidet you will instantly gain a +3 to Smell and will be able to detect the Unholy Unbidetted crinkled stars of everyone around you. As the Anointed glide through society they will be glancing at everyone they pass, judging. Are they too one of the Chosen and have a bidet? You will be drawn on every full moon to Reddit to make a post about how bidets are the best thing since wiping your truffle tunnel with sliced bread and how everyone who doesn't have one has an itchy little shittle crack that smells of death and disappointment. Only the cleansing power of the Holy Bidet Water from the Holy Bidet will save others and their dirty cinnamon rings. Come, chant with me the Holy Incantation of The Church of Bidet "If you got shit on your hand you wouldn't just wipe it off with a bit of tissue, would you! If you got shit on your hand you wouldn't just wipe it off with a bit of tissue, would you! If you got shit on your hand you wouldn't just wipe it off with a bit of tissue, would you! If you got shit on your hand you wouldn't just wipe it off with a bit of tissue, would you!"


I'm wondering how you would dry off after using the bidet? Wouldn't TP still be necessary?


Because none of us young enough to be open to it can afford a house, and the ones that work with apartments shoot sub zero temperature water up your butt Source: me who looked into getting a bidet last week


I couldn’t agree more. My wife bought me a bidet for Christmas as a joke. It’s excellent!


Yes, these are priceless and really are a game changer!


I think we should normalize showering often and knowing how to wipe.


I hate staying at my parents house overnight for this reason lol always hum “home bowl” from family guy when I’m at work too


yuck no thanks


Why do people like bidets? I went to a house that had one, thought "I'll give it a shot" and it's EXACTLY like when the water splashes up your butt when you drop your poop. No one likes that feeling so why does everyone like bidets?


They’re cold on the bum in the winter 🥶. Like 35-40° up your hole. Not that pleasant.


Are they temperature controlled or not? The last thing I need is freezing water on my perineum.


I ain't having anything squirting up my bum hole.


I got a cheap one from Amazon a couple of years ago. I only want to shit at home now. When I can, I expect to get a much better unit.


tf is a bidet?


For me the whole idea of bidets is stupid. Upvoted. not American though.


I am stunned that rural america doesn't use them. Toilet paper is the bane of septic tanks and drain fields.


Pretty much all of the main brands of toilet paper in north america feed into the Koch Industries bottom line. That’s my single biggest motivator for buying a bidet. Really wish more people would.


Agree with the title but here's your friendly reminder that shaving and waxing are not hygenic


Why does it matter what other people do with their asses?


You gotta start by telling us what the heck a bidet is? Ive heard people talk about them but im far to scared to look them up, the internet is a scary place and I dont want to get lost. What does it do? How is it helpful?


Googling bidet is scary? Surprised you even have the courage to open reddit.


It's a bum washer for when you go poopie.


Best thirty bucks I ever spent. Bought several as Christmas gifts for family and they love em too.


Guys if you do not want the hassle of installing one, you can always buy a portable bidet. Game changer.




Ahhh the daily bidet post! I feel like they are becoming more normalized. I've been seeing them a lot more at peoples houses and I have one for my house as well.


bathing is better than deodrant


Shitting outside the home in america is like going back to black plague era england


From what I understand during WWII when American soldiers were slogging through France they did what many soldiers did and do, they went to brothels. All of those brothels had bidets, but so did all the houses. But your average soldier is not hanging out with an average citizen in their average house using their average bathroom which included a bidet. So bidets became associated with lasciviousness. When they got back and started having families, they did not want bidets and those associations in their houses and other places. BTW. If there is more to it, or I'm completely wrong, please tell me.


If you shower every day you won’t need a bidet


Do you shower every time you shit? Cause most people I know do not


How tf do you figure that? Do you clear coat your ass crack when you shower?


Showering everyday is great and all but a clean ass that is SOOO clean I don't have to be insecure about whatever nightly play might take place is the way to go. Unless you shower after you shit every time. Then I'd definitely suggest you get a bidet and not waste so much water. But again, this is an unpopular opinion.


This is where we start to separate people into the two kinds of poopers. You have the once a day everyday at the same time people and the unpredictable bowel movement crowd. Group one wakes up drinks their coffee and does the ole triple S. Shit, Shower, and Shave. Group one has no idea why, and are generally disgusted by group two, who poop in public restrooms. Group two seems to have no internal poop timer. Group one is very annoyed by group two when shopping at Home Depot, and is pissed they have to wonder around the appliance department every trip to Home Depot as soon as group two gets that fresh smell of cut lumber in their nostrils and has to make a pit stop.


Right? my shower IS my bidet.


I love our bidet. I feel gross if I shit and and only have TP now lol really helps with the brown marker poops


Well he IS president - I’d say that’s pretty normalised.


Before my bidet, I was that guy struggling with those last pebbles of shit that refuse to budge and sat there for 10 minutes longer than I needed to. Now I blast them out of me and save time. Plus, warm seats and water is nice. My buddies still look at me weird when its brought up that I have one. I'll never grasp why cleaning shit with water gets this response vs cleaning shit with hands and dry paper.


The fact people don't agree with this is disgusting lmao you literally have shit on your butthole guy




You really think that's enough?


When you wipe until you dont get anything, yes. Even with a bidet you still wipe unless you want a wet asshole.


Stop this. It you need to wash yourself, you can use a bath tub or a shower.




You pat it dry with a small amount of tp. :)




Some of us aren't so lucky...lol. Gotta love soft serve. Bahahaha




Three seashells?


He doesn't know how to use the three seashells hahaha!


I do not want a wet asshole, how do you people cope with having wet underwear every time you shit?


You don't. You pat it dry with a little bit of toilet paper....


That does *not* work to dry your ass, I know damn well it doesn't


Our toilet has a bidet and a filtered air dryer so you could get one like that.


I still think this is some cyberpunk shit


I think that's a pretty popular opinion these days. We've had one for probably 5 years & love it. Feels so much cleaner.


How about normalising better general education, a good railway system or universal healthcare first?


Also, toilet seats that slide off. Makes for excellent cleaning. Only reason i dont have a bidet attachment is because i have unresolved GI issues. But once theyre resolved, a bidet for sure


damn right about this, once you use one you never want to go with out one again.


Only if the water isn't cold.


Mo Amer has a bit about bidets. https://youtu.be/R6wZ4UskByM


Then I'd miss out on the sensation of my finger punching through the tp and into my bootyhole


You can pry my dingleberries from my cold, dead buttcheeks


Make America Hygienic Again.


Wiping butts after using a bidet seems so genuinely gross to me. Bidets are so much cleaner. I do have relatives who don't use them because they think bidets are gay.


Man, utterly whatever.


Bro half of them dont fit in a bidet cmon dont be too harsh


Most are just attachments on the toilet, so


Well eating ass became mainstream a few years back so I imagine it’s only a matter of time


I agree. Some men believe it to somehow be gay? Having anything touch the butt is gay apparently even if it's water meant to clean. I'm not sure if this is a common sentiment but it seems as though many Americans are iffy on using them for various reasons.


Okay but doesnt wetness down there cause molluscum contagiosum? Or are you suppose to use it and use toilet paper to dry off?


Is it that different than flushable wet wipes?


This isn’t an unpopular opinion.


No one would use them and it's gay or communist


America needs to normalize sidewalks


Everywhere else needs to normalize flushable wipes.


Why not just wet your toilet paper a little before wiping?


This is such a no brainer. I hate pooping anywhere that doesn’t have one. It was also helpful during COVID.


Americans have this super weird thing about buttholes.... they think if anything touches it it makes you homosexual


We’re working on it


Exactly what I been saying all along Brazil too


If i could give a million upvotes. Hell yeah America and a lot of other countries need to start using bidets man.


OK, the internet seemed to read my mind again, lol. I was literally just thinking about this while cleaning the bathroom. My boyfriend (who’s from Tampico, Mexico, not the U.S. — we live in California, which is where I’m from) takes a shower just to feel “extra clean” after dry wiping. He’s not home right now, unfortunately; otherwise, I’d ask him if they used bidets where he’s from and/or if he’d be interested in getting one. I would be, and he likes to install things. It seems that they are used in some parts of Mexico but not others — though he grew up on an isolated ranch. Curious now to know his past exposure to them. I’ve personally never encountered a toilet that had one, but think they’re a great idea! ETA: It’d be nice to have at home, but I just thought of outside the home (work, etc.). Kind of negates the benefits of having one at home, as that’s only about half of the times that I use the toilet. Though I do totally agree with the benefits — I haven’t personally clogged a toilet in many years, but people using massive quantities of toilet paper in an attempt to get clean contributes to many, many cloggings!


I think Americans view it as "foreign" and everything "foreign" to an American is "dirty" even if its clean. Just like Americans need to shed fat they also need to shed arrogance, and its about equally likely to happen.


i just watched a video the other day about why we don’t have bidets and it’s so they can keep scamming us by making us buy toilet paper/wipes


This is becoming more the norm. I go into a lot of houses and 30 years ago a bidet was rare in America. They were mostly a separate side fixture. Today I’d guess 1 in 5 houses into has 1. We have 2, high end worn warm seats and heated water. I will be getting the conversion seats for the other baths soon.


But they're so difficult to get the poo down?!? You kind of have to shove it with the toilet brush, and it never goes properly... I mean .... what's the point!??




Theyre joking lol




Mondo dingleberrys arent real they cant hurt you!


dingle gooferbarbles are in the trees, they're speaking asian


Youre in a bad way....somebody get this fella a bidet


the poop is really hard to shove down even with the brush


Try your toothbrush it gets the nooks and cranies


\#notjoking...bidet has nothing to do with how your toilet flushes your shit down...


Ummmm...never had that issue. A bidet has nothing to do with how the toilet flushes.